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Dr. Rajendra Kapila was a part of RUTGERS New Jersey Medical School. He was an eminent epidemiologist who was a founding member of New Jersey Infectious Disease Society. He also was the Chair of the Infection Control Committee. He was fully vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine. He was visiting India to support his family that was suffering from COVID-19. 

At 81 and being a diabetic, it made him more vulnerable to being severely affected but that didn’t deter him from coming. It has also raised questions about the capability of Pfizer vaccine to fight with ever new variants of the disease. 

His recent publication was entitled “Pandemics throughout the Centuries” and was co-authored with Dr. Robert A. Schwartz and can be found here.

Dr. Kapila received his Pre-Medical degree from St. Xaviers College Calcutta, W. Bengal, India, and the Medical Degree from the University of Delhi, India. After completion of his residency in Irwin Hospital India, he moved to the US where he was an intern, resident & fellow at Martland Hospital in Newark, NJ. He was also Assistant Chief of Medicine for the US Army in Okinawa Japan, during the Vietnam conflict. Dr. Kapila received his UMDNJ University Appointment in 1973 and the University Hospital Appointment in 1976. He is a founding member of the New Jersey Infectious Disease Society and has also received the Excellence in Teaching Award from UMDNJ, and Life Time Achievement award from the Department of Medicine. Dr. Kapila is an attending physician and the Epidemiologist, University Hospital. Dr. Kapila is also the Chair of the Infection Control Committee.