L-Tron & OSCR360 Return from NDAA Summer Summit – Focused on the “Digital Prosecutor” 

VICTOR, N.Y.Aug. 9, 2022PRLog — The L-Tron team recently returned from a successful trip to the National District Attorney Association’s (NDAA) Summer Summit in Denver, CO which took place July 18th & 19th 2022. Trevor DiMarco and Julianne Pangal represented L-Tron at the Summit, showcasing L-Tron’s OSCR360 technology. OSCSR360 software aids prosecutors before and during trials, with the ultimate goal of serving justice and obtaining convictions.

This year’s Summit, “The Evolution of the Digital Prosecutor,” focused on the use of technology in both the District Attorney’s Office and in the courtroom. One of the Summit sessions, titled “Using Technology to Increase Persuasion and Juror Understanding: The Visual Trial,” spoke volumes about the need for jurors to understand the facts of a case and to be engaged during the trial. Visual tools and new courtroom technology may be necessary tools for prosecutors to continue serving justice and closing cases with convictions.

By using OSCR360 for courtroom presentations and trial prep, Prosecutors are able to virtually bring the crime scene into the courtroom with a digital walkthrough of the case and any digital evidence. OSCR projects are fully admissible in court. OSCR serves as a digital “briefcase” in which investigators and prosecutors can organize each piece of digital evidence. Come trial, OSCR simplifies and improves the process of presenting in the courtroom. The system is also an effective tool in the plea deal process.

“The NDAA Summer Summit was a highlight for our team,” says Julianne Pangal, from L-Tron. “We enjoyed meeting prosecutors, district attorneys and investigators from across the country and appreciate the work they do on a daily basis. It was exciting to see how OSCR360 can help them accomplish their goals. We also love to learn from them and hear their feedback.”

About L-Tron

For over two decades, L-Tron has partnered with thousands of government and law enforcement organizations across the country. We are pleased to sponsor, and speak at educational conferences, as well as support non-profit public safety organizations. Founded in 1975, L-Tron collaborates closely with its current and prospective clients to deliver the solutions they need to be successful. Discover more about L-Tron’s OSCR360 system here: https://www.L-Tron.com/OSCR360

Additional Information

For additional information about NDAA, including upcoming events, visit https://ndaa.org/.

2022 Ocean County College Foundation Scholarship Celebration honors The Wintrode Family Foundation

The Wintrode Family Foundation was celebrated for its continued support of Ocean County College and the Ocean County College Foundation, as well as its generous contributions to the community.

Tim Wintrode, Lisa Wintrode and David Wintrode.

Tim Wintrode, Lisa Wintrode and David Wintrode.

TOMS RIVER, N.J.Aug. 9, 2022PRLog — Former President Calvin Coolidge once said, “No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the award for what he gave.” A shining example of this is The Wintrode Family Foundation, an honoree at the 2022 Ocean County College Foundation Scholarship Celebration. The Wintrode Family Foundation was celebrated for establishing the Roberta W. Windrode Memorial Fund, along with its many generous contributions to the community. The event was held on Friday, June 24 at Ocean County College Campus Mall.

The Ocean County College Foundation also honored Rosann Bar, Ph.D., and Patricia Gianotti, Ph.D., L.C.A.D.C. for their contributions to the Addictions Counseling Program and commitment to OCC, and Alison Noone, MBA, for outstanding dedication to the operation of the Helping Hands Food Pantry.

“This evening, we come together to celebrate our honorees and to give thanks to their families for allowing them to share their light with us,” said Kenneth J. Malagiere, Executive Director of the Ocean County College Foundation. “We come together to give thanks to our college community, students, faculty, and staff who made this place a place to feel welcome… a place to feel at home.”

During the event, The Wintrode Family Foundation was honored for its continued support of Ocean County College and the Ocean County College Foundation, and generous contributions to the community.

“http://www.prlog.org/”In 2021, The Wintrode Family Foundation made a $2 million gift to the OCC Foundation, establishing the Roberta W. Wintrode Memorial Fund, to honor the memory of a devoted wife, mother, grandmother and friend,” said Malagiere. “Roberta’s love for education, biology, nursing and the arts was present in every aspect of her career and avocation. This donation is intended to immediately impact Ocean County College students by providing support of and access to opportunities of educational and intellectual value right here at OCC.”

