Author Wayne Scott Harral Explores the Possibility of Murder on the Moon in His Novel “Moon Luck”

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Wayne Scott Harral has been around since 1957. In that time, he has done many things and been to many places. he has a BS and MS in Civil Engineering and an MBA. Wayne has made a career of providing construction management services mostly to the rail industry throughout the U.S. Abroad, he has worked in Qatar, in the Middle East, which was truly an eye-opener to the world. Wayne has traveled extensively, having visited some 60+ countries; and he is in the Italian Alps every year.

Author Charyl Craddock Clears Up Misinterpretations About the Book of Revelation

What should Christians know about the Book of Revelation? In what way is the said book misunderstood or misinterpreted? What is the accurate explanation of Revelation? Know the answers to these and other thought-provoking biblical questions in Charyl Craddock’s book “Not Your Grandmother’s Book of Revelation: Using Scripture to Explain the Book of Revelation” (Christian Faith Publishing; 2020).

Ms. Craddock strives to dispel the many misinterpretations that had arisen from the book Dispensational Truths by Baptist Pastor and Biblical scholar Charles Larkin, which was published in 1918. She also counters the misinterpretations brought by the false belief that Revelation was written in chronological order and that all of the events shown to John will occur during the final seven years, Daniel’s seventieth week.

“We have a habit of unconsciously manipulating Scripture to make it fit what we have been led to believe to be true,” wrote Ms. Craddock in the book’s introduction. “The first priority of this book is to correct many wrong interpretations of end-time prophecy through providing the appropriate Scripture passages that reveal such interpretations to be false.

“This book will only achieve its underlying goal if you read it with an open mind and are willing to deny what you have been taught if it conflicts with what God has said.”

The author had the opportunity to study Revelation multiple times under different pastors and even attended a presentation on the prophecies of the prophet Daniel, that whetted her appetite to take the Revelation as a serious study. In the course of her study, she discovered more insights into Revelation. It takes the Scripture, especially the Book of Daniel, to understand Revelation.

“Everything in this book is supported by Scripture. The Scriptures are included so that you do not have to take my word for anything. You have Good’s Word for it. Believe me.”

For the readers of her book, she leaves them this request, “If you do not learn anything else from this book, please learn that it is important to read God’s Word carefully and prayerfully. God’s truth is truth, whether we believe it or not. We can’t change what God has said just because it doesn’t fit what we have heard or what we believe or what we want it to say.”

See how the Book of Revelation has been misinterpreted according to Holy Scripture. Be amazed at how the Bible explains the prophecies of John and Daniel. See a timeline of the swiftly approaching End Time. Get a copy of Charyl Craddock’s book “Not Your Grandmother’s Book of Revelation: Using Scripture to Explain the Book of Revelation” today on Amazon.

Not Your Grandmother’s Book of Revelation will be displayed by self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet at their exhibit at booth 1147 for the 2022 American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference & Exhibition, which will be held on June 23-28, 2022 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington D.C.

“Not Your Grandmother’s Book of Revelation: Using Scripture to Explain the Book of Revelation”

Author | Charyl Craddock

Published date | July 8, 2020

Publisher | Christian Faith Publishing

Book retail price | $21.95

Author Bio

Charyl Craddock has been a Christian since she was a very young child and has studied the Book of Revelation for several decades with different pastors. In 2017, she attended a conference on Dr. Irvin Baxter’s “Understanding the End Time.” This conference showed how God’s Word provides a different interpretation of what John was shown and what is occurring and will soon occur.

Ms. Craddock’s profession was teaching mathematics at high school and at the University of Tennessee at Martin. She is currently retired and to enlighten as many people as possible of the misinterpretations of the prophecy, she wrote “Not Your Grandmother’s Book of Revelation” by merging Dr. Baxter’s End Times and Mr. Joe Mack’s presentations with her own research.

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St. Louis Author Carin Fahr Shulusky Releases “Finding Light in a Lost Year”

 PenPower Book Marketing Services and Fossil Creek Press are pleased to announce the release of lifetime St. Louis resident Carin Fahr Shulusky’s newest novel, Finding Light in a Lost Year, a poignant analysis of the trials faced by American families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“East coast versus west coast, rural versus city,” says Shulusky, “there is often discussion about what divides us. But the pandemic had the opposite effect. It was an experience shared by all. No matter the income or where in the country a person lived, everybody was impacted in similar ways.”

Finding Light in a Lost Year follows Roni Wright and the Wright family as their seemingly perfect life is upended by a worldwide pandemic. Set against the backdrop of actual events as they unfolded, the book examines how headlines translated to the struggles faced by everyday people and families.

