Chirag Joshi Joins Samco AMC as CGO

Samco Asset Management Company (AMC), asset manager of Samco Mutual Fund (Samco MF) has named Chirag Joshi as its Chief Growth Officer (CGO). The SAMCO Group is a diversified wealth-tech company with stock broking, asset management, wealth management and MF distribution being its core business verticals.

Chirag Joshi is a management graduate and has a master’s degree in Marketing. He has overall 11 plus years of experience in Marketing & Growth strategies and Sales. Prior to the current assignment, He was CGO at Samco Securities. Chirag has previously worked with brands like Hindustan Times and CNBC-Awaaz.

Viraj Gandhi, CEO, Samco AMC, while welcoming him said, “We are very happy to have Chirag on board with us. He brings with him a lot of experience in marketing and communication space, which will help our AMC to grow and scale new heights in future. We are looking forward to make Chirag an integral part of that journey.”

Reacting to his appointment, Chirag said, “I am grateful for the board’s support and opportunity given to me to serve as CGO, Samco AMC. I am happy to be part of a team who share the passion of scaling up Samco Group’s businesses together. I feel privileged to be a member of this young and dynamic team”.

Though relatively new entrant in the industry, the magnitude and diversity of this vibrant sector provides tremendous scope of growth for Samco AMC. In this context, Chirag said, “The position of CGO, Samco AMC becomes more intriguing and I’m eager to take on the challenge”.

Blackjack Review 2022 For Online Gambling- Gambling Sites Club

You’ve probably heard that learning blackjack takes a minute and mastering it takes a lifetime. It’s only fair, because blackjack online is a fantastic game! Right? Let’s take a closer look at this contentious game. What is Online Blackjack Gambling? Blackjack is a traditional casino card game in which only luck and skill count. For online casino players, blackjack casino games offer the best odds of paying out. The rules of the game of Blackjack are fairly simple. You must increase the value of the dealer’s hand above 21 without increasing the value of your own. According to blackjack regulations, if a hand goes bust, it is automatically removed, and you are declared the winner.

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3 Reasons Why It is a Must to Hire an eCommerce Design Agency

While Considering the website composition and manner in which a web-based store looks, typically the creative viewpoints ring a bell. How a specific picture looks or the varieties that are being utilized. These are absolutely significant components, however there are other more significant justifications for why you will need to ensure your store is planned accurately.

An expert eCommerce plan office that comprehends the ongoing internet shopping patterns and that knows how to assemble sites that proselyte, will actually want to execute the vital changes that will really assist with working on your site in a perceptible manner.

Better User Experience

The client experience of a site is one of the main factors that will decide if it performs well or not. An expert organization will actually want to plan a store that is smooth, smart, and natural, so that the clients feel great and can undoubtedly observe what they are searching for.

Client experience assumes a huge part as far as SEO, which is another key region that any trustworthy office ought to zero in on. Without the right site improvements, your site will not get found in the web indexes regardless of how pleasant it looks. Nowadays, website composition and client experience are essentially very much the same thing, on the grounds that UX has become one of the driving elements of online achievement.

Better Branding

What might be said about your image? It’s certainly something on the off chance that your internet based customer facing façade looks pleasant, yet something completely different assuming it really works effectively of imparting your special image.

Brand mindfulness is a gigantic piece of prevailing in eCommerce. You need to figure out how to stand apart from your opposition, and the fundamental way you approach doing this is through the legitimate marking. The plan of your site, obviously, is a focal part of your image.

Just a veteran eCommerce plan organization that completely comprehends the significance of marking will actually want to significantly impact your business. Marking is something other than utilizing a ceterian logo or variety plot. It includes passing a specific message and speaking with clients on through a blend of symbolism, deals duplicate, and different types of media, alongside your one of a kind brand suggestion and selling focuses. Not all plan organizations have the expertise to pull this off, however if you need to assemble your business, it’s an unquestionable requirement.

Better Customer Service

A superior planned site is a better client assistance. Consider your site assuming it were the floor of your actual store. An appropriately planned site will clarify where to go assuming you have any inquiries, how to contact somebody, where to go for data, where to track down specific items, etc. This is the bread and butter of making an ideal client experience.

To acquire this level of value for your web-based store, with the goal that it capacities like an expert foundation rather than simply one more site, you really want the assistance of an eCommerce plan office like Genius eCommerce®. They are advanced showcasing and plan experts in the eCommerce field that know how to assist with putting away proprietors make the progress they are searching for.

