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The Dynamic Evolution of 2°much to Counter CO2 Emissions by Planting Trees

In these critical times when every measure to counter the effects of climate change can be decisive, it’s safe to say that any platform that works toward that is worthy of every support possible. Any carbon offset subscription or carbon offset project deserves to flourish, especially now when time is of the essence.


2°much is but one of the few climate action platforms that are actively looking for solutions to reduce carbon emissions worldwide. How? By planting trees, which then paves the way to restoring whole ecosystems and saving endangered species.

Like many organizations that are actively fighting the effects of climate change, the platform’s evolution is not without remarkable facets. What started as a group with the passion of planting more trees soon turned into a serious, well-synchronized movement that has the main goal of addressing the “2ºC problem” that the world and its various ecosystems are currently facing.

“At the heart of our efforts is the drive to lower CO2 emissions around the world,” says Jessica, one of the platform’s leaders. “In the past, we were heartened by learning the knowledge that planting trees can already do much to offset carbon. However, we soon found out that it’s actually not enough.

“We soon learned that we have to take a more comprehensive approach. By this, we mean that we should also invest our efforts in developing and restoring ecosystems. It’s the safer, more sustainable approach, since planting trees alone does not ensure optimal outcomes like protection from deforestation or natural causes.

“It also didn’t take long for us to realize that combatting CO2 emissions can’t be focused on a single collective of individuals and groups alone. Rather, we need everyone’s involvement. Companies, big or small, should also bear the burden of reducing CO2 emissions since all of us are, more or less, responsible for ensuring that we reduce our CO2 footprint worldwide.”

2°much’s dynamic evolution could not be more evident in the variety of ways that the platform allows you to offset your carbon footprint. From the basic “I Just Want to Plant a Tree!” package to the more robust one called, “I Want to Restore a Forest”, the platform is not just creative but efficient in the way they let people go about with personal carbon offsetting.

We can also see this in how you’re also able to choose to restore habitats for certain endangered species like the bison, pronghorn, Aplomado falcon, and black bear. You can even choose to rescue bee colonies or restore illegally logged forests.

Take note that all of these packages are either one-time purchases or monthly subscriptions. What makes things more interesting is the fact that the platform is also considerably transparent in the development it’s making. Should you choose to plant a tree, you’ll be given all the freedom in the world to view its growth and development over the years. The same for colonies, habitats, species restoration, and entire ecosystems.

“It’s truly heartening to see how far we’ve come, especially with our humble beginnings in mind. What’s equally humbling and gratifying is the steadily growing number of patrons and advocates that we are getting as time goes by. It’s clear proof that our vision of having an entire world uniting to save itself from the dangerous, life-threatening repercussions of uncontrolled global warming and climate change is slowly being realized,” adds Miguel.

“These facts just go to show that there are more than a handful of people out there who realize the dangers that we and the entire ecosystems of the world are currently facing. It just underscores the fact that plenty of people, despite all the negativity, problems, and pessimism in this current age, still care. And, to us, that’s more than enough fuel for us to make it to the finish line.”

As of this writing, 2°much’s climate action program is still rapidly growing. Almost every hour, there’s an individual purchasing an offset carbon footprint package from their site. The platform is also continually updating its product catalog, and coming up with more creative and effective ways to help realize our collective goals.

“You don’t need to go to Google then search for ways to offset my carbon footprint. Go to our main website directly and learn about our advocacy, what we are fighting for and will continue to fight for in this crucial decade and the years to come.”

Whether 2°much succeeds in achieving its ultimate goal is still in question. Nonetheless, we can’t help but laud the efforts of these groups, especially as they are doing it against seemingly insurmountable odds.

In the end, every action toward climate change mitigation is a good step toward the right direction. That alone is enough to inspire. That alone is enough to spur many of us to act now.

Esri India calls for ‘Collective Action’ to Create a Sustainable Future

Esri India, the country’s leading Geographic Information System (GIS) Software & Solutions provider, kickstarted its two-day annual flagship event, Esri India User Conference (UC) 2021. With the theme ‘GIS – Creating a sustainable future’, conference is being attended by thought leaders, senior executives from Central & State Government departments and enterprises, GIS professionals, scientists, researchers and academicians from across India and neighbouring countries.

