Oregon Inventor of Safe Tie-Downs Leverages QVC Successes Reaches Sales Milestone

Innovative, Patented LoopRope® Tie-Down System Safer Than Bungee Cords While Providing Superior Cargo Integrity and Organization Capabilities

Orange Looprope

Orange Looprope

MEDFORD, Ore.Sept. 29, 2023PRLog — LoopRope®, LLC founder and CEO Jeff Dahl today revealed a Sunday, October 1st return appearance on popular shopping channel QVC. Scheduled from 10 p.m. – 12 Midnight Eastern Time, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. Pacific time, this will be Dahl and LoopRope’s 40th appearance on the shopping show over eight years. Quite the milestone. Their mutual story is a great example of a small-town inventor and entrepreneur with a good product finding sales success via digital outreach.

It all started over thirteen years ago on a trip to the dump when Oregon inventor, Jeff Dahl, got frustrated tying knots and using bungee cords to secure his stuff. He knew there had to be something better, something safer and easier to use – but he couldn’t find what he needed on any shelves or in any catalogs. He envisioned a single rope with loops in it enabling users to clip loops together to create tension. So driven by concerns around personal safety and cargo integrity he designed a new tie-down system, LoopRope®, that met his needs, and was safer, more effective and easier to use than standard tie-downs including bungee cords.

LoopRope® is manufactured from one continuous piece of shock cord fastened together to create permanent loops. Each patented LoopRope® comes with two, dual-sided, stainless steel carabiners. One 5-foot tie-down gives users 10 custom tie-down lengths and over 18 attachment points. Additionally, multiple LoopRopes can be linked together so users can create a cargo net of any size, whenever and wherever they like.

“We’ve worked for years to build the relationship with QVC necessary to make this happen,” said Jeff Dahl, founder and creator of the original LoopRope® tie-down product line. “The company successfully competed in QVC’s “Sprouts” company competition and we were invited back after being voted the ‘most wished for’ product by QVC viewers. Since that time, we’ve been on the show forty times. Last year we sold 70,000 products via the channel, and this year QVC has ordered 110,000. Surpassing the 100k mark, crushing it really, is a remarkable sales milestone. We’re on track to hit the half million mark of combined sales sometime this year.”

QVC Sprouts® was initiated in March of 2012 by QVC and the United Inventors Association (UIA), and allows new products to compete with each other for a chance to be featured on the QVC website and ultimately, QVC TV.

For Dahl, a small-town inventor and now manufacturer, and for the LoopRope® product line, QVC and Dahl’s subsequent relationship with Amazon have made all the difference in terms of sustainable sales. That has enabled the company to enter a variety of profitable vertical niche markets with high demand for tie-down systems. Vertical markets like: camping and outdoor recreation; hunting and fishing; RVing and road travel; transportation and trucking; watercraft and boating; and even landscaping and building contractors with gear and materials to tie down.

“It’s no wonder LoopRope® is so popular,” said Dahl. “Consumers keep finding new and unique ways to use the clever and safe tie-down system, like the father who loaded up his daughter’s room for the trip to college, then left her the LoopRope® to tie-down and haul her college sports gear around campus.”

About LoopRope®, LLC
Founded in 2009 by Jeff Dahl in Medford, Oregon, LoopRope®, LLC was conceived out of frustration and need. A regular guy with lots of “guy gear,” Dahl was not inclined to tie knots, and bungee cords are simply too messy, unreliable and dangerous to use. After much research and about fifty prototypes, Dahl invented the LoopRope® tie-down system; made of one continuous piece of shock cord fastened together to create  permanent loops. Now patented, LoopRope® comes in a variety of lengths and colors including its traditional orange and black, and new camo and all black versions.

Visit the website  http://www.looprope.com for more details

Dream Foundation Hosts The No Gala Gala to Raise Critical Funds

The online No Gala Gala will be held in place of an in-person event and allows everyone to take part in fulfilling final Dreams

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.Sept. 28, 2023PRLog — In place of its usual in-person fall event, Dream Foundation is to host The No Gala Gala, a non-event that starts on Friday, October 27th and ends on Wednesday, November 1, 2023. Supporters will be invited to bid on an online auction and donate funds to help make Dreams come true for terminally-ill adults across the country and Puerto Rico.

Faced with a dramatic surge of Dream applications, Dream Foundation has opted to host the online non-event in place of its customary in-person event this year. The No Gala Gala can be enjoyed from the comfort of one’s home and 100% of funds raised from the non-event will go directly to granting Dreams.

Auction highlights include lunch in Los Angeles with legendary swimmer Diana Nyad, whose triumphant life will be explored in NYAD, a film scheduled to release October 20, 2023, starring Jodie Foster and Annette Benning, a private lesson in character design for animation with Emmy Award winning animation artist, Andy Suriano, a personalized video message from remarkable actor, producer, director and Dream Foundation Ambassador, Rob Lowe, as well as vacation packages in New York City, Maui, and St. Barths.

While the event is imaginary, the need is real. A final Dream come true brings joy, comfort and closure to someone facing the end of life and their loved ones and funds raised from the non-event will make Dreams come true over the following months.

