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Enago acquires US-based RAx Labs Inc. – to provide end-to-end AI solutions for all author and publisher needs

RAx was founded in 2017 by Prof. Sourish Dasgupta, a Computer Science PhD from University of Missouri-Kansas City. With 15+ years of research experience in AI, Machine Learning, and NLP, he has supervised several research scholars and has deep connections with the global research community. RAx provides an advanced suite of AI tools for researchers and publishers to assist them with various literature analysis tasks, including discovery and selection, organizing and citation, comprehension and analysis, and peer review. The suite includes tools that help researchers with crisp, cohesive summaries and research highlights for quick assessments, similar paper discovery and comparison, critical reading, reference management, and much more.

Enago has developed advanced proprietary AI tools and platforms aimed at the STEM research and publishing communities. Its editing and publication support services are used by leading academic publishers and have assisted over two million researchers globally. Its suite of AI tools like Trinka ( and AuthorOne ( is also preferred by thousands of authors worldwide and are integrated in the world’s leading publishers’ workflows.

This acquisition will bring Enago’s deep industry knowledge, user understanding, and presence and RAx’s significant technology expertise together to benefit all academia through cutting-edge AI tools to increase research quality and shorten the time to publication. Publishers would be able to harness superior AI technologies to boost content visibility and consumption like never before.

Prof. Sourish Dasgupta of RAx Labs said, “We are extremely excited to be a part of Enago’s expert global team. By combining Enago’s industry expertise, scale, and reach in the publishing industry with RAx team’s deep understanding of the end users and superior NLP-ML technology, we will be able to provide the superior and smarter knowledge acquisition and management platforms to researchers. Through Enago’s platform, we’d work with publishers to bring advanced AI technology and cutting-edge research capabilities in rolling out superlative knowledge mining tools that will significantly change the way users engage with publisher portals. We look forward to dramatically improving the ways researchers and publishers engage with each other during scholarly communication. This acquisition strengthens our commitment and expertise to build that extreme research assistant – the Jarvis for researchers!

Sharad Mittal, CEO of Enago said “While significant research is being conducted in the field of AI, the research community itself faces a shortage of quality tools. Enago is working tirelessly to bring out superior products for the research community. While we were evaluating RAx, we could see the same focus on quality. The team’s deep knowledge of AI and ML in NLP and profound understanding of user needs during various stages of the research journey were very impressive. Enago’s reach and platform coupled with RAx’s expertise will pave the way for high-quality AI products for academia. Our immediate focus areas are enhanced literature discovery, critical reading, effective writing, and faster publication.”

Enago promises cutting-edge solutions for authors and reviewers that will change the way literature analysis is done so they can focus on the quality of research. Publishers will benefit from cost-effective, scalable solutions for critical business problems such as author engagement and retention.

About Enago (

Enago is a multinational corporation and a global leader in consulting and language services. Enago has assisted over 2 million researchers in more than 125 countries to enhance their research output and publication success. Its global workforce of more than 3,000 scientists, researchers, linguists, software developers, and publishing industry veterans has extensive knowledge and unparalleled experience in a wide range of disciplines. Using their expertise in linguistics, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, Enago has developed a robust ecosystem of services and cutting-edge AI products for researchers, publishers, societies, universities, and government research bodies.


Legacy Hotels and Resorts experience 15% increase in online sales with RateTiger

Legacy Hotels & Resorts own and manage a collection of four and five star hotels, bush lodges, leisure resorts and casino resorts in key tourism and business locations throughout Africa and is expanding into the emerging European and Middle Eastern markets. The continuing growth, together with the unprecedented change in the hotel distribution space, has made the Legacy Revenue Management team, led by Eloise Hyland, to work on simplifying their processes, eliminate complexities and create seamless connectivity with online sales channels.

“There are so many channels out there, it becomes time consuming and challenging to manage online distribution. The best thing about RateTiger is they have connectivity with some channels we did not even know about, but are very productive,” remarked Eloise Hyland, Revenue and Distribution Manager, Legacy Hotels and Resorts.

Legacy Hotels has been an early adapter of new technology and been leveraging RateTiger’s connectivity to resolve distribution challenges. Since they have started using RateTiger, their online hotel bookings have grown by over 15% leading to a significant increase in overall revenue.