Year Ender Quotes | Women Entrepreneurs

Malini Agarwal- Founder & Creative Director MissMalini Entertainment & Girl Tribe

From the onset of the pandemic there has been a spotlight on influencer marketing as a crucial part of the marketing mix. The rapid growth of the creator ecosystem over the last few years collided at light speed with the overnight realisation of marketers everywhere that most of their traditional mediums were obsolete in the Covid world. The result was not just a “trend” towards influencer marketing, but more of a paradigm shift. Digital content & influencer strategy is now top of mind from the very beginning of the media planning phase for most brands and agencies. All this has happened at the same time when the platform and social media ecosystem has seen seismic shifts as well. With the exit of Byte Dance from India multiple India homegrown video sharing and social commerce platforms have seen tremendous growth, and some global platforms have also seen exponential growth like Snapchat which recently surpassed 100 million users in India. Meanwhile Facebook/Instagram and Google/YouTube continue to capture a super majority of all digital ad spends and remain the most popular platforms for content/influencer marketing campaigns. The surge in demand from brands, and the increasingly complicated platform landscape has left the creator/influencer ecosystem in need of two things – support and organisation. The community needs support to navigate all the format and platform choices, to collaborate with other creators more regularly, and to create content – especially video content – more efficiently. The community needs organisation to maximise their earnings and to amplify their content at scale…in other words, to take control of their own monetisation and career growth! This is what MissMalini, and our partners, will be spending our time on in 2022 and beyond, and we can’t wait to show the community what we have in store!


Aditi Handa, Head Baker and Co-Founder, The Baker’s Dozen

2020-2021 has been a year of customer centricity. As we have been consistently standing strong by our customers and understanding their needs at length, we have been rewarded generously in terms of sales, growth and visibility. Especially, post our millionth sourdough sell-out moment and successful launch of The Dose We Knead campaign, we witnessed a swelling demand for our products with 250 % growth this year, followed by the launch of 2 brand stores in the span of 2 months and 15 + micro fulfillment centers (delivery only outlets) Pan India. 


We are expecting a similar growth and self development pattern in 2022. Starting internally, we are planning to formulate new products such as cake premixes and more, that makes at-home baking an easy effort for future chefs and bakers and also complementary categories like Dips, Juices etc. Secondly, driving automation in more & more processes to increase efficiency at the production level is in pipeline too, as our production capacity has already increased from 60 tonnes a month to 150 tonnes a month in the last 2 months  Further, with handmade products making it to mainstream, our new year goals includes leveraging our customer driven marketing pattern through sampling availability at all our stores, especially for our Sourdough range. With the launch of our recent stores, we have come to a realization that sampling stations at the stores really helps customers in making the final purchase call, and also treats them with an experiential / personalized service format by the brand through the respective store teams.


Ms. Geeta Ramakrishnan, Ontological Coach and Author 

The last two years have been a harbinger of perpetual and significant changes. Funnily, change is not constant – the faster we adapt to change, the better – like adjusting to the WFH situation. Now that we are used to working in e-office structures, interacting with colleagues in physical office spaces – especially with those we have met only via zoom calls – may also take some time adjusting. Change is never comfortable or easy and hence mental well-being was one of the most significant rising issues during the pandemic, people are now grasping the benefits of having a mentor or a coach.


Here is an analogy – when children are weak in maths or if they desire to learn and be competitive in tennis or piano, their parents will seek the best tutor or coaching school. Furthermore, those suffering from a headache, cold or a stomach bug will visit a doctor and take care of their physical health. Along these same lines, the concept of a coach or a mentor is equally important – not only if there is an issue, but for general mental wellness. This coming New Year, I would like to see widespread awareness about mental wellness and more people naturally taking on coaches as a mentor or a reflector who holds a mirror to them and enables them to enhance their life journey.


Disha Singh, Founder and CEO, Zouk

2021 was an inspirational year. India rode the CoVid wave and broke all records in terms of vaccinations. That had a very positive impact for us at Zouk, where consumers restarted their travel and hence needed new bags and wallets. This trend will further ramp up demand for our products in 2022. The year also saw a big shift towards supporting local businesses. The Vocal for Local push really nudged consumers to support a Proudly Indian brand like ours. Lastly, we saw some phenomenal IPOs of companies run by women leaders such as Nykaa, Bector Foods which is inspirational for women entrepreneurs like me to build a large business and receive public market support. I expect even more such listings in 2022 and support for women-led Indian businesses by consumers globally. Personally, we aim to expand our collection and take our Proudly Indian story to the world.


