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Apollo Cancer Centres & Apollo Proton Cancer Centres, a Ray of Hope to Patients from across the world

Apollo Cancer Centres (ACC), ranked among the top super specialty hospitals, offering advanced tertiary care in Oncology, Neurology and Neurosurgery, among others, gives new ray of hope to international patients from Chile, Iran, Myanmar & Sri Lanka who were diagnosed with various cancer diseases. Hon’ble Tamil Nadu Health Minister Thiru. Ma Subramanian visited Apollo Proton Cancer Centre and interacted with International patients on their visit to Chennai for Cancer treatment in the presence of Ms Preetha Reddy, Executive Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals, Mr Harshad Reddy, Director-Operations, Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, among other dignitaries. 

Post interacting with the International patients, Thiru Ma Subramanian, Minister for Health and Family Welfare of Tamil Nadu said, “Chennai is one of the most popular destinations in India providing  state-of-the-art medical care to critical patients traveling many miles with the hope of specialized treatment. I am happy to see the technological advancements, specialized treatment, and care offered by Apollo Hospitals that exemplifies the standards that make Chennai as one of the most popular destinations for medical treatment. The positive experience, successful treatment and supportive care experienced by these International patients will result in many more patients choosing Chennai for their medical value treatment”. 

Speaking on the occasion, Ms Preetha Reddy, Executive Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals, said, “At Apollo, we are happy to be setting new standards in cancer care with the latest technology, skilled cancer management teams (CMT) and supportive care that has led to patients all the way from South America flying to Chennai for best possible treatment with utmost care. This is one of the first such patient who has travelled 40+ hours to get treated by our experienced team. I am confident, his journey and successful treatment will pave way for many more discerning patients to choose quality and affordable treatment offered in Chennai at Apollo Cancer Centres. It reaffirms that Chennai continues to be one of the most important hubs for medical value travel in the country and Apollo Cancer Centres prides in bringing latest drugs, therapies and technology adoption to enhance the future of cancer care to patients. 

Apollo Cancer Centres recently saw a surge in International patients visiting for Cancer treatment from different parts of the world. For the first time, a patient from Chile travelled over 16229 Kms to seek treatment in Apollo Proton Cancer Centre at these challenging times. A 58 years old gentleman, an Engineer by profession, had history of a skull base lesion that was noted when he had problems in vision. It was treated in 2012 with radiotherapy at Chile, following which he was alright till 2021, but soon started developing symptoms which threatened his vision. He immediately approached his local surgeon, where he was found to have disease progression, deemed inoperable due to the critical structures located nearby, and he was advised radiotherapy, preferably proton beam therapy in view of irradiation to the same site. He then approached Apollo Proton Cancer centre and travelled all the way from South America to Chennai for proton beam therapy last month. 

Sharing his happiness on the treatment received, Mr. Juan Francisco Paladines, from Chile said, “The resurgence of a lesion in a critical site made standard radiotherapy a difficult option. I was suggested to explore Proton beam therapy in view of the reirradiation to the same site. My search for the best proton therapy led me to travel to Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai, India. Under the care of the Neuro-Oncology Cancer Management team at Apollo, I was offered high precision radiotherapy using the finest and modern image-guided, pencil beam scanning proton beam therapy and have successfully completed the treatment resulting in vision getting preserved. I am grateful to the team of oncologists, support team and members of Apollo for their support through this journey.”

Another patient, a 72year old woman from Myanmar was diagnosed with Recurrent Skull Base Meningioma. Before visiting India, the patient was diagnosed in Singapore and Left sphenoidal ridge tumor was detected on doing CT Neck in July 2014 during assessment for Thyroidectomy. Later further evaluation for this tumor was done at NUH Singapore and the Neuro Surgeon then recommended for conservative treatment and advised regular follow up with the impression of Meningioma. On 30 August 2016 because of failing vision of the left eye decided and did subtotal excision of the tumor by Consultant Neuro Surgeon Prof. Tin Htun Aung at Pun Hlaing Hospital in Yangon Myanmar. The patient sister in law also a Medical Oncologist from Myanmar, approached Apollo Cancer Centre for a cyber-knife surgery.  

