District 22 Florida Congressional candidate Darlene Swaffer has received the enthusiastic endorsement of Veterans For Trump, an organization that highlights President Trump’s many promised successes in VA reformation.

Veterans for Trump are in the process of creating a video ad that will be distributed to its 450,000 members nationwide detailing their support for Congressional candidate Darlene Swaffar.

Helping veterans with housing, jobs, health and mental health support, Vets for Trump have patriotically stood beside President Trump’s unwavering attention towards veteran care, benefits, and respect. Now, Vets for Trump will stand beside Swaffar for Congress and her goal to provide a dedicated 800 telephone lines for Veterans of District 22.

“We look forward to working with the Vets for Trump organization to make
District 22 a premier community for Veterans and their families!” says
Darlene Swaffar.