Visit https://www.dreamfoundation.org/event/no-gala-gala/ for more information about how to give, bid, and be a part of bringing final Dreams to life for terminally-ill adults.

Dream Foundation thanks those who have already given to the fulfillment of final Dreams. Legacy Sponsor – Kenny & Elizabeth Slaught, Joy Sponsors – Tim & Louise Casey; Roger & Robin Himovitz; Wells Hughes, Arlington Financial Advisors; David J. Nygren, PhD, Nygren Consulting, Dream Sponsors – Larry & Wendy Barels; Andrew & Elizabeth Butcher; Justine Roddick & Christina Schlieske; Trudy Smith, Honor Sponsors – Jeanne & David Hoffman; Amy & Mike Mayfield; Meghan & Bob Stoll, Connection Sponsors – Jen & Skip Abed; Stuart & Deborah Fuss; Claude Raffin, and Generous Sponsors – Keith & Gina Burnett; Judith Grimaldi; Lynn Kirst; Dave Koz; Debbie Natelson; Marc & Kimberly Simon; Shannon Waddington; Parm Williams.

About Dream Foundation

Dream Foundation, the only national dream-granting organization for terminally-ill adults, fulfills final Dreams that provide inspiration, comfort and closure at the end of life. With the support of a nationwide network of volunteers, hospices, health care organizations and committed donors, Dream Foundation has given life to more than 34,000 final Dreams since being founded in 1994. Dream Foundation receives no state or federal funding—we rely solely on private donations. To support our mission, please visit DreamFoundation.org/donate.

L-Tron to Support Educational Forensics Joint Conference Hosted by the NC, TN, GA IAI Divisions

ASHEVILLE, N.C.Sept. 28, 2023PRLog — The L-Tron team will be attending the NC, TN, GA IAI Joint Educational Forensics Conference at Harrah’s Cherokee Resort and Conference Center from October 2-5, 2023. The Conference, which will be co-hosted by the International Association for Identification (IAI) Divisions of Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, is geared toward detectives, crime scene investigators, forensic scientists, and other public safety professionals. L-Tron will demonstrate and exhibit the OSCR360 System for Crime Scene Investigation and Prosecution.

The IAI is an organization committed to the collection and preservation of evidence. At this year’s Conference, Keynote Speaker, Dr. David Snively, will present, “Forensic Leadership: Managing at Every Level.” Throughout the event, the vendor hall will remain open and attendees are also encouraged to attend the many presentations and workshop sessions. The Conference will close with a powerful speaker, Mr. George Brauchler, Esq, as he discusses how he obtained a conviction and served justice in the high-profile Aurora Colorado Movie Theater Shooting that killed 12 and left 70 injured.

L-Tron has supported many international and regional IAI conferences over the years, both as a vendor and by sending guest speakers to provide presentations and teach workshops. This year, L-Tron’s Andrew McNeill and Julianne Pangal will be available at Booth #106 to show how the OSCR360 system captures, stores and presents crime scenes in 360-degrees.

OSCR360 (https://www.L-Tron.com/OSCR360) is first on the scene, capturing comprehensive 360-degree spherical images to preserve and document each case. As the investigation continues, OSCR360 incorporates each piece of digital evidence into an OSCR project, resulting in a unique virtual walkthrough of the scene and all its evidence. With OSCR360, investigators, detectives, and command staff can virtually revisit the scene over and over. In the courtroom, prosecutors and witnesses can show the jury exactly where the crime occurred and all evidence, leaving no detail to the imagination.

Hundreds of agencies nationwide are using OSCR360 for investigation and prosecution purposes, as well as for active shooter and emergency preparedness at schools and for law enforcement training courses.

Additional Information

The International Association for Identification (IAI) is recognized around the globe for its advancement of forensics through education. To discover more about the 2023 NC, TN, GA IAI Joint Educational Forensics Conference visit, https://nciai.com/conference.html.

About L-Tron Corporation

For over two decades, L-Tron has partnered with public safety agencies to provide technology solutions built from your voice. We are a proud New York State business and we are honored to “Back the Blue” in our own state, as well as in all 50 states nationwide, through a variety of educational events, non-profit sponsorships, and more. Your feedback matters, “Your Success is our Purpose.”

Dementia Does Not start in the Brain Reveals the shockingTruth about the Alzheimer’s Profit Motive

Contact: Patrick S. Smith CEO, Brain Love Health, Inc Psmith@brainlovehealth.com New Book “Dementia Does Not Start in the Brain” by Healthcare Industry Veteran Patrick Smith Reveals a Shocking Examination of the Profit-Driven Healthcare System

Blh Logo

Blh Logo

PALM BEACH, Fla.Sept. 27, 2023PRLog — New Book “Dementia Does Not Start in the Brain” by Healthcare Industry Veteran Patrick Smith Reveals a Shocking Examination of the Profit-Driven Healthcare System

Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. September 27, 2023  Patrick S. Smith a distinguished 45-year veteran of the healthcare industry, has just released his groundbreaking exposé, “Dementia Does Not Start in the Brain.” In this eye-opening book, Smith provides a deeply cynical perspective on a healthcare system that appears to prioritize financial gain over the health and well-being of its population, highlighting how it perpetuates chronic illness rather than embracing prevention methodologies known to enhance the quality of life.

