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PMP Certification: Easiest Way to Earn Higher Salary

PMP is also known as a Project Management Professional. PMP: Project Management Professional certification is one of the famous certifications in the IT field. PMP certification is managed by Project Management Institute (PMI), an international authority in Project Management. The PMP certification validates the knowledge and skills that are required for directing, leading the projects team, and also in delivering the project results in a prompt way as well in a timely manner.

Saying about the importance of Project Management Professional certification an expert of says, “PMP certification is a proof of certified person’s project management skills and abilities. A PMP certification not only increases the earning potential of certified persons but it will also be helpful to earn the employer’s respect.”

Job Roles for PMP Certified

Project Management Professional job role is that an aspirant can become a leader for a particular project team and also be accountable for delivering the project in quality as well as in a timely manner.

Why Get PMP Certification?

Globally Recognized

PMP certification is not region or country-dependent. PMP: Project Management Professional certification is a worldwide acknowledgment of Project Management proficiency in so many countries. Therefore, a PMP certified professional can get a job throughout the world.

Higher Salary

PMP certified professionals can earn a higher salary. A recent Project Management Salary Survey stated that salaries of those who are PMP certified are 20% higher than those that are not PMP certified.

High Demand

Project Management is one of the growing fields, companies are looking for professionals who can manage their projects efficiently, therefore PMP certified professionals are in high demand.

ISO 17024 Accreditation

The PMP – Project Management Professional certification is also accredited by the globally renowned ISO 17024 standards.


Project Management is one of the growing fields and so the demand for certified project managers is increasing between various industries. PMP: Project Management Professional certification is one of the famous certifications in the IT field which in high demand. PMP certification is recognized globally, therefore PMP certified professionals not only get jobs easily throughout the world but they also earn higher salaries easily.

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The Delhi School of Communication conducts e-Orientation for 27th Batch

The formal Inauguration of the XXVII Post-Graduate Diploma Programme in Communication was held on July 24, 2021. Keeping with the digital trend of today, it was a virtual inauguration ceremony that was held from 10:00am to 12:30pm.The auspicious day began with ‘Ganesha Vandana’, as our talented students added vibrancy to the occasion, by rendering it virtually.  

The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mr. Manasvi Rasgotra, Director and CEO, MS Multitrade, Delhi & the Guest of Honour was Mr.V Bhaskar Preenja, Sr. Vice President and General Manager, Contract India Advertising Pvt. Ltd. Then followed a formal induction programme, followed by an ice-breaking session organized by PGDPC XXVI.


Welcoming the students to a new reality, Mr. Rasgotra pointed out that  “a paradigm shift will be needed – from teaching to learning, concepts to application of concepts and from getting to aspiring for results”. And he extended some tips on how this can be achieved –  by moving from “linear thinking to multidimensional, identifying and building on your strengths, learning to work as ‘teams’, to focus on being task-oriented, and to be hard-working and looking beyond comfort zones”.  He also identified some broad directions that the students could follow – there can be no substitute for hard work, build an appetite for failure, truly understand ‘success’ so that it can be repeated, for the world is your playground, which he elaborated by sharing his personal experiences.

Mr. Preenja observed that technology was taking the world spinning ahead, the last two years and the pandemic brought in a tsunami of newer ways and processes in practically every aspect of our lives. In the world of business, he noted – “In this fast paced digital economy we need to be nimble, agile and constantly learn the latest tools and platforms. We always knew that our learning curve should never plateau but, in today’s world we realise how important it is to keep egging it upwards.” Yet, he cautioned – “However, don’t get overwhelmed with this. Because, despite all this constant flux and change, there is one constant. And it is the principles that govern even the newer technologies. It is the way the consumer thinks.” He pointed out the way ahead very clearly – “Let’s get our basics right and keep the mind open for every new platform and tool. And remember, the world isn’t changing rapidly. You are driving this change, every day.”


Prof. Ramola Kumar, Dean observed – “One needs to be the change itself and make things happen. Carve out your career graph.”

The Semester Scholarship award for Semester 2 went to Itika Juyal. The Admission Scholarships for an essay on “The New Age Husband – Advertising Perspective” was awarded to Drishti Gupta for 1st position, Riya Saha for 2nd position and Nikita Pandey for the 3rd position.

The day ended with an ice-breaker session for the freshers, who were embarking on their new journey.



About DSC:

The Delhi School of Communication is a 26-year old institute that envisioned the concept of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) and has been offering an IMC programme to postgraduates since 1995. It has contributed significantly to the communications industry, through its futuristic thinking. The courses offered are: 2-year dual qualification programme – Masters of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication/Masters in Business Administration (MAJMC/MBA); Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Communication (PGDPC). Besides, DSC also delivers short-term certificate programmes in – Advertising & Media, Public Relations & Event Management, Marketing and Sales, Content Writing.

