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Wellnessta Takes Spa and Salon Experience to the Next Level

In the last ten years, the internet has become extremely ubiquitous, impacting our lives at an exceptional rate. They have changed how individuals socialize, look for data, tune in to music, request food, and shop, and all this has made our lives more convenient. Nowadays, there is an app for everything. You have Zomato to order food; you have MakeMyTrip to book flights & hotels; Bookmyshow to book cinema, etc. But still, there is no aggregator in personal grooming, fitness, or wellness space globally. With Wellnessta, we want to fill this void. 


Wellnessta is a first of its kind platform. It’s not just a marketplace but also a SaaS software that helps business owners/managers run their business more efficiently. 

    • For consumers, it’s a marketplace just like Amazon / Makemytrip to book servicesregarding to wellness like

Spas and Salons Near Me

    . For services providers, Wellnessta will enable online bookings and provide software to manage their business efficiently.


For the consumer, the biggest attraction is convenience. People no longer wish to call and book appointments; they would instead open an app and book a slot at the place and time of their choice. Apart from convenience, consumers will get a wide range of offers on Saloon and Spa booking on Wellnessta, plus they will earn reward points as they spend that can be redeemed on the platform on future bookings. 


Coming to Vendors, because of covid & lockdown, the revenues have fallen drastically, and everyone is under tremendous pressure to find new ways of getting business. We believe the need for Online Bookings has never been this dire at the vendor level. Everyone is trying hard to get more & more consumers. In such a scenario, finding online consumers is made easy by Wellnessta. All these things have favoured us, and we have got an overwhelming response. People have become very conscious about safety & hygiene, and in such a scenario, Wellnessta verified outlets would provide quality assurance, which consumers are looking for. On an overall level, we believe the environment is very conducive for us to launch Wellnessta.


About Wellnessta:


Wellnessta is an online platform aiming to find the sweet market equilibrium in the grooming and wellness space in India, primarily it is a souk for purchasing and marketing of personal grooming and wellness services such as Spas, Salon, Ayurvedic massages, yoga, meditation, gym, fitness, and naturopathy. It services each side of the coin together, the providers and users with multiple B2B SaaS and B2C aggregator platform online respectively. With the vision to be the world’s largest online market place in wellness services it targets to enhance business efficiency and render control of business in the hands of the provider while doubling up as a one-stop-shop for clients to find the best deals and offers in the grooming and wellness space.


If you would like to receive more information on this topic, please call Wellnessta at 0731-3502000 or email


CanHeal Ties up with Darjeeling Sips to Offer a Wide Range of Tea for Cancer Fighters

CanHeal (, a one-of-its-kind platform and e-commerce portal for all the life needs of cancer fighters & winners, today added a wide range of Darjeeling, Green and Herbal teas having health benefits for cancer fighters. CanHeal has tied up with Darjeeling Sips to offer a large variety of tea sourced directly from tea estates in Darjeeling and the surrounding areas. CanHeal has also added to its portfolio of accessories a range of Chemo Pillows and custom-designed Chemo Bag.


All In One Comfort Pillow by CanHeal


Explaining the additions to a wide range of products already available on the CanHeal portal, Anchal Sharma, Founder of CanHeal said, “CanHeal launched its e-commerce and community portal couple of months ago intending with an objective to offer all those products that cancer fighters and winners require to live their life with verve. During my fight against cancer, I came to know of the health benefits of tea in addition to its taste as I was always a fan of Darjeeling Sips sourced directly from tea estates that grow and brew a variety of tea in a socially responsible and planet-friendly way, hence the best fit for cancer fighters.”


“We have also added some smart products to our range of accessories – chemo bag that has been custom designed to hold all that is required during the day-long chemo sessions and pillows that include seat belt pillows, port pillow, armpit pillow and all-in-one comfort pillow to meet the cushioning needs arising due to cancer of different parts of the body. CanHeal is committed to continue adding new products to meet all the needs of cancer fighters at one source.”


Range of new products added to CanHeal e-portal:


  1. Darjeeling Tea – Darjeeling Tea is rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals and contains polyphonic compounds that inhibit the growth of cancer and stop tumour development. Darjeeling Sips offers 7 variants of Darjeeling tea – Standard Darjeeling Black tea, Small Farmer Red Oolong (2nd flush) tea, Muscatel (2nd flush) organic tea, Flowery (1st flush) organic tea, Spring Delight (1st flush) black tea, Mim Moon drop tea balls and Diamond (1st flush)

  2. Green tea is known to delay the onset of cancer and prevent it occurrence. Darjeeling Sips offers 5 flavours of Green tea – Peach Green Tea, Lavender Green Tea, Pepper Mint Green Tea, Tulsi Green Tea and Daily Green Tea

  3. Herbal teas are specially brewed for health benefits.


  1. Comfort Pillows – Handmade, filled with comfortable filling and having soft cotton cover. Puffy and comfortable to protect from any harsh impact on the affected area of the body.

  • Chest Port Long Seat-belt Pillow – for Mastectomy Breast Cancer, mastectomy or reconstruction

  • Hysterectomy Seat-belt Pillow – Tummy seat-belt pillow provides driving comfort after having a hysterectomy and other abdominal surgeries.

