Moira Forbes urges action over ‘devastating’ displacement of women due to climate change

Speaking at COP28’s Future Mobility Hub, Forbes’ Executive VP Moira Forbes urged action on the ‘devastating’ disproportionate displacement of women due to climate change.

Current Forbes’ Executive Vice President and Publisher of ForbesWomen, Moira Forbes, was representing four generations of publishers at COP28’s Future Mobility Hub in Dubai, UAE this week – where she highlighted the impact climate change was having on women across the world.

She said: “Across a variety of different issues and crises around the world, women continue to be disproportionately impacted, whether it be issues of climate violence or types of displacement.”

Forbes also highlighted the significance of examining the corridors and structures of power to discern the decision-makers and those individuals at the forefront. She emphasized the need to identify leaders who may not be guiding with the most expansive and innovative minds in today’s approach to leadership.

She continued:

“I think one of the most important things to drive change, whatever it may be, is to have that diversity of thought, to have more expansive voices within these conversations and at the table. Because when you have that thinking and that appreciation of diversity of thought, that’s when you create sustainable solutions. And until that happens, you’ll continue to see these trends in devastating ways.”

COP28 has so far made international headlines following Dr. Sultan al Jaber’s comments on cutting fossil fuels – a topic Forbes held a diplomatic stance on:

“What’s helpful is that there is this really open and rigorous debate in terms of what are the types of goals that we should have. Any time you need to drive change in the urgent way that we need, to run some of these solutions or you have to ensure is that you meet these people where they are and how do you bring together solutions where all voices are heard, but also solutions that could be implemented in a realistic and sustainable way. When you have these types of conversations, it’s really important because it offers this exchange of ideas and a debate, and that is really healthy in terms of being able to tackle these global issues.”

The Future Mobility Hub encourages learning, the facilitating and exchange of ideas, and promotion of partnerships among professionals from different industries, with the aim of shaping the future of transportation and mobility in a sustainable and innovative way.

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FreightCenter Celebrates a Quarter-Century of Excellence in Freight Solutions

FreightCenter Celebrates 25 years of excellence in the logistics industry, highlighting its commitment to hassle-free shipping from start to finish.

FreightCenter, a leading logistics company, celebrates its 25th anniversary, symbolizing its’ dependability and ingenuity in the freight industry. Since its establishment in 1998, FreightCenter has been on a gratifying journey of growth and innovation.

FreightCenter has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a 2-man operation working out of a packaging store to a company that employs over 100 professionals in the freight industry. FreightCenter’s Account Managers are stocked with knowledge and pride themselves on offering clients a personal experience throughout their entire shipping journey. In logistics, they have efficiently navigated the freight industry’s winding roads and expansive seas, ensuring their clients stay on track with their cargo needs.

Built on the idea that moving freight from one place to another should be simple and hassle-free, FreightCenter has consistently delivered outstanding freight solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of a 3PL company. With in-house customer care and processing departments, FreightCenter proves its commitment to client satisfaction by diligently analyzing every shipment detail, ensuring all information is accurate and handled with care. It’s no wonder they’ve become the go-to for businesses seeking reliable freight services!

“We stand here today with gratitude for the incredible journey we’ve had over the past 25 years,” says Matthew Brosious, Chief Executive Officer at FreightCenter. “Our success is not just about moving cargo; it’s about moving businesses forward, and we owe it all to our dedicated team and loyal clients who have been with us every step of the way.”

FreightCenter has spent the past 25 years perfecting its Transportation Management System, ensuring clients have all the tools they need to navigate the world of logistics successfully. As FreightCenter raises a toast to 25 years of excellence, they’re not just celebrating the past but paving the path forward with innovation and a dedication to progress by staying up to date with all current logistics and shipping trends.

FreightCenter’s 25th-anniversary celebration is not just a milestone; it’s a checkpoint in a journey far from over. Here’s to 25 years of delivering on promises, navigating through challenges, and driving toward a future filled with endless possibilities.

About FreightCenter

FreightCenter is a third-party logistics provider (3PL) that has been offering shipping and freight services to e-trailers, businesses, and individuals internationally for the past 25 years. They provide customized transportation solutions for different industries and specialize in freight shipping, LTL (less-than-truckload), and FTL (full-truckload). With a focus on innovation and customer service, FreightCenter is committed to making shipping easy and affordable for all its customers.

