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Fuji and Its Place in the Cryptocurrency Market

Cryptocurrency is a promising earning opportunity. When bitcoin appeared, many considered this currency a soap bubble, but those who believed in its growth and prospects became owners of huge capital.

Today it is becoming more and more difficult to make money on cryptocurrency. There are several reasons, but the most important one is that the main niches are already occupied and the most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin is the most expensive. Well, the good news – don’t be upset! There are new virtual assets that are also promising and ready to replace old crypto assets!

Fuji platform – a full-fledged marketplace

Fuji is a new crypto crowdfunding platform. Do you know what crowdfunding is? For example, you have a cool idea, but only a couple of bucks in your pocket. You know for sure that you can realize your idea, and the principal thing is to find the start-up capital.
So, the crowdfunding platform came to the rescue. This is an effective platform for investing and generating additional income, which is strikingly different from anything that has come before. Therefore, new users who are just getting to read about this company should adopt this information.

Fuji is a full-fledged crypto crowdfunding platform with its own economic environment and an internal FJT coin, where a startup can receive investments to develop their business, and an investor can invest in a promising startup. Both benefit not only from receiving money and investing but also from the growth of the internal FJT coin.

The development of this type of cryptocurrency began in November 2020, and its creator realized an unrealistic deed by combining in one place a platform for investing startups and services for generating additional income. They headquartered the company in Mountain View, California, United States. This is the place to realize yourself! Oh, feel you are preparing the question “How does it work?”. We better not keep miss you waiting, so let’s get started.
Benefits of using the new cryptocurrency

The latest development of the Fuji token is a breakthrough in the modern cryptocurrency market. This is not just a new and innovative development. The FJT coin solves many tasks within the platform, helps to communicate between the investor and the startup, does not depend on the geopolitical situation in the country, and has good investment potential. The promising Fuji cryptocurrency has a major number of advantages over other cryptocurrencies.

Fuji token is a new type of cryptocurrency developed on the powerful Tron blockchain specifically to facilitate transactions on a crypto crowdfunding platform. Just think about what tasks and problems the inner coin can solve. The borders of the countries do not matter anymore, there is no need to pay a commission, there are no hidden fees, the geopolitical situation in the country does not matter. You use a single asset and don’t think about anything more than passive income.
Nowadays, a cryptocurrency with such advantages is popular on a par with Bitcoin and other popular currencies.

How do you get a coin?

You can get this type of money by buying a coin on a presale. Hurry up, the first round has already begun! The most cost-effective solution would be to buy an FJT coin early.

To buy a coin on a presale in the first round, you need to install the Tronlink application on your mobile device and create a wallet. After that, the investor, startup, or business owner can buy the FJT coin at the following prices:
• from 500 to 3000 dollars – the price of one coin is 0.5 dollars;
• from 3,000 to 10,000 dollars – the price of one coin is $ 0.35;
• from $ 10,000 – the price of one coin is $ 0.25.

After the completion of each round, the value of the coin will increase.
You can find detailed information about Fuji cryptocurrency, methods of obtaining crypto assets, and the steps necessary for the process on the website Telegram , is another opportunity to find out the latest news about the Fuji token development and growth.

Fuji project deserves attention as it integrates blockchain technology and forms a new cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is a progressive, fast-growing startup. If you still do not trust that such an ecosystem can help you get investments and passive income, then you just need to familiarize yourself with the platform and try to buy a few coins. This will immediately destroy your distrust!

US-Africa Housing Finance Reaches $2 Million Portfolio Milestone

US-Africa Housing Finance (USAHF), the premier nonbank financial institution serving the housing finance needs of West Africans, announced it has crossed a major milestone of $2 million US dollars in outstanding loans. USAHF is one of the few companies providing housing finance in West Africa and has a unique business model of working exclusively with well-vetted housing developers. In order to build a successful business in West Africa, developers must overcome numerous challenges, one of which is providing efficient financing to their customers on reasonable terms.

USAHF primarily raises investment capital from private individuals who invest not only in a financial return, but also in the empirically obvious social impact the firm creates. The social impact can be measured and comes in the form of local training and jobs, economic growth, women’s empowerment, affordable housing and finance for the under-banked.