Prof Yin Yin Htun, Medical Oncologist and sister in law of the Myanmar patient, said “As I’m an oncologist by profession we know the facilities available at Apollo Cancer Centre in Chennai, India. Apollo Cancer Centre has all the latest technology for the Cancer treatment  when compare to other countries. We are very much happy with the care provided by the team and opinion from experts here.”

Global Conference Organised To Discuss Breakthrough Researches In Healthcare Industry

Arihant School of Pharmacy & Bio-Research Institute, Gandhinagar organized a two-day virtual 15th INDO-US Conference in collaboration with APP Gujarat State Branch, APP American International Branch, APP PharmEdu HealthCare Manage Division on 1st& 2nd December, 2021 in Gandhinagar. 500+ members participated within a span of 2 days.


The conference was launched by Dr. Ragin Shah, Principal of the esteemed Institute who stated the need of the global-level conference in his opening statement. He said, “The whole world is dealing with communicable and non-communicable diseases that cause millions of deaths every year. The conference shall showcase incredible researches that can cure world’s biggest health problems such as cancer and we are determined to advance these researches in Gujarat.”


Various pertinent issues were addressed by dignitaries and scientists across the world at the conference. Prof. Alekha Dash delivered a session on ‘Liposomes & Transferomes in Topical Drug Delivery’, Dr. Isha Patel addressed ‘HPV Vaccine Uptake & Completion’ and Dr. Radhika V. Kumar spoke on ‘Studies on Novel Sulfur Containing 9-Anilinocridines as Cytotoxic’


Chief guest, Dr. B. N. Suhagia, Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy, DD University praised the initiative saying, “Exemplary work has been done by Arihant School of Pharmacy & Bio-Research Institute & APP to further the pharmacy profession for the betterment of the community and society at large.”


This conference, which is the brain-child of Dr. Rajiv Dahiya, hosted several other dignitaries such as Prof. Palanisamy Selvamani, Dr. Saurabh Kumar Banerje and Dr. Saurabh Dahiya. Dr. Vandana Patel graced the event as Chief Guest of Valedictory and Mona Kaushal co-ordinated throughout the event.


Healthcare concern is now a global phenomenon and the initiative taken by APP Pharma will connect countries to combat the communicable and non-communicable diseases through mutual coordination and cooperation. The outbreak of any disease will unify the healthcare policies of the countries and largely escalate a better society.


ProRelix Research LLC starts clinical trial operations in USA to conduct multi country clinical trials

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown practically every element of life into disarray, right from personal (how people live and work) to professional like the interaction between customers and companies, product and service buying journey of customers, and how supply chains deliver them.

This crisis has created significant new opportunities for growth, although this varies significantly by industry, the pharma/ healthcare industry has shown highly significant growth due to the nature of the requirement and need of the hour. Seeing the opportunities that arose from the crisis are was not the same as being able to take advantage of them.

The speed and impact of the COVID-19 crisis poses exceptional challenges for businesses. Business leaders from many companies focused on strategies for unplanned disruption in service to implementation of project continuity plans. These strategies were majorly distributed to concentrate on four things: shoring up their core business, pursuing known opportunity spaces, conserving cash and minimizing risk, and waiting until “there is more clarity.”

ProRelix Research which is a USA and India based CRO applied urgent steps during this period like:

    Changing the core to satisfy changing client requirements     Identifying and responding promptly to new opportunities provided by the changing landscape     Reassessing the portfolio of innovative initiatives and ensuring that resources are distributed correctly     laying the groundwork for post-crisis growth in order to stay competitive during the recovery

As a full service provider of clinical trial services in India and now with a clinical operations office based in the USA, ProRelix Research aims to help customers to maintain pace of study start-up, recruitment, and clinical data analysis by utilizing advanced technologies, tools and to accommodate changing regulatory scenarios with technical proficiency. ProRelix Research considers the operation management as their core strength and regulatory reporting to be of particular value to support their operations. 

 “The successful growth of ProRelix Research has been achieved by putting high quality and client focus at the heart of everything we do. As a solution-focused CRO, we are pleased to provide our specialist customized solution to our customers, particularly to pharma and biotech companies conducting phase 1 to 4 clinical studies for the clinical development of drugs in the United States, Europe, and India,” said Mr. Niranjan Andhalkar, Director of Strategic Planning and Management at ProRelix Research. 

