LAPP Unveils Ground-breaking Seamless Ethernet Networking- Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) Portfolio, Pioneering Future-Ready Industrial Connectivity Solutions

LAPP, a global leader in integrated cable and connection technology, introduces its pioneering Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) portfolio. This comprehensive range marks a significant leap forward in the industrial automation landscape.

The vision of a fully connected factory, inclusive of the Internet and the cloud, is becoming a reality. In the industrial landscape, two predominant systems have traditionally coexisted: Ethernet, a well-established communication standard at the control levels of the automation pyramid, and diverse fieldbus systems prevalent in the lower field levels. To facilitate seamless networking, a new infrastructure was imperative. This infrastructure needed to align with the Ethernet networks at higher levels, all while being cost-effective and space-efficient, addressing the spatial constraints present in numerous machines and systems.

Seamless Ethernet networking with SPE

The solution lies in Single Pair Ethernet Technology (SPE), which facilitates consistent and uniform Ethernet networking, extending all the way down to the field level, commonly referred to as the sensor/actuator level. It enables the real-time transmission of energy and substantial data volumes using only one data pair connection, deviating from the standard four data pairs found in typical Ethernet cables. The integration of artificial intelligence and big data allows for the optimization of production facilities. SPE stands out as an ideal solution for applications with limited space, providing efficiency gains in weight and space utilization. This positions SPE as nearly as fast as multi-pair Ethernet, while offering the advantage of covering significantly larger distances and requiring less installation effort.


LAPP as a Pioneer

Since 2019, LAPP has collaborated with numerous electrical connection companies, including cable and connector manufacturers, within the SPE Industrial Partner Network to drive the advancement of Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) technology. Over time, SPE has achieved international standardization, laying the groundwork for its global expansion. Several recommendations have been incorporated into the IEC 63171 standard for industrial connectors. LAPP favors the connector face specified in accordance with IEC 63171-6 and actively contributes to the dissemination of this standard through its involvement with the SPE Industrial Partner Network. Additionally, corresponding guidelines for SPE networks have been developed by user organizations like PI for PROFINET or ODVA for ETHERNET/IP.

First all-round portfolio

“In our view, the Single Pair Ethernet technology is a real game changer in industrial automation. This is why it was our aim to offer our customers SPE connection solutions from a single source as quickly as possible. This saves time and professional advice is also available from our top-notch experts,” explains Steffen Schneider, Product Manager at LAPP. The world market leader for integrated solutions in the field of cable and connection technology started developing cables at an early stage. With the ETHERLINE® T1 product family, a portfolio of Single Pair Ethernet cables is available for use in industrial machines and systems.


SPE cable suitable for drag chains

Another new product available is flexible, shielded SPE data cable ETHERLINE® T1 FLEX with PVC outer sheath, space-saving, single-pair cable design with UL approval. It is also available in dimension (26 AWG). In addition, there is the highly flexible SPE data cable ETHERLINE® T1 with PUR outer sheath and UL approval. It connects terminal devices at sensor/actuator level to the Industrial Ethernet – even in tight spaces. Its double shielding and PUR outer sheath, means the cable – which is suitable for use in cable chains – is well protected against external interference. The cable has been successfully tested on more than three million bending cycles. Both variants enable full interoperability of field devices and systems from different manufacturers by seamlessly connecting to the Industrial Ethernet network and are suitable for transmitting analogue and digital signals in the frequency range of up to 600 MHz and a distance of up to 40 m. In addition, the Power-over-Data-Line (PoDL)-capable cables in accordance with IEEE 802.3bu allow simultaneous power and data supply of SPE terminal devices with low energy requirements (up to 50 W). A double shielding made of aluminium-laminated foil and copper braiding with a high degree of coverage (SF/UTP) guarantees protection against electromagnetic interference.


New: Ethernet Advanced Physical Layer for the process industry

SPE has potential in many industries. In process automation, SPE helps bridge long distances in large-sized plants, for instance in the chemical industry. Analogue cables or fieldbuses with data transmission rates of just 31.25 kbit are still used here. For distances of up to 1000 metres, additional properties for the process industry have been defined for SPE under the term Ethernet APL (Advanced Physical Layer) based on 10BASE-T1L according to IEEE 802.3cg. LAPP Advanced Physical Layer (Ethernet-APL) is specifically designed for these demanding applications in the process industry, some of which are based on SPE. Ethernet APL enables safe data transmission up to field level in potentially explosive environments. This is ensured by the “intrinsically safe” ignition protection type. It is based on the 2-WISE concept (2-Wire Intrinsically Safe Ethernet) concept according to IEC TS 60079-47. This achieves an explosion-protection technology with a high level of protection. Ethernet APL also bridges long distances of up to 1000 m. The shielded Ethernet APL data cable ETHERLINE® TL and the flexible shielded Ethernet APL data cable ETHERLNE® TL FLEX for occasional movement enable data transmission via Ethernet up to the field level in potentially explosive environments in the process industry and are UL/CSA-certified for the North American region. The “Fast Connect” structure with inner sheath also enables easy stripping and assembly of the cable. Both variants are also among the first to be commercially available.