“It took us nearly 4 years to reach this key milestone, but given the momentum we are now experiencing, I expect to reach the next $2 million in a fraction of the time,” said Ameet Dhillon, Managing Director of USAHF.

USAHF has experienced more than 25% year-over-year growth since its founding in 2017 and expects the growth rate to accelerate in the future as the market continues to expand and investors become more familiar with the company’s unique business model.

US-Africa Housing Finance (USAHF)

USAHF is an American company founded in March 2017 that delivers attractive, US-dollar denominated returns (9% per annum) by purchasing home loans and distributing finance charges to investors. The loans are extended to members of the African diaspora living in various OECD countries such as the US, Canada, France, and the UK and are backed by high-quality homes in West Africa. Strict loan underwriting criteria (such as a minimum 30% down payment) are utilized and, as a result, the investment risk is low. More details at


What is Proof of Stake?

SCCG Management and Bettorlogic Extend North American Partnership

Stephen Crystal of SCCG Management announces the extension of its business development partnership with Bettorlogic to bring sports betting digital marketing and CRM technology to North America.

LAS VEGAS, NV, May 28, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Stephen Crystal, SCCG Founder, announced today that the company has extended its partnership with Bettorlogic, whose technology leverages the customer’s existing sportsbook player data to give sports bettors reasons to place a bet – in retail outlets, push notifications on mobile devices, emails or SMS. Said Crystal, “We are excited to see our clients and partners eager to adopt Bettorlogic’s suite of solutions that give operators highly customizable tools they can take direct control of their customer communication and engagement. These mature and robust suites of tools have a 15-year track record of helping operators increase turnover and engage customers by delivering reasons for customers to keep bets in action.”

– Bettortech leverages customer transactional data, bet preferences, preferred sports, events and frequency of wagering, bet type, staking, odds, territory, win/loss ratios, and more.
– BetPropensity creates profiles that allow customer call to action messaging to be tailor-made for the bettor.
– Bettorlogic engages customers across all channels, including mobile, online widgets, retail displays, and push notifications with editorial content, schedules, exciting bet types, relevant bet opportunity related facts, all tailored to keep the player in action.

About SCCG Management

SCCG Management is a consultancy that specializes in sports betting, iGaming, sports marketing, affiliate marketing, technology, intellectual property protection, product commercialization, esports, capital formation, M&A, joint ventures, casino management, and governmental and legal affairs for the casino and iGaming industry.

About Bettorlogic

Founded by CEO, Andrew Dagnall, in 2004 as StatsOnSport a B2C subscription service providing editorial specifically for bettors and covering football, tennis, cricket, golf, rugby union and F1.

Rebranded as Bettorlogic in 2009, when Andrew Black co-founder of Betfair became the major shareholder, products were developed and delivered via XML to sportsbooks around the world that created reasons for their customers to have a bet.

Since then the company has won several awards including EGR Innovation in Sports Betting 2014, CV Magazine 2017 Innovation in Production and was recently listed in the 2018 Silicon Review as one of the Top 50 fastest growing companies.

The GBA Hires Washington, DC Lobby Firm Rulon & White Governance Strategies

(ACN Newswire) – The Government Blockchain Association, (GBA), announces that they have retained the services of Rulon & White Governance Strategies et al to help the public and private sector connect, communicate, and collaborate through blockchain to solve public sector challenges.

The GBA is building a network of public-sector professionals at the local, state, national, and global levels. With members in over 500 government offices around the world, this network is using blockchain technologies to serve their constituents globally.

Working with private sector innovators, the GBA is developing solutions connected through a government business blockchain platform (GBBP). By involving people through chapters, working groups, and communities, new ideas can meet real solutions. Blockchain solutions then plug into the interoperable blockchain platform, revolutionizing how governance works.

Rulon & White Governance Strategies (RWGS) represents an array of corporations, non-profits, and government organizations in Washington, DC. RWGS has specific policy experience across multiple disciplines including Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, Energy, Healthcare, and many more. Together, Rulon and White Governance Strategies and the GBA play a critical role in educating and coordinating with policy makers, regulators, and administrators at all levels. These two organizations will facilitate and support legislation, rules, and decisions that promote the use of blockchain technology.

“Crypto and blockchain adoption is a slow and winding process,” says Todd White, Managing Partner of Rulon & White.

