Andy Raichle, P.E., Vice President, Matrix New World Engineering (Matrix), was recently a panelist for NJ Alliance for Action with United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

Raichle provided the audience with valuable insight regarding the opportunities and challenges associated with supporting the Corps’ ambitious programs, focusing on the A/E industry’s talent resource challenges and the need to promote women’s participation in STEM fields to solve a pending personnel crisis in the technical and construction industries.  His concerns were echoed by the panel, including those of organized labor who recognized a similar concern among construction workers.

The New Jersey Alliance for Action is a non-profit association that represents thousands of business, labor, government, utility, education, professional and other New Jersey leaders. Their goal is to improve New Jersey’s economy through the promotion of environmentally friendly capital construction and infrastructure investment.

The panel’s discussion focused on stormwater and flood resiliency projects, new construction technologies and how this will affect future construction projects, planning that are being rolled out in New York and Philadelphia.

Raichle currently manages comprehensive teams of engineers, ecologists, and surveyors.

“The Corps’ construction program for the next decade in New Jersey and New York is unprecedented in size and complexity.  As highlighted by the Commanders of the Corps’ New York and Philadelphia Districts, the challenge is great and can only be accomplished by cooperation and collaboration with the private sector. Matrix looks forward to being part of the solution.”

According to Jayne Warne, PE, President, “Andy is an extraordinarily talented leader and an expert in coastal and marine engineering.  His participation in public panels and outward reaching events offers the public a window into the talented and dedicated people that make Matrix special.  I am grateful to the Alliance for Action for the opportunity to share our expertise, and look forward to continuing our support of the Alliance and the United States Army Corp of Engineers in the future.”

About Andy Raichle, PE

Andy Raichle is a civil and marine engineer with three decades of international experience in delivering waterfront development and maritime projects, including ports, warehousing, parks, resorts, marinas, parks, shore protection, and urban redevelopment projects. Well-versed in the technical, political, and regulatory specialties unique to the process of waterfront development/ redevelopment, he has managed projects throughout the U.S., U.S. territories, and the Caribbean. Mr. Raichle’s marquee project experience includes Lower Manhattan’s “Big U ” Resiliency Projects, Bayonne’s Cape Liberty Cruise Port, Bahamas’ Atlantis Paradise Island, Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria Recovery, and New Jersey’s Hudson Rebuild by Design project.  Since the early 2000’s, Mr. Raichle has focused on New York and New Jersey’s urban and coastal waterfronts, where he has been engineer of record for thousands of waterfront projects.

About Matrix New World Engineering

Matrix New World Engineering is a company of engineering and science experts who focus on some of the nation’s most pressing long-term challenges, including climate change, resiliency, ecological restoration, contamination studies, water supply, disaster response, and urban revitalization. Matrix believes solving environmental challenges through careful planning and engineering is an indispensable measure of success.

Matrix has offices in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Arizona, and Louisiana coupled with project experience throughout the United States and the Caribbean.