Cake Nightclub Ushers in an Unforgettable Saturday Experience with the Cake Dolls

Cake Nightclub has long been synonymous with vibrant nightlife in Scottsdale. The club offers an unmatched blend of music and entertainment and an electric atmosphere that transforms every Saturday into a memorable event.

The highlight of these Saturday nights is the Cake Dolls, the club’s exclusive hostesses known for their vivacious spirit and dedication to providing guests with an unforgettable experience. Coupled with Cake Nightclub’s signature bottle service, Saturday nights in Scottsdale have never been this exciting.

A Saturday night at Cake Nightclub is not just a night out; it’s an experience. Their goal is to create a vibrant, inclusive atmosphere where guests can let loose, enjoy top-class bottle service, and create lasting memories with their delightful Cake Dolls.

Guests are encouraged to make their reservations in advance for the best experience. Visit the Cake Nightclub website or call 480-626-8465 to learn more about their Saturday night offerings and to reserve a table.

About Cake Nightclub: Cake Nightclub is a leading nightlife destination in Scottsdale, AZ, known for its electric atmosphere and unrivaled service. Every Saturday, the club provides a unique blend of music, entertainment, and bottle service, creating unforgettable nights for its guests. The Cake Dolls, the club’s exclusive hostesses, are at the heart of these memorable experiences.

Company: Cake Nightclub
Address: 4405 N Saddlebag Trail
City: Scottsdale
State: AZ
Zip code: 85251
Telephone number: 480-626-8465


USCA Academy Launches 2024 Summer School Program for High School Students in Mississauga

As an inspected private school registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education, USCA Academy follows the Ontario Curriculum and employs certified teachers to provide a high-quality education. Enrollment is open to local and international students, highlighting the academy’s inclusive and diverse learning environment.

Key Features of the 2024 Summer School Program:

Credit Courses: Students can enroll in courses to complete missing credits or improve their grades. The program is Ministry-approved, meaning all credits earned will be recognized for grades 9-12.

Flexible Learning Options: USCA Academy provides in-person and online classes, allowing students to select the learning method that best meets their needs.

Individualized Attention: Because class sizes are small, students receive personalized support and attention from qualified teachers who cater to their specific learning needs.

Regular progress reports and feedback enable students to track their academic progress and identify areas for improvement.

Enrollment Information:

Program Duration: The first intake is from July 3rd to July 28th, and the second is from August 1st to August 29th.

The summer school program costs $750 per course. Students who enroll in two courses during July and August are eligible for a $50 discount per course.

How to Enroll: Interested students and parents should contact uscaacademy ( @ ) gmail dot com to learn about availability and enrollment procedures dot A copy of the student’s ID, proof of prerequisite (if applicable), and a completed application form are required dot

Popular Courses: USCA Academy’s summer program offers a diverse range of courses, including English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. These courses provide fundamental knowledge and skills in core subjects, allowing students to excel academically and prepare for future coursework.

Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your academic performance this summer. Enroll now in USCA Academy’s Summer School in Mississauga and take the first step toward academic success. Visit their website at for details. If you have any queries, please call them at (905) 232-0411 or email them at info ( @ ) uscaacademy dot com dot Don’t miss out on the chance to join them!

About USCA Academy:
USCA Academy is a leading international school located in Mississauga, Canada. We provide exceptional education to local and international students, ranging from elementary education to university-level preparation programs. For international students, we offer the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or University Preparation Program Grade 12. We are committed to providing students with the best education and opportunities for academic success.

Contact details:
Phone: (905) 232-0411
Email: info ( @ ) uscaacademy dot com


TTS Introduces EasyPay Feature on TTS Consolidator for IATA GoLite Agencies

With the EasyPay feature, TTS Consolidator is revolutionizing the toolkit for IATA GoLite travel agencies. Now, agencies equipped with an EasyPay debit card can configure it within the TTS Consolidator back office. When a sub-agent issues a ticket on the platform, TTS Consolidator processes the transaction using the EasyPay debit card payment method (CCEP) instead of cash, streamlining the workflow and enhancing financial security.

