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Vahan places 5000 blue-collar workers per month through WhatsApp

Vahan, an AI-enabled livelihood platform, today announced that it has reached a significant milestone of providing employment opportunities to over 1 lakh blue-collared professionals through its WhatsApp API enabled chatbot called Mitra. With an increase of 400% since 2020, these workers have been placed in several blue/grey-collared jobs in sectors such as logistics, delivery, and BPOs. 

Vahan currently has 5 million users on its platform and is adding 2.5 lakh people every month. Given the simplicity and ease of use of the WhatsApp API, the digital startup is placing 5000 people every month and is growing at the rate of 25% per month. Mitra is emerging as India’s employment exchange 2.0 for over 300 million blue-collar workers in the country. 

To apply, job seekers need to simply text “Hi” to Vahan’s WhatsApp-enabled chatbot ‘Mitra’, answer a few questions, and expect to be placed in a job within 3 days. Being available on WhatsApp has helped the company reduce the barrier to entry while maximizing user adoption and engagement. 

Talking about the benefits of Vahan, Asha, a job seeker, said, “My husband and I both lost our jobs during the pandemic and were struggling to make ends meet. This is when someone advised me to reach out to ‘Mitra’ who found me a job in just one day. ‘Mitra’ is a godsend for people like us who struggle to find jobs matching their skills and often get harassed by middlemen. It is unbelievable that I can find jobs on WhatsApp itself!” 

According to Madhav Krishna, Founder and CEO, Vahan, “The blue-collar segment is an underserved market in India despite constituting the bulk of the workforce. Our partnership with WhatsApp allows us to seamlessly connect employers and job seekers thereby facilitating better livelihoods and financial inclusion especially for underprivileged households.” 

Vahan is leveraging the power of WhatsApp, AI and machine learning to bring a great value proposition to both recruiters and job seekers in this underserved blue-collar market. “We are set to become the country’s largest blue-collar recruiter in the next 18 months”, Madhav Krishna further added. 

“Vahan has grown into a key contributor and driver of growth in the gig workforce. We are excited that WhatsApp continues to bring value to such innovative models of growth and helps accelerate financial and digital inclusion among blue-collar workforce in India,” added Abhijit Bose, Head of WhatsApp, India.

Specializing in high volume recruitment of delivery personnel for companies in the e-commerce and food delivery space, Vahan played an essential role in securing jobs for unemployed executives during the pandemic with more than 20,000 people relying on Vahan to look for a job on WhatsApp every day. 

About Vahan 

Vahan is leveraging the power of Machine Learning to not only help blue-collar workers find jobs that match their skills but is also helping employers find the right resource/candidate at the right price, at the right place, and at the right moment. The digital start-up uses matching tools effectively to find the right fit for client organizations thereby reducing the hiring cost by as much as 30% besides saving blue-collar workers from exploitation at the hands of middlemen. 

Vahan is working with clients across sectors including Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Logistics, Warehousing, and BFSI. Some of its clients include Shadowfax, Amazon, Zomato, and Swiggy. Currently, it has over 5 million users from over 1200 cities on its product and has already placed 100,000 people across India. Backed by Y Combinator, Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, Airtel and many former and current Google and Flipkart executives, the company is well poised to become India’s largest placement firm in India in the near future

a1qa attends the CIO Digital Summit 2021

Throughout March 8-10, a1qa will participate in the CIO Digital Summit to discuss the prospects for integrating technologies into business processes and to share real-life cases of optimizing workflows. The event is held online and brings together 45+ IT leaders.

With the changing area of CIOs’ responsibilities, new opportunities, and a need in new ways to adapt to economic and market conditions, the companies’ representatives will focus on how to generate revenue through introducing innovations, applying effective data processing and analysis, and more.

Within the framework of the three-day Summit, a1qa’s Head of global business development Dima Tish and Marketing director Valeria Sologoub deliberate on the value the companies can derive from rethinking their business strategies and enabling technology leadership due to executing digital transformation initiatives, shifting to Agile, securely moving to the cloud, and many more.

Dima Tish is also taking part in the roundtable discussion on the topic “Capitalising on new influence ― Push through critical change and move from servant to enabler” covering how CIOs can deliver business and operational benefits faster amid the pandemic and post-covid world.