He continued, “Our expert knowledge in each domain is greatly enriching and strengthening our customized services for single or multi-country clinical trials. Sponsors are benefiting from solid, high quality clinical data, while investigators and study coordinators certainly value our hand holding support on niche areas.”

Dr. Sornaraja Thasma Director of Quality Assurance at ProRelix Research stated, “Our Operational and Quality System tool, allows our team managers to work on dynamic reports, such as patient profiles, recruitment, safety and quality status of the study conduct and documentation. In addition, our streamlined regulatory process and technical domain knowledge of the team is allowing us to further improve our capabilities to quickly produce robust on time submissions for regulatory approval from FDA/EMA/MHRA/DCGI/TGA, which is an absolutely critical need for the pharmaceutical industry.”   

He further added “The studies we conduct are complex in nature, requiring a 360 degree angle approach along with flexibility, yet still very intuitive for sites globally to use. With the support of our regional delivery team, we are now enabled with technical expertise for data collection for the study which further helped us to provide core services efficiently, offering sponsors our therapeutic expertise coupled with the most innovative customized solution on the market.” 


About ProRelix Research

ProRelix Research, is a goal driven niche Global Clinical Research Organization in USA (CRO), supporting various clients globally since 2014 with outstanding CRO services. Team is passionate about delivering clinical study solutions to meet their clientele needs. At every step they provide expert professional support in order to meet the objectives of the clinical trial project. They recognize the clientele need of the experienced, highly motivated, flexible specialists who are able to perform all tasks no matter how big or small the project is!! Their remarkable Data Management System supports clinical trial sponsors worldwide, through comprehensive data management and SAS programming services in compliance with CDISC (CDASH, SDTM, and ADaM) standards for FDA submissions.

ProRelix Research’s expert CRO services revolve around Clinical Research Management, Clinical Data Management, Biostatistics/Statistical Programming, Regulatory, Monitoring, and Pharmacovigilance for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, with particular expertise in phase 2 to 4 studies. For more information about ProRelix Research, you can visit their website at or email:

Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award worth US $250,000 now open for nominations from nurses worldwide

Launched on International Nurses Day in May 2021 by Aster DM Healthcare, with an aim to recognize the phenomenal contribution of nurses to the healthcare delivery system globally, Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award has started receiving applications from nurses worldwide. The application system is completely online via, where a nurse can submit her own application for the award or anyone can nominate a nurse, who they think is worthy of the award.

Aster has appointed Ernst & Young LLP (EY) as ‘Process Advisors’ who would ensure due-diligence of applications based on the defined eligibility criteria, evaluation of the entries by an independent panel of experts, and presentation by the finalists to an independent well-known Jury to determine the final winner.

Encouraging nurses from around the world to apply and nominate nurses for the award, Dr. Azad Moopen, Founder Chairman and Managing Director of Aster DM Healthcare said, “Nurses are the unsung heroes of the healthcare system which has been proven undoubtedly during the Covid-19 pandemic. They continue to play a pivotal role and are the backbone of the healthcare delivery system working under tremendous pressure with huge commitment. Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award is our effort to recognize the phenomenal work being done by the nursing community worldwide. With over 7000 nurses in the Group, we consider it our obligation to recognize and celebrate the contribution of nurses across the world.”

Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award has started receiving nominations from nurses based in Middle East, Indian sub-continent, Africa, North and South America, Central Asia, Europe and Oceania. The last date for accepting nominations is 30th January, 2022, post which the review process will start. After the initial review based on the set criteria, shortlisted nominations will undergo a voting process. Subsequently 10 finalists would be selected for the award ceremony, interview, and interactions with the jury. The final Aster Guardian Global Nursing Award winner will be announced on 12th May- International Nurses Day in 2022 at a grand ceremony in Dubai. Apart from the substantial First Prize of US $ 250,000, the 9 finalists will also be presented with monetary prize and awards.

DiagRight, focuses on the last mile connectivity in the diagnostic process to reduce the scope of errors

The Indian diagnostics industry has been evolving at a rapid pace over the years proving to be one of the crucial components of the healthcare sector owing to the reliance of the medical professionals on the diagnostic statement to validate, accurately diagnose ailments and provide the right treatment. The presence of more than thousands of labs and millions of lab technicians yet the industry fails to suffice and address the need of the consumers as the ecosystem is highly unorganized and fragmented. According to NCBI (National Centre of Biotechnology Information) 61.9% of the total lab tests conducted in India were incorrect. The major contributor is the pre-analytical errors and logistical challenges associated with sample collection to sample test in the laboratories. To address the issues with regards to analytical errors, channelization of the last mile delivery and evaluation of samples, DiagRight, a Gurgaon based health tech startup is penetrating the market and bringing innovation in the diagnostic industry with first of its kind hyperlocal model.