  • Small Square Handy Port Pillow – Suitable for patients having Port A Cath

  • Heart-shaped Armpit Pillow – Useful for post breast and unilateral mastectomy

  • All-in-one Comfort Pillow Pack – A combination of 6 comfort pillows that helps protect almost all the affected areas.


2. Chemo Bag – A light-weight bag made from pure cotton fabric in which one can hold everything one requires to carry for chemotherapy session – right from medical records, insurance card, driving license and even the items that one may require for comfort and to keep one engaged in the waiting period during a chemo session.


For more details, please refer to the Product Details.

CanHeal is in discussion with multiple brands to further expand the range of specially curated products for cancer fighters and winners.

toothsi Becomes the Official Smile Partner For Bigg Boss Season 15 On Voot

Dental tech platform that provides at-home smile makeovers, toothsi, has collaborated with India’s most loved reality show Bigg Boss on Voot. For the 15th season of Bigg Boss on Voot, toothsi has come on board as the official smile partner. As part of the partnership, Voot will curate exclusive digital interactive content which will be featured on the OTT platform.

As a new age brand, toothsi is known to its viewers for its quirky and fresh content which is what Bigg Boss as a show is appreciated for.  As their Smile Partner, toothsi is all geared up to leverage Bigg Boss’ vast fan base and engage with a wider set of audience through IPs that captures the essence of both the brands.

Bigg Boss’ multi-touchpoint offering will allow toothsi to spread awareness about its product ‘clear aligners’, a convenient and comfortable alternative to conventional metal braces. Transparent and invisible to the naked eye, the clear aligners can make customers more confident about their appearance in social situations.

toothsi’s team of over 100+ in-house dental professionals who have designed and customized smile plans for their patients/customers. Following their Series A and Series B fundraising rounds of $5 million and $20 million, respectively, the firm is now seeking to widen its geographic footprint across the country in order to achieve more smile makeovers. The brand is currently present across 11 cities including Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi/NCR, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Pune. Made in India with the latest technology and German materials, toothsi Clear Aligners consist of a series of invisible plastic trays pre-programmed and customized through software to move a set of teeth in a specific manner.

Best Oil for your Heart

 It is said “Good taste of food is the way to the heart”, but who takes care of the heart? A good cooking oil adds life not only to the most common food, but also plays a pivotal role in your heart. Cooking oil has a major role to play affecting your cholesterol levels alter your metabolic  rate and that’s what makes it all the more important to pick the right one from the wide variety of edible oils in the market.


Rice Bran oil (RBO)Rice Bran oil is extracted from Bran, a brown layer that the rice kernel is coated with. The same brown layer which makes Brown Rice a healthier option compared to the polished rice where this layer is removed. Freedom Physically Refined Rice Bran oil is available in the markets with all these qualities and hence makes the best cooking choice.

Gives better taste and flavour to food items

According to renowned chefs Rice Bran oil is perfect for all high temperature cooking techniques like pan frying or deep frying. It is also suitable for preparing all dishes in the Indian kitchen.

Due to its stability and pleasant flavour, high smoking point, Rice Bran Oil forms an ideal medium for cooking, particularly for the Indian households. 

Health Benefits of Rice Bran Oil:

Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil is generally golden yellow in colour. It is refined through a steam distillation process which preserves all the essential nutrients. Freedom Rice Bran Oil has 10000+ ppm Oryzanol which helps in reducing your body’s Bad Cholesterol (LDL) and improving Good Cholesterol (HDL) to make you and your loved ones feel good and stay Heart Healthy. It is considered as heart-friendly oil and the credit goes to its capacity to lower cholesterol because of the right amount of oryzanol found in it, which is an antioxidant.

The World Health Organization and the American Heart Association have both stated that rice bran oil has the best possible composition of monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and saturated fats compared to all other vegetable oils.  Balanced fatty acids help our body to maintain a healthy LDL/HDL ratio by reducing bonding of “bad” forms of cholesterol (LDL), a requirement for better functioning of Heart. This can help reduce conditions like atherosclerosis and the subsequent afflictions like heart attacks and strokes.

According to Dr. J Shiv Kumar, Senior Consultant Cardiologist, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, “Heart attack is an epidemic in our country with over 3 Crore people suffering from a heart disease and more than 3 Lakh new cases of Heart Attack reported every year. The main reason for this is the Deposition of Fat in the coronary artery. The main culprits are the diet and habits of the people. The diet, mostly the oil consumed should have low saturated fats and high PUFA & MUFA content as it helps in staying heart healthy. Rice Bran Oil fits the bill and therefore must be used for good heart health.”

So, according to experts, if people maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat right, drink at least 2 litres of water, avoid bad habits like smoking, regularly monitor and control diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and Cholesterol levels and choose a healthy oil like Rice Bran Oil, they are likely to stay healthy and safe.

