Narayana Health unveils InsidER – a riveting Medical docudrama series directed by prominent pictures

– In an exciting new venture, Narayana Health has entrusted Prominent Pictures with the creative duties to produce “InsidER,” India’s first medical docudrama series that has quickly become a sensation. Now available for streaming on JioTV, JioTV+ and JioCinema, India’s leading OTT platform, the series offers an unparalleled glimpse into the high-stakes world of emergency medicine, blending intense medical scenarios with deeply human stories.

Crafted around four fundamental pillars—high-stakes medical cases, emotional authenticity, educational insight, and compelling storytelling—”InsidER” has captured the audience’s imagination. The series takes a suspenseful thriller approach to deliver a gripping and emotionally charged docudrama based on real cases. Each episode is meticulously crafted emotions, drawing the audience into the heart of every medical emergency and the monumental challenges faced by the clinicians at Narayana Health. Each case not only marks a significant milestone in the hospital’s journey but also holds immense importance in the context of Indian emergency awareness.

Mukesh Jagoorie, who conceptualized and produced the series, expressed his enthusiasm about the project’s reception, stating, “Witnessing the journey of ‘InsidER’ from concept to a beloved series has been incredibly fulfilling. Our aim was to create a series that is as informative and authentic as it is engaging. The positive feedback from our audience confirms that we have achieved that, and it’s been an extraordinary journey.”

“The ‘InsidER’ campaign emerged from our profound desire to recognize the bravery of patients and the often-overlooked struggles of families facing medical crises. Over ten months, our teams worked tirelessly across India to capture the intense reality of the ER. Through collaboration with clinicians, patients, and their families, we depict those pivotal moments that shape lives forever. This series shows the importance of resilience, frontline workers, and knowing your ER number. A simple act like having this number readily available can mean the world. We extend our deepest gratitude to Mr. Mukesh and the team at Prominent Pictures for bringing this impactful project to life. said Dr. Ashish Bajaj, Chief Marketing Officer at Narayana Health.

As “InsidER” continues to grow in popularity on JioTV, JioTV+ and JioCinema, it cements its position as a pioneering series that not only educates but also deeply moves its viewers, reflecting the real-life heroism of medical professionals.

Adani Gangavaram Port initiates special education programs for Gangavaram and Dibbapalem village students

Adani Gangavaram Port is association with Adani Foundation has initiated various sustainable activities with a focus on improving the educational infrastructure and providing the right support to the students at Gangavaram, Dibbapalem and Srinagar Villages.

Adani Foundation initiated special classes for the 10th class students in Zilla Parishad High School & Jr. College at Gangavaram, villages during last year. This really helped the students concentrate on key areas and improve the performance. As per the 2022-23 results only 43% students passed the board examination. The focused classes for the 10th class helped 63 out of 78 (81%) pass the exams with 1st Division to 30, 2nd Division to 20 and 3rd Division to 13 students at the school. The highest marks are, 537 & 513 out of 600 marks.

The Adani Evening Education Center (AEEC) which was launched last year has also been rearing positive results.  This initiative is implemented in association with Adani Foundation and has supported more than 200 students in the first year itself.  The Participatory learning methods are being adopted to increase students’ attendance and effective learning and lead to progressive performance in academics. Out of the 10 students in class 10th who attended the program 8 passed the exams (80% success) with 1st division to 4 and 2nd division to 4 students. The highest marks received were 444 out of 600 marks.

The program’s goal is to improve attendance, learning, and academic performance. This initiative will expand to 5 villages across 2 locations in the coming months. The next center will be started at ZPH School, Gangavaram village very soon.

Adani Gangavaram Port has been actively involved in enhancing education in local communities. The establishment of a Computer Center at ZPHS, Gangavaram has been a witness to their commitment to empowering the youth with valuable skills. This initiative brings into line with the Adani Group’s core values and commitment to community development through education and skill-building.

According to Adani Gangavaram Port Limited management, “We are committed to the development of the local community by providing education to the underprivileged children’s in our neighbourhood.   The special classes at Gangavaram Village and Adani Evening Education Center (AEEC) have helped improve the pass percentile of students from 43% to 80%. These initiatives by Adani Foundation will significantly help improve the confidence of these students, improve their skills and open new career opportunities for them ultimately improving the quality of life for the villagers. The Adani Evening Education Center reflects our dedication to improving education and contributing to the growth of our communities. Adani Gangavaram Port Limited is also planning to engage with the people on Skill development & infrastructure in the future”

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Mumbai (CPS) Addresses Concerns Regarding its Courses and Recognitions

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Mumbai (CPS) addresses recent misinterpretations and misconceptions regarding its courses and recognitions in response to a published article.

CPS, established in 1912, has a longstanding commitment to enhancing medical education and healthcare delivery, particularly in Maharashtra, where it has significantly bolstered public sector hospitals and government systems. Notably, CPS has played a pivotal role in reducing maternal mortality rates and infant mortality rates, a top priority of every state government in India.

CPS conducts its courses through its affiliated institutes and hospitals following strict norms as per the MSR for adequate number of beds, infrastructure, equipment, and sufficient workload to give students good amount of exposure and experience. Some of the institutes that are affiliated with CPS are medical colleges (Government/ private) and district hospitals. CPS conducts regular inspections of all the institutions that are affiliated with CPS to ensure the quality of training imparted to the students. The admission to CPS courses is conducted by the respective State Government on direction of MOHFW, Government of India.