The plenary talks and sessions further delved into how a holistic approach backed by Geospatial Infrastructure can be instrumental in meeting various social, economic, and environmental challenges faced by our country. The sessions also highlighted the role of GIS in empowering organizations and local communities in creating policies & programs to protect the ecosystem and work towards the sustained development of India.

Mr. Agendra Kumar, Managing Director, Esri India highlighted the role of GIS for Sustainable Economic Growth and said, “Geospatial Infrastructure and GIS provides a framework to gain better understanding of Social, Environmental and Economic systems, so that the challenges related to health & welfare, equity & equality, population growth, climate change, water security, infrastructure etc. can be addressed. Distributed geospatial services enabled through a network of interconnected systems can integrate all types of geospatial data and provide apps and maps for wider use along with portals for discovery and access. Web apps and access through mobile devices can empower everyone in the organization and beyond.”

 Mr. Jack Dangermond, President, Esri Inc., shared his vision for GIS technology and how it can be applied in building actionable plans for a comprehensive development across the globe.

A keynote address by Dr. Vivek Joshi, Registrar General & Census Commissioner, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India focused on Modernizing the India Census with geospatial infrastructure.

Following the plenary sessions, a panel of leading experts including Shri Gaurang Rathi, Municipal Commissioner, Varanasi Municipal Corporation; Shri Amit Bhargava, Sr. Technical Director, Geo-Spatial Technology and Services Division, NIC; Dr. Dheeraj Kumar, Professor, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad; Dr. Debapriya Dutta, Head – SEED and State S&T Programme (SSTP), Department of Science & Technology (DST) discussed their vision for building geospatial infrastructure for the nation.

 The Esri India User Conference provides an opportunity for GIS professionals to participate in various discussions, presentations, and interactive sessions.


Curol+ collaborated with Spirit Clothing for healthy work environment

Curol+ a liquid-based surface cleaning product on the occasion of World Population Day has collaborated with Spirit Clothing, a professionally managed garment manufacturing company. The motive of the collaboration is to reduce the pollution & PM particles from the premises of the company. The owner of Spirit Clothing was really concerned about the safety and health of his industry workforce in the Covid-19 scenario and wanted to provide a cleaner and a better work environment.

With the help of Curol+ a disinfectant liquid solution, the process of cleaning the factory continued for 7 days and results were mind boggling. The number of employees working in the company are approximately 200 and reduction of PM 2.5 and PM 10 levels are upto 85%. The kota stone floors were shining bright and looked new. Now workers are performing better along with less absenteeism.

Speaking on the collaboration Udit Mehra, CEO, Spirit Clothing Company said,” I believe that we have a duty toward our workers and our customers. We wanted to keep our workers happy and healthy as absenteeism was a big issue and ill health of workers kept disrupting the production supply chain. Our customers wanted a better environment along with social compliances such as BSCI and Sedex. We partnered with CUROL + and they showed us a path to a better company.

Adding to the same, Vivek Bhatnagar ,Founder, Curol+ said, “Curol + binds the cutting dust, the fibers that are suspended in the air in cutting rooms, the fibers that are increased at the sewing stations, the dust mites on the factory floor and getting into the lungs of the workers. Spirit went a step further and provided the Curol+ liquid to the workers to take home and sweep their floors with it . Now, the environment has less dust mites and fresher air to breathe. The Management team at Spirit was very satisfied and got a new USP to do sale with.”


Dhruv Bhatnagar, CEO, Curol + further elucidated,” Curol+ is an entirely organic solution which is suitable for all industries, offices and factories. The aim that Spirit had involved particles and fibers originating from cutting rooms, production floors, dust and lint that would choke  and block the lungs of their workers and the necessity to improve the quality of their environment. Our product helps in making the working environment cleaner by removing the fibres from cutting rooms and sewing machines and dust mites on the floor of the factory.”

Spirit Clothing Company is a 350 workers garment factory catering to European Sustainable brands who care about the society and workers. Curol + is the safest and most accessible weapon to counter Indoor and Outdoor Air pollution . It is a completely Organic solution for all Industries , offices and factories who care for their employees and their people.


