Adani University, Vjoist sign MOU to collaborate on academics and research

In a development aimed at fostering academic excellence and innovation, Adani University has partnered with Vjoist Innovation to offer unparalleled educational and research opportunities. The memorandum of understanding was inked by Prof. Dr. Ravi P Singh, Provost, Adani University, and Dr. Tasos Vasiliadis, Founder and CEO, JOIST Innovation Park, Greece.


Vjoist Innovation, a partnership between Joist Innovation Park, Greece, and Variman Global, India, was formed to bring deep technology products that meet and exceed the requirements and aspirations of industry and academia. The company focuses on creating diversified educational and training programmes.


Speaking on the collaboration, Prof. Dr. Ravi P Singh said, “In an effort to increase the footprint of Adani University and to create an ecosystem of innovation, entrepreneurship, 21st century skills and leadership in a multi-cultural environment, the partnership with Vjoist will become a landmark in collaborative industry-institute interface.”


Dr. Tasos Vasiliadis said, “The partnership with Adani University is more about shared aspirations, mutual trust, and the global footprint of professionals from both sides. It will help us in creating an ecosystem that embraces cutting-edge research and training to prepare students to become global leaders of tomorrow.”


Under the partnership, Vjoist will leverage JOIST Innovation Centre to provide unparalleled training facilities for students and faculty of Adani University. The agreement encompasses facilitating short-term and long-term student and faculty exchanges at partner universities worldwide. It aims to spearhead research and innovation initiatives, skill development programmes, and introduce emerging courses at the JOIST Centre or other collaborative organizations. It will also extend expertise by nominating faculty, researchers, and innovators for teaching, research, and training roles.


Adani University will establish a state-of-the-art training and innovation center in collaboration with Vjoist. It will provide top-notch facilities and accommodation for trainers, ensuring a conducive environment for learning and innovation. It will identify significant areas for joint research, designating Ph.D students to work alongside collaborators from Vjoist as co-guides. enriching the educational landscape with global perspectives and expertise.


Joist Innovation Park, the largest of its kind in Southeast Europe and the only one in Greece, signifies a forward-thinking collaboration designed to foster innovation and knowledge transfer across borders. It stands as a beacon of collaborative and innovative endeavours. Variman, a BSE-listed entity, plays a key role in the integration of IT hardware and services in the partnership, benefiting students and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.


FIIB’s 13th Responsibility Summit dives deep into sustainable future; unveils Responsibility Report 2023-2024 emphasizing action with responsibility

Reinforcing its commitment toward a sustainable future, the 13th Responsibility Summit of the Fortune Institute of International Business(FIIB) served as a benchmark in scale, participation, and knowledge-sharing. The historic summit touched upon the theme, “Nudge Forward: Empowering Change, Transforming Societies”, emphasizing the subtle yet profound shifts necessary for societal progress.


The event started with lighting the lamp, followed by an inaugural speech delivered by Prof Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director, FIIB, which highlighted the institute’s history of sustainable development that aligns with the philosophy of Mr R.K.Shrivastava, the founder of FIIB. Unveiling the Responsibility Report 2024, she discussed three key areas of responsible work at FIIB – teaching, operating activities, and community engagement. The event witnessed the participation of a distinguished and seasoned group of professional experts to exchange effective sustainability practices.


The guest of honour, Mr. Ratnesh Jha, Executive Director of U.N. Global Compact Network India, was presented with the Responsibility Award for leading sustainable development. Applauding the key initiatives FIIB is spearheading, he further encouraged the budding business professionals to prepare to meet the future needs of the industry. In his words, “Things you imbibe today here will shape the future of India”. Concluding his speech, he highlighted the importance of more private participation to achieve sustainable targets India has vowed in upcoming years. Echoing his views in the keynote address, Mr. Arpit Sharma, COO at Skill Council for Green Jobs, engaged in a lively interaction with students, providing valuable insights and opportunities in the booming Indian green industry. He further highlighted the key initiatives the Skill Council has taken and invited FIIBians to collaborate on the upcoming green projects.