The Wintrode Family Foundation’s annual support also includes underwriting OCC’s very successful Blauvelt Speaker Series and fully funding its Summer Community Arts and Music Program Camp. Presently, David C. Wintrode serves as a dedicated Board Member, Chair of the OCC Foundation Investment Committee and Chair of the $25 Million Legacy Campaign.

Roberta and David’s son Tim Wintrode graciously accepted the honor on behalf of The Wintrode Family Foundation alongside his brother David and sister Lisa.

“The growth of this institution just in my lifetime has been amazing,” said Tim Wintrode. “And the fact that we can be a part of this is very impressive to us and it’s very special to us and we thank you for that. That growth is obviously due to people like Allison, Dr. Bar and Dr. Gianotti and we thank you for everything you do for this institution.”

Wintrode also paid reverence to his late mother Roberta. “Education and the arts were very important to her,” he said. “In a household built on business, she always appreciated the arts and its ability to inspire all of us.”

About Causeway CARes

Causeway CARes’ mission is to make a direct and profound impact in and around Ocean County in the areas of education, food security and quality of life. Founded in 2004 and funded by the Wintrode Family Foundation, Inc., Causeway CARes strives to make the community a better place to live grow and thrive. To learn more, visit https://causewaycares.com.

Safer Products Use Digital Engineering & Agile Processes

This free webinar will show how PLM and digital twins can help manage the safety-critical elements of a product when combined with real-time data analytics.

CIMdata Webinar for September

CIMdata Webinar for September

ANN ARBOR, Mich.Aug. 9, 2022PRLog — CIMdata, Inc., the leading global PLM strategic management consulting and research firm, announces an upcoming free educational webinar, “Safer Complex Products use Digital Engineering and Agile Processes.” The webinar will occur on Thursday, 8 September 2022, at 11:00 a.m. (EDT) and will last for one hour.

Product complexities are increasing as they become more computer controlled, with some emerging automation. Digital engineering can assist operational feedback for faster, higher-quality product development and manufacturing. PLM and digital twins can help manage the safety-critical elements of a product when combined with real-time data analytics. The use of the Digital Twin after mass production is not discussed as much as it should be. In 2021 CIMdata presented the idea. Here in 2022, we continue the discussion, especially around assuring safety.

The historic validation processes driven by manufacturing robust, durable products are being augmented, even expanded, by the inclusion and expansion of applications that change after the product is in the customer’s possession. Product complexity is proportionally increasing with more embedded electronics and application software. Managing the risks within field upgrades can be improved with PLM, digital twins, and real-time data analytics. This webinar will show how effective data analytics combining digital twins (managed in PLM) with experience measures (IoT in the operations) will improve product safety.

Attendees at this webinar will:

  • Learn how and why CIMdata’s PLM definition covers the complete lifecycle, including operations.
  • Understand more about PLM market growth in electronics design, modeling, simulation, and foundry certification.
  • Understand how an operational digital twin can contextualize data, making validation manageable.
  • Learn why organizations need to change as products become services and how PLM can ease this evolution.

According to Craig Brown, a CIMdata Executive Consultant and the host for this webinar, “Based on CIMdata’s 2022 market research, electronics design and features authoring, realized mostly with embedded controls software, continues to lead revenue growth across the PLM solution providers. OEMs must make sure their products continue to remain safe with upgrades. It is possible product safety will improve as new usage scenarios are understood, and upgrades are identified to improve a product’s ability to handle these newly discovered usage scenarios. This trend will continue to increase as features are realized with more software, with upgrades throughout the lifetime of a product.”

This webinar will interest anyone who needs to understand how PLM will help improve product safety or who strongly needs to assure product safety relies more on computer-based methods and tools to assess and ensure robust product operations. Solution providers looking for the framework to help product developers manage the complete lifecycle will also find it helpful.

To find out more, visit: https://www.cimdata.com/en/education/educational-webinars/webinar-safer-complex-products-use-digital-engineering-and-agile-processes. To register for this webinar, please visit https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/7893241562850953996.

El servicio como producto llega a Panamá

Equipo De Camarounds En Panama

Equipo De Camarounds En Panama

PANAMA CITYAug. 9, 2022PRLog — Justo antes de la pandemia, Walmart, el gigante americano de los grandes almacenes, llegaba a un acuerdo comercial con Handy (ahora Angi Homeservices), el mayor marketplace de servicios para el hogar del mundo. El objetivo de Walmart era ofrecer a sus clientes paquetes de servicios estandarizados que podían venderse tanto en tiendas como en su sitio web como si fuera un producto más. El mismo concepto llega ahora a Panamá de la mano de Multimax, líder en línea blanca y tecnología, que ha llegado a un acuerdo comercial con Camarounds, una startup panameña lanzada a finales de 2020 que aspira a ser el Angi latinoamericano.

