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Arabic is a language adored by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and praised by Allah Almighty. It’s the language of the people of paradise and is known as the oldest language that survived. The Holy Quran and Hadith are also in the same language that means one needs to learn the Arabic language to comprehend the meaning and message of Islam. 

Arabic Course Grade 1 is one of the best books written on the basics of the Arabic language and explains grammar rules in such a simple way that everyone can understand them properly. 

The book includes dialogues and teaches the reader Arabic through a conversational style. Additionally, each lesson ends with an exercise that helps the reader recap the lessons of the chapter. This book series is divided into 3 parts and all parts should be read for better understanding or a single book can be bought in case of children as per their learning grade.

The book is the translation of Arabic book “دروس اللغة العربية لغير الناطقين بها” which was written by an eminent Muslim author and scholar DR. V Abdur-Rahim. The author is known for his remarkable contributions and services for Isalm. Darussalam Publications have made some changes in the book to add more value to the book and help people learn grammar. 

The book has received immense appreciation from the readers and can be seen on five-star ranking on several platforms. Those who are interested in buying a copy can purchase it from the Darussalam store.