Apollo Cancer Centres launches “Winning over Cancer” campaign on World Cancer Day

On World Cancer Day, Apollo Cancer Centres, ranked as the best private cancer hospital in India, takes up a strong initiative “Winning Over Cancer” to raise awareness about different forms of cancer and how early detection can result in better treatment outcome. Led by the urge to bring cancer conversations to the forefront, Apollo Cancer Centres, via an engaging campaign, appeals to the masses to #Getscreened, examine oneself thoroughly to keep cancer at bay.

Covid-19 pandemic has affected cancer care, reductions in cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment have been the major impediments, according to the IHME study.

Resonating with the thought that Cancer doesn’t ask for permission, Apollo Cancer Centres have launched the campaign – “Winning Over Cancer” to urge the masses to   get screened for cancers. It throws the spotlight on importance of early detection and regular screenings in Cancer care. The focus is to specifically raise awareness about different types of cancers and invite influencers and public to support the cause of early detection.

In line with the mission to spread awareness about need for cancer screening, the on-ground activation was kicked off by Apollo Proton Cancer Center in collaboration with the Chennai city police at Tidel Park and Taramani traffic signal from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. Mr. P Mahendran, IPS, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Adyar, Mr. M Jeevanandam, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Taramani along with Mr. Harsh Trivedi, Chief Executive Officer, Apollo Proton Cancer Centre and Dr. Rakesh Jalali, Medical Director & Lead – Neuro Oncology, Apollo Cancer Centres commenced the event by holding placards along with Nurses and paramedic team to highlight the importance of timely screening and treatment of cancer.

Commenting on the initiative, Ms. Preetha Reddy, Executive Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals, said, “In line with our mission to spread awareness about cancers and offer world class cancer treatments, this World Cancer Day, we encourage everyone to  get screened.  According to our experts, an early-stage diagnosis of cancer can ensure that the chances of survival are very high with effective best in class treatments. Our experienced team of oncologists have stood with our patients in treating them with best care and commitment.

Sharing his thoughts on the initiative, Mr. P Mahendran, IPS, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Adyar, said, “We are happy to associate with this noble cause in creating awareness about cancer, types of cancer and methods of screening. We stand together with Apollo Cancer Centers. I personally urge everyone to be cautious and give oneself proper examination to ensure timely treatment. It will be a matter of pride for us if we could save lives by helping the citizens take right step towards their health.”

During the event, Mr. Harish Trivedi, Chief Executive Officer, Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, said, “The Covid-19 pandemic has created a gap in cancer care due to decline in screenings. The only way to reduce the gap and number of fatalities due to cancer is by spreading awareness about the need and importance of timely examination. Cancer can be treated, only with right methods at right time. We hope this initiative benefits maximum number of people who join our movement and give in to this crucial cause.”


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) unit inaugurated at Narayana Health City

 Narayana Health City today announced the launch of a dedicated Regenerative Medicine with a Hyperbaric Oxygen facility at its campus. The department was inaugurated by Mr. John Shaw – Vice Chairman, Biocon in the presence of Dr. Devi Shetty – Founder and Chairman, Narayana Health, Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw – Executive Chairperson and Founder, Biocon, Dr. Paul C Salins – Medical Director and Sr. Vice-President, Mazumdar Shaw Medical Centre and Mr. Viren Shetty – Executive Director and Group COO, Narayana Health.

The dedicated Regenerative and Hyperbaric Medicine department will offer Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), one of the most evolved, yet underutilized treatment options. In this modality, therapeutic administration of oxygen (100% pure oxygen) is given in a pressurized environment. This makes it possible oxygen to be carried not only by the Red blood cells but also in a freely dissolved state significantly increasing the availability of oxygen to tissues. Disease processes, infections and age-related changes often respond poorly to conventional treatment because of the underlying problem of poor blood and oxygen availability to tissues.

Some of the conditions that can be treated using Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) are wound care, treatment-refractory infections, post-radiation fibrosis, memory loss associated with cognitive decline, dementia cancer-related complications to name a few. It is also used by famous athletes like LeBron James and even pop stars like Madonna and Justin Bieber for its regenerative benefits. (Ref)


The treatment consists most importantly a very careful medical assessment to check for suitability for breathing pressurised oxygen. Each treatment session takes place in a small chamber fitted with comfortable seats very much like those on an aircraft and also feels very similar to a flight with a gradual increase in pressure initially and towards the end of the session ! The duration is for 60 to 90 minutes and a qualified technologist is always in attendance to ensure safety, comfort and give reassurance. Narayan Health is very happy to offer this modality in Bangalore which for many people can be truly life transforming.

About Narayana Health City, Bengaluru:

Narayana Health City is located in Bommasandra, Bengaluru. It is comprised of Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences (NICS), a super specialty hospital for cardiology and cardiac surgery, and Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center (MSMC), a multispecialty hospital for cancer care, neurology, neurosurgery, nephrology, urology, and advanced multidisciplinary intensive care unit (MICU).

