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The Delhi High Court on Tuesday slammed Narendra Modi government for not complying with its order to supply enough Oxygen to Delhi for treating serious patients suffering from COVID-19. The Hon’ble court spared no words in castigating the government. It made statements like “Are you living in ivory towers?” and also said that you can put your head in the sand like an Ostrich, we will not.

India has an independent judiciary and it has powers to order government and to take action against the erring officials. It also asked the government to show cause why contempt should not be initiated against them? The contempt can lead to a maximum 6 months of simple imprisonment or a file. The court also asked two senior government officials to be present. While the punishment may not seem much, it will be enough to end the career of a bureaucrat.

The Hon’ble Court outrightly rejected the contention that Delhi is not entitled to 700 MT of medical oxygen. The highest court in India, the Supreme Court, has also directed Modi government to supply 700MT of medical oxygen to Delhi. 

Modi government is being blamed for the current COVID-19 crisis due to lack of attention on improving healthcare facilities and also in delay in introducing vaccination. While the government holds billions of dollars by donors in a privately managed fund of PM Modi, named PM Cares, people think that the government doesn’t care enough. Their delay in placing the orders for vaccines, as late as April 28th, shows a lack of foresight and urgency in vaccination. People allege that it was too busy fighting an election to care about its citizens.