“Working with RWGS will be like supercharging the visibility and opportunity for our members,” says Gerard Dache, Executive Director, GBA.

This alliance hopes to supercharge that process.

For more information about Government Blockchain Association, GBA, go to

For information on Rulon & White, go to

Source: Plato Data Intelligence

Fuji: business demands a fresh look

Over the years since the launch of the most famous web platform for a collective donation of funds for business ideas, billions of dollars have been raised for the development of startups. New platforms appear regularly to help investors and startups make money.

Fuji is a full-fledged investment marketplace that has its infrastructure and economic environment. This is a fairly young project that offers development to investors and experienced entrepreneurs, as well as startups. This project will allow business people to develop, and investors will receive additional income. This is a good way to get additional funds for your project through special Internet sites.

The site operates for the convenience of its users, so they made all investments in the Fuji system through a special internal FJT coin. Using this coin, the user can take part in all the activities of the site, as well as receive passive income with the organic growth of the coin.

What requests does the service work with?

Fuji offers an alternative way of doing business. To know where to invest your money, which startup will be profitable, how not to lose all your savings, you need an experienced guide in the business world. This site is just such a place where you can realize yourself in three directions: an investor, an experienced business owner, a start-upper.

Fuji helps to solve all organizational issues. An inexperienced start-upper will make all the most daring ideas come true. For a business owner, this platform opens up new prospects, helps to get additional income, and increases capital. Even if you are looking for certain services or you need a team of professionals to implement your project – you can get all this using this service.

Fuji and its distinctive features

The author of the project can raise funds for implementing the idea and estimate its relevance in advance, and the participant can contribute to the author’s initiative and receive a reward for it.

Fuji can raise funds for projects of various categories. The platform provides a platform for placing projects, and also helps in their promotion, while it has its currency, the internal coin FJT. This is the difference between this service and similar ones. For the convenience of users, an internal coin operates, which can also bring passive income from its growth.

The advantage of this service is also that it allows you to get financing without the participation of banks, venture funds, and stock exchanges. For the author of the project, this is an opportunity to raise funds for his project without loans and a copyright transfer. It is also an excellent PR reason, an opportunity to talk about a project at no additional cost. The personal interest of the person who supports the project is also a huge plus. He likes the idea, the product, he empathizes with the difficulties of the person, they can discuss the idea, the stages of its implementation, and so on.

Benefits for partners

Fuji is an investment attraction platform that provides an opportunity for three categories of investor, start-upper, and experienced business owner to benefit from its use.


Everything we need from the author is an idea. He needs to describe why it is worth investing and how the innovation will be useful to society, how it can change the world, or how donors can get their money back.

Working with Fuji brings you to the epicenter of a strong and well-functioning business community. Here you will receive advice on running your startup and will fill knowledge gaps, learn from the experience of professionals and use the knowledge gained, as well as make money on the purchase and sale of our FJT coin.


You will receive part of the income that the project you invest in will bring. You can also leverage your experience, share it with the start-upper, and get a share of his business. The third option is to generate additional income from the internal coin. You will receive a very favorable rate when buying FJT coins on a presale – in the future, its value will grow by 25 cents for each round, as well as at the time of listing on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. There will be only 3 rounds on the presale, and the price of the coin will increase with each of them. Further circulation of coins on crypto exchanges will also bring you additional profit. The more the coin grows in value, the more money you get.

Profile specialist

You can find interesting projects and then add them to your portfolio. You can work as a freelancer or become part of an experienced team. And also you can convert your knowledge into money to buy an FJT coin and get all the benefits that follow this investment.

Buying FJT Coin and Benefits When Buying in the First Rounds

The FJT coin serves to simplify the conduct of business between platform participants and is built based on the Tron blockchain. It is an aggregator of all payment methods and means for both investors and aspiring entrepreneurs.

FJT coin solves the problem of differences in currencies, their rates, and geopolitical situation in countries. FJT will go to cryptocurrency exchanges, but before that there will be three rounds and at the end of each, the value of the coin will grow.

It is more profitable to buy a coin in the first round because here operate certain advantages. When buying from $500 to $3000, the price for a coin will be $0.5, from $3000 to $10,000, the price will be $0.35, and when buying over $10,000, the price for one coin will be $0.25. This is half of its initial cost. Such a purchase allows you to increase your income in the future.