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Where are the Workers?

COVID 19 took a toll on restaurants and still is. One of the concerns we didn’t anticipate was a lack of employees. When employment is at one the highest rates ever, how is it possible there are not enough employees? Stimulus checks and the unemployment system was intended to assist workers who were let go during COVID restrictions has left a shortage of employees for restaurant franchises. Previous employees have chosen to stay on unemployment or use their stimulus rather than return to work.

This trend began when people felt safer at home or stayed home to help their children e-learn. However, this trend continues as restaurants reopen and it has left the restaurant industry short on workers. As restaurants reopen to full capacity, they are struggling to fill their employee schedule with good quality employees.

Kanekt 365 has answered this need for over five years. Jeffrey Morin CEO of Kanekt 365 says, “Restaurants outsource their phone ordering system to us. We hire call center agents on their behalf thereby reducing their staffing costs. These new members of their team are Kanekt employees that we interview, train, and manage.” Kanekt knows from years within the pizza call center industry that using a call center reduces labor costs for a storefront restaurant approximately 3-5%.

Kanekt 365, a leading call center provider for the restaurant industry solves one of the biggest problems for restaurant franchises— staffing.

Morin goes on to explain, “Kanekt 365 not only fills a restaurant’s need for employees but we do it with exceptional quality call center agents that we manage. The reduced cost of labor typically pays for the Kanekt 365 service.”

As the new minimum wage begins to roll out across the United States, restaurant owners will need to reduce their staffing costs. Now is the time to try out the Kanekt system that solves both problems at the same time. Kanekt 365 will help fill the gaps in staffing now and show restaurants how they will be able to manage the new minimum wage costs that we all know are coming.

Kanekt doesn’t require long term contracts. It’s a great time to give Kanekt a try to show how financially advantageous it can be for your restaurant. It’s always better to prepared early.

Kanekt has over 600 current pizza restaurants around the United States who currently use the call center. The company presently operates four call centers with over 2000 call agents. These agents answer 150,000 calls a week. Kanekt is preparing for a hiring surge so they are prepared for the increase in sales.

Jeffrey Morin

Kanekt 365

+1 628-203-5308

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Genoil Inc. Introduces Approval of Grant of Stock Options

Genoil Inc. (TSX VENTURE: GNO) (OTCBB: GNOLF) (the “Corporation”) records that the board of supervisors of the Corporation (the “Board”) has actually conditionally authorized the give of 400,000 choices for usual shares of the Corporation, to be worked out at a cost of $0.

The giving of these choices is conditional upon the invoice of all needed regulative as well as stock market authorizations as well as upon the invoice of indifferent investor authorization for the boost in choices readily available for give under the Corporation’s supply choice strategy at the Corporation’s following yearly and also unique conference of investors.

The Genoil Hydroconversion Upgrader is created to financially transform hefty unrefined oil right into even more important light artificial crude, high in returns of transportation gas, while dramatically lowering the sulfur, nitrogen and also various other impurities in the oil. Genoil’s shares are noted on the TSX Venture Exchange under the sign GNO, as well as on the OTC Bulletin Board under GNOLF.OB.

The TSX Venture Exchange has actually neither accepted neither the details included here.

Contacts: Genoil Inc. David Lifschultz Chairman as well as CEO (212) 688-8868 Website:

SOURCE: Genoil Inc.

Genoil Inc. (TSX VENTURE: GNO) (OTCBB: GNOLF) (the “Corporation”) records that the board of supervisors of the Corporation (the “Board”) has actually conditionally accepted the give of 400,000 choices for typical shares of the Corporation, to be worked out at a cost of $0. The Genoil Hydroconversion Upgrader is developed to financially transform hefty unrefined oil right into even more useful light artificial crude, high in returns of transportation gas, while considerably lowering the sulfur, nitrogen as well as various other impurities in the oil. Genoil’s shares are detailed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the icon GNO, as well as on the OTC Bulletin Board under GNOLF.OB.


