Green Goddess Invitational Golf Tournament’s Second Edition Generates $16,000

The Second Annual Green Goddess Golf Invitational, hosted and organized by the Massachusetts cannabis retailer Stem of Haverhill, attracted 450 participants and raised $16,000 for Patriots Helping Vets, a Massachusetts non-profit that focuses on helping veterans heal through horticultural therapy and promoting veterans’ rights to cultivate medicinal plants.

“I am so thrilled with the turnout and the sponsors and everyone else who stepped forward to make this event so special and meaningful, particularly for the money raised to help a truly wonderful organization that works day in and day out on behalf of veterans throughout the nation,” Stem owner and economic empowerment operator Caroline Pineau said. “This event showed, once again, that the cannabis industry—and in particular women cannabis entrepreneurs—are at the forefront of business social awareness and responsibility.”

The Green Goddess Invitational (GGI) is a unique and original event that promotes, celebrates and assists women operating in the traditional male-dominated fields of the cannabis industry and golf. This year’s tournament, held at the Renaissance Golf Club in Haverhill on September 11, attracted more than 90 sponsors along with 450 participants.

Tom Rand, founder of Patriot Helping Veterans and a Marine combat veteran, thanked Pineau, her husband, Adam, and the Stem team for “making a huge difference in our veterans’ lives.”

“With the outpouring of support from this incredible event, Patriots Helping Vets will finally fill all of our requests for equipment and start helping more brothers and sisters that have been idling. We can’t thank the community enough for what they did,” Rand said.

The event featured branded Sativa foursomes and Indica foursomes, golf clinics with WPGA pro Catherine McPherson and the Renaissance pro staff, yoga, spa treatments, reiki, collective art and painting projects, cannabis education workshops with guest speakers, live music, a DJ and a flower send-off.

There was also a panel discussion titled Cannabis Policy: The Good, and Bad and the Ugly, which touched on topics including federal rescheduling of cannabis, people still incarcerated for cannabis offenses, and the state of host community agreements in Massachusetts.

Pineau said the event hit a hole in one for each of its focus areas: Women playing and learning golf, supporting Patriots Helping Vets, and supporting women in traditionally male-dominated field like golf and cannabis.

“I could not be more pleased with the turnout and the enthusiasm and the commitment to great causes that was so evident every moment of this event. It was a lot of work and it all came together into a wonderful day for all involved,” Pineau said.

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Barcelona Premier Leads the Way in Youth Soccer Development in San Antonio

Barcelona Premier, a leading youth soccer organization in San Antonio, is making waves in the local sports scene with its commitment to developing young talent and promoting the beautiful game. With a strong emphasis on skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship, Barcelona Premier is setting the standard for youth soccer in San Antonio.

Youth soccer has always been a passion for the founders of Barcelona Premier, and they are dedicated to providing a top-notch soccer experience for kids of all ages and skill levels. The program offers a range of training programs and competitive teams to cater to players from beginners to advanced.

“We believe in the power of soccer to transform young lives,” says, spokesperson for Barcelona Premier. “Our coaching staff consists of experienced professionals who are not only passionate about the sport but also committed to instilling values that go beyond the field. We want our players to excel not only as athletes but as individuals.”

Barcelona Premier’s commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. They have received accolades from parents and players alike for their focus on skill development, positive coaching methods, and a supportive community. The organization’s philosophy revolves around fostering a love for the game while building character and discipline in young athletes.

Some key highlights of Barcelona Premier’s youth soccer programs include:

Highly Qualified Coaches: Barcelona Premier boasts a team of certified and experienced coaches who prioritize the holistic development of young players.
State-of-the-Art Facilities: The organization provides access to top-notch training facilities and playing fields, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants.
Competitive Opportunities: Barcelona Premier teams participate in various local and regional leagues, giving players a chance to test their skills against other talented youth teams.
Community Engagement: Beyond soccer, Barcelona Premier is actively involved in community service and outreach programs, instilling a sense of responsibility and giving back in their young players.

