Industrialization plays a significant role in destroying the environment. Environmental degradation had escalated for many years forcing governments to take charge to protect the environment. Experts have been researching ways to find a suitable solution to this crisis. To stop production, you will need a quicker alternative because consumers will want the produced goods. Currently, there are numerous ongoing innovations for saving the environment. However, in most cases, the industrialists are responsible for finding suitable alternatives.

The production of inflatable stand up paddle boards was never environment friendly in the past. The SUP manufacturers use PVC plastic and carbon fiber over foam, yet they pollute the environment. Honu is a reputable company in Australia renowned for making paddle boards. The firm is also interested in protecting the environment at all costs. Its management believes protecting environment should be our first priority. That is because our livelihoods depend on it. For years, the firm has been researching to find suitable ways of producing incredible SUP boards without hurting the environment. Currently, this firm is implementing environmentally based practices to save the earth. Listed below are ways the company strives to protect the environment.

Funding Environmental Groups 

As part of its CSR campaign, the company annually funds environmental groups. These are organizations that create movements for protecting the environment. They are responsible for analyzing and monitoring the environment to fight misuse and degradation caused by humans. There are local, national, regional, and global environmental organizations. Apart from offering protection, they create awareness in the affected regions. Via their campaigns, communities always join efforts to voice against degradation in the area. Honu has helped prevent environmental abusers from selfishly killing the environment for their gains by funding these groups.

Volunteering of Staff 

The staff working at Honu also play a role in the community’s effort to sensitize environmental preservation. The company always volunteers hours for its workers to participate in environment-saving courses. Its employees are admonished to share ideas within Honu, which will assist in boosting its environment-saving efforts. The company is also working towards green-packing for its paddle boards and other products.

Protection of the Ocean 

The ocean is an exciting site for paddle boarding. Its existence will allow Honu to generate profits by selling SUP boards because people will continue enjoying this paddle boarding. Unfortunately, the ocean’s health is facing imminent danger from industrial pollution and dumping of plastic. Honu has joined the global course of preserving the oceans too. It donates 1% of every sale to save the sea. The company is also committed to sensitizing people on the preservation of every water body too.

Honu is also improving its production process to reduce its carbon emissions. It is still researching alternatives that will guarantee zero emissions and quality SUP boards.

About the Company 

Honu is a highly respected company in Australia that produces stand-up paddle boards. It is famous for offering boards with impressive and unique colors and designs. For more information, contact the company office today.