DSC is an affiliated partner of Media & Entertainment Skill Council of India’s (MESC) and provides short-term courses soon for job roles such as – Script Writer, Production Assistant, Account Executive, Account Director, Sales Executive and Sales Director. Apart from the above courses, DSC also organizes workshops in key growth areas for corporates, to meet dynamic competitive challenges successfully.

In 2017, to make learning more impactful and relevant, DSC launched the Thesis project – the Industry Engagement Series, a joint initiative in coordination with three leading advertising agencies, namely Wunderman Thompson, Zenith Optimedia, Genesis BCW, McCann, and Hakuhodo, through live experiments on futuristic evolvement of the corporates.

Dudes & Dolls

Delhi-NCR (Faridabad) based School, Dudes & Dolls School, became the first early childhood development school to nurture children of 3-5 years age group as budding fashion designers. And showcased their designer clothing collection.


In a fashion show organized in the school campus on 10th July 2021, the design collection created by the children was showcased; the program was also broadcasted live.


Dudes & Dolls School is a dedicated school focused on Child development and the school doesn’t compromise in any effort that leads to child development. It has created the first “Bespoke Child Development” model and, nurturing designing abilities of the children is an element of the ‘Bespoke Development of Children”.


The students are encouraged and guided in a structured way to explore the world and enhance their inquisitiveness by doing various things; the school caters to the children of age group 0-5 years, and it has a dedicated in house “School of Art”, “School of Craft” itself shows the commitment of the school towards child development.


While asking about, why did school introduce fashion designing as a subject in early childhood education, the founder Ritesh Rawal replied, “Fashion design is a creative subject it is in an art form with high energy and multiple benefits. It builds individuality, inspires children to develop and believe in own thought process, it builds an ability to seek inspiration from our environment and see the impact it in real-time. Fashion is something that can be observed every day and it is present in our daily lives. It channelizes the inquisitiveness of children in the right direction. That’s why it is a subject that should be introduced to the children at an early age. My team members have been really working hard and they did not compromise in translating this idea into a successful program, I am really thankful to them for their efforts. ”


Dudes & Dolls School included “Fashion Designing” as a part of the curriculum and at first children were taught about the basics and gradually they were trained to create their own designs and school organized a live fashion show of their collection in which teachers wore the collection and walked on the ramp.


Dudes & Dolls School offers online, offline, and hybrid modes of schooling, while on one side due to pandemic schools are struggling to meaningfully engage children of 0-5 years this was really an out of the box idea in which children stayed safe and learned fashion designing at home, their work and its progress was reviewed using online learning and a physical live showcase program happened which was witnessed by children from their respective homes due to safety while their collection was out in the open and showcased to the world by teachers.

Innovate UK funds Glasgow University and eCom Scotland joint project

The digital learning and assessment specialist, eCom Scotland is collaborating with the University of Glasgow in a six-month project, funded by Innovate UK.


Running until October 2021, the project – called Super-immersive remote working via virtual reality controlled robotics (‘Superior’) – explores extending the capability of eCom’s virtual reality (VR) authoring tool, eNetReality, to enable users to control a physical, robotic arm from within a VR environment. This ground-breaking project has already attracted interest from a number of universities from around the world, including those in the USA, China and the Middle East.


The solution will provide remote access to specialised equipment, thus expanding the use and availability of robotics to a wider catchment. It will also facilitate creating robot training programmes, producing prototypes, undertaking experiments, carrying out repairs and evaluating problems, while reducing the need for travel – and making all this available ‘24/7’.


“Notably, the project aims to enable learners to build electronic circuits within a virtual world which, in the real world, will operate a robotic arm – supplied by the University of Glasgow,” said Wendy Edie, eCom’s Managing Director. “The project will provide support for Haptics and the ‘realspace’ control of robots.


“The impact of Covid19 has driven the need for this development, with the academic sector having the greatest need at present,” Wendy continued, “although, with the growth in robotic automation in industry, we’d expect to see a strong growth in demand from the commercial sector for this type of training.


“Increasingly, VR platforms provide accessible, immersive and engaging experiences, allowing people to work remotely and safely without compromising on the quality of the learning experiences. However, many working contexts require physical interaction between worker and a machine and/or materials.


“This feasibility study project aims to identify the process and model to do just that,” she added.


“It aims to develop a prototype process using eCom’s VR authoring platform, eNetReality, and Glasgow University’s robot arm lab to deliver and share human skills, which aim at ‘general-purpose’ remote working. This process should allow people including teachers, students and engineers to carry out real-world physical tasks remotely via a robot, controlling the robotic actions using a haptic from within the immersive VR environment.”


In the short term, the University of Glasgow and eCom hope that developing this concept will support students who’ve been unable to attend their robotics labs because of Covid19 restrictions. 


In addition, this immersive model for remote Robotics training – providing users with a so-called ‘super-immersive’ experience – should enable students to complete their work remotely. In turn, this should contribute towards the UK’s Net Zero targets, by reducing the need for staff to travel to specialised robotics labs. 