Compatible SPE connectors

A further addition to the SPE portfolio is the compatible SPE connector EPIC® DATA SPE-6 FA M CS1 with crimp termination for AWG26 cables. This connection creates a vibration-proof connection, provides maximum contact protection between the contact and cable and is suitable for automated assembly. The SPE plug is suitable for creating a detachable SPE connection and is faster, easier and more cost-effective to install than a conventional Ethernet connector. The connector face complies with the DIN EN IEC 63171-6 standard. Its compact design enables use in tight spaces. Power over Data Line (PoDL)-capable connector can also be used for simultaneous power and data supply of SPE terminal devices with low energy requirements (up to 50 W).

Suitable for this, there is the compact SPE circuit board socket EPIC® DATA SPE-6 PCB F for connecting SPE connectors to a printed circuit board inside active devices and a connector face in accordance with DIN EN IEC 63171-6. In addition to the data supply, the socket also enables a power supply of up to 50 watts for terminal devices thanks to the Power over Data Line.

Last but not least, LAPP also possesses the shielded single-pair Ethernet patch cable, shielded on both sides, for detachable SPE connections. Over moulded connectors ensure it is held securely.

AniMela: India’s first international AVGC-XR festival set to make a landmark debut in Mumbai in January 2024

Turning a new leaf in India’s AVGC-XR Industry, AVAF unveils the debut edition of AniMela – India’s first-ever international Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, Comics and Extended Reality (AVGC-XR) festival. The festival encompasses four fun-filled days of film screenings, knowledge-sharing sessions, immersive experience zones, VFX making of, comic book/graphic novel creators and more to celebrate India’s creative prowess and technological strides in AVGC-XR, a much-needed platform to promote and claim India’s space in the International arena. The AVAF has partnered with the Government of India (Information & Broadcasting Ministry) and the Annecy International Animation Festival to bring AniMela to Mumbai at the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) from 18th to 21st January 2024.


India is home to abundant untapped creative talent in the AVGC-XR space. However, it is seen only as a powerhouse that provides back-end support to large studios in the West, while the truth is that there exists immense potential, creativity and technological know-how in Indian creators, animators, VFX artists, game developers and comic book/graphic novel artists to create plenty of original, homegrown content that can travel worldwide and become global properties with the right mentorship, networking and opportunities.

AniMela stands as India’s gateway to revolutionise the AVGC-XR narrative, elevating the industry to its deserved recognition internationally. Serving as a front-row ticket to world-class animation crafted by emerging Indian talent, the festival is more than just a celebration; it’s India’s pivotal moment to claim its stake in the global AVGC-XR landscape. All this underlies the big dream of propelling the country from the sidelines of being a ‘service-provider’ and backend to the world, to being a front-running creator-industry with original IPs and stories that travel worldwide. In line with this, the festival stands on four pillars:


Film Festival – Showcasing some of the world’s best animation film screenings and VFX behind-the-scenes, including international features, shorts, fiction and non-fiction films. There will also be open-air screenings, film premiers, meet & greet sessions with the filmmaker, alongside exciting behind-the-scenes VFX of blockbusters.


Experiential Zone – Attendees can immerse themselves in numerous booths and arcades. At the video games zone, they can engage in exclusive demos of the latest in the gaming industry by indie game artists and game developers, meet & greet with world-renowned gamers, game developers and influencers, and gaming contests with exciting prizes. The XR/AI zone is where attendees can interact with different worlds through VR and AR, the best international IPs, and more. Meanwhile, the comic section curated by Indie Comix Fest, will showcase specially curated indie comics, graphic novels and art exhibitions, alongside an opportunity to meet, learn and sketch with the best artists in the country


Knowledge-sharing & Mentoring –

The Knowledge Section will consist of masterclasses, workshops, and panel discussions by renowned global experts like Luce Grosjean (CEO- Miyu Distribution, France), Rajiv Chilaka (Creator of the ubiquitous ‘Chhota Bheem’), Academy Award nominated Australian animator Lachlan Pendragon, Isabel Herguera (director of Spanish- German Animation Feature Sultana’s Dream) Mickael Marin (Director of Annecy Animation Festival), Veronique Encrenaz (Head of Annecy’s Market – MIFA), Milind Shinde (Founder, 88 Pictures), award winning Indian animator Upamanyu Bhattacharyya and many more…


There will be a dedicated space for family screenings, activities and workshops for the younger audiences.