Smith’s provocative narrative delves into the alarming reality that our dietary habits are contributing to widespread health issues, all while serving as a lucrative endeavor for various stakeholders, including the insurance industry, hospital systems, the medical community, lawyers, and pharmaceutical giants. “The whole system complements each other’s interests,” Smith asserts, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship that perpetuates the status quo.

The book underscores the prevailing approach of treating diseases and managing symptoms, often neglecting the root causes and the proven effectiveness of lifestyle changes. “A sick society is a profitable enterprise,” Smith comments, shedding light on the inherent financial interests that thwart genuine healthcare reform.

Smith expresses skepticism about the prospects of reform, citing the substantial influence of lobbying, special interest groups, and the considerable sums of money involved. “Dementia Does Not Start in the Brain” serves as a clarion call for a paradigm shift in healthcare, advocating for a pragmatic approach that could usher in a new era of health and wellness for society.

Against this backdrop, Smith focuses on the failures in addressing Alzheimer’s disease. Drawing from 25 years of experience in research and healthcare leadership, he exposes the manipulation of data, research, and profit-seeking practices plaguing the fight against this debilitating condition. “Dementia Does Not Start in the Brain” guides readers through the labyrinth of drug development setbacks, suppression of innovative research, the questionable allocation of research funding, and unchecked greed.

Patrick Smith is renowned for his innovation and commitment to finding solutions that enhance quality of life, reduce healthcare costs, and improve outcomes for countless individuals. In response to the critics who resist systemic change, Smith bravely declares, “Of course, the critics do not like systemic change that disrupts the status quo, so I am accustomed to taking arrows to the back.”

“Dementia Does Not Start in the Brain” promises to be a thought-provoking and impactful exploration of the healthcare system’s complexities and challenges, offering readers a unique perspective from an industry veteran who is unafraid to challenge the prevailing norms.

The book is now released and is  available at  Amazon and major bookstores and online retailers worlwide.

Jennifer Steffens, PE Joins Opti Software for Stormwater Solutions as Vice President of Marketing

Jennifer Steffens

Jennifer Steffens

BOSTONSept. 26, 2023PRLog — OptiRTC (https://optirtc.com), the leader in forecast-based control of distributed stormwater infrastructure through cloud-based solutions, has announced that Jennifer Steffens, PE has joined the company as Vice President of Marketing and Alliances.

In her new role at Opti Steffens will play an instrumental role within the executive leadership team. Widely recognized for her innovative leadership in the digital water industry, she brings more than 20 years of water management experience to her role. Her responsibilities encompass crafting and executing visionary marketing strategies, pinpointing opportunities, delineating target audiences, and optimizing diverse marketing channels to not only meet but consistently surpass organizational objectives.

Prior to joining Opti Steffens was a Director of Strategy and Marketing for Suez in North America. Her experience includes serving as Client Solutions Architect for Xylem and as Client Services Manager for Pure Technologies. She was also a Regional Regulatory Manager for Contech.

Steffens earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Duke University. She is a Founding Partner and Board Member for WaterRising Institute whose mission is to make water management inclusive for all genders. She recently collaborated with UN Women on the Spotlight on Sustainable Development Goals with the paper “From Commodity to Common Good: A Feminist Agenda to Tackle the World’s Water Crisis.” Steffens holds Professional Engineering licenses in Missouri, Georgia and Maryland.

“With her unwavering commitment to excellence and a remarkable track record of steering organizations toward success, Jennifer stands as a visionary leader poised to leave a lasting imprint on the water industry,” said David Rubinstein, CEO of Opti. “Jennifer’s experience and leadership will position Opti to better assist our clients in safeguarding their communities and ensuring a safer and more resilient future.”

Opti provides a cloud-based platform with solutions that enable Continuous Monitoring and Adaptive Control (CMAC) of wet weather management systems. CMAC implementation provides economic savings, improves community resilience, and enables peace of mind for stormwater managers. Opti is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aliaxis, a world leader enabling access to water and energy through inventive fluid management solutions. Operating in over 40 countries with 14,000+ employees their pipes and fitting systems meet their customers’ most demanding needs for the building, infrastructure, industrial and agriculture sectors.

About OptiRTC

Opti is a leading provider of cloud-based stormwater management solutions, empowering communities with real-time visibility and adaptive control. Their platform enables users to monitor wet weather data in real time, swiftly respond to changing conditions, and optimize asset performance. With over 170 deployments and 110 million gallons of stormwater storage managed, Opti demonstrates scalability and regulatory compliance. Opti is at the forefront of stormwater innovation, continuously improving management practices, reducing environmental impact, and enhancing urban living quality. Opti’s solutions have been approved for use by regulators in multiple jurisdictions including the Chesapeake Bay Program and its member states, and the Washington State Department of Ecology TAPE program, among others. For additional information please call (844) 678-4782 or visit www.optirtc.com.

Gravis Law Responds to Address Surging Blockchain-Related Litigation with New Digital Assets Dispute

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