Joo Santos, CEO of TTS, stated: “Our goal is to provide solutions that empower travel agents to deliver exceptional service. The new EasyPay feature on TTS Consolidator is designed to simplify and secure the ticketing process for IATA GoLite agencies, making it easier for them to grow their business. This feature underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence in travel technology, ensuring our clients have the tools they need to succeed.”

This enhancement is part of TTS’ ongoing commitment to innovation, providing travel agencies with cutting-edge tools to meet and exceed their clients’ expectations. By enabling the EasyPay feature, IATA GoLite agencies can now expand their operations without the need to be a big IATA agent, democratizing access to consolidation business opportunities.

For more information about TTS and its innovative solutions for travel agencies, visit

About TTS Travel Technology Solutions –

TTS is a world leader in the development of innovative solutions for travel agencies and the travel industry at large. With operations in over 90 countries and offices in Miami, Lisbon, and the Azores Islands, TTS develops technological solutions for travel agencies and companies, serving more than 14,000 clients. TTS is also a Premium partner of Travelport, being part of the Travelport Developer Network.


BrainSell Launches Fractional Accounting Services for Mid-Market Companies

Leader in growth enablement strategy now offers tailored financial solutions to enhance efficiency and scalability

BrainSell, a growth enablement company known for its deep technology expertise, advanced data capabilities, and process optimization, is proud to announce new Fractional CFO, Controller, and Staff Accounting services. These offerings are designed to provide mid-market companies with flexible financial expertise without needing a full-time in-house team.

Fractional services offer a practical solution for businesses seeking flexibility, cost-efficiency, and high-level expertise. BrainSell’s Fractional CFO, Controller, and Staff Accounting services offer businesses significant advantages by providing specialized expertise on a flexible schedule to meet and exceed your needs to substantial cost savings, enhanced efficiency, and strategic growth. These services allow companies to access top-tier talent while ensuring flexibility and scalability in their operations.

By addressing skill gaps, streamlining processes, and offering strategic insights, fractional services position businesses to respond swiftly to market demands, drive innovation, and achieve competitive advantages, ultimately fostering a more agile and profitable business environment.

“The launch of our new fractional CFO, Controller, and Accounting services reflects our team’s dedication to driving growth and efficiency for our clients through innovative tech, streamlined business blueprinting capabilities, and putting the right employees in the right seats,” said Jim Ward, Founder and CEO of BrainSell.

Key Benefits of the New Services: 

  • Fractional CFO: Access to strategic financial leadership for informed decision-making.
  • Controller Services: Comprehensive oversight of financial operations and reporting.
  • Staff Accounting: Reliable support for daily accounting tasks, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

The use of fractional executives has increased significantly, with Forbes reporting an 18% rise in usage from 2021 to 2022 and a 57% increase since 2020. The increase can easily be attributed to value, as research shows companies that implemented fractional CFO services reported better strategic decision-making, improved financial performance, and enhanced compliance and risk management.

Fractional services are particularly beneficial in several scenarios:

  1. Startups and Small Businesses 
  • Limited Budgets: Utilize top-tier expertise without the high costs of full-time salaries.
  • Scalability Needs: Scale resources up or down as the business grows.
  1. Growing Companies 
  • Project-Based Work: Engage experts for specific projects or temporary needs.
  • Skill Gaps: Fill immediate gaps in specialized skills without long-term commitments.
  1. Strategic Initiatives 
  • High-Level Expertise: Gain insights and strategic direction from seasoned professionals.
  • Short-Term Goals: Achieve critical milestones with focused, expert assistance.
  1. Cost Management 
  • Budget Constraints: Manage operational costs efficiently by paying only for what you need.
  • Resource Allocation: Allocate financial resources more effectively to core business areas.
  1. Market Adaptability 
  • Rapid Changes: Quickly adapt to market shifts and new opportunities.
  • Flexible Operations: Maintain an agile organizational structure that can pivot as needed.

In these situations, fractional services provide the right blend of expertise, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, making them an ideal solution for businesses looking to optimize their operations and drive growth without overextending their resources.

Check out our website to learn more about these new service offerings. Also, be sure to connect with a BrainSell growth expert today!