Con esta alianza, Multimax puede ofrecer a sus clientes, utilizando la red de profesionales de Camarounds, la instalación de una TV desde $60 y el mantenimiento de equipos de línea blanca desde $65.97. Dicho servicio puede comprarse directamente en las tiendas, permitiendo al cliente elegir el horario que mejor le convenga en cualquier día de la semana.

“Nuestra intención es aportar una experiencia sin igual a nuestros clientes y todas las garantías de un gran producto y una instalación bien hecha. Camarounds nos aporta inmediatez y la capacidad de ofrecer estos servicios de manera casi ilimitada. Sin embargo, lo que más valoramos es la calidad de sus profesionales, que ya han sido altamente calificados previamente por antiguos clientes en su plataforma” – indicó Astrid Martínez, Asistente de Presidencia. “Esto nos da la seguridad de ofrecer un servicio de calidad y cumplir con las expectativas de nuestros clientes”. La señorita Martínez también precisó que el servicio estará disponible, de momento, sólo en Ciudad de Panamá y que el porfolio de servicios se irá ampliando progresivamente.

“Para más del 50% de los clientes, una correcta instalación es una preocupación más importante que la garantía o el mantenimiento”

“Estamos muy felices por la confianza depositada por una empresa líder como Multimax. Esta alianza además tiene mucho sentido. Al poco de nuestro lanzamiento, recibimos en nuestra App numerosas solicitudes de servicios de instalación con fotografías de equipos nuevos en los estantes de grandes almacenes. Decidimos hacer un estudio de mercado y nos dimos cuenta de que, para más del 50% de los clientes que quieren comprar un aire acondicionado, una televisión o un abanico, una correcta instalación es una preocupación más importante que la garantía o el mantenimiento.” – comentaba Luis Felipe Saldaña, CTO de Camarounds. “Nos dijimos que, si en Estados Unidos estaba pasando, teníamos que conseguir lo mismo en Panamá. Creemos que añade mucho valor tanto a los clientes, como a Multimax o a nuestros profesionales”.

El equipo de Camarounds también comentó que esperan que esta alianza permita aportar el conocimiento suficiente para iniciar su expansión internacional.

Sobre Multimax

Creada en 1997, Multimax es una empresa panameña dedicada a la venta de tecnología. Cuenta con 7 sucursales ubicadas en los puntos más importantes de Panamá: Los Pueblos, Los Andes, La Chorrera, Tumba Muerto, Calle 50, Albrook Mall, Westland Mall y Chiriquí. Cuenta con una selección de productos de las marcas más reconocidas ofreciendo productos como laptops, impresoras, routers, puntos de acceso, consolas, juegos, aires acondicionados, línea blanca, TV y electrodomésticos.

Sobre Camarounds

Empresa tecnológica panameña creada en 2020 que permite la contratación rápida y segura de servicios de remodelaciones, albañilería, aire acondicionado, electricidad, plomería y limpieza, entre otros. Cuenta con una red de más de 1.000 profesionales verificados en Ciudad de Panamá y David.


Tarps Now Announces Informational Circular for use of Clear Vinyl Tarp Solutions

Clear Vinyl Tarps

Clear Vinyl Tarps

ST. JOSEPH, Mich.Aug. 8, 2022PRLogTarps Now® is pleased to announce the release of a new informational circular focused on the use of Clear Vinyl Tarps and Clear Vinyl Curtains for use in a variety of residential, business, commercial, industrial, warehouse, and construction applications.

Vinyl Tarps are highly effective and popular, due to the relative ease in installation, as well as being 100% waterproof, thus making them very easy to clean and disinfect in a wide variety of applications.

Made from extremely durable vinyl that generates crystal clear views of what is outside, Clear Vinyl Tarps and Vinyl Curtains are perfect for porches, patios, decks, entryways, and outdoor eating areas. It’s important to note their use in outdoor consumer based businesses.  For example, wine and beer gardens where these areas can be happily utilized without the issues and unpleasantness of rain, snow, cold, and wind. The clear protective products are also ideal for creating partitions, temporary walls, and other barriers for home, businesses, special events, construction, and manufacturing settings.