As the demand for quality youth soccer programs in San Antonio continues to grow, Barcelona Premier remains at the forefront, dedicated to nurturing the next generation of soccer stars and responsible citizens

Chotrani, Anahat emerge champions

Maharashtra’s Veer Chotrani and Delhi’s Anahat Singh maintained their imperious form in the tournament, right till the end, lifting the men’s and women’s singles titles in the 6th Cello NSCI Open National Circuit squash tournament, hosted by NSCI at their glass backed squash courts, here, on Wednesday. The tournament is co-sponsored by Rubicon Consumer Healthcare and Hbits.

Chotrani, who didn’t drop a game throughout the tournament was once again in total control of the title match against the second seed Suraj Chand. Chotrani, who is studying at Cornell University, does not play in National level tournaments throughout the year, which explains his relatively low ranking of  No.16 in the country. However, he possessed a wider repertoire of strokes, which he used to his benefit right from the start, putting pressure on the defensive game of Suraj. Suraj tried to engage Chotrani in long rallies, but Chotrani waited patiently to pounce on the first loose ball he got to always keep his neck ahead and prevail 11-9, 11-8, 11-6.

The women’s final was also a one-sided affair with Anahat, the talented 15-year-old from Delhi, a part of the Indian Commonwealth squash team, never in trouble against the top seed Urwashi, winning  11-7, 11-8, 11-3.

Maharashtra’s Akanksha Guta (3/4) pulled off an upset in the Girls U-17 final, beating top seed Navya Sundararajan  (UP) 11-9, 11-6, 11-8.

Results (finals):

Men’s: Veer Chotrani (3/4) (MH) bt def. Suraj Chand  (2) MH 11-9, 11-8, 11-6.

Boy’s U19: Yuvraj Wadhwani (2) (MH) bt Tavneet Singh Mundra (9/16) (MP) 11-5, 11-3, 11-8.

Boy’s U17:Aryaveer Dewan (2) (DL) bt Priyaan Thakker (5/8) (MH) 11-6, 10-12, 11-2, 11-5.

Boy’s U15: Purav Rambhia (3/4) (MH) bt Saharsh Shahra (3/4) (MP) 11-8, 11-3, 11-4.

Boy’s U13: Aryaman Singh (1) (KA) bt Dhruv Bopana (2) (TN) 13-11, 11-7, 11-8.

Boy’s U11: Prabhav Bajoria (1) (RJ) bt Aaditya Shah (3/4) (MH) 8-11, 11-3, 11-9, 11-9.

Women’s: Anahat Singh (2) (DL) bt Urwashi Joshi (1) (MH) 11-7, 11-8, 11-3.

Girl’s U17: Akanksha Gupta (3/4) (MH) bt Navya Sundararajan (1) (UP) 11-9, 11-6, 11-8.

Girl’s U15: Diva Shah (1) (MH) bt Aelina Shah (MH) 9-11, 11-7, 11-8, 11-5.

Girl’s U13: Vasundhara Nangare (9/16) (MH) bt Aroma (2) (UP) 11-6, 11-3, 13-11,

Girl’s U11: Gargi Kadam (3/4) (MH) Sudhanjali Yadav (1) (MH) 11-9, 15-13, 8-11, 11-8.

magicpin Delivers on Its Promise: Office Signage Transformed into ‘Mahipin’ as MS Dhoni and CSK Triumph in IPL Final

Brace yourselves for the epic transformation that just took place at magicpin – India’s first and largest hyperlocal startup headquarters in IFFCO Chowk at Gurugram. In a bold move, magicpin’s office signage has officially become ‘Mahipin’ to honor the incredible victory of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the IPL final, led by none other than the mastermind Mahendra Singh Dhoni.


On May 29 when IPL fever was at its peak, magicpin, known for its quirky social media tactics, hit up Twitter with a cheeky challenge for all the fans out there. They boldly proclaimed that if CSK and their captain cool, MS Dhoni, could win the IPL trophy, their office signage would undergo a rad makeover to ‘Mahipin.’ The tweet went viral, capturing the attention of fans and cricket fanatics. As CSK emerged victorious, magicpin stuck to their words like glue and transformed their office signage into the legendary ‘Mahipin.’ It’s a sight to behold.


This is a follow-up campaign to the original tweet which captured the netizens attention on May 23, 2023 when magicpin changed their profile picture and name to “Mahipin” to celebrate Chennai Super Kings entry into the IPL final.  The tweet had captured 1 million impressions with over 44k engagement.

