Registration of share capital increase in IDEX Biometrics (Tranche 2) 27 Jun 2023

Reference is made to the notice on 24 May 2023 regarding completion a private placement of 147.1 million shares at NOK 0.85 per share in IDEX Biometrics ASA. The placement was split in two tranches of 116.9 million shares and 30.2 million shares respectively.

The capital increase of 30,161,332 Tranche 2 shares has been registered and the shares will be issued soonest. The company’s share capital is now NOK 197,405,061.60 divided into 1,316,033,744 shares, each with a nominal value of NOK 0.15.


The Key to Understanding the Importance of Doctors in Our Lives and Developing a Deeper Appreciation for the Work they Do Everyday

With the release of the Surgeon Doctor Simulator Game app, you can now experience the thrill of being a doctor while learning about the significance of their work in an engaging and fun manner. It is an immersive and interactive game that simulates a surgical procedure.

With this app users can get to play with a variety of surgical procedures in a safe and controlled environment. The app provides an authentic surgical experience that is both entertaining and educational, with stunning graphics and challenging scenarios.

However, the surgeon doctor simulator app is more than a game. It is an effective tool for comprehending the significance of doctors in our lives.

Users can develop a deeper appreciation for the work that doctors do every day by experiencing the challenges and rewards of being a doctor. They can also learn the value of collaboration, communication, and critical thinking in the medical field.

The CEO of The Kids Land has to say, “The surgeon doctor simulator app is a great way for people to learn about the importance of doctors in our lives and we are so glad we could put in our bit of effort in making people realize about it.”

He further adds “By experiencing the challenges and rewards of being a doctor, users can develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the work they do.”

The surgeon doctor simulator is an educational app and an accessible way for people to learn about the medical field. It is ideal for anyone thinking about a career in medicine or who wants to learn more about the vital role that doctors play in our lives.

To experience the thrill of being a doctor and learn about the significance of their work, download the Surgeon Doctor Simulator Game app today.

About Kids Land:
Kids Land is an android app developer company that has been in the industry since 2021. There are currently 16 apps in our app portfolio with highly ranked Animal Sounds for Kid Learning”, being the most popular one and having over 5 Lakh+ Installs. Kids Games to Learn English’, Real Gun Sounds Simulator, Baby Phone Game: Kids Learning and Kids Math: Fun Maths Games are some of our other eminent and well performing apps. The motto of our company is to develop and provide users with the kind of apps that could provide better education with fun.


Dr. Caitlin Prickett Featured on the Cover of Boca Raton Lifestyle Magazine

Boca Raton Lifestyle magazine showcases in-depth interview with Dr. Caitlin Prickett of Concierge Medicine of Boca Raton.

Dr. Caitlin Prickett of Concierge Medicine of Boca Raton is the cover and feature article of Boca Raton Lifestyle magazine’s February issue.  The 4-page interview with Dr. Prickett highlights the benefits of her concierge practice, which includes 24/7 direct access via phone, text and email, guaranteed same-day and next-day visits, and unlimited appointments. She also discusses her top 5 wellness tips for 2023, including recommendations that anyone can follow!

Dr. Prickett is passionate about patient care, which is expressed in her unique patient-physician relationship.  She is changing the way patients interact with their primary care physician by being accessible and individualizing her approach to healthcare.  As Dr. Prickett states, “I consider myself a patient’s partner in health – we work together, in collaboration, to optimize their health and achieve their wellness goals.”

The full article can be found at this link:

About Concierge Medicine of Boca Raton

Concierge Medicine of Boca Raton strives to provide comprehensive, evidence-based services to all of it’s patients. While science-backed primary care is at the heart of what we do, our offices are able to provide a variety of additional services to both members and non-members. We provide: Concierge Primary Care, Direct Primary Care, Women’s health Consults, Executive Health, Senior Care Services, Telehealth Services. As healthcare costs continue to soar, both patients and physician practices have suffered. Our practice approach provides an innovative business model for member patients. Our practice provides an innovative business model for member patients – Physicians are able to provide personalized medical treatment and advocacy.

