Japan – Joint Discussions on Green Hydrogen Supply in Hokkaido’s Chitose Area

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. (TTE), Hokkaido Electric Power Company (HEPCO), and Air Water Hokkaido Inc. (AWH) are pleased to announce our signing of a joint development agreement to jointly discuss the provision of green hydrogen in Hokkaido’s Chitose area.

Hydrogen can be produced by electricity and other sources of energy, and because it does not emit CO2 when burned, it is expected to play a significant role in realizing carbon neutrality. The Basic Hydrogen Strategy, updated by the Japanese government in June 2023, well refers to the importance of establishing a domestic supply chain of hydrogen from the viewpoint of Japan’s energy policy. Furthermore, a broad range of industries has shown high expectations toward the utilization of hydrogen not only as next generation fuels but also as raw materials in the production of ammonia, methane and other chemicals.

Chitose is the area of home to the Hokkaido’s aviation gateway, where it has New Chitose Airport, surrounded by industrial zones occupied by a variety of manufacturers. The fact that the area has been selected as the site for the next-generation semiconductor plant will likely fuel the need for green hydrogen as a means of decarbonization. In February 2022, Chitose City announced their “Zero Carbon City Chitose” agenda, which outlines a local-production-for-local-consumption green hydrogen plan intended to help the city achieve carbon neutrality by the year 2050.

On May 31, 2024, our “Feasibility Study on the green hydrogen supply in Chitose City and the related infrastructure development in view of collaboration with other locations throughout Hokkaido” was adopted eligible by Japan’s Agency for Natural Resources and Energy for the subsidy designed to support the cluster development. Building upon the joint development agreement and taking into consideration the needs of our customers, MC, TTE, HEPCO and AWH will investigate site location suitable for hydrogen supply and storage, and verify optimal transportation methods to realize green hydrogen local-production-for-local-consumption.

With the support from Hokkaido Prefecture, Chitose City and our valued customers, we aim to establish a hydrogen cluster by 2030 and materialize the green hydrogen supply chain in the wider Chitose area by collaborating with projects in other locations.

About Mitsubishi Corporation (MC)

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) is a global integrated business enterprise that develops and operates businesses together with its global network of around 1,800 group companies.

MC has eight Business Groups that operate across virtually every industry: Environmental Energy, Materials Solution, Mineral Resources, Urban Development & Infrastructure, Mobility, Food Industry, Smart-Life Creation and Power Solution. Through these eight Business Groups, MC’s current activities have expanded far beyond its traditional trading operations to include project development, production and manufacturing operations, working in collaboration with our trusted partners around the globe.

With an unwavering commitment to conducting business with integrity and fairness, MC remains fully dedicated to growing its businesses while contributing to a prosperous society.

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GD Goenka Sports Arena Successfully Hosts ‘Women in Sports: Breaking Barriers’ Event in Collaboration with Belgian and Dutch Embassies

GD Goenka Sports Arena is delighted to announce that it successfully hosted ‘Women in Sports: Breaking Barriers,’ a significant event in collaboration with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This event was a part of their three-month initiative as EU Gender Champions, promoting gender equality and empowerment through sports.


‘Women in Sports: Breaking Barriers’ featured testimonials from India’s celebrated sports champions: National Footballer Manisha Kalyan, World Boxing Champion Gaurav Bidhuri, and Asian Medalist Archer Jayalakshmi Sarikonda. These distinguished athletes shared their inspiring journeys, highlighting the challenges and successes they have encountered in breaking barriers within the sports industry.


The event was also graced by the presence of esteemed dignitaries, including the Ambassador of Belgium, Didier Vanderhasselt, Netherlands Ambassador Marisa Gerards, and Shombi Sharp, the UN Resident Coordinator for India.


Following the testimonials, there was an exciting all-girls football match between the NGOs Slum Soccer and CEQUIN. This match was organized in partnership with the UN in India, UNICEF, and the All-India Football Federation (AIFF) to showcase the talents and determination of young female athletes, fostering a sense of unity and empowerment among participants and spectators alike.


