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MESA, AZ (September 20, 2020) – Founders of Infinite Gifts Ministries have launched a crowdfunding to help them buy a piece of Property that would help them set up their Ministry. To be used primarily for Community outreach, the House would also serve as an accommodation for visiting ministries and also provide food among other necessities.

The prime feature of the house is that it is energy efficient and is off the grid that includes areas for farming among other unique features. The reason the ministry is forced to Crowdfund is because the house is priced on the higher side.

Crowdfunding for houses or other things isn’t exactly a novel concept. People have done it before for gifting wedding items, birthday items, baby shower items etc. Also, people have done it for houses and that is how this concept actually began – with houses. The family has never looked for Crowdfunding unnecessary items or ones that can be bought by being a little tight with the monthly expenses. However, this house will be a blessing from hundreds to thousands of people in the short term to long term.

Infinite Gifts Ministries would like to spend the paramountly important crowdfund money on this house that wouldn’t just be a house but also a home for the needy, for the community, for the visiting ministry people, sheltering of people, sheltering and rehoming animals and some projects that would raise funds for their community outreach and ministry projects.

“We have long been looking for a house which we can use for ministry and community outreach for the past 11 years. Our ministry is involved in different projects that we want to take place within one compound. With this house, we can manage our community outreach, help the needy, shelter people and animals, lodge visiting ministries and a host of other projects and activities within one compound. On top of that, we can save time and conduct other useful Nonprofit activities. But since the price is beyond our means, it would mean a great deal to us if you would contribute whatever you can and help us reach the goal. More than for us, you would be blessing and helping the thousands of people that would eventually receive the benefits of our ministry. I hope and pray you’re able to help us with our campaign. May God bless the work of your hands and increase your tribe.”, said the founder of Infinite Gifts Ministries.

About crowdfunding-a-house:
Infinite Gifts Ministries is a Christian ministry located in Mesa, Arizona that preaches the Bible and immensely helps the local community and visiting people with their needs.

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