Honu’s Strategies for Preserving the Ocean and the Environment

Industrialization plays a significant role in destroying the environment. Environmental degradation had escalated for many years forcing governments to take charge to protect the environment. Experts have been researching ways to find a suitable solution to this crisis. To stop production, you will need a quicker alternative because consumers will want the produced goods. Currently, there are numerous ongoing innovations for saving the environment. However, in most cases, the industrialists are responsible for finding suitable alternatives.

The production of inflatable stand up paddle boards was never environment friendly in the past. The SUP manufacturers use PVC plastic and carbon fiber over foam, yet they pollute the environment. Honu is a reputable company in Australia renowned for making paddle boards. The firm is also interested in protecting the environment at all costs. Its management believes protecting environment should be our first priority. That is because our livelihoods depend on it. For years, the firm has been researching to find suitable ways of producing incredible SUP boards without hurting the environment. Currently, this firm is implementing environmentally based practices to save the earth. Listed below are ways the company strives to protect the environment.

Funding Environmental Groups 

As part of its CSR campaign, the company annually funds environmental groups. These are organizations that create movements for protecting the environment. They are responsible for analyzing and monitoring the environment to fight misuse and degradation caused by humans. There are local, national, regional, and global environmental organizations. Apart from offering protection, they create awareness in the affected regions. Via their campaigns, communities always join efforts to voice against degradation in the area. Honu has helped prevent environmental abusers from selfishly killing the environment for their gains by funding these groups.

Volunteering of Staff 

The staff working at Honu also play a role in the community’s effort to sensitize environmental preservation. The company always volunteers hours for its workers to participate in environment-saving courses. Its employees are admonished to share ideas within Honu, which will assist in boosting its environment-saving efforts. The company is also working towards green-packing for its paddle boards and other products.

Protection of the Ocean 

The ocean is an exciting site for paddle boarding. Its existence will allow Honu to generate profits by selling SUP boards because people will continue enjoying this paddle boarding. Unfortunately, the ocean’s health is facing imminent danger from industrial pollution and dumping of plastic. Honu has joined the global course of preserving the oceans too. It donates 1% of every sale to save the sea. The company is also committed to sensitizing people on the preservation of every water body too.

Honu is also improving its production process to reduce its carbon emissions. It is still researching alternatives that will guarantee zero emissions and quality SUP boards.

About the Company 

Honu is a highly respected company in Australia that produces stand-up paddle boards. It is famous for offering boards with impressive and unique colors and designs. For more information, contact the company office today.

SuRC, A Sustainable Clothing Brand Launched With Special Message For Environmental Conservation

Urban, chic, and sustainable clothing inspired its creators to enter the fashion industry with a mission. The newly launched SuRC boasts about being a sustainable and reinvented clothing line. Launched on World Environment Day, the brand is going one step further to applaud more than 1000 COVID warriors by planting a sapling in each of their names with the help of Sankalptaru Organisation.  

Annually, apparel manufacturing releases around 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases. One truckload of clothes is either sent to landfills or burned every second and only 1% of clothes are recycled into new ones. With an aim to change that, SuRC aims to empower its consumers by making them a part of their sustainability initiative and bringing the real meaning behind sustainable fashion and green-washing to the forefront.

Promoting the idea of ‘buy, only when you need it’, the apparels are ‘made to order’ and takes upto 7 days to make, leading to zero-wastage. Furthermore, keeping its mission of being a green brand alive, the #SeedsOfGoodness campaign will continue its vision of preserving precious nature by planting saplings. Initially, the brand will be shipping only in India and later expand its services in the international market.

All the apparels made by 100% biodegradable SuRC uses TENCEL™ Lyocell fiber, made by an Austrian company, that uses closed-loop process to create the yarn. The fabric is dyed at the state-of-the-art facilities in India, laden with latest technology, which consumes only 50% of the water used by other factories around the world. 


Furthermore, the brand recycles 85% of the wash water produced by the factory and reduces its carbon footprint by 50% compared to other players. So, once old or worn-out, the apparels can be decomposed in your garden!


