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Makemytrip loses its focus on customers, supports garbage properties

Makemytrip, which used to be India’s leading travel portal, is now scraping the bottom of the barrel. They are doing everything to not lose pennies at the cost of losing the dollar. They have reduced their spent on customer service at the expense of the customers.

When you call their customer support, it no longer can connect to humans. It just directs you to fill an online form. Their customer support is not 24 hours anymore but they operate an inefficient and overworked team that works in business hours only. If you ever are traveling and need help, you can just forget it. 

One customer recently booked a hotel through Makemytrip in Chandigarh. The fraudulent hotel, called Skyview Holiday Home, gave a very bad customer experience. The customer kept trying to reach Makemytrip but he couldn’t get any response till he checked out of the hotel. The issues with the property included:
1. Dirty Bathroom
2. Broken Fan
3. Seepage in Room
4. Broken Lights with no light bulb
5. Rat Poop in Bathroom
6. Blocked Sink
7. No Cable Connection of TV
8. Bindi of earlier guest on the wall
9. Dirty Bedsheets & Pillows
10. Fake Mineral Water – green cap of Bisleri over Baileys (tap water only and old bottle)
11. Infested with mosquitos

However, Atif Rahman from Makemytrip offered a paltry Rs. 200 voucher to be used for the next booking as a resolution to Reference No. 12858063193141632. They did not take any action against the property. They did not even take the issue seriously. They showed no sense of responsibility and rightly deserve not to get any business from good customers in the travel sector.

Such a poor customer focus is perhaps the reason for their fall from grace and not just COVID-19. 

Sri Trang Gloves PCL takes serious action to protect employees against new Covid-19 outbreak

Sri Trang Gloves (Thailand) PCL (SET: STGT) enacts protective measures against the new Covid-19 outbreak – infection screening, weekly disinfectant spraying, mask wearing, and social distancing. Foreign workers are required to have work permits and passports. Additionally, Reduced congestion and increased hygienic housing are to be provided for employees to reduce risks. No labor shortages are expected while four new manufacturing plants are scheduled to open this year.

Ms. Jarinya Jirojkul, Chief Executive Officer of STGT, a global producer of latex and nitrile gloves, reports that since the outbreak of Covid-19 infections early last year, STGT has put considerable effort into providing safety measures to screen and protect all plant and office employees to assure customers that its premises have strict hygienic measures and are able to continue production uninterrupted.

Currently, STGT employs more than 9,000 persons, about 3,000 or 40% of whom are foreign. As a matter of policy and pride, the company provides both foreign and Thai workers a safe working environment and welfare without discrimination.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, strict screening and preventive measures have been implemented, including the following: temperature screening of all employees before entering work areas as well as dormitories; random temperature checks of personnel during the day; requiring hygienic face masks while on duty; implementing social distancing; providing cleansing alcohol for all personnel; requesting employees cease interprovincial trips to at-risk zones and to inform superiors if a trip becomes necessary.

In addition, regular disinfection of various spaces, such as dining halls and employee dormitories, has been increased from monthly to weekly. Recently, the company has also included surrounding communities in its disinfection schedule.

For foreign workers, the company ensures that they have proper work permits and travel documents. They are provided with proper housing with each unit accommodating no more than 3 persons. Access to living quarters are strictly regulated and movement monitored to prevent unauthorized access.

STGT is currently in the process of opening another four plants in Surat Thani Province and Sadao District of Songkhla Province with an opening scheduled for each consecutive quarter this year. As a consequence, the company will need 1,500 new employees to cope with the increasing production capacity to 36,000 million gloves per year, an increase from last year’s 33,000 million pieces.

To ensure no labor shortages, the company has planned to recruit new employees among Thai residents in areas around the company’s plants as a matter of policy to help Thai workers who are facing unemployment problems during this particularly difficult time.

Raja Krishnamoorthi asks for FBI probe for Gandhi Statue

Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi issued the following statement in response to the desecration, decapitation, and removal of a bronze Gandhi statue in Davis, California by unknown attackers:

“I condemn this malicious act in the strongest terms, and I call upon the FBI to investigate it as a possible hate crime intended to intimidate Indian-Americans, among others. The desecration of a statue of Gandhi, who championed peace and non-violence and who continues to influence countless nonviolent struggles for justice including in America, serves as a sad reminder of how important his teachings remain.”

I Heart Mac And Cheese Launches New National Branding Campaign, And A Little “More!”

(1888 PressRelease) I Heart Mac & Cheese is proud to introduce its new national brand campaign, “Build Your Happy”! This campaign was designed to highlight I Heart Mac & Cheese’s plethora of customizable options for people of all walks of life. You can choose from ten different proteins, including vegan and gluten-free options, to build what makes YOU happy! Boca Raton, Fla. – I Heart Mac & Cheese, a fast-casual concept specializing in made-to-order, fully customizable Build Your Own Bowls and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, has launched a new national brand campaign, “Build Your Happy”. This campaign was created to support the company’s goal of providing a plethora of choices for consumers from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re vegan or gluten-free—l Heart Mac & Cheese and More wants to put a smile on your face, no matter how you build your meal!

Developed with Greau Creative out of Boca Raton, FL, “Build Your Happy” has already begun rolling out nationally across all of I Heart Mac & Cheese and More’s customer touchpoints including web, mobile app, in-store, and all digital and traditional marketing assets. “We are so honored to help create this next chapter for the I Heart Mac & Cheese brand with a campaign that shows their commitment to providing the opportunity to build what makes YOU happy,” said Jason Bailey, Founder of Greau Creative. But wait, there’s a little “more”! With seemingly endless combinations and ways to build your perfect meal, I Heart Mac & Cheese decided it was time to add more, and that’s just what they did. I Heart Mac & Cheese CEO, Steve Giordanella says, “We’re not just a mac & cheese joint anymore. Between the melt in your mouth grilled cheeses, the gluten-free and vegan options, and millions of other ways to customize your meal, it just made sense to add more.”

