Due to COVID-19, organizations nationwide are reevaluating policies, assessing how to safeguard their facility, protect employees, and provide a secure environment for visitors. Many are looking to SISCO, the leader in visitor management systems since 1994, for guidance on alleviating workplace concerns and mitigating the spread of contagious illnesses. Companies now recognize the importance of real-time visitor reporting at the click of a button.

SISCO’s visitor management systems ensure every individual in a facility has completed a precautionary health questionnaire and has been screened for elevated body temperatures using the FAST-PASS integrated thermal camera. Each feature is customizable by the end user, although most users follow the CDC’s recommendations such as not granting access to visitors with a temperature exceeding 100.4o F (38.0o C).

“When a visitor is given a badge, every individual they encounter is immediately reassured that proper safety measures were taken before allowing them into the facility. In today’s world, the peace of mind visitor management systems provide is almost as valuable as the software itself,” says SISCO CEO Anthony Zagami.

The technology also resolves concerns beyond the initial registration process. The ability to set limitations on maximum concurrent visitors for each room or specified floor within a facility is now in high demand. Knowing who is in the building, their location, and who they have encountered is instrumental in creating a visitor interaction timeline if an event or outbreak occurs.

Facilities can utilize the technology in various ways, depending on their business needs. The contactless solution is configured on the registration attendant’s desk and can be positioned behind plexiglass for additional security. The standalone kiosk is typically placed near an entry point, making it convenient for visitors to register themselves and capture their body temperature with the thermal camera upon arrival. Both options use the same cloud-based platform and complete registration in a matter of seconds, ensuring an accelerated visitor experience.

All systems are compliant with global social distancing standards to reduce exposure to contagious illnesses. If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that businesses need to prepare to operate seamlessly throughout any circumstances that may arise. Many procedural changes will need to be implemented to adapt to the “new normal,” but an effective visitor management system is definitely a great place to start.