Plants can only grow if photosynthesis exceeds respiration, and this critical point is called the light compensation point.For example, the light compensation point of tomato is 51.6umol/S/㎡, so the photosynthetic effective radiation must be greater than 51.6umol/S/㎡ to be effective.
LUX is the intensity perceived by the human eye and, in the case of plants, is measured by the intensity of the spectrum of photosynthetic active radiation contained in the lamp, which is called photosynthetic active radiation
Build PAR or PPF, and there is no conversion between PPF and LUX. PPFD is the strength per unit area of PPF!
Therefore, different plant light source ratio is different, its compensation point is also different, reasonable choice of hanging height and lamp light source power size can meet the plant photosynthesis the most effective cumulative dry matter!
You need to plant what plants, you can contact us to match you to develop a reasonable and effective plant growth ratio!
0.2 1 w, 2835 w EMC3030 1-2, ceramic 3535 1-5 w, EMC5050, 1-5 w plant band, full spectrum, 365 nm, 385 nm, 400 nm, 450 nm, 660 nm, 730 nm, 850 nm band the whole series!