The a1qa team hit Business Brilliance Awards in two categories — Brilliance in Customer Service and Brand Brilliance.

From year to year, Business Brilliance Awards, a UK-based program, acknowledges global organizations for their accomplishments and excellence in multiple fields, such as telecom, banks and finance, government institutions, software testing, etc.

With a true commitment to fully covering all clients’ needs, continuously expanding and polishing a range of software testing services, and strengthening brand consistency, a1qa became the Silver Award Winner in the Brand Brilliance category.

Despite the staff growth from 10 to 800+ specialists, a1qa is able to function as a family-owned business while its engineers are continuously honing professional skills at in-house CoEs and R&Ds, adhering to global QA trends, and improving the business strategy upon the global conditions. This resulted in gaining clients’ trust, and they are repeatedly reaching out to a1qa for ensuring high software quality on their subsequent projects.

When cooperating with customers, a1qa puts a customer-centric approach at the heart of the working process to satisfy clients’ needs and assist them in achieving desired business outcomes. And this is what helped a1qa join the finalists in the Brilliance in Customer Service category.

Dima Tish, Head of global business development, shared his opinion: “Continuous efforts focused on both improving brand recognition and enhancing the quality of customer service allow us to always deliver against clients’ expectations and effectively troubleshoot arising QA pain points.”

About a1qa

Serving global companies for almost 20 years, a1qa has completed 1,500+ projects for clients from telecom, eHealth, BFSI, and other industries. The a1qa specialists provide the customers with comprehensive QA support and help them smoothly introduce robust QA strategies while applying QA best practices. a1qa’s quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.


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