In a first for India, AniMela is bringing the prestigious International MIFA Campus (IMC) to India to continue educating and nurturing young Indian talents in this sector. As a part of IMC, AVAF has received 60+ work-in-progress projects (feature, shorts or series) from creators for evaluation. From these, 5 selected animation project holders will get an opportunity to participate in a 4-day workshop conducted by renowned industry experts from the Annecy Animation Festival from 16th to 19th January 2024. The experts include animation filmmaker Reza Riahi (amongst his many credits, he’s also worked on the Academy Award nominated film “Breadwinner”), France based Screenwriter Johanna Goldschmidt and Animation Producer Delphine Nicolini. Furthermore, these five selected projects will also be presented to international buyers, producers and distributors at the ‘India Pitch Session’ at Annecy – MIFA in June 2024.


There will also be participation from educational institutes like the School of Visual Arts (New York), Griffith Film School (Australia), Rubika Institute (Pune), Whistling Woods International and Frameboxx, and many more who are in advanced stages of discussion.


Networking – AniMela will provide several opportunities through networking lunches and dinners with international guests (studios, distributors, buyers) from Canada, France, Spain, the UK, Australia, Turkey, and Japan, amongst others. This is vital to the last mile for the AVGC-XR sector via marketing expansion and monetisation opportunities.


Kireet Khurana – Festival Director of AniMela, said, “India is making content at par with the international standards, but lacks a narrative as a Creator of world class content. With AniMela, we intend to align with our Government’s thrust of Create-In-India and build a platform of international pedigree with the goal of exhibiting excellent films, games and other forms of visual arts created by Indian independent talent and studios to a larger audience and promote them internationally. At the same time, the festival provides for a holistic artistic and technological reflection in the AVGC space by bringing global industry veterans and emerging Indian talents under one roof.”


Neha Jain, Executive Director at AniMela, mentioned, “Most audiences in India perceive animation as children’s content, there is no understanding of adult animation. Similarly, there is very limited knowledge about the possibilities around VFX, Gaming and XR. With AniMela, we seek to break away from these restrictive perceptions and create more awareness and interest around the industry. ”


Anne Doshi, Artistic Director at AniMela, added, “In the AVGC industry, the creators are the stars and the artists are given their due. And AniMela will reflect this by highlighting their talent and supporting them in their journeys. The festival will empower Indian talents and aspirants to engage in cross-cultural exchange of ideas, explore beyond their horizons and help nurture the growth of this community. It intends to fill the gaps via training and mentoring and propel India’s international presence in the global AVGC landscape.”


Registrations to AniMela will open soon on Paytm Insider.


Besides the I&B Ministry, GOI and Annecy Festival (France), AniMela is also supported by multiple organisations like the French Institute in India, Media & Entertainment Skills Council, Assemblage Entertainment, Frameboxx, Wayu Digital, Indie Comix Fest, Whistling Woods International, Hi Tech Animation, Animatzione Animation Academy, Tulsea, School of Visual Arts (USA) and Rubika School. Moreover, AniMela will be available on Heftyverse, Hungama Digital’s metaverse platform from 18th – 21st Jan 2024. AniMela will travel to the remote parts of the country through this platform.

Happiest Minds Recognized Among Top 50 India’s Best Workplaces™ in IT & IT-BPM 2023

Happiest Minds Technologies Limited (NSE: HAPPSTMNDS), a ‘Born Digital . Born Agile’, Mindful IT Company, today announced that it has been recognized among Top 50 India’s Best Workplaces™ in IT & IT-BPM 2023 by Great Place to Work®.


This prestigious recognition is a testament to Happiest Minds’ unwavering commitment to creating an inclusive, innovative, and high-trust workplace culture. The company’s placement among the Top 50 list is reflective of its excellence in people practices, employee well-being, and responsible leadership.


Great Place to Work® conducts a rigorous evaluation process that includes an assessment of employee experience through their proprietary Trust Index© Survey and a Culture Audit© that evaluates the organization on various parameters, including leadership, fairness, respect, and camaraderie.