“We are very happy to work with the leading VR company, eCom, on this Innovate UK project to exploit the potentials of VR, robotics, and communications in future remote working,” said Dr Guodong Zhao, Principal Investigator at the University of Glasgow. “Providing the immense experience to users is crucial for the wide adoption of the robotics.  We would be very excited to see the impact of our research on the commercial products.”


Dr Zhao’s colleague at the university, Professor Muhammad Imran, Head of the Communications Sensing and Imaging Research Group, added, “We’re excited to see practical applications of innovations and ideas developed at the University of Glasgow – and our collaboration with eCom, funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), is a great example.”


“We expect the market for our remote solution to be around one per cent of the global educational robot market, which was valued at US$778.6m in 2018 and is projected to reach US$1,689.2m by 2023, at a CAGR of 16.8% between 2018 and 2023. This approximates to US$16.8m a year,” revealed Wendy Edie.


One of the biggest Indian Edtech Domains is on Auction at Godaddy

The Indian Edtech sector is seeing a lot of growth. There are several startups that have become unicorns in almost no time. With India’s geographical dividend of a young population, Edtech sector is stated to grow. It has been seeing several large transactions and there is a space for more players. 

One of the prominent domains in Edtech Sector – is being auctioned on Godaddy Auctions with a starting bid of just USD 1,000. was one of the pioneers in Edtech space and had started over 10 years ago. It seems that the owners have lost steam and put the domain for an auction at a low reserve price.

With many players planning to enter the space, may become a hotly contested domain name. Established Edtech players may also like to take up the brandable domain for preventing future competitors from taking the valuable domain name. It is expected that the auction will see a lot of participation from potential bidders. 


Fuji and Its Place in the Cryptocurrency Market

Cryptocurrency is a promising earning opportunity. When bitcoin appeared, many considered this currency a soap bubble, but those who believed in its growth and prospects became owners of huge capital.

Today it is becoming more and more difficult to make money on cryptocurrency. There are several reasons, but the most important one is that the main niches are already occupied and the most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin is the most expensive. Well, the good news – don’t be upset! There are new virtual assets that are also promising and ready to replace old crypto assets!

Fuji platform – a full-fledged marketplace

Fuji is a new crypto crowdfunding platform. Do you know what crowdfunding is? For example, you have a cool idea, but only a couple of bucks in your pocket. You know for sure that you can realize your idea, and the principal thing is to find the start-up capital.
So, the crowdfunding platform came to the rescue. This is an effective platform for investing and generating additional income, which is strikingly different from anything that has come before. Therefore, new users who are just getting to read about this company should adopt this information.

Fuji is a full-fledged crypto crowdfunding platform with its own economic environment and an internal FJT coin, where a startup can receive investments to develop their business, and an investor can invest in a promising startup. Both benefit not only from receiving money and investing but also from the growth of the internal FJT coin.

The development of this type of cryptocurrency began in November 2020, and its creator realized an unrealistic deed by combining in one place a platform for investing startups and services for generating additional income. They headquartered the company in Mountain View, California, United States. This is the place to realize yourself! Oh, feel you are preparing the question “How does it work?”. We better not keep miss you waiting, so let’s get started.
Benefits of using the new cryptocurrency

The latest development of the Fuji token is a breakthrough in the modern cryptocurrency market. This is not just a new and innovative development. The FJT coin solves many tasks within the platform, helps to communicate between the investor and the startup, does not depend on the geopolitical situation in the country, and has good investment potential. The promising Fuji cryptocurrency has a major number of advantages over other cryptocurrencies.

Fuji token is a new type of cryptocurrency developed on the powerful Tron blockchain specifically to facilitate transactions on a crypto crowdfunding platform. Just think about what tasks and problems the inner coin can solve. The borders of the countries do not matter anymore, there is no need to pay a commission, there are no hidden fees, the geopolitical situation in the country does not matter. You use a single asset and don’t think about anything more than passive income.
Nowadays, a cryptocurrency with such advantages is popular on a par with Bitcoin and other popular currencies.

How do you get a coin?

You can get this type of money by buying a coin on a presale. Hurry up, the first round has already begun! The most cost-effective solution would be to buy an FJT coin early.

To buy a coin on a presale in the first round, you need to install the Tronlink application on your mobile device and create a wallet. After that, the investor, startup, or business owner can buy the FJT coin at the following prices:
• from 500 to 3000 dollars – the price of one coin is 0.5 dollars;
• from 3,000 to 10,000 dollars – the price of one coin is $ 0.35;
• from $ 10,000 – the price of one coin is $ 0.25.

After the completion of each round, the value of the coin will increase.
You can find detailed information about Fuji cryptocurrency, methods of obtaining crypto assets, and the steps necessary for the process on the website Telegram , is another opportunity to find out the latest news about the Fuji token development and growth.

Fuji project deserves attention as it integrates blockchain technology and forms a new cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is a progressive, fast-growing startup. If you still do not trust that such an ecosystem can help you get investments and passive income, then you just need to familiarize yourself with the platform and try to buy a few coins. This will immediately destroy your distrust!