Ahlstrom-Munksjö Launches FiltEV®, its New, Comprehensive Platform of High Performance Filtration Materials for Electric Vehicles

Ahlstrom-Munksjö advances further into the growth segment of electrification, launching its first product offering, totally dedicated to filtration media solutions for electric vehicles.


The vehicle industry is witnessing rapid electrification, driven by the global need to reduce air pollution and CO2 emissions. As the infrastructure for charging expands and offers fast, reliable and convenient charging, double-digit annual growth for electric vehicles is expected. Major automakers are targeting electric vehicles to represent a significant share of their new offering in the coming years, while some even plan to discontinue manufacturing combustion engine driven cars by next decade. It is estimated that only-electric vehicles will represent 25% of light vehicles production in 2030.

“I am very pleased to introduce our initial range of products from the FiltEV® platform”, says Cedric Vallet, Head of Business Development, Industrial Filtration & New Vehicles. “Utilizing our extensive technological platforms already in place, the offering highlights the innovative benefits of our new portfolio and demonstrates our commitment to this market. Consequently, we plan to further expand our portfolio of solutions in this field, also including fuel cell air intake, over the coming months”, he adds.

The addressable annual market opportunity for filtration media used in electric vehicles is expected to grow at around 35% per year up until 2030, reaching approximately EUR 100 million.

Electrification is a key strategic theme for Ahlstrom-Munksjö, which has successfully served the automotive industry for 50 years and has gained a leading position in engine filtration worldwide. Widespread adoption of electric vehicles will require more than just the needed technology. It also requires energy storage solutions, where fiber-based materials are widely used. Thanks to its extensive expertise in cellulose, glass microfibers and specialty nonwoven materials, Ahlstrom-Munksjö is also developing a complete range of energy storage solutions under the FortiCell® product platform.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s FiltEV® offering

The FiltEV® offering for cabin air, cooling systems and transmission showcases what Ahlstrom-Munksjö  can develop for the filtration of fluids in electric vehicles. The combination of unique production capabilities and enhanced raw materials deliver the most reliable protection of people and systems, along with a guarantee of extended lifetime and energy efficiency.

Cabin air filtration – Pure air for passengers

Cabin air quality is an increasingly important factor in the design of the new generations of vehicles. By filtering particles, microorganisms and harmful gases, air filters create a healthier cabin environment and improve the driving comfort.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö delivers a reliable range of high performance media for cabin air filters in electric vehicles, which operate under the most demanding requirements:

    Particulate portfolio protecting against coarse, fine and ultrafine particles, including bacteria and viruses. Carbon portfolio combining removal of particles and gases for an increased level of protection and comfort.

The benefits include reliable filtration efficiency, optimal gas adsorption and excellent converting performance.

Cooling fluids filtration – Reliable shielding of the thermal management system

Effectiveness and lifetime of battery pack, fuel cell units and e-motors in electric vehicles highly depends on the ability to keep them in a narrow temperature window whatever the conditions of use. 

Ahlstrom-Munksjö provides a wide range of high performance filtration media for cooling air and liquids which guarantees a smooth and safe operation of the thermal management unit:

    High permeability air filtration media preventing wear of the fan and clogging of the system.  Proprietary full synthetic three-layer media with a wide range of efficiency covering most cooling oil filtration requirements. 

The benefits include the highest filtration performance, extreme durability and superior dust holding capacity.

Transmission filtration – Enhanced protection of the drivetrain

The cleanliness of the oil is an increasingly important factor in the performance, reliability and life time of the modern transmission systems and the new propulsion solutions for electric vehicles.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö provides a complete range of high performance media for suction and pressure transmission filters which meet OEM requirements:

    Premium glass microfiber media with optional protective scrims, an ideal choice for high efficiency filtration solutions. Proprietary full synthetic three-layer media with excellent durability and a wide range of efficiency covering most filtration requirements.

The benefits include highest filtration performance, enhanced reliability and extended lifetime as well as state-of-the art laminating capabilities.

Additional products, including solutions for fuel cell air intake, will be launched under the FiltEV® platform in the coming months. 

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