Aalekh Foundation hosts 2nd edition of Women Achievers Awards, honouring inspirational contributors

Aalekh Foundation, a prominent non-profit organization dedicated to promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment, successfully hosted the second edition of the Women Achievers Awards at The Leela Palace, New Delhi. The event recognized and honoured women who have made remarkable contributions to society across fields and activities.

The Women Achievers Awards, an initiative by the Aalekh Foundation, celebrates the achievements and resilience of women who have excelled in their respective domains and inspired generations with their dedication and leadership. This year’s event showcased the foundation’s commitment to acknowledging and uplifting women who have made significant impacts in their communities and beyond.

The ceremony was marked by the presence of esteemed guests such as Attorney General of India Shri R Venkataramani , Justice Anil Dave Former Supreme Court Judge , oddisi exponent Sharon Lowen, Ex CBIC member Balesh Kumar , TV Anchor &  journalist Manish Awasthi , Former NBCC chairman Anoop Mittal , Former secretary MEA & DG ICCR Amarendra Khatua. Distinguished jury panel, including luminaries such as Ms. Neelam Pratap Rudy, Mr. DK Pathak, Mr. Prathap Suthan, Dr. Neera Agnimitra, and Mr. K P R Nair. Their invaluable insights and expertise contributed to the selection of deserving recipients for the Women Achievers Awards 2024.

Dr. Rennie Joyy, the visionary founder of the Aalekh Foundation, emphasized the importance of empowering women for the progress of nations and the world. In a statement regarding the awards, Dr. Joyy highlighted, “Empowering women is not just a moral imperative but a strategic necessity for the advancement of society. Women are integral to every aspect of our lives, and their contributions are invaluable. At Aalekh Foundation, we prioritize recognizing and celebrating the achievements of women who are shaping the future.”

The event featured two categories of awardees: Women Lifetime Achievers and Women Achievers. Notable recipients under Women Lifetime Achievers included Padmashri Bharti Shivaji, an Indian Classical Dancer, and Jill Carr Harris Co-founder of Ekta Mahila Manch.

Besides, Women Achievers included Asha Batra – Founder Trustee of the Indian Cinema Heritage Foundation; Garima Wahal – Screenwriter and Lyricist in Hindi Cinema; Sudha Raghuraman –Professional Carnatic Musician; Nalini Tyabji – Veteran Artist; Jahnabi Phookan – 37th National President of FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO); Aparna Rajagopal – Former Lawyer, Organic Farmer and Animal Rescuer; Prof. Bijaylaxmi Nanda – Principal of Miranda House; Dr. Mariam Afifa youngest woman Muslim – Neurosurgeon; Rina Dhaka – Fashion Designer; Padma Shri Gowri Lakshmi Bayi – Writer; SaskiaRao De Haas- Music Composer & Cello Maestro, Ms. N.S. Nappinai- Senior Advocate& Founder CyberSaathi  Kaabia and Sasha Grewal- Jewellery Designers; Sunita Pant Bansal – Veteran Mythologist and Storyteller; Ishita Mangal –Fashion Designer and Content Creator; Madhushree Basu Roy – Chef; Sonal Kalra – Journalist and Author; Anju Bobby George – Indian Olympic Athlete; Ekta Kundasingh Bisht – Indian Cricketer; Kinkini Dasgupta Misra – Scientist; Megha Kanera – Designer and Founder of Nadiyapar Brand.

In addition to the award ceremony, attendees were also entertained through inspirational speeches, musical performances, Sustainable Fabric Khadi  Fashion Show and networking opportunities, making the event a memorable and enriching experience.

The Women Achievers Awards 2024 not only honour the achievements of these remarkable women but also serve as a powerful catalyst for change, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps and contribute to a more equal and empowered society.

IIT Kanpur & NATRAX Join Forces to Tackle Vehicle Emissions

The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK) & National Automotive test tracks (NATRAX) announced the signing of a MOU to facilitate collaboration on the areas of Real Drive Emission (RDE) and Emission Norms, as well as other areas as deemed fit in the future. The MOU was signed by Dr. Manish Jaiswal, Director of NATRAX and Prof. Tarun Gupta, Dean, Research and Development, IIT Kanpur.


The groundbreaking partnership will transform the field of automotive research especially in the field of Vehicular Emissions. This strategic collaboration aims to work on the Emission Norms, especially towards the latest EU Standards and knowledge-sharing to create innovative solutions to be utilized by industry in the future.


Prof. Tarun Gupta, Dean of R&D, IIT Kanpur said, “The collaboration with NATRAX is a remarkable opportunity to bridge the gap between academic research and real-world application. Vehicular emissions are a critical area to be addressed for cleaner and more sustainable transportation solutions. By combining IIT Kanpur’s expertise in emissions research with NATRAX’s state-of-the-art testing facilities, we can accelerate the development of innovative solutions to meet the future needs of the automotive industry. This will also help us to empower the Indian automotive industry to compete on a global scale and nurture the next generation of automotive engineers and researchers.”