Mr. P. Chandra Shekhara Reddy, Senior Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Freedom Rice Bran Oil said, “It is our constant endeavour to introduce products that are good, convenient and healthier for our customers. Consumers today are smart and hence recognize the health benefits of Rice Bran Oil. There’s also a perception that foods cooked in Rice Bran Oil tend to absorb less, making it an ideal medium for Sautéing, Tempering aside from deep frying. We have witnessed an increased demand for Rice Bran Oil over the past few months because of the health benefits and steep price hike of other oil variants. However, all branded rice bran oils may not contain the same quantity of Oryzanol. Freedom Rice Bran Oil is physically refined & has 10000+ PPM Oryzanol and hence an ideal cooking medium for the daily cooking purpose and therefore we request the consumers to adopt it, and stay healthy. “

Why Rice Bran Oil is the best Oil for your Heart

Rice Bran Oil contains 10000+ PPM Oryzanol reduces bad cholesterol (LDL), maintains good cholesterol (HDL) 

Balanced Fat Profile. Idea ratio of SFA, MUFA & PUFA for a healthier heart, Close to WHO recommendation

Better protection to the heart and related blood vessels. Deposition of cholesterol in the walls of the coronary arteries is the main reason for heart attack. Oryzanol the antioxidant available only in rice bran oil prevents such accumulation and ensures free flow of blood to the heart.

Low Absorb.  Absorption of less oil, therefore, healthier food during frying

High Smoke Point: Ideally suited for deep frying, sautéing, seasoning, and regular cooking. More stable at higher temperatures.

Frying takes less time, saves more energy

Immunizing and staying hydrated can help in protecting our health this season states Narayana Health City

The heavy downpour coupled with the drop in temperature that the city had witnessed will have a ripple effect on the health of the people states Narayana Health City. According to the doctors at Narayana Health City, the cold weather that the city has been seeing is conducive to viral replications and there has been a progressive increase in the number and severity of asthma attacks. Similarly, due to water logging the cases of dengue is also on a rise.


Elaborating about the impact of the weather on the health of the people in Bengaluru, Dr. Mahesh Kumar, Consultant, Internal Medicine, Narayana Health City, Bengaluru, said, “There is a 15% to 20% rise in number of patients being admitted with asthma attacks in the last 2 weeks compared to same time last year. There is a surge in the number of dengue and Chikungunya incidents. But what is worrying is the severity of the infections. The severity of infections is higher especially in the case of dengue the infection is relatively higher this time in those who have had a history of COVID infection. Due to reduced cell mediated immunity in patients recovered from COVID, the infection tends to cause more severe symptoms, prolonged illness and sometimes dangerous drop in platelet counts to as low as 20,000 and below calling for utmost care and strict following of preventive measures.”

While cough, breathing difficulty and low grade fever are the early symptoms of asthma attack. High fever, severe headache and joint pains which doesn’t recede with oral paracetamol and home remedies are the symptoms for dengue and Chikungunya.

Regular hand wash, social distancing and follow up with the doctor and following their advice can help in bringing down the possibility of an asthma attack. Further, as Influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations given at the beginning of monsoon have shown to significantly reduce asthma exacerbations it would be advisable for people who have a history of asthma to consider immunisation.

Wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants and closed-toe shoes instead of sandals, using mosquito repellents whenever possible, keeping windows and doors closed during evening hours as the mosquitoes that carry the dengue viruses are most active from dawn to dusk and keeping oneself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and fresh fruit juices as well as eating fresh fruits are recommended. Keeping yourself fit and active by practicing exercises and yoga is also a good practice that can help keep infections at bay. Apart from personal well-being keeping the buckets and drums that are used for storing water always closed, cleaning out all empty flower pots, as it becomes the breeding places for mosquitoes are other aspects that can help in preventing a possible outbreak of mosquito borne diseases. In case anyone has a pet they should ensure the water bowls are clean and kept empty during this season as the held up water irrespective of big or small quantity can enable breeding of mosquitoes that carry in infections.


Rajasthan Royals associates with Stepathlon

Inaugural Champions of the Indian Premier League (IPL), Rajasthan Royals, have joined hands with global award-winning fan engagement and wellness brand Stepathlon. The unique fan engagement initiative will focus on engaging the Royals community deeper and help existing fans stay closely connected to the Club whilst also expanding the Royals fan base and delivering value to Rajasthan Royals stakeholders. Further details of the event, including dates, will be announced shortly.

Speaking about the partnership, Manoj Badale, Lead Owner of Rajasthan Royals said, “We are positive that this unique initiative with Stepathlon, will help us deeply connect with our fans and grow the ‘Royals’ community across the globe”.

Adding to this, Mike Fordham, CEO of Royals Sports Group said, “We are excited to partner with Stepathlon to bring us closer to our fans and also to bring value to our commercial partners and other stakeholders, to drive domestic and cross border revenues through multiple channels”.

“I’m personally, and professionally, thrilled about this collaboration. Continuous fan engagement is the holy grail in Sports and Entertainment, and we are thrilled that Stepathlon delivers deeper and more meaningful fan engagement whilst creating a healthier, happier more productive planet” said Ravi Krishnan, Chairman and Founder, Stepathlon.