Time to live your truth. We are reminded daily that life is short as over two and a half million lives worldwide have been lost to Covid according to Worldometer. This is a major motivator for taking inventory of our lives, what matters most and in doing so, makes it the perfect moment to reinvent, pivot, and improve our circumstances.  

Julie explained the reason for this masterclass is to kickstart taking back personal power.  

“People are ready for positive change. They want to take back control of their lives and future. This class is designed to empower this process. More than ever, many are questioning if they are living a life according to the expectations of others, locked in a path of mediocrity, taking care of everyone’s needs – regardless of their particular situation, they are ready for a bold move, in fact, they are aching for it.” 

Fiber Artist, Penelope Greene recently stated, “Julie… gave me the most amazing gift I have ever been given… access to my inner wisdom and a safe, sacred space within me that I go to almost every day for guidance. It has been life-changing…”

Julie also shared the possibilities we are presented with.  

“Empowering the desire to pursue something completely new is vital because we need to focus on what we do have control over. Who doesn’t want a life that is in alignment with their truth? This free masterclass is meant to inspire the pursuit of a lifestyle that is authentic to each participant. When you have the courage to share your calling, it is likely the vital difference that someone else needs.” 

UNLEASH YOUR TRUTH: Give Yourself Permission to Embrace the Magnificence of Who You Are. This 90 minute masterclass is offered via Zoom Monday, March 15, 6:30pm / Thursday March 18, 12pm / Saturday, March 20, 10:30am. To reserve your spot go to  

It’s time to write that book, take that course, get a degree, start a business, create art, meet a soulmate – whatever it is that you have been holding off doing for years. Well, here is your chance.

Real women sheroes from the real estate world get awarded on women’s day

The real estate sector, predominantly a man’s world, has been witnessing the power of women bringing in organization and growth to the sector. To acknowledge these women achievers, The Real Woman Awards 2021 felicitates 26 women entrepreneurs from India’s Construction Industry for their relentless work at the Taj Lands End in Mumbai. A first of its kind felicitation event conceptualized exclusively for women who are business owners; part of the technical workforce like engineers, architects & designers; contractors, brokers, sales representatives, Vastu, valuation, MEP, Energy Consultants etc. in the Indian construction industry, the awards are aimed at recognizing the contribution of women in the construction industry.

Real estate traditionally has been perceived as a tough job with the majority of its work on the field, site visits, long hours, difficult clients & tough demands and a lot of travel, demanding sustenance, strength and struggle. Women in this sector have been bringing about a change gradually, with their high qualifications, aspirations and an urge for global exposure. They possess the same qualities and grit required to run a real estate business and operations and can understand the nitty-gritty of this business well. 

“The real estate & construction industry has seen staggering growth in the past 2 decades along with the increase in types of services being offered. The expansion of companies has witnessed the creation of an inclusive workplace for men & women due to the larger pool of talent available and also the opportunity for women to be in leadership roles.” said Sheetal Bhilkar of UBSC. “The Real Woman Awards is a robust system that aims to recognize the ladies in the workforce so as to inspire more women to join this industry.” she added.

The event was hailed by prominent guests of honor like Mr. Dinesh Agarwal; Jt. MD of Panasonic, Ms. Kirti Kabra; Director at RR Kabel, Renowned International Architect Mr. Reza Kabul, Bollywood actress & model Mahek Chahal, Architect Sandip Shikre; President & CEO of SSA Architects, Architect Alpa Shikre; Principal – SSA Architects, Mr. Amar Tendulkar; Chief of Design & Sustainability for Mahindra Life Spaces, Mr. Mukesh Jaitley; COO of Kolte Patil Developers Ltd and Mr. Hemant Prabhukelusar; COO – Infrastructure – Industrial of Nidar Group of Companies along with special guest Vibhuti Pandey – Mrs. West India 2020, Mom Blogger & Influencer Shreya Gautam, Travel & Lifestyle Blogger Sonal Agarwal, Brand Story teller & Blogger Brinda Shah, Lifestyle Blogger & Influencer Vaishali Shah.