Chotrani ousts top seed Baitha to make men’s final

Maharashtra’s Veer Chotrani stormed into the men’s final with a dominating upset of top seed Rahul Baitha in the 6th Cello NSCI Open National Circuit squash tournament, hosted by NSCI at their glass backed squash courts, here, on Tuesday. The tournament is co-sponsored by Rubicon Consumer Healthcare and Hbits.

The 21-year-old Mumbai based Chotrani, who trains under former World No.1 David Palmer of Australia at Khar Gymkhana, packed too many guns for Baitha, who couldn’t adjust to the fast pace set by Chotrani. Chotrani also found his touch early, hitting the angles accurately to have Baitha scrambling for returns.

The first game was close in the initial stages as Baitha, who trains at the JSW Academy, Vashind and is ranked No. 6 in the country, managed to keep pace, but once Chotrani broke free, it was all one way traffic in the 11-8, 11-6, 11-2 victory. Chotrani will take on second seed Suraj Chand (Mah), also training at JSW, who ended the run of Services’ Jamal Sakib, winning 11-7, 11-2,11-9.

The women’s final will pit top seed Urwashi Joshi (Mah) against teenager Anahat Singh of Delhi, the second seed. Urwashi brushed aside Sunita Patel 11-7, 11-4, 11-7, while Anahat was equally dominant in her 11-5, 11-1, 11-2 win over Janet Vidhi.

Maharashtra’s Priyaan Thakkar upset top seed Aditya Chandani 11-7, 11-9, 11-4 in the boys u-17 semis to set up a final clash with second seed Aryaveer Dewan of Delhi, who beat Arjun Somani 11-7, 12-10, 11-7.


Results (Semis)

Men’s: Veer Chotrani (3/4) (MH) bt Rahul Baitha (1) (MH) 11-8, 11-6, 11-2; Suraj Chand (2) MH bt Jamal Sakib (5/8) (SC) 11-7, 11-2, 11-9.

Boy’s U19: Tavneet Singh Mundra (9/16) (MP) bt Bhagwan Das ((/16) (MH) 11-1, 11-9, 11-4; Yuvraj Wadhwani (2) (MH) bt Adhish Kancharla (9/16) (MH) 11-8, 11-4, 11-4.

Boy’s U17: Priyaan Thakker (5/8) (MH) bt Aditya Chandani (1) (MH) 11-7, 11-9, 11-4; Aryaveer Dewan (2) (DL) bt Arjun Somani (3/4) (MH) 11-7, 12-10, 11-7.

Boy’s U15: Saharsh Shahra (3/4) (MP) bt Mihir Bopana (5/8) (TN) 11-6, 9-11, 11-4, 11-6; Purav Rambhia (3/4) (MH) bt Ishaan Dabke (2) (MH) 11-9, 11-5, 6-11, 11-6.

Boy’s U13: Aryaman Singh (1) (KA) bt Yusuf Pardiwala (9/16) (MH) 11-5, 11-4, 11-1; Dhruv Bopana(2) (TN) bt Shreyansh Jha (3/4) (MH) 11-8, 11-6, 9-11, 11-8.

Boy’s U11: Prabhav Bajoria (1) (RJ) bt Krishiv Mittal (3/4) (MH) 11-8, 11-4, 11-2; Aaditya Shah (3/4) (MH) bt Parshuram Lachaka (5/8) (MH) 11-9, 9-11, 16-14, 11-4.

Women’s: Urwashi Joshi (1) (MH) bt Sunita Patel (3/4) (MH) 11-7, 11-4, 11-7; Anahat Singh (2) (DL) bt Janet Vidhi (3/4) (MH) 11-5, 11-1, 11-2.

Girl’s U17: Navya Sundararajan (1) (UP) bt Sanvi Batar (3/4) (DL) 11-4, 9-11, 11-6, 11-6; Akanksha Gupta (3/4) (MH) bt Rudra Singh (5/8) (MH) 5-11, 11-4, 11-7, 11-7.

Girl’s U15: Diva Shah (1) (MH) bt Kriya Saravanan (5/8) (TN) 6-11, 11-8, 12-10, 15-13; Aelina Shah (2) (MH) bt Aarika Mishra (3/4) (MH) 11-3, 3-11, 11-9, 11-8.