Japan – TOYOTA GAZOO Racing starts WRC title defence on magical Monte

Press Release

Reorganizing Hitachi High-Tech Solutions to Strengthen Capabilities for Solving Social Infrastructure Issues
Feb 16, 2023 14:31 JST

サステナブルな旅という視点からみた CNN「The Journey Matters」の東京探検
2023年02月16日 11時00分

Three partners build a demonstration system for CO2NNEX for e-methane, a digital platform for visualizing CO2 emissions across e-methane value chain and transferring e-methane’s environmental value
Feb 15, 2023 11:17 JST

Three partners build a demonstration system for CO2NNEX for e-methane, a digital platform for visualizing CO2 emissions across e-methane value chain and transferring e-methane’s environmental value
Feb 15, 2023 11:17 JST

Three partners build a demonstration system for CO2NNEX for e-methane, a digital platform for visualizing CO2 emissions across e-methane value chain and transferring e-methane’s environmental value
Feb 15, 2023 11:17 JST

MHIEC Builds a New Waste-to-Energy Plant with 194 Tons Per Day-Capacity in Konan City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Feb 14, 2023 09:27 JST

NEC successfully demonstrated Multi-Vendor Near-RT RIC Integration in O-RAN Global PlugFest 2022
Feb 13, 2023 15:11 JST

RWE, LOTTE CHEMICAL Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation enter into a Joint Study Agreement to develop a clean ammonia project in Port of Corpus Christi in Texas, USA
Feb 08, 2023 16:37 JST

inter airport Southeast Asia 2023 returns in March; exhibition completely sold out after four-year hiatus
Feb 16, 2023 17:35 JST
Feb 16, 2023 16:30 JST
Feb 16, 2023 15:30 JST
NEC launches Value Added xHaul Solution Suite with Open Ecosystem
Feb 16, 2023 16:15 JST
Reorganizing Hitachi High-Tech Solutions to Strengthen Capabilities for Solving Social Infrastructure Issues
Feb 16, 2023 14:31 JST
Feb 16, 2023 13:30 JST
三菱重工、グループ表彰制度「Best Innovation」で地球環境負荷低減に貢献する活動を表彰
Feb 16, 2023 12:30 JST
サステナブルな旅という視点からみた CNN「The Journey Matters」の東京探検
Feb 16, 2023 11:00 JST
サステナブルな旅という視点からみた CNN「The Journey Matters」の東京探検
Feb 16, 2023 11:00 JST
MHI Group Presents “Best Innovation 2022” Awards for Activities that Contribute to Mitigating Impacts on the Global Environment
Feb 16, 2023 10:35 JST
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Optim Servers Cloud Hosting Dedicated Servers Now Launched Within Minutes

Ten minutes after payment Receive, The Optim Servers Cloud Hosting server is ready for customer use.

The Optim Cloud Hosting dedicated server can now be in a client’s control within 5 minutes, with a new fast deploy system from the hosting company. Using automation technology developed in-house, Optim Servers is offering pre-configured dedicated servers that will be available to customers with the requested operating system loaded.

The fast deploy servers will be sold in popular configurations, ranging from Quad Core to 44 Core servers. The servers are marked as having a 5 minute setup time, instead of the regular time. The availability of fast deploy servers relies on Optim’s automation technology, which was first announced in August 2018.

This innovation is still available for clients who choose to custom configure their Saudi Arabian dedicated servers.
“Speed is essential to our dedicated hosting, and the time it takes for a client to receive their server is no exception,” said Arif Noor, CEO, and founder of Optim Cloud Hosting. “Our earlier automation project was designed to be a stepping stone to fast deploy servers.”

This automation project was designed to be a stepping stone to fast deploy servers. Optim’s fast deploy servers are part of a larger effort to make bare metal servers as easy to deploy as the Cloud VPS without the limitations of a shared virtual environment. This means that its dedicated servers include features such as auto-operating system installer, a native hosting API, and built-in scanners for hardware health and security vulnerabilities.

The Optim Cloud Hosting company also offers DDoS protection standard with every server. Since 2019, Optim has grown to provide unmanaged, enterprise-grade dedicated servers and fully-managed dedicated hosting in the Riyadh Saudi Arabia. The company offers 50% uptime SLAs and support staff who are on-site 24 hours a day.


Steerprop helped futureproof Alfons Hakans’ ASD tug Artemis

Back in 2019, the technical department at Alfons Hakans noticed a need to modernise and upgrade the propulsion control system on its Azimuth Stern Drive tug Artemis. It was no longer possible to get spare parts for its original control system; and although it was still reliable, for safety reasons the company decided to look for reasonable solutions for a full-scale upgrade.