Founded in the year 2020 DiagRight is envisioned to standardize the last mile delivery and reduce the scope of pre-analytical errors, DiagRight has been successful in being a changemaker within a year of its operations. The Co-founder & CEO Asitranjan Biswabhushan clearly demarcates that the demand for the medical tests is huge whereas the challenge in the diagnostic ecosystem persists. He also adds that despite the huge demand for clinical tests there is a lack of supply of trained technicians and the process is largely non-standardized and unstructured. Thus, DiagRight claims to be the most promising health-tech start up soon building an awareness about the diagnostic rights to the citizens of India. 


In order to bridge the gap and address the loops in the supply and demand DiagRight is strictly adhering with the National Accreditation Board of Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL) India guidelines and is standardizing the last mile connectivity of the phlebotomists with the use of technology to minimize the errors in the diagnostic process. With the increase of relying on the diagnostics to validate and guide treatment protocols by the doctors 70% of all the decisions regarding the treatment are completely dependent on the right diagnosis. 


The Co-founder & COO Puneet Sharma says that “The Home Blood Sample Collection app enables the consumers to choose any lab within the radius of 10 kms to meet their diagnostic requirement. The customers have the option to customize their diagnostic packages by looking into the details of lab pricing for different tests. All of these are floated to the customers with the option of just a few clicks on the app by sitting at your home.” 


The TrackRight technology developed by DiagRight ensures that the temperature of the sample is well below 8 degrees Celsius to maintain the accuracy. The real-time technology also allows the customers to check the temperature of the sample at any given point of time on the app. “Samples deposited within 4 hours of collection and tested within a stipulated time yields the highest accuracy of results” adds Asit. DiagRight has partnered with hundreds of labs across India, and the samples are sent to the nearest possible location to ensure efficacy and minimize the TAT of the medical reports. 


Marking its presence in already 26 cities in India, the company has set its goal to expand globally especially to countries which are deprived of good medical facilities. “DiagRightpromises to contribute significantly to the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and ensure good health and well-being across the nation” adds Puneet Sharma, COO, DiagRight. 



The health-tech start up not only ensures the right diagnosis for its valued customers but also adds to the employability of the phlebotomists thus giving them financial support and grooming them further to enhance their skill in their dedicated domains. DiagRight aims to create a niche for itself by employing more than 2 million phlebotomists in the ensuing years and being the only company to create the largest fleet of phlebotomists soon.


Healthcare App claims fastest pharmacy delivery in Delhi NCR

Satish Singh, Founder

Delhi based healthtech startup app MY LYF CARE, claims to have the fastest pharmacy delivery in Delhi NCR from the nearest local vendor, connecting local pharmacies and patients directly. 

The app is based on the OTO (Offline-to-online) model, born out of pandemic connecting offline healthcare service providers like doctors, test labs and pharmacies at an online platform directly to the end-user from your nearest local vendor, unlike other chain based apps. MY LYF CARE unlike other health apps is supporting local and offline businesses by connecting nearby local pharmacies for the fastest 30 min deliveries. They are handling the logistic part and customer service part to make them satisfied with the services. The company is also providing 30-40% discounts across pharmacies.


MY LYF CARE aims to provide users with all kinds of healthcare services at their fingertips and ensure that every person gets easy access to healthcare. It also provides services based on Covid emergencies like verified ambulances, blood banks, plasma donation channels, cloud medical reports, heartbeat, speedometer, BMI calculator etc.


“Our aim is to make healthcare more accessible and affordable so that the people of all categories can get treatment and facilities at minimum time and at minimum cost with best results” mentions Mr Satish Singh, Founder of MY LYF CARE.


The app was designed and developed after Mr Satish Singh realized the lack of medical infrastructure in India, especially with respect to services in rural areas. Thus, with a mission to help make health care more accessible to all Indians, he created MY LYF CARE.


Google Play App: MyLyfCare App