India’s fastest-growing education financing platform, Propelld, announced its plan to recruit 30 employees in its tech team by FY 2022 to strengthen its in-house tech capabilities.

With over 135 employees in the company, the strategic move aims at expanding the tech teams primarily. Through a virtual interview process, the education financing platform intends to recruit tech experts for the roles of Software Development Engineer (SDE)-1, SDE-2, Lead Engineers, Engineering Manager, DevOps Engineer, UI Developer, and UI/UX Designer.

Job seekers across the country can apply through various channels, including LinkedIn, campus placement drives,, Propelld’s career page, alumni network, employee referrals, and hiring agencies.

Mr. Satendra Singh, CTO, Propelld, said, “As our user-base had grown from 1000s in a year to 10,000s in a month, we plan to strengthen our technical capabilities to handle the increased traffic. With our hiring spree of tech experts, we aim to ensure that our developers get the right direction by working with experienced engineering leaders. Propelld is witnessing a two-fold growth. We are vertically expanding with an increase in users across demographics and also plan to introduce new financial products for the education sector.”

“A robust technical infrastructure will further ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of all our products. Besides, a diverse and strengthened tech team will accelerate Propelld’s product experiments while staying up-to-date with the latest technology and market trends. We are looking forward to augmenting our tech ecosystem with promising talent. ” he added.

Making financing accessible across the education sector, Propelld continues to scale up its operations. The company advocates a progressive work culture offering time-to-time mental health weeks and health insurance to its employees. With flexible working hours for the tech team, Propelld also sponsors up-skilling courses for its employees while rewarding the team with performance bonuses and ESOPs.