“We noticed pretty quickly that it made sense to renew all parts related to the control of the propulsion units,” says technical manager Tuomas Raumanen. “Basically, everything between the master’s hands and propulsion units had to be replaced, including things like control levers, cables, computer units, and feedback sensors.”

Alfons Hakans began to look for suppliers, and Steerprop, located near Hakans’ headquarters, promptly gave a quotation. Raumanen notes that Hakans particularly appreciated the ease of communication and rapid responses, and this, topped with fast delivery and a reasonable price, made Steerprop an obvious choice.

Minimal downtime

The final order was confirmed at the end of 2020. First, Steerprop paid a few visits to get to know Artemis and its operations. During these visits, a timetable was set to ensure the downtime of the tug was kept to a minimum.

To decrease the amount of downtime, Hakans’ own workers and subcontractors started preliminary works, such as installing new cables and manufacturing foundations for electric cabinets, whilst the tug was still operating normally. Meanwhile, Steerprop was building the entire control system at their workshop.

“This way the installation time onboard would be as short as possible,” Raumanen says.

The installation began at the end of August. First, the old control system was dismantled, and the team ensured that all necessary cables had been installed. Next, all-electric cabinets related to the new system were installed, which was an easy process thanks to all the preliminary work.

Connecting the new cables to different units was the most time-consuming part, and it was completed on schedule. After seven days of work, it was time to run a test. During the sea trials, the adjusting of the final parameters was easily done as it had been considered already when planning the software.

Increased reliability

From the beginning of the installation to final approval from Alfons Hakans, installing the new control system took nine days in total.

“After sea trials and final adjustments, our masters and chief engineers were satisfied and also surprised how well the whole process went,” Raumanen says. “Of course it takes a while before masters and others get used to the new type of control levers, but that’s common when changes are made to older vessels.”

The biggest advantages in comparison to the old system are, in Raumanen’s view, that all adjustments are very easy to make, and the new system is significantly more reliable. The information the system provides about the status of the propulsion units is also much easier to understand.

In total, Raumanen estimates the upgrade to add 10 to 15 years to the lifecycle of the vessel.

“All in all, we’ve been satisfied with the new control system and will continue our good relationship with Steerprop in the future,” he notes.

Remote service diagnostics streamline maintenance

From Steerprop’s point of view, the co-operation with Alfons Hakans went extremely well. Technical Sales Manager Esa Peltomaa tells that Steerprop designers were in frequent contact with the personnel on board to ensure that the new system fitted existing spaces and locations as well as fulfilled the wishes of end-users.

Steerprop delivered a control system modified to existing propulsion, as well as a bridge control system with control levers, control panels, and relevant touch screens. Like Raumanen, Peltomaa says that the new system is more user-friendly than the old one, and it also conveys detailed information that makes service operations, changing settings, and calibrations easy and reliable.

Steerprop was also able to make customisations based on the customer’s wishes. For example, bridge control panels were customised to fit existing cabinets, and touch screen views, control panel buttons, and indications fit existing vessel functionalities and desired functions.

“By modernising the system, Steerprop also provided a capability for remote service diagnostics, which gives Steerprop’s service department the ability to diagnose faults and status of the system remotely,” Peltomaa explains. “This makes better service assistance possible by diagnosing possible faults even before the first service engineer’s visit on board.”

Essentially, the vessel has now been future-proofed. For example, should Alfons Hakans want to replace existing units with Steerprop’s azimuth propulsors, the existing control systems can be fully utilised with minimal changes to further improve cost-effectiveness.

“Steerprop guarantees the serviceability for our products for decades by using and selecting components that are not becoming obsolete as well as designing the system well enough that future upgrades are possible with minimal work,” Peltomaa concludes.



Steerprop is a leading designer and manufacturer of azimuth propulsion systems for the most demanding applications and toughest conditions. Since its founding in Finland in 2000, the company has delivered fit-for-purpose units for hundreds of vessels, including every third icebreaker in operation around the world. Steerprop’s unrivaled arctic experience and fit-for-purpose solutions are a testament to the company’s commitment to continuous development, steadfast dedication to meet the customers’ needs, and an unwavering resolve to perform.



Esa Peltomaa
Technical Sales Manager
+358 44 281 8079