Indian School of Hospitality makes IMPACT in Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts education

Gurugram (Delhi NCR), India

Indian School of Hospitality (ISH), one of Indias finest institutes for hospitality and culinary arts education announces their IMPACT (Integrated Mentorship, Partnership, Academic Collaboration & Training) initiative. It aims to introduce high school students to the diverse and rewarding field of hospitality and culinary arts, and the multitude of careers they can choose to pursue within the service and experience industry. Through this initiative, ISH also addresses an apparent skill and capability gap in the higher education space, and takes the ownership to build a progressive ecosystem focusing on enhancing knowledge transfer for school teachers, principals and counsellors.

ISH is part of Sommet Education, world leaders in hospitality management and culinary education, and features alongside the globally renowned École Ducasse, Les Roches and Glion brands. In achieving their mission of making global education more accessible and rewarding, ISH shares its curriculum and pedagogy with international institutes of repute such as École Ducasse, Les Roches and At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy.

The IMPACT series is a step forward in strengthening hospitality and culinary education in India, with the speaker sessions featuring both Indian and international faculty and industry experts. These experts will be sharing their insights, experience and learnings, and thoughts on a wide range of exciting topics. It is a great opportunity to hear first-hand from experts how the experience economy is evolving globally and why it’s a great time to pursue hospitality management and culinary arts.

The IMPACT initiative will help create opportunities and enable schools to benefit from ISH’s academic ecosystem, industry connect and training capabilities. As an institution built by industry pioneers and leaders, ISH takes it upon itself as a duty of care function to bring more awareness about the role of hospitality and service sector in the economy, and support students who will go on to become integral part of this sector tomorrow. This initiative creates opportunities for students to embrace new-age skills in line with the evolving demands in the industry, while providing a platform which enables interaction with industry leaders.

Kunal Vasudeva, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Indian School of Hospitality, commented: “The core objective of this enterprising move is to ensure that high-school students  are prepared for an immersive and global education way before they enter colleges. Through shared curriculums, pedagogy and philosophy with Les Roches and École Ducasse, we are moving forward in revolutionising hospitality management and culinary arts education in India. This initiative will help students gain better insight into the industry from an early age, and in the long term, boost the industry’s contribution in the overall growth of the economy. It will also enhance the long-term relationship between ISHs academic and industry ecosystem and schools, which will provide opportunities for learning and development on a much larger scale”.

About Indian School of Hospitality

Indian School of Hospitality (ISH) is an institute of higher education focused on reimagining hospitality education for today’s generation and tomorrow’s businesses. ISH is part of Sommet Education’s global network of 18 campuses across 8 countries. At its ultra-modern campus in Gurgaon (Delhi NCR), ISH offers degree as well as diploma and certificate programmes in hospitality management and culinary arts at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Their culinary programmes are offered with the expertise, know-how and industry recognition of the global École Ducasse brand, and hospitality management programmes are offered in alliance with Les Roches, one of the world’s leading hospitality business schools. Affiliated to Gurugram University, ISH is also the only Indian institute to hold an academic alliance with Asia’s leaders in culinary arts, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy, Singapore.



Health Department Faridabad organises free Covid vaccination drive at Omaxe World Street

Ramping up the continuous efforts against the evolving situation of Covid-19, Health Department Faridabad today kick-started the week-long vaccination drive along with District Red Cross Society, Faridabad at Omaxe World Street, Sector79, Greater Faridabad. The drive is scheduled from 21st January to 27th January 2022. The week-long drive commenced in the honourable presence of Mrs. Sushma Gupta, Vice-President, Red Cross Haryana who graced the event as the Chief Guest. Besides, Mr. Harjinder Singh, SMO, Faridabad, Dr. Maan Singh, Deputy CMO, Faridabad, Mr. Vikas Kumar, Secretary, Red Cross, Mr. Purshotam Saini, Dy. Superintendent, Red Cross Society Faridabad and Mr. Vimal Khandelwal, District Coordinator of Faridabad, Red Cross Society marked their presence as special guests at the event.

The 1st and second 2nd dose of Covishield are being administered at the vaccination drive. Covaxin is being administered to children and booster dose to those eligible. People can directly walk-in at the venue between 10 am to 4 pm and receive the jab seamlessly. The initiative is in line with continuing the past drives organised at Omaxe World Street which received overwhelming response and people appreciated such endeavours of facilitating the seamless vaccination process.

All the necessary precautionary measures including masks, physical distancing, hand sanitization etc. are being ensured at the venue. The team of medical experts was also present for post-jab supervision and extra care during the entire event.

Express interview with PT Usha: 7 facts we bet you didn’t know about the ‘Queen of Speed’

PT Usha, the undisputed queen of the track and field, is a sports icon and an inspiration to many. Known for her humble beginnings, determination and hard work, PT Usha has won hearts across the globe. She was recently spotted in a never-seen-before avatar featuring in a KFC campaign film, to launch their new Express pick-up service with a 7-minutes promise. In the film she doubled-up as a high-speed chef, preparing and packing an Express pick-up order in 7-minutes. Because when it comes to speed, who better than PT Usha to launch an express service!