Girl’s U13: Vasundhara Nangare (9/16) (MH) bt Soniya Waghamare (9/16) (MH) 11-4, 16-14, 8-11, 13-11; Aroma (2) (UP) bt Arnaa Dwivedi (5/8) (TS) 8-11, 11-8, 11-8, 11-2.

Girl’s U11: Sudhanjali Yadav (1) (MH) bt Shanaya Parasrampuria (9/16) (MH) 11-8, 11-9, 11-9; Gargi Kadam (3/4) (MH) bt Shanaya Roy (2) (MH) 11-9, 11-4, 5-11, 11-9.

Sakib gets better of Chauhan to enters semis

Jamal Sakib of Services, seeded 5/8, scored a minor upset over his Services opponent Vaibhav Chauhan (3/4) to enter the men’s semi-finals of the 6th Cello NSCI Open National Circuit squash tournament, hosted by NSCI at their glass backed squash courts, here, on Monday. The tournament is co-sponsored by Rubicon Consumer Healthcare and Hbits.

With both players familiar with each other’s playing styles, fortunes changed hands with each game but a visibly tired Chauhan could not put up much of a fight in the decider, going down tamely. Sakib prevailed 11-9, 8-11, 11-5, 3-11, 11-5 to set up a last four clash with 2nd seed Suraj Chand of Delhi, who got the better of TN’s Vikas Mehra (58) 13-11, 11-1, 7-11, 6-1 (Retd). The other semis will be an all Maharashtra affair, pitting top seed Rahul Baitha against Veer Chotrani (3/4) while Baitha defeated Shaan Dalal 13-11, 11-7, 11-6, Chotrani scored an easy 11-5, 11-3, 11-6 win over Sharan Punjabi.

Women’s matches also went according to form, with the top two seeds, Urwashi Joshi (Mah) and Anahat Singh (Delhi) booking their spots in the semis. Urwashi brushed aside Nirupama Dubey 11-2, 11-5, 11-9, while Anahat routed Bijali Darvada 11-0, 11-1, 11-1.

Yashi Jain, the Girls U-17 second seed from Rajasthan was knocked out in the quarter-finals by Maharashtra’s Rudra Singh (5/8), losing 6-11, 11-5, 11-13, 5-11.

Aditya Chandani the Boys Under-17 top seed was also run close in the quarter-finals, before rallying to win the decider and match 11-7, 11-6, 10-12, 7-11, 11-4 against unseeded Vedant Chheda.


 Men’s (Quarters Finals): Rahul Baitha (1) (MH) bt Shaan Dalal (MH) 13-11, 11-7, 11-5; Veer Chotrani (3/4) (MH) bt Sharan Punjabi (MH) 11-5, 11-3, 11-6; Jamal Sakib (5/8) (Services) bt Vaibhav Chauhan (3/4) (Services) 11-9, 8-11, 11-5, 3-11, 11-5; Suraj Chand (2) (MH) bt Vikas Mehra (5/8) (TN) 13-11, 11-1, 7-11, 6-1, Ret..

Women’s (Quarters Finals): Urwashi Joshi (1) (MH) bt Nirupama Dubey (MH) 11-2, 11-5, 11-9; Sunita Patel (3/4) (MH) bt Anjali Semwal (5/8) (MH) 12-10, 11-7, 14-12; Janet Vidhi (3/4) (MH) bt Mehak Gupta (MH) 11-1, 11-5, 11-3; Anahat Singh (2) (DL) bt Bijali Darvada (5/8) (MH) 11-0, 11-1, 11-1.

Boy’s U19 (Quarters-Finals): Tavneet Singh Mundra (9/16) (MP) bt Naresh Shingva (MH) bt 11-5, 11-7, 11-4; Bhagwan Das (MH) bt Hunarpal Kohli (5/8) (MH) 11-3, 7-11, 11-5, 11-8; Adhish Kancharla (9/16) (MH) bt Tanish Vaidya (MH) 11-4, 11-7, 11-7; Yuvraj Wadhwani (2) (MH) bt Krish Dembla (9/16) (MH) 11-3, 11-3, 11-2.