Mr. Nipun Goenka, Managing Director of GD Goenka Group, shared his enthusiasm for the event, stating, “At GD Goenka, we are committed to fostering an environment where young minds can excel both academically and athletically. The ‘Women in Sports: Breaking Barriers’ event perfectly aligns with our mission to promote gender equality, empower women, and inspire the next generation of leaders. We are honored to host this initiative and witness the incredible talent and determination of these young athletes.”


The ‘Women in Sports: Breaking Barriers’ event is a testament to the power of sports in driving positive social change and creating opportunities for all.

Clay Craft India Introduces JCPL Porcelain Collection, India’s First AI-Enhanced Digital Printed Tableware with lifetime print warranty*

Clay Craft India Private Limited, a pioneering force in the ceramic tableware industry in India, is thrilled to announce the launch of India’s first digitally printed ceramic tableware collection, TEXTURES. This innovative collection, represents a significant advancement in the HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, and Café) industry, seamlessly blending tradition with cutting-edge technology.

JCPL is a fine porcelain brand manufactured by Clay Craft India Private Limited. Featuring classic, timeless pieces and modern, on-trend designs, this JCPL porcelain collection caters to every taste and occasion. Crafted with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the designers utilize machine learning and state-of-the-art digital printers to bring this modern collection to life. The AI prints intricate designs directly onto the plates, creating a unique textured surface on the fine porcelain pieces.

The TEXTURES collection draws inspiration from natural elements such as Ground, Aroma, Soil, and Sway, infusing each piece with the elegance and grandeur reminiscent of the Renaissance. The result is a collection that not only captivates the eye but also elevates the ambiance of any dining setting.

“The launch of the JCPL Porcelain Collection marks a significant milestone for Clay Craft India,” said Deepak Agarwal, Director, Clay Craft India. “TEXTURES is a perfect blend of our legacy in fine porcelain and the innovative use of Artificial Intelligence. This collection represents our ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and quality. By blending tradition with innovation, we are able to offer tableware that is both timeless and contemporary, meeting the diverse needs of our customers. We are thrilled to offer our customers tableware that combines elegance, durability, and modernity, enhancing every dining experience.”

Clay Craft’s long-standing reputation for excellence is evident in the JCPL brand. At JCPL, sustainability is a core principle. Key features of the collection include microwave safety, scratch resistance, high durability, dishwasher safety, lead and cadmium-free composition, antibacterial properties, and thermal resistance. These attributes make JCPL porcelain tableware an ideal choice for the demanding environments of the HoReCa industry.

Clay Craft is committed to environmentally responsible production practices, recognizing its duty to protect the environment for future generations. The TEXTURES collection is designed to endure. The robustness of these prints is backed by a Lifetime Print Warranty*, underscoring the company’s confidence in their longevity.

BPCL Launches Star-Studded T20 World Cup Campaign with Rahul Dravid and Neeraj Chopra

In the pulsating world of cricket, where every shot, every delivery, and every moment is charged with excitement, BPCL is once again stepping onto the crease with a power-packed T20 world cup campaign, bringing back the iconic Mr. Dependable, Rahul Dravid, alongside the Olympic gold medallist Neeraj Chopra.


BPCL’s previous ad films, featuring Rahul Dravid, sparked nationwide conversations with their thought-provoking question, ‘Kabhi Engine Oil ke Baare mein Itna Soch Vichar Kiya Hai?’ This time, these super hit films return during the T20 World Cup, aiming to capture the hearts of India’s cricket-crazy audience once again.


The series of sharp-edited, fun films, featuring Rahul Dravid, feel more like mini-movies, capturing everyday household discussions escalating into serious debates over trivial matters. Dravid, with his ever-reliable persona, swoops in to inject levity, underscoring the importance of making wise choices, whether it’s about engine oil or life decisions.


Shri Sukhmal Jain, Director (Marketing), BPCL, commented, “With this campaign, we aim to merge the fervor of cricket with our commitment to quality. By bringing together Rahul Dravid’s dependability and Neeraj Chopra’s champion spirit, we not only engage with our audience but also emphasize the importance of making informed choices, whether it’s about engine oils or premium fuel. This campaign gamifies the purchase process, making it fun and rewarding for customers while celebrating the passion of cricket fans.”