In addition to the mentioned uses, Clear Vinyl Tarps are great for camping, fishing, and hunting expeditions along with creating a temporary shelter or shield during emergency situations. Their clear views are excellent for purposes of covering equipment, materials, and supplies that you need to keep an eye on for safety and security reasons.  The applications are almost endless.

Clear Vinyl Tarps are waterproof and anti-microbial while also resisting UV rays, cold weather, chemicals, grease, rot, and mildew making for reliable and safe usage. Popular thicknesses for these products are 20 Mil (18 ounces per square yard material weight) and 30 Mil (27 ounces). There is also a 20 Mil Fire Retardant version. Clear Vinyl Tarps are fitted in double stitched hems with sturdy brass grommets equally spaced around the entire perimeter to quickly, easily, and securely tie them down.  For areas subject to wildfires, there are even fire retardant vinyl tarps that can be used in a wide variety of ways to protect home and property.

Product Information:













About Tarps Now®

Tarps Now®

features an extensive online catalog of heavy duty tarps,canvas tarps, poly tarps, custom tarps, vinyl tarps and industrial divider curtains. As specialists in custom canvas and vinyl tarps, they are the low-price leaders in their category. The company offers the convenience of fast, easy, online ordering as well as a knowledgeable staff to guide customers through the specification process insuring their project will be completed on time and in budget. Tarps Now® has the experience and scale to insure customer specifications are carefully followed and expectations exceeded for every project, large or small.

HERA: The Light of Women Joins with EarthID to Create an Equitable and Inclusive Society

HERA: The Light of Women has joined forces with EarthId to deliver on their vision of creating a hub for education, future literacy, and advanced human-centric technologies

NEW YORKAug. 8, 2022PRLog — HERA City project, part of HERA: the Light of Women organization, is focused on developing a smart GREEN city for the future of humanity, offering an open door for all genders, nationalities, and religions, with a strong theme honoring women around the world. The City will be a big visit card for the world and a place of study, reflection, debate, leisure, tourism, and a space to work and live, where technology will be at the service of human beings so that they can enjoy life and everything that technology offers.

EarthId is an award-winning Decentralized Identity enterprise. EarthID has industry leading capabilities viz., Decentralized identity with verifiable credentials, Digital ID wallets with selective data disclosure and Password less authentication using multi-model biometrics.

To achieve HERA’s vision, a working identity system that can operate on a global scale has become a precondition for ensuring equal opportunities in the global economy. A more decentralized and self-sovereign identity system, using verifiable credentials and access controls, is not only more flexible and efficient, but can contribute to securing fundamental human rights, especially in countries with unstable governments and fragile institutions.

This partnership is crucial for both Hera and EarthId as it is a stepping-stone to achieve social inclusion, a cause deeply important to both organizations.

We are very excited to be working alongside EarthId’s ground-breaking global decentralized identity platform. EarthId is secure, fast, highly scalable and simple to use, and is a breakthrough innovation in identity management and cybersecurity space.”

-Marianela Mirpuri, Founder and President, HERA: The Light of Women

“I’m proud to announce EarthId’s partnership with HERA: The Light of Women. It’s an exciting phase for the company and this partnership will bring myriad opportunities for us to showcase and deliver what we have envisioned”.

-Shiv Aggarwal, Chief Executive Officer at EarthId,

About HERA:

HERA: the Light of Women is a project for the global good, focusing on the future of humanity, particularly women and their empowerment, and to create the change that the world needs for the future of humanity. Hera City will be both a place to live and a meeting place for the education of humanity. Hera has Board Advisors and Ambassadors worldwide initiating projects to positively impact humanity and the planet.

To learn more about Hera, visit https://www.heracity.org

For further information or to arrange an interview with a Hera City spokesperson, contact Hera Media Group https://www.heramediagroup.com  at contact@heramediagroup.com

About EarthId:

EarthId is an award-winning Decentralized Identity platform that allows secure and frictionless exchange and verification of identity information. EarthId helps organization’s reduce identity frauds, optimize cost’s and drive sustainability, while empowering users with data ownership, privacy and consent.

To learn more about EarthId, visit EarthId – Award winning Decentralized Identity Management (https://www.myearth.id/)

For further information or to arrange an interview with a EarthId spokesperson, contact Tracy Smith at Tracy@myearth.id