About BrainSell

Founded 30 years ago, BrainSell empowers businesses to grow and scale by providing tailored software solutions, implementation, support, and consulting services. We are outcome-driven, delivering results that truly matter for your business. Our unique methodology identifies areas for potential improvement, guiding clients toward achieving scalability with the right technology. We provide end-to-end solutions, ensuring that every step, from consultation to execution, is seamlessly managed. As technology thought leaders, we stay ahead of industry trends to offer innovative solutions. Serving clients of all sizes throughout North America, we guarantee outcome-based solutions, committing to guiding their path to business growth.

For more information on how we can help your business, visit us at  

Plaza Premium Group expands luxury offering through strategic partnership with Numero Uno

Plaza Premium Group becomes the first brand in MENA to offer luxury caviar and other delicacies at its lounges in partnership with Numero Uno

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Jul 20, 2024 (  – Plaza Premium Group (PPG), the global leader in integrated, 360 airport hospitality experiences, operating the world’s largest network of airport lounges, hotels, and dining concepts, proudly announces its groundbreaking partnership with Numero Uno, a premier regional supplier of exceptional caviar and select gourmet foods. The collaboration is set to introduce a new standard of culinary luxury at airport lounges, seamlessly blending world class hospitality with an exquisite selection of the finest caviar.

According to Song Hoi-See, Founder and CEO of Plaza Premium Group, the partnership marks a significant milestone in enhancing the brand’s high-end offering across its various lounges. “PPG has constantly looked for ways to elevate hospitality experiences for our customers through continuous innovation and transformation. We know that today’s travelers seek out new discoveries that can upgrade their journeys, and offering Numero Uno products in our lounges provides exactly that indulgent, luxurious treat that they crave. This partnership is a step forward in refining our Infinity Room Experience – Ultra Premium Lounge concept, which we will be introducing globally, offering our guests exclusive services and experiences along with personalized concierge in key locations of our international lounge network.” said Song.

Aiming to set new benchmarks for culinary indulgence for global travelers, Plaza Premium Group and Numero Uno have curated an exclusive experience across PPG lounges in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with the aim of carrying this into other local and global lounges in the upcoming months. Premium caviar selections sourced from the most technologically advanced farms in countries such as Italy, France, Azerbaijan, and China are available for purchase at the lounges. Further enriching this touch of luxury, PPG’s culinary team joined forces with Numero Uno to craft custom caviar dishes, each designed to deliver a unique and memorable gastronomic experience for discerning lounge guests.

The Abu Dhabi based caviar and gourmet foods supplier, Numero Uno, was launched in collaboration with Elevate Investments, chaired by His Highness Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Saeed Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan. The premium gourmet brand also opened the largest state-of-the-art caviar repacking facility in the GCC located in KIZAD, the industrial hub situated between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The facility is fully HACCP and ISO 22000 certified, enabling Numero Uno to serve the HoReCa community with the highest food safety and quality standards.

Commenting on behalf of Numero Uno, Aziz Khouja, Director of Numero Uno, said, “This collaboration with Plaza Premium Group, a renowned operator of the world’s largest premium airport lounges, aligns with our strategic approach in positioning Numero Uno as a leader in the premium caviar market. Prior to the launch of Numero Uno, we observed a growing demand for high-quality gourmet products among customers in the region that are seeking unique and luxurious dining experiences, a trend that has been confirmed since our launch. Throughout this collaboration, we will uphold our commitment to maintaining the highest quality and industry standards. We look forward to serving global travelers and our customers some of the finest caviar selections and gourmet products that Numero Uno has to offer.” 

In a special visit, Song met with the leadership personnel of Elevate Investments, including Omar Jamal Al-Omar, Founder of Elevate Investments. During the visit, which took place in Abu Dhabi, they discussed additional opportunities to develop and expand the collaboration.

Omar Jamal Al-Omar, Founder and Board Member of Elevate Investments and Chairman of OJO Group said, “We are excited and optimistic about the news of this collaboration with an experienced operator dedicated to providing a luxurious experience to customers. These are the types of partnerships that drive growth within the region. We would like to congratulate both PPG and Numero Uno for this milestone that will undoubtedly set a new standard in the industry.”

