Consular Day

Mr. K.L Ganju, o.c.v.c (cdr.), Consul General (Hy.) and Advisor to the Foreign Minister, Union of Comoros, President  & Members of Board of Directors of Honorary Consular Corps Diplomatique-India

Hosts an evening to celebrate Consular Day

An evening was hosted by Honorary Consular Corps Diplomatique-India to celebrate Consular Day.

On this occasion the special felicitation of “Vivek Burman (Dabur) Peace Prize” was announced and was conferred on Padma Bhushan Dr. Krishna Ella, Founder and CMD of Bharat Biotech International Ltd. and Padma Bhushan Mrs. Suchitra K. Ella, Co-Founder and Joint Managing Director of Bharat Biotech International Ltd., the producers of Covaxin for Covid–19.

On the occasion Mr. K.L Ganju said that the Hony. Consuls in India are playing a very important role in providing consular services and also developing economic and bilateral relations between the sending and the receiving countries.

The Chief Guest for the event was H.E. Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi, Minister of State for External Affairs & Culture, Govt. Of India, New Delhi and Padma Vibhushan Dr. Sonal Man Singh, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) was the Guest of Honour. Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Hony. Consuls from all over India participated. Officials of Ministry of External Affairs and who’s who of Delhi also joined to celebrate.

The eminent guest attended the event were MOS Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi, Padma Bhushan Dr. Krishna Ella, Founder and CMD of Bharat Biotech International Ltd., Padma Bhushan Mrs. Suchitra K. Ella, Vikarmjit Sahney Founder of Sun Foundation, V.C Burman Chairman Dabur, Padmashri and Renowned Kathak Dancer Shovana Narayan, Sonal Mansingh Member of Rajya Sabha, Politician Mr. Vijay Jolly, Industrial Ashish Saraf, Indian Lawyer Pinky Anand, Nicole Machova Roman Masarik Czech Republic Embassy, Daniela Sezonov Tane, Paul Losif Sezonov Embassy of Romania in New Delhi and Claudio Ansorena Ph.D Ambassador Embassy of the Republic of Costa Rica.

Political Campaign Might be First in US History to Issue Cryptocurrency

Kevin Goodman, candidate for Indiana State Representative (District 65), has announced that the Campaign to Elect Kevin Goodman 2022 has created its own cryptocurrency. The campaign believes it may be the first in US history to issue it’s own cryptocurrency. ArgzCoin 2022 (AGZ22) is already being issued to supporters but the campaign intends to make it more readily available by offering certificate notes for sell in five different denominations. The certificates will be issued as campaign memorabilia.

ArgzCoin 2022 is named after the candidate’s Doberman pinscher, Argo, which has become a mascot for the campaign. A silhouette of a Doberman encircled on a blue background serves as the coin’s icon.

ArgzCoin 2022 is executed as a smart contract on the Polygon-Matic blockchain as a fungible token. Polygon is based on the larger Ethereum project, which also allows for fungible token creation, and which has served as the basis for numerous other cryptocurrencies. ArgzCoin 2022 can be traded although the supply is limited. There are only one million coins. No more can be created.

ArgzCoin 2022 seeks to serve as an incentive and reward for campaign supporters, those who donate financially or those who contribute time and labor. While this is the initial purpose, the campaign does propose the coin’s potential for intrinsic value and value appreciation. With a current capitalization of 623 billion USD, the campaign believes Polygon-Matic is here to stay and will thus serve as an enduring framework for supporting the ArgzCoin 2022 Project.

ArgzCoin 2022 certificates will have a cash equivalency in USD. The value of ArgzCoin 2022 will be set by the Campaign and will be based on campaign finance goals and will be reevaluated on an ongoing basis. The campaign reserves the right to raise the value at any time. The initial certificates will be released at a USD equivalency of $0.50 to 1AGZ22.

While it’s possible that ArgzCoin 2022 will be available for trade on some decentralized exchanges, the campaign discourages speculation. The coin was created in the spirit of fun. The campaign hopes the coin will be received as an artifact of Americana in the era of cryptocurrency. Certificates will be issued in denominations of 50AGZ22, 100AGZ22, 250AGZ22, 500AGZ22, 1000AGZ22. The design for each denomination is difference. Each certificate has its own public key address to which the stated value in AGZ22 is attached. Each certificate also has the private key printed on the back, which is protected by a metallic coating that can be scratched off. The private key enables the certificate holder to transfer the coins to a different account should they choose to do so. The certificates will serve as a unique collectable of American political history.