The ‘Responsibility Pledge’ oath-taking ceremony was a key attraction of the summit. A decisive moment unfolded as students solemnly pledged to uphold responsibility and ethical conduct in their endeavours. Following the ceremony, the panel discussion on “Nudging for Good: Embracing Responsibility and Amplifying Social Impact” sparked thought-provoking conversations among industry experts and thought leaders. Moderated by Ms Divyani Diddi, Senior Choice Architect at Behavioural Insights Architecture & Strategy Private Limited, the session featured esteemed panellists including Ms Aditi A., Country Director at Girl Up, U.N. Foundation; Mr Milan George Jacob, Communication Specialist at Council on Energy, Environment and Water; Mr Pradeep Sangwan, Founder of Healing Himalayas; and Dr Kokil Jain, Dean of Research and Outreach at Fortune Institute of International Business, Delhi. The diverse expertise and perspectives brought by the esteemed panellists enriched the discussion and provided valuable insights into driving positive change through responsible actions.


The summit concluded with the students presenting their impactful contributions and valuable insights acquired during their Social Internships. The presentations demonstrated how their work aligned with the UNSDGs 4,5, 8, and 9 and emphasized potential intellectual contributions.


Some of the key sustainability initiatives carried out by FIIB to date include:


  1. In collaboration with the Haub School of Business, FIIB developed a sustainability dashboard to help universities share best practices on the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With its SDG Dashboard, FIIB is the fourth Indian business school to have one.


  1. As a core course of FIIB, SIP (Social Internship Program) provides students with fieldwork experience in the social sector. Collaboration with Social Sector Organizations (SSOs) aligns students’ project needs with those of the organizations.


  1. FIIB has adopted a cluster of five villages under the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan of the GOI. Primary surveys were conducted in all villages this year, and activities aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals are underway.


  1. FIIB Jaagriti Club aims to contribute to society by teaching service orientation to students. Jaagriti Club held Nukkad Natak, Skill Development for Primary School Children, Education Awareness Activities, and Clothes Donation Drives this year.


  1. At our TEDx events, ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ are spread in communities. The 5th edition of TEDxFIIB is yet to mark another development, growth, and knowledge milestone on March 02, 2024.


  1. A major component of FIIB’s mission is to conduct sustainability-driven research. Seventeen papers were published, and several research conferences related to sustainability issues were organized and attended by faculty this year.


  1. “TILES- Technology, Inclusiveness, Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability” was Manthan’s theme this year. The concept of ‘Manthan’ relates to UN SDG Goal 8, which states that “Sustained and inclusive economic growth can drive progress, create decent jobs for all and improve living standards”.


  1. FIIB has also partnered with Betterlyf to foster a sense of well-being and mental health among students, faculty, and staff.


  1. To pursue a more equitable and empowered world, FIIB has a strategic partnership with IDEA, the Inclusive Divyangjan Entrepreneur Association, an organization dedicated to empowering persons with disabilities (PWDs) through entrepreneurship.


  1. Furthermore, FIIB incorporates sustainability concepts into its curriculum and courses. In this course, students learn sustainability concepts and apply them daily.

VarsityPro Introduces CareerTrack: Personalized Career Pathways for Students

VarsityPro, a new venture in career development solutions, is proud to announce the launch of CareerTrack, an innovative platform designed to provide personalized career pathways for university students, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to shape their journey towards their dream job.


CareerTrack revolutionizes the way students plan their career trajectories by offering tailored guidance and insights based on their aspirations, skills, and personality traits. Through a seamless process, students can upload their resumes, express their career ambitions, specify their interests across various fields, and even undertake a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test, providing further insights into their personality types and preferences.

Commenting on the launch, Nishant Sethi, founder at VarsityPro stated, “ In India, it is first a degree then students come to choose their career, for those who are wondering what to do and which field to choose, we have launched CareerTrack and CareerExplorer. Here students can choose from various career options and then learn how to reach them based on their profile. With the recent advancements in AI, we believe this will be very beneficial for students in India. “

Key Features of CareerTrack:


  • Personalized Career Pathways: CareerTrack utilizes sophisticated AI algorithms to analyze students’ resumes, career goals, interests, and MBTI test results to generate customized career pathways. These pathways provide students with a clear roadmap to follow throughout their college journey, helping them make informed decisions aligned with their aspirations.