Khushi Govil – Associate Vice President, Talent – MissMalini Entertainment 

The first quarter of 2021 was slightly slower due to the second wave of COVID-19 – nobody wanted to sound unethical, and we, too, were very sensitive about it because that wasn’t the right time to market anything. However, things picked up in the second quarter of the year and now, everything is more or less opening up, looking hopeful once again. Brands have started to allot their commercials into diverse streams now, which is amazing. I expect 2022 to be a game-changer since 2021 has set the stage for countless new opportunities. This year, we had influencers and talent coming up with their own products, NFTs taking over the world by a storm and much more – the scenario is changing completely, which is why I am very excited for 2022! Apart from that, I am also eager about the upcoming trends. For instance, till today, the digital world was a 2D idea, but now, it is on its way to transform into an immersive 3D experience. Additionally, the creator economy is also heading towards bigger and greater things like investment and so much more. 2022 will be a groundbreaking year for everyone with all that it has in store, and I am super excited to witness it all!


‘Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray’ an essential requirement for your home

Pollution has been a concern for us Indians more so over the past few years with the AQI rising above hazardous. It is well known that outdoor polluted air can cause irreversible damage to the respiratory system. However Indoor air pollution is 100 times more hazardous than the toxic outdoors.

 Indians spend 85% of their time indoors either at home, office or while commuting. Common factors at home and office such as tobacco smoke, synthetic cleaning chemical products, HVAC, heating, and electrical appliances cause pollutants that degrade the quality of the air indoors. Dust mites, fungi, viruses, bacteria, and molds, starting from the kitchen to the bathroom, can cause long-term health ramifications.  

 The Pandemic has declared indoor spaces to be unhygienic and breeder of the virus. Sharing an enclosed space cannot be avoided and thus ventilation is the foremost step. It is only due to the pandemic we have recognized the importance of hygiene both personal and in our surroundings. Even though this is beyond just the pandemic and can be narrowed down to our bad habits as humans.

 It must be a priority to maintain and refresh the indoor air we breathe. Essentials Oils are a natural plant-based pollution-free solution. Essential oils at the molecular level contain active nutrients like antioxidants, terpenes, and esters which upon inhalation signal the brain and nerves to provide instant relief. Over 10,000 known aromatic components explain why their therapeutic arsenal is so extremely varied and extensively developed. Many essential oils have powerful cleansing properties, whether they are bactericidal, virucidal or fungicidal: tea tree, atlas cedar, lemon, cypress, eucalyptus, lavender, pine, ravintsara, rosemary, thyme, etc..

 Puressentiel – the Efficacy of Nature: is a French family-owned, Aromatherapy brand since 2005. Clinically tested and Patented Ready to Use products for your daily ‘health’ concerns. The 100% Plant Essential Oils-based brand is focused on eco-friendly sourcing and sustainability for quick remedies suitable for the whole family. Launched in India in the midst of Covid in 2020 the brand has witnessed a great response with word of mouth and a loyal customer profile.

 The Puressentiel – Air Purifying Spray with its unique 41 pure and natural essential oils blend has been clinically proved to kill 99.9% virus, bacteria, and dust mites. The Patented formula, also tested on mild to moderate asthmatic patients, has no synthetic perfume or propellant gas. A few sprays in an enclosed space like bedroom, bathroom, car, office, elevator, or even inside the aircraft before flying will keep the air purified and fresh for upto 8 hours and keep you and your family protected indoors. The product also won The best new product launch of The Healthy Awards UK 2020.

 Available online on Amazon and and offline at all Foodhalls’ make sure you try the product to see the benefits for yourself.


Avocado Mini Waffles:

For the avocado filling: 
1/2 mashed avocado
1/4 cup grated paneer
1 tbsp chopped onion
2 chopped garlic cloves
1/2 chopped green chilli
1/2 tsp mixed herbs
1 tbsp chopped coriander
1/2 tsp lemon juice
Salt to taste
For waffles:
Cornitos tortilla wraps
Garlic butter (as per need)

To make the filling, add all ingredients to a bowl and mix it well.
Take tortilla wraps and cut them into small square pieces. Spread garlic butter on it. Put filling on it and cover it with another tortilla square. Put it in a waffle maker to make mini waffles.

Dragon Fruit And Avocado Salsa:

1/2 cup chopped dragon fruit pieces
1/2 cup chopped avocado pieces
1 chopped onion 
1 chopped tomato
1/2 cup crushed cornitos beetroot nachos
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp honey
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tbsp mint leaves
1 tbsp coriander leaves
1/2 tsp black pepper
Salt to taste

In a bowl add olive oil, honey, lemon juice, salt, black pepper, coriander, and mint leaves to make the dressing. Add other ingredients to it and mix well.