Cybit Announces New Strategic Partnership with Talend

TYNE AND WEAR, U.K.Dec. 8, 2023PRLog — Cybit, a leading provider of flexible IT services including data & analytics, has announced a new strategic partnership with Talend, a global leader in cloud and big data integration solutions.

This partnership will enable Cybit to leverage Talend’s modern data management solutions to further support their customers data-driven strategies and digital transformation journey.

This announcement comes on the heels of Qlik’s recent acquisition of Talend, which combines Qlik’s best-in-class data integration with Talend’s leading data transformation, quality, and governance capabilities. The acquisition aims to help customers eliminate technical debt and cost while increasing enterprise confidence that trusted data is available for decision making when it matters most.

With Talend’s unified platform for reliable, accessible data, Cybit will be able to collect, govern, transform, and share data more efficiently, while addressing data challenges such as data quality and establishing effective data governance practices to mitigate risks, optimise costs, and capitalise on untapped opportunities to improve customer experience.

Both Talend and Qlik have also recently been recognised as leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools.   This partnership will enable Cybit to deliver a broader range of data management solutions to its customers, while also providing the necessary tools to address the evolving needs of the market.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Talend which massively complements our existing Data & Analytics technologies; Qlik, Alteryx and Microsoft.   All three are recognised as leaders in their fields by Gartner showing that Cybit continue to invest in best of breed technologies to deliver fantastic solutions for our clients,” said Rob Hankin, CTO of Cybit.

For more information on Cybit’s Data & Analytics services and capabilities visit

About Cybit

Cybit is the one-stop-shop for digital transformation offering flexible tech that scales in line with your business growth.    We partner with your business to design, deliver and manage intelligent IT services, cloud migration, cyber security, and data and analytics solutions.   Our team of experts select from a network of industry leading vendors, which means you get the best solution suited to your business, not ours.

Our expertise in data integration and analytics transforms complex data into actionable insights, supported by robust IT and security services. We’re renowned for delivering tailored, client-centric solutions and we excel in executing projects effectively, and in a timely manner.

We partner with  Talend, Qlik, Alteryx, AWS, Microsoft, Palo Alto, Checkpoint, and F5 and others enhancing our offerings with their innovative technologies.

About Qlik & Talend

Qlik, with the recent addition of Talend, delivers an industry-leading portfolio of solutions for data integration, data quality and analytics. This includes advancements in real-time data, AI, ML and automation. The most successful organizations are investing in data to make sense of the increasing amounts and varieties of data from diverse sources. The challenge is to effectively integrate, analyze and act on the data while ensuring its trustworthiness. With more than 40,000 active customers in over 100 countries, Qlik’s solutions work with virtually any data source, target, architecture, or methodology, to ensure customers have the data they need, whenever they need it.

Thomas Lynch, Marketing Lead, Cybit

Announcing the Launch of the Handbag Designer 101 Masterclass

Press Release

Dec 8, 2023 15:45 EST

From sketch to sample to sale, Handbag Fairy Godmother Emily Blumenthal will teach you how to skip steps and save money in the learning curve in creating a handbag.

NEW YORK, December 8, 2023 (

Handbag Designer 101 Masterclass, an immersive online educational program designed to empower aspiring handbag designers and seasoned brand owners alike, is set to revolutionize the fashion industry. Led by the esteemed Handbag Fairy Godmother and Author of Handbag Designer 101, Emily Blumenthal, this comprehensive masterclass unveils the secrets to navigating the intricate world of handbag creation, from inception to market success.

The Handbag Designer 101 Masterclass promises an unparalleled learning experience, encompassing a 10-class earn-as-you-go curriculum l that delves deep into the intricacies of the handbag industry. With Blumenthal’s guidance, participants will learn to streamline the creative process, bypass unnecessary steps, and significantly reduce the learning curve, thus saving valuable time and resources.

“From sketch to sample to sale, this masterclass provides a roadmap to skip hurdles and optimize resources in handbag creation,” says Emily Blumenthal, the visionary behind this transformative program. “It’s a comprehensive journey that nurtures creativity, business acumen, and market understanding to help designers create iconic handbags that resonate with customers.”

