Many homeowners in Queensland are DIY-ing home improvement projects. Just Patios provides an easy, cost-effective option to DIY a patio with their patio installation kits.

[01/07/2020, BRISBANE] – According to Commonwealth Bank’s latest study, Australians are spending more on do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement projects amid the coronavirus pandemic. The results from the bank’s latest credit and debit card spending analysis showed that Australians have been spending less overall, except for two things: food and home improvement.

While Australian homeowners are not likely to be looking to sell, the improvements they do for their properties still add value. Some of the best value-adding renovations include updating the property’s façade, landscaping and outdoor entertainment space.

With Just Patios’ DIY patio installation kits, Australian homeowners can update their property’s exterior in a time-saving, cost-effective way.

Value-Adding DIY Patios

Just Patios is one of the most trusted patio designers and builders in Queensland, providing their services in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. One of their most-requested products is the DIY patio and carport installation kits that are cost-effective and easy to install. With one of these kits, homeowners can transform their outdoor space instantly.

Using top-of-the-line Ausdeck and Lysaght roofing kits, homeowners can install freestanding or attached roofs that make a patio or carport. Every kit includes the roofing materials, as well as installation manuals that are easy to follow. Every component of this kit is tested against Australian standards, so customers who purchase can rest assured that their DIY patio will last the harsh weather conditions of Queensland for years.

With Just Patios’ DIY patio installation kits, homeowners can have a carport or patio area that they can use for heat protection, outdoor entertainment, and other purposes.

About Just Patios

Since 2002, Just Patios has been providing quality outdoor solutions for homeowners in Brisbane. This privately-owned and operated business have dedicated employees and contractors who are passionate about giving the best services for their clients.

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