InstantHedge is selling Flame Amur Maple Hedge at best prices all over the USA. Its popular because of its bright fiery red color in autumn. It is relatively low maintenance tree that especially grows well in direct sun or sun dappled locations.

Features of Acer Ginnala Flame
1. Makes unique attractive hedge with heavy pruning
2. More drought tolerant than other maples
3. Grows easily in moist and well drained soil.
4. The hedge is native to forest areas
5. In addition to the yellow or namesake red colors in the fall, the Acer ginnala Flame also produces lovely greenish-white flowers in spring.

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Instanthedge is a wholesale hedge nursery based in Canby, OR. InstantHedge offers pre finished hedges for privacy and screening. Popular hedge varieties that we offer are beech, arborvitae, laurel, boxwood, maple etc.

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