The Campaign aims to have the certificates available for sell on the campaign website by February 8h, 2022.

ArgzCoin 2022 holders will also have the option of contributing their coins back to the campaign as the campaign accepts contributions in Bitcoin, Ether, Matic and ArgzCoin 2022.


NEW LAUNCH – Kiehl’s Commemorates its 170th Anniversary with a Special Limited Edition Collection Essential Oils


Kiehl’s Commemorates its 170th Anniversary with a Special Limited Edition Collection Essential Oils

To honor this legacy of providing fine-quality formulas together with a long-standing commitment to service, Kiehl’s is proud to introduce two limited edition product collections: A classic Commemorative Collection of iconic must-have formulas and, for the first time ever, a historical Heritage Collection comprised of three special formulas inspired by the archives.

In 1921, after taking over the pharmacy, Mr. Irving Morse created the first ever line of Kiehl’s products. In addition to the iconic Original Musk oil which quickly rose to fame and became the brand’s signature scent – Mr. Morse also stocked over 120 essence oils that were recommended for use solely as personal perfumes until the early 2000s. Inspired by the fortune drawing tinctures of the roaring ’20s, these limited-edition essence oils are available in three enticing new aromas.


For the first time, Kiehl’s is also diving deep into its archive of formulation favorites to bring back three historical products from decades past. Carefully selected to pay homage to beauty trends that revolutionized previous eras, the Limited-Edition Heritage Collection is reimagined for the modern-day skincare connoisseur.

First up in this collection are the Essence Oils in Love-Luring, Fortune Seeking, and Jinx-Removing. Originally formulated in the 1920s, Kiehl’s new essence oils have been re-imagined in three enticing aromas. These little oils are perfect for when you need a boost. The oils available are:


Love-Luring Essence Oil

To enhance attraction, this sophisticated floral blend is a modern day “Love Potion”. A full floral aroma infused with Jasmine, Rose & Ylang-Ylang.

Product Link –

Price – INR 2,800


Fortune-Seeking Essence Oil

For those looking for a bit of luck A light, fresh scent infused with notes of Citrus and White Tea.

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Price – INR 2,800


Jinx-Removing Essence Oil

Inspired by similar monikers from the 1920’s (such as Money-Drawing Oil and Success Powder), this unique aroma is made for those seeking new beginnings and personal freedoms. A warm, sensual fragrance infused with Vetiver and Sandalwood.

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Price – INR 2,800


Today, the magic that is the “Kiehl’s experience” extends around the world as the brand continues to delight patrons with its high-quality formulas, top of the line skincare expertise, and a grassroots indie spirt. To honour this legacy of providing fine-quality formulas together with a long-standing commitment to service.



About Kiehl’s

Kiehl’s was founded as an old-world apothecary in New York’s East Village neighborhood. Its unique, extensive background represents a blend of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal, and medicinal knowledge developed and advanced through the generations. Kiehl’s journey from humble beginnings in 1851 as an old apothecary in New York’s East Village neighborhood to 250 stores around the world including 14 flagship stores in India is one which deserves attention and applause standing true to its commitment to provide unparalleled skincare, all Kiehl’s stores promise unwavering customer service. Taking a cue from the success of Kiehl’s stores across the world, it’s no surprise that all Kiehl’s customer representatives have the technical know-how to guide clients and leave no stone unturned to provide unmatchable service and expertise. The driving force of Kiehl’s vision is the ‘try before you buy’ initiative. Allowing clients to try products before they purchase, this 92-year old initiative has won hearts and has led to loyal patronage over the years. Kiehl’s India is providing safe home delivery options, contactless delivery to its customers. The stores are all sanitized and safe for shopping purposes. Kiehl’s provides gifting options for friends and family and has a great range of corporate and individual gifting option for celebrating occasions. Kiehl’s extends to its consumers the finest skincare apothecary and at the same time ensure that all safety guidelines are met as the brand launches its E-Boutique to refill one’s skincare digitally through its newly launched E-Boutique.