Participants will gain invaluable insights into understanding consumer needs and preferences, honing their design skills to create sought-after handbags that drive repeat purchases. The curriculum covers essential topics such as Direct-to-Consumer strategies, effective presentation techniques, and successful retail store negotiations.

Emily Blumenthal, a revered figure in the industry, is the mastermind behind the Handbag Designer 101 Masterclass. Her illustrious career spans over two decades and includes authoring and hosting the acclaimed “Handbag Designer 101 Podcast” and teaching Entrepreneurship at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Merchandising. Blumenthal’s expertise has forged collaborations between emerging talents and globally recognized brands like Swarovski, Timberland, and Kate Spade, along with esteemed retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, QVC, and Macy’s.

“Whether you’re a budding designer seeking guidance or an established brand aiming to elevate your offerings, the Handbag Designer 101 Masterclass is tailored to set you on a trajectory towards success,” asserts Blumenthal. “This program equips participants with the tools and knowledge to stand out in an ever-evolving industry and become the trailblazers of the next ‘it bag.'”

The Handbag Designer 101 Masterclass is now open for enrollment, offering an exclusive opportunity to tap into Emily Blumenthal’s wealth of experience and expertise. To secure a place in this transformative program, visit for more information.

For media inquiries, interviews, or additional information, please contact,

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VeroWear LLC Launches Innovative Sportswear Brand With a Mission to Transform Fashion, Health, and Sustainability

Press Release

Dec 8, 2023 15:00 EST

New activewear line uses recycled nylon to create eco-friendly fabric with ergonomic properties

VeroWear LLC

TIVERTON, R.I., December 8, 2023 (

VeroWear LLC announces the launch of a sportswear brand dedicated to redefining fashion as a force for good, creating products that are not only innovative but also resonate with the values of eco-conscious consumers.

VeroWear LLC’s mission is to provide women with technologically advanced, stylistic sportswear featuring unique ergonomic characteristics and manufacturing practices that reduce the environmental pollution created by standard textile production. A significant portion of VeroWear’s profits will support charities focused on improving the planet and human health.

The heart of VeroWear’s innovation lies in its fabric. The brand exclusively utilizes Econyl®, a luxurious material woven from regenerated nylon derived from environmental sources such as ocean and aquaculture fish nets and landfills. The harvested nylon is dissolved, carefully cleaned, scientifically reconstructed, and spun into virgin soft thread, which is then woven and colored using environmentally friendly procedures. The resulting fabric is often compared to silk due to its soft, lustrous texture and gentle stretch. Econyl is created in Italy by Aquafil using a patented process that minimizes energy consumption; its production not only repurposes environmental waste but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional textile manufacturing, one of the world’s largest sources of CO2 emissions.

VeroWear is more than an eco-friendly activewear option. The design and development of the products are rooted in serious ergonomics and kinesiology. Econyl, though lightweight, possesses distinct compression properties that are designed to reduce fatigue and improve circulation, making VeroWear an ideal choice for active women of all ages and lifestyles, from serious athletes to on-the-go moms.

The VeroWear collection is designed by Italian co-founder Gianluca Zacchia, whose lifelong expertise and creativity in artistic design are instrumental in bringing to life the vision of VeroWear’s President and co-founder, Dr. Anthony H. Cincotta, and his daughter Emma Concetta Cincotta, Director of Marketing & Development. The Cincottas’ joint health and fashion consciousness, entrepreneurial talent and environmental passion are fueled by Zacchia’s designs, which infuse VeroWear products with the vibrant colors and energy of life, nature, and well-being.

The brand marked its U.S. launch with a new website that offers shoppers an immersive experience featuring fresh, energizing images and motivational messages. aspires to empower women to feel confident, be healthy, and make a societal difference through their clothing. “VeroWear recognizes the importance of promoting positive body health and the role women play as catalysts of change,” said Dr. Cincotta, CEO. “We believe that fashion should be beautiful, sustainable, and ethically motivated.”

VeroWear USA is located at 1334 Main Road, Tiverton, RI 02878. For more information, visit their website at or call (781) 697-5133.

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