Boys U17 (Quarters Finals): Aditya Chandani (1) (MH) bt Vedant Chheda (MH) 11-7, 11-6, 10-12, 7-11, 11-4; Priyaan Thakker (5/8) (MH) bt Ayush Verma (MH) 11-5, 11-2, 11-5; Arjun Somani (3/4) (MH) bt Dev Sharma (MH) 6-11, 11-4, 6-11, 11-7, 12-10; Aryaveer Dewan (2) (DL) bt Raj Yadav (5/8) (UP) 11-7, 11-5, 4-11, 11-7.

Boy’s U15 (Quarters Finals): Mihir Bopana (TN) bt Siddharth Narang (MH) 11-3, 11-6, 7-11, 11-7; Saharsh Shahra (MP) bt Kamlesh Dama Dore (5/8) (MH) 11-1, 11-4, 11-9; Purav Rambhia (3/4) (MH) bt Arjun Morey (MH) 11-2, 11-1, 7-11, 7-11, 11-6; Ishaan Dabke (2) (MH) bt Aatik Yadav (5/8) (MH) 7-11, 11-9, 11-9, 11-9.

Boy’s U13 (Quarters Finals): Aryaman Singh (1) (KA) bt Vivaan Khanna (MH) 11-5, 11-2, 11-6; Yusuf Pardiwala (MH) bt Vinay Shinde (MH) 11-7, 11-3, 10-12, 11-7; Shreyansh Jha (3/4) (MH) bt Atharv Vasishta (KA) 11-3, 13-11, 11-6; Dhruv Bopana (2) (TN) bt Siddharth Chaudhari (MH) 11-4, 11-4, 11-5.

Boy’s U11 (Quarters Finals): Prabhav Bajoria (1) (RJ) bt Dhruv Dubey (MH) 5-11, 11-7, 11-7, 11-4; Krishiv Mittal (MH) bt Ayaan Arambhan (5/8) (MH) 14-16, 6-11, 11-5, 12-10, 11-7; Aaditya Shah (3/4) (MH) bt Tilakvir Kapoor (MH) 11-4, 11-1, 11-5; Parshuram Lachaka (5/8) (MH) bt Viaan Khemani (HR) 11-6, 6-11, 11-4, 11-9.

Girl’s U17 (Quarters Finals): Navya Sundararajan (1) (UP) bt Durga Hiru Paradhi (MH) 11-1, 11-3, 11-3; Sanvi Batar (DL) bt Jiya Chotrani (MH) 11-4, 11-1, 7-11, 11-5; Akanksha Gupta (3/4) (MH) bt Aryaa Dwivedi (KA) 11-4, 14-12, 11-8; Rudra Singh (5/8) (MH) bt Yashi Jain (2) (RJ) 11-6, 5-11, 13-11, 11-5;

Girl’s U15 (Quarters Finals): Diva Shah (1) (MH) bt Prithika Deb (MH) 11-6, 11-4, 11-4; Kriya Saravanan (5/8) (TN) bt Saanvi Shree (TS) 7-11, 11-1, 13-11, 11-1; Aarika Mishra (3/4) (MH) bt Ishika Anand (DL) 11-2, 11-5, 11-3; Aelina Shah (2)  (MH) bt Riyansika Verma (5/8) (KA) 11-4, 11-7, 11-5.

Girl’s U13 (Quarters Finals): Soniya Waghamare (MH) bt Eva Gupta (MH) 11-3, 11-5, 11-9; Vasundhara Nangare (9/16) (MH) bt Aashi Shah (3/4) (MH) 11-3, 11-6, 11-4; Arnaa Dwivedi (5/8) (TS) bt Deepshika Thorat (3/4) (KA) 11-3, 11-8, 9-11, 11-7; Aroma(2) (UP) bt Raayisha Naik (5/8) (MH) 11-5, 11-5, 11-4.

Girl’s U11 (Quarters Finals): Sudhanjali Yadav (1) (MH) bt Ruhi Lodha (MH) 11-5, 11-4, 11-1; Shanaya Parasrampuria (9/16) (MH) bt Jerusha Jebindran (TN) 11-9, 11-3, 13-11; Gargi Kadam (3/4) (MH) bt Aeva Parekh (MH) 11-5, 11-9, 11-3; Shanaya Roy (MH) bt Riyaa Dalal (5/8) (MH) 11-2, 8-11, 11-3, 11-8.