CPS provides academic guidelines to all the institutes affiliated with it for the training of the students. Lecture series in each specialty is conducted at CPS house twice in a year which the students can attend in-person or online from anywhere in India through the E-learning portal.

Furthermore, CPS courses have gained recognition internationally, with the Royal College of Anaesthesia, England, acknowledging the Fellow of CPS qualification as eligible for the Medical Training Initiative (MTI) in England. CPS has also collaborated with BAPIO, which shall provide an opportunity for CPS students to pursue degrees like MRCOG, MRCPCH and many such courses in the UK. This recognition underscores the quality and relevance of CPS’s educational programs on a global scale.

In Maharashtra, CPS has been instrumental in introducing simulation-based education programs for various medical disciplines, including pediatrics, gynecology, anesthesiology, medical and surgical specialties. These initiatives aim to provide immersive learning experiences and hands-on training to students, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary skills to excel in their respective fields.

Contrary to recent claims, CPS maintains transparency and adheres to rigorous standards of medical education. CPS courses are recognized by both national and state governments, facilitating clinical practice nationwide. At present, the state of Maharashtra has via it’s notification dated 15th March, 2024 re-recognised 10 MOHFW approved courses and via its order dated 14th March 2024, has recommended to set up a committee to re-recognise the other remaining courses.

Recent articles have misrepresented CPS’s standing and contributions, leading to confusion in the minds of public, maligning the reputation of a renowned institution and misleading the legal proceedings. CPS clarifies that all its courses and recognitions adhere to regulatory guidelines and are aimed at advancing medical education and practice.

CPS urges stakeholders to rely on accurate information and refrain from spreading misinformation that could undermine the reputation of esteemed institutions like CPS.

Southernmost IT, LLC d/b/a GO I.T. Services Announces Relocation of Headquarters to Tampa, Florida

 Southernmost IT, LLC, parent company of GO I.T. Services, a leading provider of innovative IT solutions, today announced the relocation of its headquarters from Key West, Florida to the vibrant Tampa Bay area. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in the company’s expansion and growth trajectory.

The decision to move Southernmost IT’s headquarters stems from the company’s commitment to better serve its clients and accommodate its expanding workforce. The Tampa Bay area offers a dynamic business environment, access to top-tier talent, and proximity to major transportation hubs, aligning perfectly with Southernmost IT’s vision for continued success.

“We are thrilled to embark on this new chapter in Southernmost IT’s journey,” said Bobby Rhone, Founder of Southernmost IT, LLC. “Tampa provides us with an excellent opportunity to scale our operations, attract top talent, and enhance our services to meet the evolving needs of our clients.”

“We want to express our gratitude to the Key West community for their support over the past few years,” added Rhone. “While we are excited about this move, our dedication to providing unparalleled customer service remains unwavering. We look forward to continuing to serve our clients with the same level of excellence they have come to expect from Southernmost IT.”

Southernmost IT, LLC will begin operations at its new headquarters in the Tampa, Florida area effective June 1, 2024.

For more information about Southernmost IT, LLC and its services, please visit our website.

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Tampa Surgical Arts Announces a Groundbreaking Collaboration Between World-Renowned Cosmetic Surgeons

 Tampa Surgical Arts, a leading, fully accredited surgical facility known for its exceptional patient care and cutting-edge cosmetic surgery techniques, is excited to announce a groundbreaking collaboration that promises to set new standards in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Manik S. Bedi, celebrated for his remarkable body transformations and unparalleled patient care, welcomes the esteemed Dr. Pasquale Tolomeo to the Tampa Surgical Arts team.

Dr. Pasquale Tolomeo, heralded as the go-to surgeon for breast augmentation due to his meticulous attention to detail and precision, brings his acclaimed expertise to Tampa Surgical Arts, creating an unmatched powerhouse of cosmetic surgery excellence.

“This collaboration is more than just a meeting of minds; it’s a fusion of talents that promises to redefine cosmetic surgery,” said Dr. Manik S. Bedi. “Dr. Tolomeo’s reputation precedes him, known for his surgical precision and the artistry he brings to every procedure. Having him on board enhances our capability to offer the most advanced and comprehensive cosmetic surgery options under one roof.”

Dr. Pasquale Tolomeo expressed his enthusiasm about joining Tampa Surgical Arts, stating, “I am thrilled to be part of such a prestigious team. Tampa Surgical Arts is renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation in cosmetic surgery. I look forward to contributing my expertise and working alongside Dr. Bedi to provide our patients with life-changing results.”

The partnership between Dr. Bedi and Dr. Tolomeo at Tampa Surgical Arts is poised to become the ultimate destination for anyone seeking the highest standard of cosmetic surgery. Together, these two distinguished surgeons offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures, leveraging their combined expertise to deliver unparalleled results. Patients from around the world who seek nothing but the best in cosmetic surgery now have a clear choice: Tampa Surgical Arts.

About Tampa Surgical Arts
Tampa Surgical Arts is an accredited surgical facility in Tampa, Florida, specializing in a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures. Under the leadership of Dr. Manik S. Bedi, the facility has earned a reputation for exceptional patient care, body sculpting & enhancement, and transformative cosmetic surgery outcomes. With the addition of Dr. Pasquale Tolomeo, Tampa Surgical Arts reinforces its commitment to providing world-class cosmetic surgery services.

For more information visit or contact 813-836-7202.

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