  • Tailored Recommendations: Based on individual preferences and career objectives, CareerTrack offers tailored recommendations for courses, internships, extracurricular activities, and skill development opportunities. This ensures that students receive guidance that is relevant to their specific career goals and aspirations.


  • Real-Time Progress Tracking: CareerTrack provides students with real-time updates and feedback on their progress, allowing them to track their development and make adjustments as needed to stay on track toward achieving their career objectives.


CareerTrack empowers students to explore, plan, and pursue their dream careers with confidence, providing them with the guidance and resources they need to succeed in today’s competitive job market in the format of a pathway.

MUHS unveils India’s First State-led Network of Centers of Excellence and the Digital Health Foundation Course for online medical education

In an atmosphere brimming with anticipation and pride, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) launched India’s first state-led Network of Centers of Excellence (CoE) in healthcare, to be led by the University as the central hub. The initiative was launched by Shri Hasan Mushrif, Honorable Minister of Medical Education for Maharashtra, in the presence of Shri. Dinesh Waghmare, Principal Secretary, Medical Education Department (MH), Dr. Vinod Paul, Member Niti Aayog, Prof. Dr. Ajay Kumar Sood, Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India, Dr. Rajiv Bahl, Director General ICMR, Dr. B. N. Gangadhar, Chairman (officiating) NMC, Dr. Rajesh Gokhale, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology, the Vice-Chancellor (MUHS), Lt Gen Madhuri Kanitkar (Retd), PVSM, AVSM, VSM, Pro Vice-Chancellor (MUHS), Dr. Milind Nikumbh, Registrar of MUHS, Dr. Rajendra Bangal, Shri Prashant Auty, Chief Engineer PWD, Gi Soon Song, Dr. Nishant Jain and Smt. Kanupriya Gupta from the Asian Development Bank, Shri. Rizwan Koita and Smt. Surabhi Goel from Koita Foundation and Shri. Abhishek Gopalka from BCG.


The Network of CoE aims to improve medical research, education, and healthcare quality in the state through a collaborative approach. The CoE idea received a significant boost when the policy Network of Centers of Excellence Policy, 2023 was issued by the Govt. of Maharashtra, as a part of the loan program by Asian Development Bank. ADB team worked with Government of Maharashtra and MUHS team to refine concept of network of CoE. Beyond CoE, the ADB loan program of $500 Million is to develop healthcare infrastructure, boost digital medical education and healthcare, talent and performance management and procurement in Maharashtra.


This Network will operate as a hub and spoke model, with the newly launched Maharashtra State Health Training and Research Institute (MSHTRI), in MUHS, as the hub and apex Centre. MSHTRI will house several initiatives for the benefit of the state. A faculty development academy will train medical professionals in modern healthcare techniques, along with technology and management. DISHA – an incubation center for medical innovation, will support medical professionals and startups to take their ideas through prototyping and market launch. An AR/VR-enabled simulation lab will be set up to allow faculty and medical students to learn and experiment in a realistic yet safe environment. MSHTRI will also have a Digital learning studio for online learning, and state-of-the-art healthcare museum and a library. In the very first year of operations, MSHTRI will support digital learning for over 10,000 medical students in the state with 20 online learning modules, incubate over 20 startups and train over 400 faculty at faculty development academy, 1000 students at the simulation lab, and 400 students at the digital health center. This network, and the initiatives under the hub were conceptualized by MUHS in a joint effort with and technical assistance from The Boston Consulting Group.


This event also witnessed the launch of the Digital Health Foundation Course (DHFC) in collaboration with Koita Foundation. DHFC will be offered as apart of the curriculum to over 450 medical colleges and more than 40,000 medical students. With the introduction of DHFC, Maharashtra becomes the first state in India to introduce Digital Health as a formal course for medical students.