The pandemic and subsequent travel restrictions have forced the hotel industry to relook at their overall strategy. “Thanks to RateTiger’s connectivity with OTAs and the information we receive about our competitors, we can react to the market very quickly and stay ahead. We can see our competitors are following suit,” said Eloise.

The quick turn-around has helped Eloise and her team to be on the recovery course quicker resulting in incremental revenue even in 2020. She further summed up – “RateTiger Support is amazing! They are available 24/7. The Account Manager is one call away. The reason we like RateTiger is that it is cost efficient and helpful.”

Check out this video from Eloise Hyland, Revenue and Distribution Manager at Legacy Hotels and Resorts –

About eRevMax: eRevMax is a travel technology company that provides CRS, Hotel Channel Manager, Rate Shopper, Booking Engine, Website Development, GDS and Metasearch Distribution solutions. The company connects multiple online channels to the hotels’ PMSs to seamlessly deliver ARI updates and reservations. It works closely with around 450 channel and technology partners and is the connectivity partner of choice for large hotel groups, mid-scale chains as well as independent properties in both luxury and budget segment worldwide providing solutions through its core product brands – RateTiger, LiveOS and AgentX101. eRevMax is known for its stable solutions with 99.9% product uptime and provides 24×7 multi-lingual customer support. For more details, please visit or contact us on marketing ( @ ) erevmax dot com


COSMODA: The Cosplay Runway shares common themes with Met Gala during NYFW

New York Fashion Week was back this past week and while many shows sought to convey the notion that coming back is a cause for celebration, COSMODA’s Cosplay Runway reminded us that fashion is a vehicle for message and meaning.

NYFW is a magical, yet chaotic, phenomenon where all the disparate pieces of the fashion industry come together. Having it’s earliest roots as a B2B, it is no longer about the seasonal offerings for retail buyers ordering wares to be sold all over the world, but instead, it has become a cultural zeitgeist that is somewhat less than religion but far more than mere entertainment. Teams of producers, curators, videographers, editors, models, stylists and designers all join forces to create impactful visual moments, providing content that will proclaim uniqueness and give visibility to brands in a competitive marketplace. This year’s COVID-truncated schedule provided a unique snap shot of the state of industry by ending with the penultimate event in forward thinking fashion- The Met Gala. This year, the Gala, usually in May, was themed: “America: A Lexicon of Fashion” and this was interpreted by the many celebrities in attendance wearing a wide array and variation of clothes and costume showing off the myriad directions of fashion over the years. Some of the looks were more subdued and less obvious, but it was clear that although this was meant to be a retrospective, the event’s observations about national identify are rooted in current concerns.  As Andrew Bolton, curator of the Met’s Costume Institute stated, “There’s no art form that addresses the politics of identity more than fashion.”

Bolton claims that inspiration from America is like a quilt of many patches; many pieces of different colors and sizes are woven together in a common thread. Those in attendance treated it as showcase of sensibility, showing off outfits that reflected iconic American symbols and captured the essence of the American experience: assimilation, with a blended mosaic of the oft-referred to melting pot. “The beauty of American fashion is its heterogeneity,” says Bolton.

Enter COSMODA and The Cosplay Runway that debuted on September 11th during NYFW and provided a combination of fantasy and fashion, reflecting a celebratory tone that was both daring and diverse. The packed house, something of an anomaly itself in the face of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, witnessed an inclusive catwalk filled with amateur and professional cosplayers in various self-crafted outfits depicting characters from mainstream pop-culture as well as fashion designers indulging their imagination with interpretations of the same. The stakes were high, but realizing the background of the creators and producers, it makes sense that they are the ones to make this work in the age of gender fluidity, size acceptance and non-conformist looks that dominate the runways and are so prevalent in the industry today.

The event was historic in that no NYFW catwalk has married fashion and cosplay at this high level before. Most cosplayers enjoy parading their creations through the aisles and lobbies of comic cons and while many feature “Cosplay Fashion Shows” none offer the professional treatment of a Runway during New York Fashion Week.  The show’s curator and co-founder Catherine Schuller, has long been known for her Runway the Real Way themed fashion events, highlighting diversity, inclusivity, accessibility and sustainability has now branched into an area that elevates her secret identity. “Many people don’t know I am the widow of the legendary Marvel writer and editor, Mark Gruenwald who, amongst other achievements, had the longest tenure as a writer for Captain America and was called by Comic Demi-God Stan Lee “The Heart and Soul of Marvel Comics”. His untimely death some 25 years ago left a giant hole in the comic book world and Catherine as his legacy advocate is seeking to provide a platform for his contributions to be appreciated and revered. Along with popular arts stalwart and comic industry cross-over specialist Daniel Hort they have created something that not only serves as an homage to her late husband, but offers a unique marriage of fashion and comics.

