SquawkBoard.com today announces a new social website for posting free online classified ads in local markets. The online classified website combines the best features of several of the web’s most popular sites, SquawkBoard.com offers localized “neighborhood bulletin boards” throughout the USA. It allows users to easily post and respond to an extensive variety of other user ads. It’s a better balanced site for everyone. Users may post and respond to other user ads in familiar categories ranging from local news and events, to buy/sell/trade, to professional services, jobs, dating, and the most innovative features in classified website history.

Some of the innovative features include:

· A Special College SquawkBoard in many college towns with safe college only specific categories like rideshare, learning materials, events, campus area housing, and groups that will be of interest to benefit students on campus

· Parental Control Options. SquawkBoard makes it easy for parents and institutions to block access to sensitive areas of the website

· Non Flagging Feature so competitors are unable pull competing businesses ads off SquawkBoard.com

· SquawkBoard Watchdog. It enables any user to immediately report any user content that violates the terms and conditions of the site. SquawkBoard is monitored daily

· A Nationwide Platform Political / Medical / Educational / Entrepreneurial / Environmental / Tech / Sports and Entertainment for expressing ideas, news, breakthroughs, innovations, etc. The user can with a push of a button be published in over 575 cities.

Additionally, several “Safer Society links were added for general information related to public awareness and notifications.

“We wanted to create a real platform for free speech and expression with well thought out ideas related to safety and friendliness for all users, so we put the control in the user hands,” said Founder Gary Drawert. “Also due to the extensive hardship that COVID-19 has brought to many, we’ve decided SquawkBoard will be one hundred percent free to give everyone the opportunity to promote oneself.”

Pro hockey hall-of-famer great Grant Fuhr is hosting a celebrity golf invitational April 16th and 17th that will benefit the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. More information is available here: https://grantfuhrcelebrityinvitational.com/

For more information on SquawkBoard.com, contact:
c/o Gary Drawert
Email: despro@att.net