We feel nauseous and sometimes even sick, but why is that? Study shows the way we perceive certain scents is heavily dependent on our emotions, for example, if you smelt a Luxury Dubai Perfume on a day where you are very excited and overall happy you would most likely find yourself feeling excited and happy the next time that same scent were to enter your nostrils, however, if you had the first encounter with that same perfume on a day where you’ve gotten We can be addicted to a Luxury scent or loath it to the point where if we were to get a whiff of it fired from your job you might not be so eager to smell that Luxury perfume again this is because our sense of smell is very much connected to our memory and emotions. Put it this way if you love how something smells, you also love how it makes you feel.

What’s interesting about smells is not only can they make you feel something when you wear them but everyone around you as well gets a sense of the impression you are trying to give off, euphoric scents are everything when you are trying to court attention, Ramasat a luxurious Dubai perfume company offers some of the most intoxicating and interesting fragrances known to be a definite head-turner. Quick Luxury perfume fact: your perfume speaks for you in volumes.

Dubai millennium a notorious Dubai Perfume from the Meydan collection offered by Ramasat comes in a vivid dark bottle with the cap being the head of the horse giving it a sign of nobility and power along with a black chain dangling from the cap. For the charismatic knight who wants to conquer the day and also wants to leave a scent trail.

Gold we want to wear it, smell it and also have it in our possession with the Gold line collection offered by Ramasat all of that comes to fruition. With tiny pieces of gold in every bottle you are spraying on gold with every spray, tiny fragments of gold are going to be on your skin throughout the day. Jawareh a Dubai perfume from the gold line collection with notes like saffron and vanilla will truly leave you amazed by its complement factor.

The most beautiful scents work together seamlessly which hence gives us wonderful Luxury perfumes, put too many incompatible scents together and our sense of smell will be overburdened, and won’t find the beauty hidden behind a Dubai scent. With the mohra collection offered by Ramasat, you are getting three different products that smell the same but work best only together. Lotion to moisturize your skin after a deep cleansing shower, along with that comes a 50 ml perfume bottle that smells exactly like your lotion so your clothing can smell like you as well and finally musk oil to apply directly to your pulse points to smell and project your Luxury scent all day long.

We often overlook how important our sense of smell is, without it we would be living in a grey world. Smelling strange smells makes us curious and that can lead to something wonderful. A lot can be said just by the way you smell so strive to smell great everywhere you go, Ramasat perfumes will carry you like the horse that never stops running till it attains greatness.

What smell smells the best?

Great fragrances always smell smells the best

How can I smell good quickly?

Be clean and wear your favorite fragrance.

Why is smelling good important?

The first impression is your last impression

How do I find my natural scent?

Choose what makes you the happiest

What can make me look attractive?

Wearing a good perfume