In this regard, Dima Tish provided the following comment:

“Although 2020 affected literally every organization, it’s vital to perceive the pandemic as an opportunity to transform. Applying such ways of ensuring business resilience like integrating remote teams into the corporate culture and relying on outsourcing, CIOs can undergo digital transformation successfully and manage accelerated company growth with confidence.”

About the company

During its eighteen-year history, a1qa has been assisting clients globally, including the Fortune 500 list companies, in delivering top-tier software across a range of industries. Nurturing proper testing solutions within 10+ in-house CoEs and R&D helped 800+ QA engineers successfully deliver 1,500 projects. a1qa has confirmed the compliance of the processes with the international ISO 9001: 2015 standard.


ACIS IT Solutions Announces A More Simplified Approach to Buying IT Services

Celebrating 22 years of business, ACIS IT Solutions has an exemplary history of providing IT services to Springfield and the surrounding areas in Southwest Missouri, Northwest Arkansas, and Southeast Kansas.  ACIS has evolved over the years by adapting to the ever-changing marketplace while seeking the latest and most innovative technologies; we take pride providing the best of the best technology to our clients.

Today ACIS IT Solutions is announcing advancements to our service offerings by simplifying our existing offerings into subsets thus simplifying and compartmentalizing our complex service set. These three new subsets encompass the best of the best ACIS has to offer and is proud to bring this exciting simplification to the market.

“We feel that by bringing to market our three new distinct Service offerings, we can enhance and simplify our operations to better serve our existing and new clients” says President Travis Schnelle.

Our new service offerings are as follows:


Complete IT – Comprehensive IT Support…..

Our unique top-down approach. Also known as Managed IT.

    We deliver comprehensive IT support and security solutions in an expert manner. Our clients have peace of mind knowing their staff has access to the best support available. Flat rate 24/7 monitoring backed by some of the best support personnel in the industry. Preventing Your IT Problems because technology should be a tool, not a burden.


Low Volt – Cabling and Green Energy…..

Structured low voltage cabling solutions done right.

    Our expert technical staff specializes in large-scale project design and installation down to single data cable installations. We provide specialized solutions that include: Structured Cabling Design and Installation, Testing and Repair, Removal of abandoned cable, Fiber and Fusion Splicing, Low Voltage Lighting, Solar, Audio, Wireless AP’s and Bridging, IP Cameras, and Access Control. We utilize the latest top-of-the-line test and certification equipment. Certified BICSI® RCDD to ensure that every project exceeds industry standards.


ServTech – Support and Repair Services…..

Retail sales and services.

    We have experience in PC and Mac device repair that is second to none. Our retail presence has been at the same location for over twenty years. We strive to provide the best client experience available. Our experts understand technology, so you do not have to. In-store as well as on-site options. Our techs are respectful, knowledgeable, and resolve your problem correctly the first time.


About ACIS IT Solutions

ACIS IT Solutions is a managed service provider that offers customers a wide array of projects and services, including managed IT services, Hosted VOIP business telephone systems, network security, structured cabling, and computer repair and sales. The company has more than 35 years of industry experience and has served southwest Missouri homes and businesses for more than 20 years.

For more information about ACIS IT Soutions, visit its website at or call 417-823-7100.

New Yorker Electronics Providing New Metal Casting Capabilities from AMFAS International

New Yorker Electronics is offering advanced new metal casting capabilities from AMFAS International. These processes include die casting, investment casting and sand casting in stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper/brass and super alloys (Inconel).

Die Casting
Die Casting, a process similar to injection molding, uses a die or mold to inject molten metal into the tool which then cools until the part can be removed and handled without distortion. This is typically used for high-volume applications. The mold die is commonly made from high performance tool steels, and its lifespan consists of millions of shots before any deterioration of the steel tool due to high temperatures and cooling. AMFAS often refurbishes sections of the tool to save customers the expense of a new tool.

Through AMFAS International, New Yorker Electronics offers hot and cold chamber and vacuum assist casting and produce parts to 50 pounds with aluminum alloys, zinc and magnesium. Equipment includes 280T to 2000T high pressure die casting machines, robotic material handling and centralized furnace and dumping furnaces.

Investment Casting
Although labor intensive, investment casting delivers high precision and repeatability. Investment casting employs a shell made of ceramic, plaster, or plastic that is formed around a wax or styrene pattern. The wax pattern is melted and removed in a furnace and metal is poured into the shell to create the casting.