This milestone partnership sees Plaza Premium Group becoming the only airport lounge operator in the Middle East to offer this exclusive caviar experience to its avid travelers. With robust expansion plans, Plaza Premium Group aims to extend this luxury offering to ten global locations, ensuring a broader reach and unparalleled dining experiences.

For more information, please visit

About Plaza Premium Group
Plaza Premium Group, headquartered in Hong Kong and established in 1998, is a pioneering global airport hospitality services provider. With a mission to Make Travel Better, the group introduced the world’s first independent airport lounge concept.
Today, PPG operates the largest network of international airport lounges worldwide and offers a 360-degree airport experience with 13 brands under its portfolio, spanning over 1600 touchpoints across more than 80 international airports and 30 countries & regions worldwide.

From airport lounge brands – Plaza Premium Lounge & Plaza Premium First, to terminal hotels – Aerotel & Refreshhh by Aerotel, to concierge services – ALLWAYS, a range of airport dining concepts, global reward and membership program – Smart Traveller, and travel experience ECOsystem – oneTECO, the group is at the forefront of transforming airport experience for the better through innovative and human-led solutions. PPG’s commitment extends beyond its own brands, as it also provides lounge management and hospitality solutions to leading airlines, alliances, and corporates worldwide. Partnerships include renowned names such as American Express, Capital One, Cathay Pacific Airways, SkyTeam, Star Alliance, Visa, and many more.

Plaza Premium Group has over 80 accolades demonstrating its exceptional achievements and commitment to service excellence. Notably, the group has received the prestigious “World’s Best Independent Airport Lounge” award at the World Airline Awards by Skytrax for eight consecutive years from 2016 to 2024. TTG Asia also recognized the group as the “Best Airport Lounge Operator” in 2018, 2019 and 2023. In 2020, it achieved the “ISO 9001:2015” certification for its Hong Kong Headquarters. Furthermore, the group’s Founder and CEO, Mr. Song Hoi-see, was awarded the “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Master Entrepreneur of the Year Malaysia” in 2018.

With a team of over 5,000 dedicated talents, PPG serves more than 20 million global passengers annually. Through a continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence, the group is experiencing exponential growth globally.

To learn more:
Connect with us: FB, IG, @plazapremiumlounge and WeChat @PlazaPremiumGroup
For all media inquiries, please contact:
Hanine El Massri | Tala Al Massri | Raksha Salian | Raissa Julio
+971 55 153 3151 | +971 50 248 7226 | +971 52 129 8583 | +971 54 577 4996
Plaza Premium Group
Natalie Looi Kiesel – PR & Marketing Executive, MEA

Media Contact

The PR Office
Kuwiat City, Kuwait

Servpro Aids Colleton Medical Center in Restoring Services After A/C Outage

 Colleton Medical Center has fully resumed inpatient services after a temporary shutdown caused by a facility-wide loss of air conditioning last weekend. The hospital, with the assistance of Servpro of South and West Charleston, worked diligently to restore full functionality in a timely and safe manner.

Upon losing A/C service, the hospital took precautionary measures by transferring some patients to sister hospitals within the HCA Healthcare network. Replacement A/C units were promptly installed, and Servpro of South and West Charleston played a crucial role in the dehumidifying and sanitizing the facility.

The combined efforts of hospital staff and Servpro ensured the building was safe for patients, their families, and staff before returning to normal operations. As of Thursday morning, imaging, respiratory, and lab services were back online, with inpatient services resuming by noon. The hospital also began the process of returning patients who had been temporarily moved to other facilities.

Elective surgical procedures are scheduled to restart on Monday, July 22. Throughout the disruption, the emergency department remained open, providing continuous care for walk-in patients requiring immediate attention. Colleton County Fire Rescue also provided valuable support by supplying high-capacity fans and a mobile A/C unit to help cool the emergency department.

The swift response and coordinated efforts of Colleton Medical Center staff, Servpro of South and West Charleston, and Colleton County Fire Rescue ensured minimal disruption to patient care and a safe return to full operational capacity.

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