And like the KFC 7-minutes promise, here are 7 quick things we bet you didn’t know about the Payyoli Express:


  1. She defeated all the boys she practiced with: When PT Usha was young, and had just started training, her coach would try to make her practice with boys younger than her, but most of them would refuse to run against her, because most of the time she ended up beating them. 


  1. How she won her first national race is quite the story: PT Usha attended her first ever national championship in Trivandrum, and she was competing in the under 14, 100m race. At the starting block, the athlete to her left false started, which was marked to PT Usha as a foul and this happened one more with the athlete to her right, because of which she was disqualified from the race. But since she wasn’t at fault, and the audience raised a hue & cry about this, the race had to be repeated, which of course she won! No harm, no foul indeed.


  1. Speed is her mantra – even when it comes to cooking: Speed is something we invariably associate with PT Usha, but did you know she’s equally fast in the kitchen? PT Usha loves cooking and is quite the talented chef. When in the kitchen, she loves cooking, especially recipes from Kerala, and can fix a full-fledged meal within merely 30 mins. This includes fish curry, vegetable curry and fish fry or chicken fry, rice with papad. *Mind blown* 


  1. PT Usha loves fried chicken: Not many may know, but the Golden Girl of India loves KFC’s Hot and Crispy Chicken. When travelling overseas for international competitions, PT Usha preferred eating at KFC, as it was easy to find in new locations, and felt familiar.  In fact, she has always been fond of KFC, and a fan of its signature taste and also appreciates how easily accessible the brand is. Even now, when travelling abroad, she seeks out a KFC for a quick bite of her favourite chicken.


  1. Gardening is her jam: From running through the lush green landscapes in Kerala, to nurturing some of her own plant babies. PT Usha is a plant parent and loves to do some gardening when off the track.  


  1. She’s inspiring many girls around her to realize their dreams to win medals for India: PT Usha started her all girls sports academy called Usha School of Athletics, in 2002 in Balussery, Kerala. Since then, the academy has produced two Olympians and won 79 international medals to this day.


  1. The one word that drives her that she would like young athletes to build into their dictionary for success: As one of the most celebrated, and legendary athletes in the country, her advice for youngsters and young athletes boils down to a singular word – Focus. She strongly believes that to never lose focus is to win. Working hard and staying dedicated to the dream that one has set out to achieve with pure focus, is her key to success.

Mercure Hyderabad KCP organizes a unique food pop up in association with The Tangra Project

The Mercure Hyderabad KCP brings an unique food pop up in association with “The Tangra Project”, which will showcase Kolkata’s distinctive cosmopolitan convergence of competing ideas, impulses, and tastes, inspiring artists, intellectuals, and yes, chefs. Calcutta’s best-known cuisine exports, Puchkas, Shrimp Paturi, Gondraj Fish & Chives Dumpling, and Anglo-Indian, may well be icons of the city’s enthusiasm, openness, and ingenuity. The Tangra Project is a homage to the quintessential cuisine culture of Kolkatta’s food paradise. 

Mercure Hyderabad KCP is always experimenting with new cuisine and delicacies to bring unique experiences for the foodies in Hyderabad. On similar notes, Mercure has organized a food offerings starting from December 10 to December 19, 2021 where all can enjoy this lip-smacking modern & old cuisine, curated by Chef Vikramjit Roy, the founder of “The Tangra Project”. This distinctive menu designed by him has something for everyone’s taste buds, from Mughlai food to Anglo-Indian specialities, from classic Bengali pearls to famous Indian-Chinese inspired by the Hakka community who migrated to India. The handcrafted menu features meals from Calcutta’s major culinary areas, as well as expertly picked delicacies from those locations.


Speaking about this exciting new concept, Chef Vikramjit Roy, chef of The Tangra Project and Co-founder said, “The Tangra Project is a structured balance of cuisine and nostalgia. Every element of the restaurant brings to the forefront, my love for Calcutta’s culture and the fact food is ingrained in the anatomy of the city. It’s like the circle of life for me.”


Speaking on the occasion, MrSoumitra Pahari, General Manager, Mercure Hyderabad KCP, said, “We are delighted to welcome the culinary legend Chef Vikramjit co-founder & Chef of “The Tangra Project” & his team to Mercure Hyderabad KCP to present an exclusive experience in Hyderabad. Chef Vikramjit, has been the torch bearer of the cuisine which showcases the food timeline of the old Calcutta & new Kolkatta. We look forward to welcome the food enthusiast to experience the handcrafted menu of various dishes, to tickle the palates of neighborhoods. We hope that all of our guests appreciate the food and ambience that we have curated for this food offering from 10th to 19th December.”