Investment casting can produce parts in almost any metal with features that cannot be easily machined or die cast. New Yorker Electronics and AMFAS can advise on the best casting option given the material, part geometry, volume and other considerations. Part sizes range from 1oz to 150lbs. Materials used include stainless steel, carbon steel alloys, aluminum alloys, super alloys (Inconel), copper & brass alloys and iron.

Sand Casting
In the case of sandcasting, sand acts as the mold die. A pattern of the actual part is made typically from wood or metal with two halves representing the needed part. These patterns are then used to make a temporary die made of sand. 

The two halves of the sand mold are joined together and the molten metal is poured into the sand mold.  Within a few minutes the metal cools and the sand mold is removed using vibration and mechanical means. With AMFAS International, the sand is then pulverized, sifted and reused.

Advantages of sand casting are that it is relatively inexpensive, especially for lower volumes; very large components are possible; and ferrous and non-ferrous materials are possible with nearly any alloy. AMFAS uses stainless steel, carbon steel alloys, aluminum alloys, copper & brass alloys and iron for sand casting.

Die Casting Features:

    Machines up to 2000 tons Part size up to 50lbs Tolerances: As cast ± .005″; 0.5 degree draft Minimum wall thickness: Zn & Mg: .04″, AL: .08″

Investment Casting Features:

    Part size from 1oz to 150lbs Tolerances: As cast ± .010″ up to 2″, ±.005″ each additional 1″; 0 degree draft

Sand Casting Features:

    Part size from 1oz to 150lbs Tolerances: Typical ± .010″, ± .030″

QC Lab:

    Spectrometer X-ray CMM Destructive Testing Pressure/leak testing Profilometer

As a distributor rep agreement partner, New Yorker Electronics offers Amfas International’s product development, reverse engineering services, injection molding and 3D capabilities as well as specific testing for the Automotive, Aerospace and Military Industry like compliance to BAC, Nadcap, MIL specs and more. Amfas services offered through New Yorker Electronics include CNC Machining, Metal Castings, Injection Molding (Blow Molding, Reaction Injection Molding, Powdered Metal Casting, Electronic Components, Sheet Metal, Tooling and Finishing (Plating, Anodizing, Passivating, Powder Coating, Painting) as well as Rapid Prototyping and complete Contract Manufacturing.

About New Yorker Electronics
New Yorker Electronics is a certified franchised distributor of electronic components, well known for its full product lines, large inventories and competitive pricing since 1948. It is an AS9120B and ISO 9001:2015 certified source of passive components, discrete semiconductors, electromechanical devices, Flash & DRAM modules, embedded board solutions, power supplies and connectors, and operates exclusively at heightened military and aerospace performance levels. New Yorker Electronics operates in strict accordance with AS5553 and AS6496 standards in its everyday procedures to thwart the proliferation of counterfeit parts. It is a member of ECIA (Electronics Component Industry Association) and of ERAI (Electronic Resellers Association International).

Promega launches XpressAmp™ Direct Amplification Reagents

Promega Corporation has released XpressAmp™ Direct Amplification Reagents that facilitate RNA extraction-free sample preparation that is automation-friendly. With this innovation, laboratories testing for COVID-19 have a new tool that enables them to skip the potentially bottlenecked RNA extraction step of the workflow and move directly to polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification.

The simple, direct amplification workflow involves three key steps:
1. Collect and store sample – use common nasopharyngeal swabs in transport media.
2. Lyse sample – mix sample and XpressAmp™ Lysis Buffer (1:1) and incubate for 10 minutes at room temperature.
3. Amplify and analyze – add lysed sample to RT-qPCR containing XpressAmp™ Solution.

Viral inactivation studies were performed on behalf of Promega Corporation by Dr. Thomas Klimkait from the Molecular Virology Group, Department of Biomedicine, University of Basel, Switzerland. The studies found that the XpressAmp™ Lysis Buffer successfully inactivated the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the results were presented at the 2020 American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) virtual meeting.

Promega, a global manufacturer of reagents, assays, and benchtop instruments essential for COVID-19 research, drug development and diagnostic testing, including RNA extraction, increased production dramatically since the start of the pandemic to address a 10-fold increase in demand. Reagent manufacturers worldwide responded similarly. Still, supply and demand gaps remain, particularly around RNA extraction. Promega sought a solution that leverages the company’s more than 40 years of experience in both sample preparation and amplification, especially its work with challenging samples such as forensic crime scene evidence. The result is a direct amplification method that simplifies and accelerates time to qPCR results.