However, unlike those headlines, by examining the effects on the Wright family, readers can empathize with the trials, as they had to face them themselves. The story acts like a mirror, shining light onto the dark times that everybody fought through and showing that what seemed like a singular problem was actually a traumatic experience felt by all. From going store to store in search of toilet paper, to juggling a home schooling schedule while also adjusting to a new and awkward work-from-home environment, the very things that isolated us for safety were the same things that many of us would turn to our community to commiserate about—a commiseration that couldn’t happen during the times of social distancing.

“I want people who read this to see that they were not alone in their own lost year,” concludes Shulusky. “As we all did our part and refrained from time spent with family and friends, it led to a sense of isolation. We lost the camaraderie and outlets to discuss the hardships of life, and thus felt that our experiences were unique. But, in fact, many of those struggles were faced by us all, and that’s what I want people to understand when they read my book.”

Finding Light in a Lost Year is available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at your independent local bookstores via Indiebound.

Title: Finding Light in a Lost Year by Carin Fahr Shulusky

Category: Family & Relationships / Biographical Fiction

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7362417-2-1 ($14.95)

E-Book ISBN: 978-1-7362417-3-8

177 pages / Publication Date: May 2022

Publisher: Fossil Creek Press

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Author and Vietnam War Veteran Robert Carson Krause Presents a Memoir That Paints the Horrors of War and PTSD

Homestead, FL – WEBWIRE

The Viet Nam War is a long, contentious, and divisive war that once robbed soldiers of their youth and sanity. Some recover, while some succumb to the horrors of memories and the flashbacks of chaos and violence. In the memoir “War and Living with PTSD: Vietnam 1969-1970 and the Cambodia Incursion in 1970,” Robert Carson Krause takes readers deep into the jungles of Viet Nam for a look back at the past and on the frontlines of war.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a mental health illness that affects many military veterans. A terrible, horrific, or life-threatening incident that a victim experienced or saw is frequently the catalyst. Nightmares, intense anxiety, flashbacks, panic attacks, and uncontrolled thoughts about the incident are signs that a person suffers from PTSD. Many veterans suffer from this illness, and unfortunately, some never recover.

Robert, a college student, was thrust into the jungle canopies, rice paddies, and wet swamps of the Mekong Delta around Cu Chi, and then in 1970, from April until June, the Cambodia incursion in III and IV Corps. He fought the grunts’ battle through airstrikes, firefights, and ambushes. Robert documents the dread, chaos, death, and anguish of war. The terrible horrors that carve themselves into the features of numerous young American soldiers searing pictures that would stay with them for the rest of their lives. However, Robert also chronicles another war veteran has to fight—the fight for their peace and against PTSD.

The book details the many hardships active and retired military personnel go through before, during, and after their tenure. Robert speaks about the horrors of war as he also encourages everyone to avoid romanticizing wars and see them only as a last resort. Robert also shines a light on mental health issues and welfare for veterans returning from war.

The book tells what transpired in a war that has happened a long time ago—however, the new insights it presents also address contemporary issues that plague the noble defenders of the country.

Get a copy. Buy the book at:

War and Living with PTSD: Vietnam 1969-1970 and the Cambodia Incursion in 1970

Author: Robert Carson Krause

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: April 2022

Book Genre: Military Leader Biographies, Memoir

About the Author:

Robert Carson Krause, MSW and lifetime member of the Disabled American Veterans.

Author Joe Libby Helps Marketers Find a Good, Powerful Shopping Cart System


Author, public speaker, and Internet marketer Joe Libby wants to help people make informed decisions about their marketing tools. “For anyone selling products online, picking a shopping cart system is a very serious decision,” says Libby. “It’s too important a decision to make without having the right answers to the questions they have.”

Libby points out that many systems are frustrating to install and extremely difficult to use, which can result in lost sales.

He has just published a book for Amazon Kindle titled “Shopping Cart: Find an eCommerce Cart That Makes You Money without Driving You Crazy!”

In the ebook, which is currently #1 in the Direct Marketing Kindle category, Libby describes in plain language the tools that a marketer should look for in a good system, whether it’s for selling physical or digital products. “You need tools that make the shopping process easy and painless for the customer as well as the marketer,” he says. “I don’t want to see people wasting money on a complicated or unworkable system.”

Libby’s book is available free on Amazon now through Thursday, April 28, 2022. It is also available on Kindle Unlimited. People looking for a good cart system can obtain a copy of this easy-to-read book right away by clicking this link: