CanHeal (, a one-of-its-kind platform and e-commerce portal for all the life needs of cancer fighters & winners, today added a wide range of Darjeeling, Green and Herbal teas having health benefits for cancer fighters. CanHeal has tied up with Darjeeling Sips to offer a large variety of tea sourced directly from tea estates in Darjeeling and the surrounding areas. CanHeal has also added to its portfolio of accessories a range of Chemo Pillows and custom-designed Chemo Bag.


All In One Comfort Pillow by CanHeal


Explaining the additions to a wide range of products already available on the CanHeal portal, Anchal Sharma, Founder of CanHeal said, “CanHeal launched its e-commerce and community portal couple of months ago intending with an objective to offer all those products that cancer fighters and winners require to live their life with verve. During my fight against cancer, I came to know of the health benefits of tea in addition to its taste as I was always a fan of Darjeeling Sips sourced directly from tea estates that grow and brew a variety of tea in a socially responsible and planet-friendly way, hence the best fit for cancer fighters.”


“We have also added some smart products to our range of accessories – chemo bag that has been custom designed to hold all that is required during the day-long chemo sessions and pillows that include seat belt pillows, port pillow, armpit pillow and all-in-one comfort pillow to meet the cushioning needs arising due to cancer of different parts of the body. CanHeal is committed to continue adding new products to meet all the needs of cancer fighters at one source.”


Range of new products added to CanHeal e-portal:


  1. Darjeeling Tea – Darjeeling Tea is rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals and contains polyphonic compounds that inhibit the growth of cancer and stop tumour development. Darjeeling Sips offers 7 variants of Darjeeling tea – Standard Darjeeling Black tea, Small Farmer Red Oolong (2nd flush) tea, Muscatel (2nd flush) organic tea, Flowery (1st flush) organic tea, Spring Delight (1st flush) black tea, Mim Moon drop tea balls and Diamond (1st flush)

  2. Green tea is known to delay the onset of cancer and prevent it occurrence. Darjeeling Sips offers 5 flavours of Green tea – Peach Green Tea, Lavender Green Tea, Pepper Mint Green Tea, Tulsi Green Tea and Daily Green Tea

  3. Herbal teas are specially brewed for health benefits.


  1. Comfort Pillows – Handmade, filled with comfortable filling and having soft cotton cover. Puffy and comfortable to protect from any harsh impact on the affected area of the body.

  • Chest Port Long Seat-belt Pillow – for Mastectomy Breast Cancer, mastectomy or reconstruction

  • Hysterectomy Seat-belt Pillow – Tummy seat-belt pillow provides driving comfort after having a hysterectomy and other abdominal surgeries.

  • Small Square Handy Port Pillow – Suitable for patients having Port A Cath

  • Heart-shaped Armpit Pillow – Useful for post breast and unilateral mastectomy

  • All-in-one Comfort Pillow Pack – A combination of 6 comfort pillows that helps protect almost all the affected areas.


2. Chemo Bag – A light-weight bag made from pure cotton fabric in which one can hold everything one requires to carry for chemotherapy session – right from medical records, insurance card, driving license and even the items that one may require for comfort and to keep one engaged in the waiting period during a chemo session.


For more details, please refer to the Product Details.

CanHeal is in discussion with multiple brands to further expand the range of specially curated products for cancer fighters and winners.