Joseph Anantharaju, Vice Chairman, Happiest Minds said, “We are honored to be recognized repeatedly among the Top 50 India’s Best Workplaces in IT & IT-BPM by Great Place to Work®. This accolade reflects the people-centric culture we have strived to create since inception and the recognition of the personal priorities of the GenZ in our focus on ‘CSR’ initiatives, ‘ESG’, and ‘Green’ practices. We continue to offer our members avenues to constantly self-develop as evidenced by the establishment of a Generative AI Business Unit to train all our engineers in Generative AI and deliver value to our customers.”


Sachin Khurana, Chief People Officer, Happiest Minds added, “We are truly committed towards the happiness, mindfulness, and wellness of our people. The ample recognition from Great Place to Work® is a moment of great pride, reaffirming our belief in nurturing an environment where every team member feels valued, respected, and empowered in our ‘Talent Transformation’ journey.”


Since 2019, the organization has been recognized under the Best Workplaces in IT & IT-BPM category, which makes the ‘Top 50 India’s Best Workplaces™ in IT & IT-BPM 2023’ the fifth consecutive win. The organization has also been noted and accredited for its workplace culture and inclusivity. These accreditations include Top 100 India’s Best Companies to Work for 2023, Best Workplaces in Asia™ 2022, Top 50 India’s Best Workplaces™ for Women 2021 and 2022, India’s Best Companies to Work for 2021 and 2022 and many more. Happiest Minds is committed to upholding the values and practices that have earned it this prestigious recognition and will continue to strive for excellence in creating a workplace where employees can thrive.

LTIMindtree launches Testing as a Service for Oracle SaaS

LTIMindtree [NSE: LTIM, BSE: 540005], a global technology consulting and digital solutions company, announces the launch of Testing as a Service for Oracle SaaS. Following the success of RELY – a comprehensive suite of assurance and compliance services platform for enterprise applications, this new offering sets a new standard for Oracle SaaS testing.


LTIMindtree’s Testing as a Service for Oracle SaaS on the RELY platform was created to resolve various challenges that the Oracle Cloud testing and validation pose. Some of the common challenges faced by the testing teams are the manual and time-consuming nature of the testing processes leaving relatively lesser time for analysing and deploying updates. The teams currently work with outdated test scripts that cause accuracy concerns during test result reconciliations. They also face frequent system integration failures, security and compliance issues that limit the SME’s bandwidth, and requires frequent independent third-party testing to ensure optimal performance.


The RELY platform is equipped with a powerful set of features to resolve the challenges of the existing testing processes, like the out-of-the-box tests, interactive dashboards for real-time visibility, seamless support for all Oracle versions, end-to-end automation, tighter audit control, and 5X faster testing.


“Oracle Cloud testing and validation is a critical activity in the overall cloud deployment process, but it often becomes tedious and time consuming with suboptimal outcomes,” said Nachiket Deshpande, Whole-Time Director, and Chief Operating Officer, LTIMindtree. “The complexity of the deployment of IT systems & architectures with inadequate testing and process can hinder and delay the realization of full business benefits for the organizations. With our experience with Oracle Cloud, and our state-of-the-art platform ‘RELY’, we are in a superior position to help customers embark on their Oracle Cloud transformation journey reliably and effectively.”


RELY was created by LTIMindtree, powered by Tricentis, to further strengthen the enterprise application’s test automation services for SAP, Oracle, and other service lines. LTIMindtree aims at empowering clients across industries to navigate the challenges of the dynamic global business landscape and meet the growing demand for environmentally responsible products.

Game-Changing Collaboration: Grabyo Teams Up with Magnifi to Transform Cloud Production and Video Highlights by adding a layer of AI

Grabyo, the cloud-native live production and distribution platform and Magnifi, the AI-powered highlight generation platform have announced a partnership aimed at delivering a powerful, human-centred video automation workflow, reshaping how sports content creators and broadcasters engage with audiences worldwide. The partnership combines Grabyo’s live clipping, editing and publishing platform with Magnifi’s automated highlights production solution, which uses cutting-edge machine learning and computer vision technologies, to give sports organisations the ability to capture, edit and publish highlight clips from live sports broadcasts at speed, and at scale.

This partnership aims to maximise the efficiency and speed of both platforms while keeping humans at the centre of storytelling, allowing for enhanced creativity to make the automated content more engaging and relevant to audiences. “While clipping automation has been a key development in sports coverage, we have always felt that a human-centred approach made the content more personalised and enhanced the content quality” said Gareth Capon, Grabyo CEO. “Automated workflows bring efficiency and scale to video workflows, but when it comes to the nuances of storytelling within sport, editors are currently needed to create content that resonates with audiences. We are excited to bring this solution to market with the best of both worlds, to empower sports broadcasters, federations and teams to offer an unparalleled level of audience engagement with more quality content than ever before.”