Awardees from categories like Waste Management, Landscape Design, Lighting Design, Property Valuer, Fire & Safety and more were felicitated at the event. The event also hosts a lineup of expert sessions and classes for the attendees based on coaching & mentoring, personal development, Fashion, Health, Beauty and more for overall growth and confidence to achieve success in the real world. Well-known brands like Panasonic, RR Kabel, Realty Raja, Legrand and others came forward to offer their support to this initiative. Event was organized by UBSC, a leading MEP consulting company and was managed by Harmony Events & Talent, a well-known name in the events industry.


Pooja Bedi launched NGO Habitat for Humanity India’s Build Yourself, Build India initiative

Actress and motivational speaker Pooja Bedi launched NGO Habitat for Humanity India’s Build Yourself, Build India initiative with a powerful session on driving personal transformation and self-development. Build Yourself, Build India is a series of workshop organised by Habitat for Humanity India to help corporate professionals and HR leaders energise themselves by focusing on their body, mind and soul amidst a stressful environment.

“Working remotely in the wake of the COVID-19 induced lockdown has been a challenging and disorienting factor for many. It has brought to the forefront the issue of mental health. Through this workshop, our goal was to inspire corporate professionals to reinvent themselves. Compassion and kindness should be central to one’s company culture and employees should participate in community development projects like building homes for
vulnerable people in order to build an inclusive and vibrant society,” stated Pooja Bedi.

“Pooja’s workshop was an amalgamation of philosophy, metaphysics, healing modalities, science, theosophy and motivated the corporate professionals to focus on self-development and transformation,” said Dr Vikas Vats, President HR Association of India after attending the workshop.

Pooja Bedi has been associated with Habitat for Humanity for more than 14 years and has helped low-income families in Maharashtra build homes. Sabira Merchant, noted media personality and India’s top etiquette trainer will hold the next exclusive session of ‘Build Yourself, Build India’. To participate, write to

Automate the movements of your load carriers with A-MATE

K.Hartwall is launching a brand-new AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) called A-MATE. This is the first fully electric free-lift pallet AGV with omnidirectional drive on the market. A-MATE is an extremely versatile mobile robot that will bring a new level of automation to intra-logistics, and to the movements of different load carriers, from pallets to roll containers and foldable cages or “gitter” boxes.

The proven free SLAM navigation combined with the innovative fleet management allows our customers to have a full overview of and control over their internal logistics operations. Furthermore, safety has been a central point of focus in the development of A-MATE as AMRs become an integrated part of the overall logistics process. The result is that A-MATE is the only 360° safety pallet AGV on the market—not only when fetching load carriers but also when transporting them.

A-mate offers clear advantages compared to existing AMR products on the market through its increased load capacity of 1000 kg. One of the key advantages is its ability to lift a load of up to 1 ton to a height of 1 meter without using supportive scissors below the forks. This allows for very close access when loading or unloading both conveyors and pallet racking. Furthermore, thanks to its slim design, A-MATE can move freely in both narrow aisles and within pallet stacks.

With A-MATE, K. Hartwall reinforces its market leadership in logistics equipment for warehouses and industrial manufacturing. The combination of traditional load carrier solutions, such as roll containers, Lean adaptor pallets and dollies or foldable cages, with mobile robots demonstrates how the Finnish company is looking to the future of logistics.

“A-MATE is proof of how to combine autonomous mobile robots with traditional load carriers to help our customers achieve both greater efficiency and increased safety. With K.Hartwall’s logistics solutions portfolio, you can now automate the movements of your load carriers in a very easy way,” says Jerker Hartwall, CEO of K.Hartwall.

A-MATE and our other AGVs offer our customers a new way to reduce costs and increase efficiency in their logistics processes by allowing them to decrease their dependence on skilled labor and reduce costly process errors and the risk of accidents.

Today, almost half of all working hours in logistics are spent on manual routine jobs. By 2035, automation will reduce that number to 35%. Key to this evolution is the increasing deployment of AGVs and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). At K.Hartwall, we want to be part of that revolution and support our customers in the postal, retail, and automotive industries make the next smart move in their logistics!