Dr. Manish Jaiswal, Director of NATRAX, said, “We believe that this collaboration will focus on developing technologies and platforms that can assist industry in design and real time test analysis of any automotive vehicle. The physical test of an automobile shall involve fact-checking, data analysis, and content curation. The partnership will prioritize transparency, accountability, and responsible use of technologies to ensure the highest standards maintained by automotive industry”.


Building on this MoU, future partnerships will be towards new regulations in the disposal of batteries, Engine and Flex Fuels and Safety related to Transportation. It was also mutually agreed to work towards developing internship programs for M.Tech students of IIT Kanpur at NATRAX.


IIT Kanpur is one of the premier institutes that provides meaningful education, conducts original research of the highest standard and provides leadership in technological innovation for the industrial growth of the country. IIT Kanpur imparts and undertakes cutting-edge research in various areas of science, engineering, design, management, and humanities.

Two Faculties at NMIMS Chandigarh SOC Awarded International Patent On Blockchain-based Technology: Has Applications in Financial Transaction Processing and Auditing

In a historic milestone, Dr. Hemant Bhanawat and Dr. Deepa Guleria, both Assistant Professors at NMIMS Chandigarh School of Commerce, were recently jointly awarded a patent titled, “Blockchain-based System of Secure Transaction Protocol for Efficient Financial Auditing of Large Organisations” by the German Patent and Trademark Office. Their innovation relates to Financial Transaction Processing and Auditing. It pertains to the application of Blockchain technology in the auditing of financial transactions within large organisations.


The field of financial auditing within large organisations currently consists of methodologies that are primarily manual, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Traditional financial auditing systems are heavily reliant on centralised databases. They have significant limitations in terms of efficiency, transparency, and security. Moreover, the centralised nature makes these systems vulnerable to fraud and cyber-attacks, and their manual components introduce risks of human error and inefficiency. There is an urgent need for auditing systems that are not only capable of handling large volumes of transactions but also provide robust security features, real-time data processing, and transparent audit trails in light of heightened regulatory demands and the sophisticated nature of financial crimes today.


The advent of blockchain technology has introduced new possibilities for enhancing security, transparency, and efficiency in various fields, including finance. Initially popularised by its application in cryptocurrencies, blockchain’s potential for broader financial applications, especially in auditing, is increasingly being recognised. However, the use of blockchain for auditing in a way that balances confidentiality with transparency remains largely unexplored and undeveloped.


The invention by Dr. Hemant Bhanawat and Dr. Deepa Guleria introduces a novel approach to financial auditing by employing a dual-layer blockchain architecture, encompassing both private and public blockchains, to enhance the security, transparency, and efficiency of financial transaction processing and auditing. The invention integrates advanced cryptographic techniques, smart contract automation, and user-friendly interfaces and also encompasses scalability and interoperability features, making it suitable for integration with a variety of existing financial systems and databases. The use of blockchain technology in this context represents a significant innovation in the fields of financial auditing, data integrity, and regulatory compliance, offering a robust solution for large organisations facing complex

auditing challenges in the digital age.


NMNIMS congratulates Dr. Bhanawat and Dr. Guleria on their stupendous achievement. Their innovation marks a significant development in the field of finance and business. It also asserts the School of Commerce’s pursuit to promote innovation and critical thinking on its campus.



CelerityX, the enterprise networking solutions business of OneOTT Intertainment Ltd. (OIL), India’s 4th largest private ISP and a subsidiary of Hinduja Global Solutions Limited, announced the launch of OneX – a unified network-as-a-service solution covering network management, security, and LAN-side control solution, today. As a start, it also announced deployment of OneX to tackle the connectivity challenges faced by cooperative credit societies in Maharashtra. Through a strategic partnership with Maharashtra State Cooperative Credit Societies Federation (MAFCOCS), it aims to enable secure and high uptime banking connectivity for over 40,000 branches in the state, with the potential to serve over 100,000 branches nationwide.

The banking sector often grapples with connectivity issues, especially in Tier 2 and 3 cities, where outdated systems fail to provide security against modern threats. OneX facilitates a paradigm shift- simplifying complexity with agility and security and its ability to leverage multiple WAN technologies, including mobile SIM, ensures high uptime, zero trust-based networks, and security across all locations.

Cooperative credit societies in Maharashtra who are a part of MAFCOCS will benefit from the alliance with OneX, streamlining connectivity by leveraging broadband and mobile SIM with firewalls and zero-radius perimeter security solutions to ensure security and uptime. More importantly, the OneX costing structure will benefit even the smallest of credit societies, who can avail of this essential service to prevent cyberattacks on their network infrastructure.

CelerityX has received its first order from Samta Sahakari Patasanstha for its branches in Maharashtra while conversations with various others are underway.

Om Prakash Dadaapa, also known as Kaka Koyate, president of MAFCOCS said, “Maharashtra has over 16,000 credit societies. These credit societies are increasingly becoming significant in their size and impact compared to cooperative and national banks. Many of them, in fact, have stronger assets under management (AUM) and financials than larger banks. This growth in assets also brings the responsibility of ensuring technology modernization for these credit societies to serve their customers better. While this technology transformation brings convenience to customers, it also exposes the credit societies’ infrastructure to cybersecurity threats and network intrusions. OneX addresses these challenges seamlessly – providing a Unified Threat Management Solution including network, firewall and endpoint security to all credit societies. Samta Sahakari Patasanstha has already taken a pioneering step by implementing OneX across its branches in Maharashtra. I strongly urge all other credit societies to follow suit and take advantage of this robust security solution”.