DHFC is supported by a virtual Digital Health Lab (DHL), where students can gain practical experience of the theories learned in DHFC. It is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of Digital Health fundamentals, along with hands-on experience using commonly utilized tools in the field. Tailored for students, healthcare professionals, and individuals eager to expand their expertise in Digital Health applications, the course introduces topics including Hospital Management Information Systems (HMIS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Imaging Technologies, Healthcare Data Interoperability, Data Privacy & Security, ABDM, Wearables and Apps, AI/ML, and more. The DHFC curriculum has been curated by leading doctors and subject matter experts across India and abroad.


Launch of the Digital Health Lab at the MSHTRI CoE and the DHFC is a significant stride to bolster digital health innovation and application for patient care in Maharashtra.


Shri Hasan Mushrif, Honourable Minister for Medical Education, said, “It has been the constant endeavor of the Government of Maharashtra to ensure citizens have equitable access to affordable healthcare. We have been working towards establishing more medical colleges which will be state-of-the-art facilities. The Network of Centers of Excellence policy was issued to make take a significant step in this direction. I am happy to note that the center is being established, with important initiatives being undertaken. We must ensure complete support for all round development of our doctors and medical professionals, which in turn promises good services to patients in the state.”


Shri Dinesh Waghmare, Honourable Principal Secretary, Medical Education Department, said, “Maharashtra has made great strides in healthcare, with strong performance on several parameters in the NITI Aayog overall health index. We have done good work along the path of the Government of Maharashtra’s vision to improve quality of healthcare. We must further bolster faculty availability and quality, ensure adequate hospital infrastructure and embrace technology to make further improvements. MSHTRI and the network of COEs will certainly have a significant contribution towards this cause.”


The Vice-Chancellor, Lt Gen Madhuri Kanitkar (Retd), PVSM, AVSM, VSM, gave an opening address quoting “MSHTRI and the COE network has been a dream initiative for all of us. and we are delighted to see it come to fruition. Everyone from various walks have come together to make this a reality. MSHTRI will house several new-age initiatives such as digital health center, simulation lab, and clinical trial governance that are the need of the hour to modernize healthcare that works for all. Digital Health is at the forefront of healthcare today, and the landscape of healthcare delivery and medical practice is rapidly evolving. Understanding Digital Health and leveraging new tools for the benefit of patient care is imperative in this era. It is a proud moment for MUHS to make Maharashtra the first state in India to introduce Digital Health for all medical students,”


Dr. V. K. Paul, Member NITI Aayog present during the meeting, said, “The true flagbearers of ‘Heal in India’ and ‘Heal by India’ missions are going to be the medical educational institutes that create our healthcare professionals. The bold vision of our Honourable PM on digital health in India set by schemes like Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission will be bolstered by revolutionary organizations like this Centre of Excellence, that has a sharp focus on digital learning, training, entrepreneurial innovation and proliferation of modern innovation and technology in healthcare in the country. This pioneering CoE, which is the first-of-its-kind, will lead the way for many such networks in other states within the country”


Nishant Jain, Mission Leader at Asian Development Bank, said “We at Asian Development Bank are proud to support the Government of Maharashtra’s Medical Education Department and the University in this initiative. It is a day of great pleasure to see MSHTRI being inaugurated, and we are eager to see the state as an exemplar for other states to learn and serve, beyond boundaries of Maharashtra and India”

HDFC ERGO Implements Restructured Weather-Based Crop Insurance Scheme for Farmers in Uttar Pradesh

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company, India’s leading private sector general insurance company, has been authorized by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to implement the Restructured Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme (RWBCIS) for loanee and non-loanee farmers in Agra, Firozabad, Mainpuri, Kannauj and Kanpur Nagar for the Rabi 2023-24 season. All the products under Restructured Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme (RWBCIS) are approved by the Department of Horticulture and Farm Forestry, Government of Uttar Pradesh.


RWBCIS offers to cover seasonal perils i.e. Excess / Deficit Rainfall Cover, Temperature, Consecutive Dry Day Cover, and Relative Humidity Cover which has been notified by the Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh. The crop covered under the scheme for the notified districts are Tomato, Capsicum and Green Pea. The last date of obtaining the cover for the crops notified under this scheme is provided in the below table. The claim amounts will be settled based on the weather index & parameters notified in Annexure 2 of the term sheet.