Website Link:

The United States of America and Guyana Share a Flawed Democracy

The 153-Days Saga, exposes the intrigue of the pre-election manipulation strategies and the post-elections shenanigans which resulted in the delay of the results for 153 days with the subsequent declaration of a winner.  The book highlights Guyana’s geo-political importance as a new entry to the Oil and Gas sector, the tainted electoral authority, and the undiscriminating, mostly corrupt Security Forces.  It records the actual sentiments of casual observers, the average Guyanese voters, and the members of the international communities during the Elections in Guyana as it proposes remedies for the electoral and racial challenges.

Chief of the Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS), the former Prime Minister of Jamaica, Mr. Bruce Golding, reported “You know it takes an extraordinarily courageous mind to present fictitious numbers when such a sturdy paper trail exists. And this is being illustrated now as the recount proceeds.” The OAS’ Mission  remained engaged in assisting the people of Guyana in ensuring that their will prevailed and that Guyana’s position as an “internationally respected democracy was restored and preserved.”

Wayne Westphal Barrow, a Barbadian by birth; lives and works in Guyana, South America.  His articles have been published in Barbados’ New Bajan Magazine and he has written for the leading Guyanese Newspapers dealing with a range of social issues. He has created and produced a 12-episodes television show dealing with the role of Information and Communication Technology in Guyana.  When he is not facilitating Self-Reliance courses, business coaching or counselling, he relaxes by creating items of sustainable craft made from natural fibers and fabric.

Mr. Barrow studied Management Information Systems at West London College, UK and is a graduate of  OBS Business School, University of Barcelona, Spain with a Masters in Project Management.

He has just completed a second book which will be published at the end of December 2021 and is working on a third.  He is married and has three sons each born in a different Caribbean country; Guyana, Barbados and Trinidad.

As a historical narrative, Guyana’s Elections 2020: The 153-Days Saga identifies the chief tactician of the transparent, electoral manipulations as it outlines the influence of the ubiquitous social media platforms which impacted the anxieties of citizens, real and imagined, exacerbating the racial tensions that have fractured the society along ethnic fault lines.

Details of the daily inconsistencies in the tabulation of votes for the Region Four voting district along with the transparent attempt to steal an election under the noses of local and international Observers are recorded in a lighthearted manner and should not detract from the intensity of the emotions which flowed during this period nor the pain that was caused to families on both sides of the racial divide. It is filled with facts supported by video transcripts and personal testimonies.

Political filter bubbles fueled the combustible situation. It highlights the critical role of the International and local elections Observers, the transformational insights of the Caribbean Regional Integration Movement (CARICOM) and the duplicitous nature of the USA’s intervention.

Guyana is not alone in the creation of this dark, political narrative of a flawed democracy. Comparisons are hinted at with regards to the 2020 elections of the United States of America which demonstrated similar traits with all the trimmings of violent protests, frivolous lawsuits, scared leaders and racial tensions.  It was a story that had to be told with all the raw emotions so that it does not repeat itself.

Published by Amazon KDP, readers can purchase Guyana’s Elections 2020: The 153-Days Saga online at Amazon in either the eBook or Paperback format.

For additional information or media inquiries, contact Wayne Barrow at +592-648-8341 or via email:  

Follow the author on Instagram at or visit Amazon for a copy of Guyana’s Elections 2020: The 153-Days Saga which can be purchased here:


Lombardi Calls For Twitter To Be Broken Up

Today, Jack Lombardi, Republican Congressional candidate for Illinois’ Fourteenth Congressional District called for Twitter to be broken up saying the platform favors race baiting and hate to advance a progressive agenda. Twitter’s heavy-handed content moderation is a clear abuse of its longstanding liability protections under Section 230, a law that presupposed that companies would provide “a true diversity of political discourse,” not an echo chamber of far-left orthodoxy he said. Twitter has repeatedly attempted, with the help of partisan political groups, to suppress conservative speech that they mislabel as “misleading,” while ignoring blatant falsehoods peddled on the left or by China. This problem was at its apex last year when Twitter deliberately suppressed the distribution of an unflattering Hunter Biden story in the New York Post, describing the report as “potentially spammy or unsafe.” That was a lie, and the Post was eventually vindicated on the facts. But the damage was done. It has banned Donald Trump but allows Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei free rein to call for the extermination of Israel, Lombardi pointed out.