“We are constantly exploring ways to apply our scientific and manufacturing expertise to help labs address the unprecedented demands they are facing for COVID-19 testing,” says Promega Chief Medical Officer Ashley Anderson. “Offering an option to skip RNA extraction and move directly to PCR amplification not only saves time, but it also addresses potential supply constraints since the many buffers and optimization reagents needed for extraction and wash steps in a typical PCR workflow are no longer needed.”

XpressAmp™ Direct Amplification Reagents are also available as a custom product that can be adjusted in numerous ways to suit a laboratory’s specific needs. Options include purchasing in bulk, changing the dispense size or reformatting and relabeling.

Since January 2020, the company has provided enough reagents and enzymes to
enable testing an estimated 700 million samples for SARS-CoV-2 worldwide. Promega components currently support approximately 30 COVID-19 test kits around the world.

• Promega Maxwell® RSC 48 and CSC 48 instruments and the Promega Maxwell® RSC Viral Total Nucleic Acid Purification Kit are in the US Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Influenza SARS-CoV-2 (Flu SC2) Multiplex Assay for emergency use.

• These same products, along with the Promega GoTaq® Probe 1-Step RT-qPCR System, are also in the CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel for emergency use.

Promega tools used for COVID-19 applications are a small subset of the 4,000 products Promega manufactures and distributes globally, serving research, pharma, clinical, forensic, and applied markets. These tools are used for a myriad of applications in human health, disease, genetic identity, drug development, clinical diagnostics and more.

To learn more about Promega XpressAmp™ Direct Amplification Reagents, visit

About Promega Corporation
Promega Corporation is a leader in providing innovative solutions and technical support to the life sciences industry. Our product portfolio of over 4,000 products supports a range of life science work across areas such as cell biology; DNA, RNA, and protein analysis; drug development; human identification and molecular diagnostics. For over 40 years these tools and technologies have grown in their application and are used today by scientists and technicians in labs for academic and government research, forensics, pharmaceuticals, clinical diagnostics, and agricultural and environmental testing. Promega is headquartered in Madison, WI, USA with branches in 16 countries and over 50 global distributors. For more information, visit

LKP Securities announces SOPs

Taking a leaf out of the playbook of FinTech platforms, brokerages houses are reaching out to investors with sops and freebies with an eye to onboard more customers as the never ever seen rush of new investors are upending the stock broking business.  On offer are schemes like refer and earn, a strategy that is eponymous to the burgeoning FinTech platforms, free healthcare insurance, an innovation amid the Covid-19 pandemic and free Amazon vouchers and many more.  Some are even offering special tutorials for aspiring investors who want to join the milling retail crowd and zero broking charges for intra-day trade to lure the swelling day trading crowd.

“There is no surprise in the response of brokerages to the never ever seen rush of new investors to join the stock market frenzy since the competition in the space is really biting. Since they could not take a leaf out of the FMCG playbook by dangling the `buy one, get on’ carrot, or reduce the sticker price (broking fees) they have to offer something different but appealing to new market participants, especially the `Gen Z’ crowd who want something more from any money moves they make”, said a senior faculty of a leading business school in Hyderabad, who does not desired to be named.

LKP Securities Limited, a Mumbai-based brokerage house is offering a slew of sops to investors who want to participate in the stock market through its trading terminals. Besides offering free online demat and trading account opening & *No AMC the brokerage house also offers a free hospital cash cover policy worth Rs 10,000. Clients get to earn a flat 20% brokerage for lifetime on every referral trade under its refer and earn scheme and with the successful assertion of its subsidiary Alpha Commodity Private Limited with its Securities business, now clients can active the commodity trading segment for free with this one Free Demat & Trading account access.

Reliance Securities has also thrown its hat into the ring with freebees such as structured products for new investors and Amazon voucher worth Rs 500 for every friend referred by customers. Another leading broking house Kotak Securities has dished out a trade free plan for its members which allow them to trade intraday on its terminals at zero brokerage fees. The Shripal Morakhia founded online stock trading platform, Sharekhan, is also offering a mix of incentives to investors to join its web-based platform including free access to Sharekhan Classroom, free online demat and trading account opening in 15 minutes, refer and earn with SharekhanEarn at a flat rate of 15% of every referred friend’s brokerage for 1 year.