Pets, like humans, can go through the winter doldrums. Seasonal changes influence everyone, even those who live in warmer climates. This is especially difficult for dogs and cats who are accustomed to spending time outside.

Apart from the obvious issue of pets receiving less exercise during the winter months, dogs and cats often have less emotional stimulation at this time. Thus, can suffer from a range of problems, including excessive weight gain, irritation, anxiety, and even clinical depression. The more outdoorsy a pet is, the more likely these and other issues may remain throughout the season.

Fortunately, DiscountPetCare brings you a few simple things pet owners can do to keep their pets physically engaged and psychologically stimulated over the long, harsh winter months.

Take a walk with them

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you should stop taking your pet for its daily stroll. Going out in the fresh air and getting some exercise may do wonders for a dog’s mental and physical well-being.

Keep them warm

Make sure your pet sleeps in a warm bed or blanket. Otherwise, they may have difficulties sleeping. You can track your pet’s sleep every day. If their sleep duration is bad, try adding a warmer blanket to their bed or turning on the heat during the night to see if it improves their sleep.

Consider giving your pet a coat or boots to wear on walks if they are willing to do so.

Keep your pet’s brain active

You can keep your pets’ brains busy in a variety of ways by spending time with them, depending on the pet. Talk to your pets and provide them with fascinating new toys. To alleviate the winter blues, nothing beats a fresh mental challenge! And this can be done with pet toys!

Plan according to your pet’s temperament

During the holidays, keep your dog’s temperament in mind. If your dog isn’t fond of crowds, you might want to reconsider hosting a Christmas celebration at your home. If your dog hates being alone at home and you’re planning a holiday getaway, look for a place that welcomes dogs so you can bring them along.

Try a Little Pampering.

A home-cooked meal is something we all appreciate including your pet. It could definitely benefit from a respite from kibble and canned food. Cook dinner for your pet as a special treat if your budget allows. Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation in your pet’s diet can also assist to improve their mood.

With a little pre-planning, all pet parents out there, you all can guarantee that your pet has a happy and healthy winter season.

Happy winters!

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