And just when you thought it could not get any worse, the new CEO of Twitter, Parag Agrawal is on record saying that public discourse should be out and Twitter users should conform to Twitter’s leftist values Lombardi pointed out. And Agrawal is on record in espousing racial hatred where he questioned why should he distinguish between white people and racists.

“Twitter has become a public danger just as the trusts in the early Twentieth century were,” said Jack Lombardi. “It promotes racial hatred and divisions with a clear leftist agenda. It needs to be broken up.

“Twitter is being used with a clear agenda by the left to stifle free speech and a promote a socialist agenda for America,” said Lombardi. “It has become a public danger to free thought and the American way of life.”

Lombardi Background
Lombardi’s story is that of an ordinary Chicagoan with exceptional zeal who broke the norm, building a better life with the resources he had at hand. Today, he is a successful businessman with vast experience in leading diverse teams to a common goal of success.

A natural entrepreneur, Lombardi earned his first money at age 8 selling soda on a neighborhood street corner. He started his first business, Lombardi Trucking, by age 22 and has never looked back. Currently, Lombardi owns Chicago’s premiere digital marketing company and runs multiple internet companies.

Born and bred on Chicago’s southwest side, Lombardi went to nearby St. Laurence High School and later attended Northwestern Business College. He is proud to be the husband of Sharon Lombardi and father of his son Jack III and daughter, Summer.


India Today Conclave returns with its 19th edition

 The India Today Conclave is back with its 19th edition. Over the past 18 years, the inspirational platform has seen the most influential and inspiring personalities from all over the world congregate and deliberate on critical issues facing the world. This year, the summit will take place on 8th and 9th October 2021 at Taj Palace, New Delhi. And like every other edition, this time, too, a galaxy of renowned leaders and personalities from across the fields of sports, political, business, bollywood, government, among other areas, will grace the platform and exchange ideas around building a better today and tomorrow. 


The theme of #ABETTERNORMAL for the conclave this year will bring up some eye-opening ideas, thought-provoking debates, and a new perspective to look at the post-pandemic world. The summit will witness inspiring and young speakers, who will be sharing their incredible journey and achievements, top politicians and policymakers who shape our lives and our businesses, new Unicorns of 2021, global economists of repute, among many others.

This autumn, the India Today Conclave 2021 will be unparalleled in its illustrious history as this will be an ambitious endeavour to find a path beyond a global crisis that also was a great leveller. The pandemic made no distinction between the rich and the poor, the powerful and the marginalised. In a world ravaged by the pandemic, the Conclave will present the world’s most celebrated thinkers who will collectively seek a “Better Normal” for mankind. This singular quest promises to make the India Today Conclave 2021 the most riveting intellectual engagement of the year.


In the latest edition of the India Today Conclave Kalli Purie, Vice Chairperson, India Today Group said, “We are happy to bring back the main edition of our conclave after two years. It’s going to break new ground in hybrid events. I’m very excited with what we have created for our patrons. It’s all new and fresh. The better normal”


There will be two days of talking, listening, thinking, doing, and experiencing. From Olympic Gold Medallists Neeraj Chopra (2021) and Abhinav Bindra (2008) to Captain, India men’s national field hockey team  Manpreet Singh Sandhu, Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways Nitin Gadkari, 3-time Pulitzer Winner Columnist, The New York Times Thomas Friedman, Founder & Partner,

100X.VC, Sanjay Mehta, Founder, DROOM Sandeep Aggarwal, Co-founder, & CEO, Coinswitch Kuber,  Ashish Singhal,  Co-founders, Imagine Meats Genelia Deshmukh & Riteish Deshmukh, Actor Pankaj Tripathi, Actor Vicky Kaushal, Founder & CEO, Urban Company Abhiraj Bahl, Co-founder and CEO of IdeaForge  Ankit Mehta, CEO of Newspace Research & Technologies Sameer Joshi amongst others   

Come to India’s busiest two days at the India Today Conclave 2021 where the world’s best will share one stage. 