About I Heart Mac & Cheese

I Heart Mac & Cheese is a fast-casual concept specializing in made-to-order, Build Your Own Bowls and Grilled Cheese sandwiches that guests can customize using a wide variety of chef-inspired proteins, ingredients and sauces. Thinking outside the bowl, the brand takes timeless comfort food in exciting culinary directions, resulting in diverse, crave-able menu options for everyone to enjoy. Led by CEO Steve Giordanella, the brand launched its first location in 2016 and currently operates corporate locations in Pembroke Pines, Jupiter and Boca Raton, Florida. The company’s unique franchising program has fueled nationwide brand growth – with operating franchise locations in Florida, Georgia, New York and Texas – and additional locations are slated to open in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina and Texas. I Heart Mac & Cheese was recently named #6 “Best Fast Casual Restaurant” in the USA TODAY 10 Best 2020 Reader’s Choice Awards. The innovative company was also recently featured on QSR Magazine’s “40/40 list for 2020: America’s Hottest Startup Fast Casuals”, and was ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top new franchise opportunities. For more information on I Heart Mac & Cheese visit For more information on franchise opportunities, visit or call 561-300-5343. About Greau Creative: Greau Creative, a Reatro Ventures company, is a full-service marketing and advertising agency located in Boca Raton, FL. With the motto Hold the Vision, Trust the Process, Greau tells each story with a suite of services including creative design, audio and video production, media strategy and buying services, PR, social media management and full campaign analytics. For more information call 561-320-3975.

‘The Last Rights’ latest novel from UK author Geoff Cook is published

1888PressRelease – She witnessed the greatest robbery and criminal conspiracy of all time. Now, seventy years later, she has to be silenced before the truth can be exposed. As the war in Europe draws to a chaotic and bloody finale with the days of the Third Reich numbered, a train filled with a cargo of Nazi gold sets off from Berlin, destined for a secret location in Bavaria. On board, a young Polish Jew is about to witness a chain of events leading to the greatest robbery and criminal conspiracy of all time. October 2018 – After more than eighty years, a Lisbon bank is about to finally shut-down its safe deposit facility. The secrets and treasures locked away for decades will soon be revealed. Influential people in powerful positions have reason to be concerned. Fusing the two events together are the recollections of a Holocaust survivor, Rita Krakowski, condemned as a Nazi collaborator and fugitive from justice. Memories are branded into her soul like the number on her forearm, revelations with far-reaching international political and financial implications. Powerful forces are mobilised. She must be found and silenced forever. For private investigators Chas Broadhurst and René Marchal, what appears to be a straightforward assignment rapidly becomes a race against time to find the woman before it is too late and to expose a cover-up seventy years in the making.

About the Author: A bio of the author is available via the link, via the Amazon Author’s page or on BookBub or Goodreads. Excerpt from the Book: ‘‘How do you explain your actions?’ She savoured the question before answering. ‘Have you ever needed someone and, at the same time, been needed by that someone, René?’ Memories trailed through his mind, but somehow he managed to suppress the desire to answer a question to which she wasn’t expecting a reply. ‘Some people walk through life leaning inwards,’ she went on. ‘It’s the only way they know how. Their head rests for support upon the shoulder of the person walking alongside them. It’s uncomfortable if that person is standing upright. After a while, the one doing the leaning tires or loses their balance; the one supporting becomes ever more conscious of the weight upon them. However, when the other person is also leaning inwards, the way forward is easier to negotiate.

They are both exerting a similar pressure and deriving equal comfort from each other. The feeling is one of relief, not exertion. Does that make sense?’ ‘I know exactly what you mean.’ And he did. Françoise had been taken away from him suddenly, just at that time of life when they could begin to relax into each other’s company beyond the demands of parentage. Their only daughter, Monique, had set her course in life; then in her final year of training to become a veterinary surgeon, a fiancée with prospects and a deposit on a terraced house in Lille. She didn’t need them; at least, until grandparenting duties came along. Marchal was to ask for a transfer out of detective work to a desk job, a ten-year wind-down before the earliest date he could retire on full pension. Françoise would cut back her locum work as a professor of philosophy at whichever Paris university was shorthanded. Together, they would do all those things career and family had precluded. There was a bucket list as long as his arm. He was so excited. And then, one summer’s day, when the countryside and a picnic beckoned, she had a stroke so profound it left her imploring her family to help end the suffering. Tags: The Last Rights Geoff Cook The drama of a Holocaust survivor spanning eighty years Keywords: Adult Fiction; Suspense; Drama; Mystery; WW2, Holocaust survivor; Nazi; SS; concentration camp; Jew; Poland; Berlin; Ratlines; Nazi gold; Gold train; safe deposit; Italy; Argentina; Chile; Australia; Portugal; Lisbon, Portugal; Algarve; private investigators; assassin; Nazi hunter; Estoril casino; Switzerland; Vevey; Lugano; The Last Rights by Geoff Cook is available on Kindle, as an e-book from Smashwords and other on-line retailers or in paperback from all Amazon platforms, Barnes and Noble and all major booksellers.

Press/Media Contact Details: Rotercracker Copyrights Tel: 07479971869 Email: rotercrackercopyrights ( @ ) gmail dot com Contact: Geoff Cook