With this in the background, COSMODA is an introduction to a fashion sensibility that will likely be seen on Runways and at Fashion Weeks all over the world. In a nutshell, they put a fantastical aspect into the usual fashion lineups and add what they refer to as the “Cosplay Couture” element.

For this show, over 35 Cosplay designer/models were featured along with a series of contemporary fashion designers integrating looks influenced by some of the most recognizable characters in pop culture. John Ashford of Authentic displayed a dozen of Gruenwald’s more outstanding characters such as The Squadron Supreme, The Serpent Society, Quasar and, of course, Captain America. The creative, yet profound designs offered a forward look at the future and yet, did not lose the nostalgic sensibility inherent in some of these characters.  ThunderLily, known for her robotic wear presented an illuminated twist on Namor the Sub-Mariner, while American Umma fashioned Dr. Strange. Robert E. Knight interpreted a Wakanda themed ensemble with Minika Ko presenting an original design for the protagonist from a new book and series called RNWY Universe, written by Pablo Lopez.

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COSMODA specializes in Fashion Week Runways featuring cosplay and fantastic costuming, and is the brainchild of fashion icon Catherine Schuller-Gruenwald and popular arts stalwart Daniel Hort. Schuller-Gruenwald is the widow of Marvel Comics writer/editor Mark Gruenwald, who amongst other things, is the inspiration for the character Mobius M. Mobius played by Owen Wilson in the Disney + series “Loki.”

AllergyEasy Warns that Rising Ragweed Pollens Could Lead to Allergic Reactions to Melon

AllergyEasy is a turnkey program that helps family doctors treat their patients’ allergies. With ragweed pollens peaking this month, the AllergyEasy team warns that people may experience cross-reactive symptoms to melons and bananas — including itching and tingling in the mouth.

AllergyEasy equips primary care physicians to treat their patients’ allergies using sublingual immunotherapy, a hassle-free alternative to allergy shots. As ragweed season peaks, AllergyEasy doctors are warning allergy sufferers that they may develop allergy symptoms after eating certain fruits that cross-react with ragweed. This is due to a phenomenon known as oral allergy syndrome (OAS).

With OAS, patients may experience swelling, itching, or tingling in the mouth and throat after eating fruits and vegetables. Though they may believe that they have allergies to these foods, what they are feeling is an extension of allergies to pollen. Because the proteins in fruits and veggies closely resemble pollens from trees, weeds, and grass, the immune system often gets confused and tries to “fight off” these food proteins. The result is a storm of uncomfortable chemical reactions in the mouth and throat.

Ragweed pollen, which is responsible for more hay fever in the U.S. than any other allergen, is very similar in its chemical makeup to proteins found in watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, and bananas. As a result, people with ragweed allergies may develop reactions when eating these fruits — especially during the months of August and September when ragweed pollens are the most plentiful.

While most patients experience OAS with irritating but mild reactions to fresh produce, a small number of people have experienced life-threatening anaphylaxis as a result of their OAS.

Stuart Agren, M.D., Founder and President of AllergyEasy, said that treating ragweed and other environmental allergies can diminish OAS. His company favors an alternative to allergy shots called sublingual immunotherapy that relies on under-the-tongue allergy drops to treat allergies to pollen, mold, pet dander, and food proteins. The antigen in the droplets absorbs into the bloodstream through special cells in the mouth and desensitizes the body to the allergens that once made it miserable.

“It’s one thing to be dealing with seasonal allergies, but when they are affecting your ability to enjoy healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, it can be very frustrating. We’re pleased to offer a simple solution to this problem and allow people to eat the foods they love without uncomfortable symptoms taking over,” said Dr. Agren.

While allergy shots have long been the method of choice for desensitization therapy, sublingual allergy drops were introduced in the mid-1980s as a safer alternative to allergy shots. Because of their increased safety profile, allergy drops can be taken in the comfort of home rather than at the doctor’s office. They’re also safer for children than shots.