  •  Nitin Gadkari | Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways
  • Piyush Goyal | Minister of Commerce & Industry; Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution; Minister of Textiles
  • J. P. Nadda | President, Bharatiya Janata Party
  • Anurag Thakur | Union Minister for I&B and Youth Affairs & Sports
  • Arif Mohammed Khan | Governor, Kerala
  • Ashwini Vaishnaw | Minister for Railways, Communications, Electronics and Information Technology
  • General David H. Petraeus | Former CIA Director 
  • Thomas Friedman | 3-time Pulitzer Winner Columnist, The New York Times 
  • Gautam Mukhopadhyay | Former Ambassador of India to Syria, Afghanistan, and Myanmar
  • General M. M. Naravane | 28th Chief of Army Staff
  • Hussain Haqqani | Former Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States & Sri Lanka 
  • Shashi Tharoor | Member of Parliament
  • Arif Mohammed Khan | Governor, Kerala
  • Basavaraj Bommai | Chief Minister, Karnataka 
  • Himanta Biswa Sarma | Chief Minister, Assam
  • P. Thiaga Rajan | Finance Minister, Tamil Nadu
  • Sir Malcolm Grant | Founder Chair, NHS England; Chancellor, University of York 
  • Sanjeev Sanyal | Principal Economic Adviser, Ministry of Finance
  • Rakesh Tikait | Farm Leader
  • Neeraj Chopra | Olympic Gold Medalist, 2021
  • Abhinav Bindra | Olympic Gold Medalist, 2008
  • Adar Poonawalla | CEO & Owner, Serum Institute of India 
  • Pankaj Tripathi | Actor
  • Manpreet Singh Sandhu | Captain, India men’s national field hockey team
  • Parattu Raveendran Sreejesh | Goalkeeper and former captain of the Indian national hockey team
  • Rani Rampal | Captain, India women’s national hockey team
  • Savita Punia | Goalkeeper, Indian National Women’s Hockey team
  • James Wilks | Director and star of ‘The Game Changers’ 
  • Genelia Deshmukh & Riteish Deshmukh | Co-founders, Imagine Meats
  • Ashish Singhal | Co-founder, & CEO, Coinswitch Kuber  
  • Sanjiv Puri | Chairman and Managing Director, ITC Limited
  • Abhiraj Bhal | Founder & CEO, Urban Company
  • Adrian Levy | Journalist & Co-author, Spy Stories 
  • Ali Khan Mahmudabad | Assistant Professor for History and Political Science, Ashoka University
  • Andrew Small | Senior transatlantic fellow, GMF Asia; Author
  • Aneesh Aravind | Country Manager, Krafton
  • Ankit Mehta | Co-founder and CEO, IdeaForge
  • Aparna Purohit | Head of India Originals, Amazon Prime Video
  • Baijayant Panda | National Vice President and Spokesperson, Bharatiya Janata Party 
  • Bharat Lal | Additional Secretary (Water), Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation. Ministry of Jal Shakti
  • Bhavina Patel | Indian parathlete and table tennis player
  • Deepa Malik | President, Paralympic Committee of India
  • Devendra Jhajharia | Indian Paralympic javelin thrower
  • Dr Ian Lipkin | Virologist 
  • Gaurav Khanna | Head National Coach, Indian Para-Badminton Team
  • Gunjan Menon | National Geographic Explorer
  • Hilal Ahmed | Associate Professor, CSDS
  • Jeetender Sharma | MD & Founder, Okinawa
  • Kunal Nandwani | uTrade Technologies
  • Malaika Vaz | National Youth Award; National Geographic Explorer
  • Mayank Kumar | Co-founder and MD, upGrad
  • Pramod Bhagat | Indian Para-badminton player
  • Rahul Garg | Founder & CEO, Moglix
  • Rajendra Agrawal | Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha
  • Rajendra Singh | “Waterman of India”
  • Richa Chadha | Actor
  • Sameer Joshi | CEO, Newspace Research & Technologies
  • Sandeep Aggarwal | Founder, DROOM
  • Sanjay Mehta | Founder & Partner,  
  • Sathvik Vishwanath | Co-Founder & CEO, Unocoin 
  • Shivshankar Menon | Former Foreign Secretary of India
  • Shoojit Sircar  | Film Director and Producer
  • Sumit Gupta | Co-founder and CEO, CoinDCX
  • Vicky Kaushal  | Actor 
  • Vikram Sampath | Historian; Author