Adding to the excitement, BPCL introduces a new TVC featuring the champion Neeraj Chopra to promote their premium petrol, Speed. With the catchy slogan, “Chuno Jeet ko, Chuno Speed ko”, the campaign encapsulates the champion spirit of Neeraj Chopra and his preference for Speed petrol.


Complementing these TV campaigns during the T20 World Cup, BPCL launches a series of below-the-line campaigns. MAK Lubricants introduces the “Run Banao, Dhan Pao” campaign, drawing parallels between cricket and customer rewards. Customers accumulate ‘runs’ by purchasing MAK Lubricants and scanning the QR code via the HelloBPCL App, with rewards based on the runs collected.


Concurrently, BPCL’s premium petrol, Speed, rolls out the “Speed Se Jeeto Poore Saal” campaign, featuring Neeraj Chopra as the brand ambassador. The campaign offers thrilling rewards linked to fuel purchases, including the chance to win fuel for a whole year and weekly fuel prizes.


BPCL aims to leverage the excitement of the cricket season to highlight the superior performance of Speed petrol and offer customers exciting rewards. The ‘Speed Se Jeeto Poore Saal’ campaign runs until July 12th, 2024, at select BPCL Fuel Stations across India.


Let’s fuel the journey to victory together, both on and off the field!

National Watch Day, Celebrating the Timeless Legacy of Mugnier Watches QNET Brings the Regal Swiss Brand Mugnier to Modern India

National Watch Day, celebrated annually on June 19th, transcends being a mere date on the calendar; it serves as a profound celebration of the artistry, precision, and heritage interwoven into every timepiece. Among the esteemed brands revered on this day stands Mugnier, a name steeped in history and regal connections. Available at QNET India, the Swiss watch brand Mugnier, renowned since the era of Napoleon, is accessible to modern Indians, blending historical grandeur with contemporary elegance.

Crafting a watch is a nuanced art that extends beyond mere timekeeping; it’s about narrating a story—a tale of style, luxury, and fine craftsmanship. Dating back to the 18th century, Mugnier watches encapsulate the quintessence of French elegance, Swiss precision, and European royalty. The lineage of Mugnier can be traced back to Etienne Mugnier, an 18th-century master craftsman whose creations graced the courts of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, Philippe I (the younger brother of King Louis XVIII), and King Charles X. Napoleon’s profound admiration for Mugnier’s work earned him the esteemed title of “manufacturer to their imperial and royal majesties.”

The roots of Mugnier’s legacy delve even further into history, reaching back to the era of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie-Antoinette. The royal couple were early enthusiasts of the legendary horologist Abraham-Louis Breguet, revered as one of the finest watchmakers of all time. It was here that the esteemed horologist imparted his skills to Etienne Mugnier, his master pupil. Since then, Mugnier has solidified its status as a symbol of high society, producing timepieces of remarkable complexity and functionality.

The House of Mugnier established itself among the elite, crafting timepieces of remarkable complexity and functionality. These watches, including the famed souscription watches, became symbols of high society, renowned for their intricate craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Today, Mugnier masterpieces reside in prestigious museums and collectors’ vaults, often auctioned by elite houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s. The passage of time and history has only heightened the prestige of these finely crafted watches, rendering them coveted pieces of art and history.

QNET India proudly continues to showcase the esteemed Mugnier brand, in line with the Make in India initiative, signifying a remarkable milestone for prestigious watch brands manufacturing their timepieces within the country. Crafted from top-quality raw materials, each watch undergoes meticulous design and production to meet strict Swiss standards. Following this, the components are expertly assembled in a state-of-the-art Indian facility, ensuring Mugnier watches maintain their classic elegance and unparalleled quality.

National Watch Day serves as an opportune moment to celebrate the profound legacy of Mugnier, prompting reflections on the evolution of timekeeping and the enduring value of fine craftsmanship. Today, we honour a tradition rooted in the courts of European royalty, seamlessly connecting modern wearers to the grandeur of a bygone era. This celebration underscores the blend of historical craftsmanship with contemporary innovation, spotlighting Mugnier’s capacity to thrive and adapt in the modern world.