Sameer Kanse, Chief Business Officer of CelerityX added, “With OneX, we are democratising banking connectivity for cooperative credit societies. This partnership with MAFCOCS is a major step towards promoting financial inclusion and driving growth in the rural sector and we have our sights on expanding into other states facing similar challenges.”

With its robust infrastructure and scalable technology, OneX has the potential to connect over 100,000 branches across India. This empowers financial inclusion and equips banks with the network security needed to thrive in the digital age.

OneX proudly carries the ‘Make In India’ certification for its software defined WAN, providing true bandwidth aggregation and enables efficient utilisation without downtime or session termination during input source failures.

Earth Day 2024: RPG Group & its companies Champions Green Initiatives

RPG Group, one of India’s leading business conglomerates, reaffirms its commitment to environmental sustainability through a series of impactful initiatives across its various companies. The group has pledged to conserve, restore and grow one million trees by 2030, with 1t.org, a Geneva- based World Economic Forum platform. The choice of conserving and growing trees is a symbolic representation of the group’s focus on a green and clean environment.

CEAT Ltd., a flagship company under the RPG umbrella, is at the forefront of sustainability initiatives with its efforts to reduce carbon emissions and embrace renewable energy. In accordance with the national commitment of net zero emission by 2070, CEAT has proactively stepped up in emission management. With a vision to “Reduce Carbon Footprint by 50% by 2030,” CEAT has embarked on multiple initiatives to achieve this goal. These include increasing the use of renewable electricity by 40% by 2025, reducing water intensity by 50% by 2030, and aiming for 40% sustainable materials in tyre raw materials by 2030. CEAT has also prioritized manufacturing sustainability, with several factories certified by leading environmental organizations and adopting zero liquid discharge practices. CEAT’s efforts in digitisation and smart factory enablement with Industry 4.0 is creating a significant positive impact on resource and process efficiency.

Raychem RPG, another key player in RPG Group’s portfolio, involved in appliances, electrical, and electronics manufacturing, is committed to renewable energy and water conservation efforts. The company has installed solar power systems at its facilities, enhancing its cumulative renewable energy capacity up to 2081 kWp. Additionally, Raychem RPG has implemented rainwater harvesting ponds and surrendered its bore-well to central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) to reduce groundwater usage, showcasing its dedication to sustainable water management practices.

Harrisons Malayalam Limited, an integrated agricultural & plantation business, under RPG Group company focuses on biodiversity conservation, plastic-free zones, and reducing agrochemical usage. HML is continually improving the environmental performances by minimizing the consumption of natural resources, water harvesting and contributing to social forestation. As a part of HML sustainability policy, the company reduced the man-animal conflict in the farms by implementing various activities of wild life protection in association with Forest Department like ‘respecting Elephant corridor’, ‘no killing and hunting and trafficking of wild animals’ etc.

RPG Foundation, the philanthropic arm of RPG Group, is dedicated to environmental conservation. Through its nature:re initiative the foundation aims to preserve land and marine biodiversity while promoting regenerative agriculture practices. Most recently, RPG Foundation through nature:re has installed artificial reefs in Arabian Sea near the coast around Worli Koliwada. These reefs become a harbour for small and large native species, and act as a carbon sink as well as boost the livelihood of coastal communities at Worli Koliwada, once they mature. The foundation is also establishing a network of interconnected public parks and green zones from the Northern tip to Southern end of Mumbai to provide suitable habitats for native flora and fauna. In collaboration with associations of similar interest, RPG Foundation works to preserve and improve the natural environment in the bustling urban landscape of India, where green spaces are declining rapidly.

Through nature:re, RPGF is working towards rebalancing the ecosystem by giving back to earth through regenerative farming practices. Transition to regenerative agriculture is crucial as it promotes economic progress, food security and helps to reverse climate change.

BOULT’s Next Chapter Coming Soon: Set to Enter New Product Category

BOULT, India’s fastest-growing wearable tech brand, is set to redefine the audio space once again with the launch of a new category of products. This will mark a significant milestone for the brand as it will be the first time that BOULT is diversifying beyond the wearable segment.

As BOULT’s first foray into this new segment, this debut collection will symbolise the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and enhancing the audio experience for consumers nationwide. Designed with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, the devices promise to elevate home entertainment to unparalleled heights.


With a legacy of excellence in audio craftsmanship, the new segment is meticulously engineered to deliver immersive soundscapes that bring movies, music, and gaming to life. From thunderous bass to crisp highs, each device is crafted to deliver a captivating auditory experience that grips the senses and transforms any living space into a personal theatre.


Crafted to perfection, these sleek devices deliver premium sound quality, ensuring an immersive audio experience like never before..


Stay tuned as BOULT prepares to unveil the future of home  entertainment. Prepare to immerse yourself in sound like never before.