“One of the most valuable benefits of AI for sports right holders is its ability to deliver high-impact content at scale. We are excited about this partnership as it empowers sports rights holders to create viewer centric content which has a direct impact on their ROI”, said Vinayak Srivastava, CEO, Magnifi, “AI-powered solutions empower broadcasters to create new monetisation opportunities in real-time, and we believe this partnership will be the key to achieving higher fan engagement across all channels.”

This collaboration of Magnifi’s AI-generated markers and automated highlight detection with Grabyo’s live clipping platform will empower digital and social teams to identify and create key moments and highlights in multiple formats for rapid publishing on every social and digital platform. It will also support near-live workflows, for those unable to publish VOD content in real-time due to media rights restrictions.

Panasonic Launches New NPM-G Series SMT Machines in India for a Fully Automated Production Line

Panasonic Smart Factory Solutions India (PSFSIN) – a division company of a leading diversified technology company – Panasonic Life Solutions India – today announced the launch of new cutting-edge NPM-G Series surface mount technology (SMT) machines, NPM-GH and NPM-GP, for Indian manufacturers. The new NPM-GH modular mounter and the NPM-GP screen printing machines mark a significant step towards realizing the concept of “Autonomous Factory” operations, ushering in a new era of efficiency and precision in assembling state-of-the-art Printer Circuit Boards (PCB).

The NPM G Series SMT machines are designed to respond in real time to customer supply and demand changes through continuous, autonomous updates. This feature helps to make the autonomous factory a reality. Overall, the mounting system offers flexibility and customizable options to address the production needs of PCBAs and extend automation in manufacturing.

Commenting during the launch, Mr. Manish Sharma, Chairman of Panasonic Life Solutions India and South Asia, said, “India is poised to become the next global manufacturing hub, and initiatives like the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme are encouraging the global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to utilize the Indian economic and demographic ecosystem to set their manufacturing base in the country, thus realizing self-reliance (Aatmanirbhar) agenda. Aligned with this vision, we are excited to contribute to this journey by introducing the state-of-the-art NPM-G series SMT machines. These innovative solutions will empower OEMS with enhanced autonomous capabilities for PCB Assembly which are critical components for mobiles & wearables and electronic products, enabling them to scale their operations and produce world-class products right here in India.”

While emphasizing the transformative impact of these new SMT machines, Tsutomu Naito, Divisional Managing Director of Panasonic Smart Factory Solutions India said, “We aim to drive process innovation within manufacturing facilities by seamlessly integrating competitive equipment and edge devices, forming the foundation for optimizing both production lines and entire factory operations. The NPM-GH and NPM-GP SMT machines represent a significant leap forward in achieving autonomous factories that set new standards for production capacity, quality, and efficiency for PCB Assembly. These new cutting-edge machines improve the overall productivity by 12% when compared with previous generations of SMT machines. With this launch we reaffirm our commitment to enabling automation excellence in manufacturing, allowing manufacturers to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of smart factories and autonomous production.”



Panasonic’s SMT Machines Details:


  1. NPM-GH Modular Mounter: Precision Meets Productivity

The NPM-GH modular mounter is the flagship model designed for the “Autonomous Factory” that redefines industry standards with its unparalleled mounting accuracy and exceptional productivity using new Flat contact heads. Utilizing a compact and lightweight mounting head, the NPM-GH achieves an astounding speed of 103,000 chips per hour in high production mode.

Notably, this machine also boasts an accuracy level of ±15 μm. Each type of head delivers greater component compatibility from micro-sized chips to large BGAs & large-size connectors. It has Autonomous control variations in 5M’s (Man, Machine, Material, Method, and Measurement) & reduces dependency on skill-based operators. An enlarged operation screen enhances the user interface, while the ability to simultaneously control each side of the machine enhances operability.

  1. NPM-GP/L Screen Printing Machine with automatic printing process functions

With a printing accuracy of ±3.8 μm and a cycle time of 12 seconds, including PCB Transport, Positioning, Recognition, Printing and each time Cleaning for the PCB Size 250 x 150mm the NPM-GP/L boasts the world’s top solder paste printing performance. The machine helps in increasing production time with features like Automated model changeover, Automated operations during production & optimization of maintenance timing. The key feature like APC 5M helps maintain printing quality at a consistently high level.