Sublingual immunotherapy has a strong foothold in Europe, where it is prescribed at least as often as shots for allergy desensitization. The treatment is gaining traction here in the U.S. as people gravitate to its safety, efficacy, and convenience.

“There’s a lot to be said for a treatment that has been shown in countless studies to be as effective as shots but doesn’t require you to drive to the physician’s office a couple of times per week for to get your injections,” said Dr. Agren.

The AllergyEasy program is offered by doctors in more than 30 states. To learn more about the treatment and how it can help diminish oral allergy syndrome, call (877) 276-3393 or visit

About AllergyEasy

AllergyEasy helps allergy doctors around the country provide sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops) to their patients who suffer with allergies to pollen and food allergies (including dairy allergy, wheat allergy, nut allergy, fruit allergy and more.) AllergyEasy can connect patients to a doctor in their area who offers sublingual allergy treatment.

Disclaimer: The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information on this website or in emails is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your physician. The news site hosting this press release is not associated with AllergyEasy or Dr. Stuart Agren. It is merely re-publishing a press release announcement submitted by a company, without any stated or implied endorsement of the product or service.

Central Government relaxes provisions of TDS u/s 194A of the Income-tax Act, 1961 in view of section of 10(26) of the Act

The Central Government in exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section(1F) of section 197A of the Income-tax Act, 1961(“the Act”) notified that no deduction of tax shall be made on the following payment under section 194A of the Act, namely payment in the nature of interest, other than interest on securities, made by a Scheduled Bank (hereinafter the ‘payer’) located in a specified area to a member of Scheduled Tribe  (hereinafter the ‘receiver’) residing in any specified area as referred to in s.10(26) of the Act, subject to the following conditions:

  1. the payer satisfies itself that the receiver is a member of Scheduled Tribe residing in any specified area, and the payment as referred above is accruing or arising to the receiver as referred to in section 10(26) of the Act, during the previous year relevant for the assessment year in which the payment is made, by obtaining necessary documentary evidences in support of the same;
  2. the payer reports the above payment in the statements of deduction of tax as referred to in sub-section (3) of section 200 of the Act;
  3. the payment made or aggregate of payments made during the previous year does not exceed twenty lakh rupees.

           For the purposes of the said notification, ‘Scheduled Bank’ means a bank included in the Second Schedule of the Reserve Bank of India Act,1934.

Notification no. 110/2021 dated 17th September, 2021 has been issued. It is available on and also on .



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Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment Dr. Virendra Kumar visits Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust

The Union Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment, Dr. Virendra Kumar today visited the campus of the School of Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust, Karkardooma, Vikas Marg. This is a grantee organization under Deen Dayal Rehabilitation Scheme of Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities. Minister was most impressed by the holistic approach of inclusive education provided by the trust since 1981. He interacted with the students with cross disabilities- deaf, blind, cerebral palsy ADHD- in the occupational therapy unit and witnessed the therapy sessions imparted to the students to facilitate their rehabilitative process.

He was very moved to witness the demonstration of the students in various skills including art and craft, pottery, jewelry making and jute bag making. Master Akshat ,a students with multiple disability, was most thrilled to present a friendship band to the honorable minister.  He praised Ms. Nishtha, after watching her shape a diya at the potter’s wheel, with her feet.

He also visited the physiotherapy unit, speech therapy, early intervention and prosthetic/ orthotic department where he saw the process of measurement and fabrication of artificial limbs.

Dr. Uma Tuli, Founder & Managing Secretary of the trust, explained the major components of accessible environment which includes the tactile path, raised staircases, accessible toilets, adaptable furniture etc. as the centre is one of the role model for barrier free environment.

The classroom strategies for students in inclusive classes for children with hearing impairment (sign language, lip reading, total communication) were highlighted by the school principal during his tour of the inclusive school building. The live activities by the students impressed the Minister who said that all these strategies should be implemented in all the schools to ensure that inclusive education becomes a reality.

The interactions with the wheelchair basketball players was the highlight of his visit. While praising the players, he said that they were the true achievers and role models who would encourage others to follow their example. He appreciated the barrier free hydraucally operated school bus for wheel chair users and mentioned that there should be more such busses to facilitate commuting for persons with disabilities. He promised the students that he would like to spend more time with them during his next visit.



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