District Crop Sum Insured Farmers’ Premium (Rs.) Cut Off Date
Agra Tomato 50000 2500.000 30 November 2023
Firozabad Tomato 50000 2500.000 30 November 2023
Capsicum 50000 2500.000 30 November 2023
Mainpuri Tomato 50000 2500.000 30 November 2023
Kannauj Green Pea 70000 3500.000 30 November 2023
Tomato 50000 2500.000 30 November 2023
Kanpur Nagar Green Pea 70000 3500.000 30 November 2023
Tomato 50000 2500.000 30 November 2023


Farmers from the district of Agra, Firozabad, Mainpuri, Kannauj and Kanpur Nagar may insure their crops under the RWBCIS scheme for the crop listed above through the nearest Financial Institution viz. Nationalized Bank, District Central Co-operative Bank, Primary Agriculture Co-operative Society (PACS), Regional Rural bank / Common Service Center (CSC) / Grama One/ Uttar Pradesh One or contact the authorized HDFC ERGO agents.

Axis Bank Foundation and TRRAIN collaborate to create inclusive work opportunities for Persons with Disabilities

Axis Bank Foundation (ABF) and Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India (TRRAIN) announced the launch of the ‘Sustainable Livelihood Programme’ to empower Persons with Disabilities (PwDs), by training them through skill development and providing job avenues in the retail sector. This partnership endeavours to create a more diverse, equal, and inclusive workforce across the retail and allied sectors by fostering dignity and pride among youth with speech and hearing impairments, locomotive disabilities, and low vision.


Building on ABF’s 10 years of successful partnership with Youth for Jobs (Y4J), the Sustainable Livelihood Programme in partnership with TRRAIN will train around 2,400 PwDs across Kerala, Karnataka & Uttar Pradesh over a period of 3 years. The programme will offer comprehensive 45 days residential training courses to equip participants with domain skills, soft skills, and work readiness courses. This project will primarily address the significant unemployment gap in the PwD community, by harnessing their potential and empowering them to secure competitive work opportunities, thus making meaningful impact in their lives.


Some key outcomes that the project aims to achieve include:


  • Minimum of 70% employment rate post-training.
  • The training curriculum, designed by TRRAIN, will focus on the sector-specific skills, soft skills, English language proficiency and AI-based text-to-sign learning content and simulation-based learning to enhance accessibility and comprehension for participants.
  • Upon completion of the training, the participants will receive certifications from TRRAIN, opening doors to employment opportunities in retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics sectors.
  • Post-placement support, including counselling and job retention tracking, will ensure successful integration into the workforce.


While talking about the initiative, Dhruvi Shah, CEO and Executive Trustee, Axis Bank Foundation says, “Fostering diversity and creating pathways for economic independence are at the core of our partnership with TRRAIN. Our partnership is based on the belief that no one should be left behind. The focus is not only to develop new employable skills for the Persons with Disabilities, but also to mainstream and formalize their participation in the workforce. Through this partnership, we aim to harness our collective strengths to effectively train and empower these youths by equipping them with the technical skills and confidence needed to seamlessly transition into the workforce with dignity.”


While talking about the initiative, B.S Nagesh, Founder of TRRAIN says, “Over the past 12 years, TRRAIN has been dedicated to skilling and empowering Persons with Disabilities by providing them with sustainable livelihoods. Our primary aim has been to equip them with the necessary skills to enable them to excel in jobs across retail and allied sectors. During this time, we have witnessed the remarkable performance of our beneficiaries, characterised by elevated productivity and unparalleled commitment. However, this achievement is merely a drop in the ocean, especially in a vast country like India where we have the potential to impact millions. Such transformative impact can only be realised through continued contributions. Thus, this collaboration is designed to leverage our combined capabilities in training and empowering Persons with Disabilities. The goal of this collaboration is to provide them with the necessary skills and confidence for a smooth transition into the workforce, promoting inclusivity in the process.”

This partnership between Axis Bank Foundation and TRRAIN represents a significant step towards fostering inclusivity and empowerment by providing skill development opportunities to PwDs. It aspires to drive impactful change and foster a work ecosystem where diversity is celebrated and embraced.