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Indian Assembly Election Analysis – BJP has become irrelevant across the country

The ruling party in India, led by Prime Minister Modi was a strong force at one time. It was one of the few parties in recent that had an absolute majority for the two terms. The charisma of national leaders like Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Adityanath and others seemed like a strong recipe for success. However, all is not well for BJP now. 

There is a difference between state and national elections. The state elections in India are fought primarily on local issues. It becomes very tough for political parties to continue performing in a state. It is far easier to use the anti-incumbency in a state to dislodge an existing leader like Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal by promising the moon. The same strategy has been used by BJP from state to state, across the country. For the past few elections though, this strategy is failing badly. 

Just before National Elections, there always have been some incidents that have given an opportunity for raising national spirit. Whether it is a terrorist attack, strike on terrorist outposts, etc. In every case, Modi government used something to give credit, even if it was not due. For example, the space program was not even approved by the BJP government. It was attributed to the vision of the predecessor. However, PM Modi was quick to pounce on it and be during launch, which really had nothing to do with his office. 

These tactics are not working in their favour now. The poor handling of the COVID pandemic and other policies that have been giving misery to the public have started instilling doubt in the voters on the governance capabilities of the party. They did everything in West Bengal but they lost poorly to their former ally – Mamata Banerjee. Despite instilling a lot of pressure on DMK, they could not prevent their absolute majority in Tamil Nadu. The same story was in Kerala where BJP was more or less wiped out. In Assam, the performance of the local unit has been very good and perhaps they will be able to form the government despite them and their allies losing some seats. 

BJP is losing its relevance in National Politics. Its leaders really need to get their act together in managing the COVID crisis. A lot has been said about donating and exporting over 7 crore doses of the vaccines that would have saved a lot of people across many main metros. With many of its leaders caught with their pants down smuggling or hoarding life-saving materials and keeping them away from the public, and with the national leaders looking away and not responding, the party is losing faith, day by day. 

With their absolute power and a hard crackdown on dissent, people spoke with mumbled voices. The farmer agitation was the first movement where they effectively raised the voice without fear to the government. It also casts a serious doubt on the government to push one dubious legislation after the other instead of handling the immediate crisis. I

The writing is on the wall. It’s no way that they should do anything else but handle COVID. It can be a make or break moment for the party. 


Supreme Court of India comes down on hard on clampdown by states like UP

The Supreme Court today literally warned State governments and police against clamping down on the spread of information or desperate calls for help through social media from citizens affected by COVID-19. A Special Bench of Justices L. Nageswara Rao, D.Y. Chandrachud and S. Ravindra Bhat said any such move will attract the contempt of court. 

“We don’t want any clampdown of information. We will treat it as a contempt of court if such grievances is considered for action. Let a strong message go to all the States and DGPs of States. Clampdown of information is contrary to basic precepts,” Justice Chandrachud said in the court. 

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta had to agree and said “As an officer of the court, I fully agree with what Your Lordships have said.”

#ModiMustResign is trending on twitter

#ModiMustResign is the latest hashtag that is highly trending on twitter. It seems that the Prime Minister is falling from grace with his handling of the current pandemic situation. Many have made a mockery of the comments by the minister. On being asked specifically, they said that Modi’s attitude at this time, more than anything else,is dispeasing them. He has expressed no regret and has shown no compassion to thousands dying everyday due to COVID-19. 

Here are some of these tweets:


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Some of the innovative features include:

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· Parental Control Options. SquawkBoard makes it easy for parents and institutions to block access to sensitive areas of the website

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Additionally, several “Safer Society links were added for general information related to public awareness and notifications.

“We wanted to create a real platform for free speech and expression with well thought out ideas related to safety and friendliness for all users, so we put the control in the user hands,” said Founder Gary Drawert. “Also due to the extensive hardship that COVID-19 has brought to many, we’ve decided SquawkBoard will be one hundred percent free to give everyone the opportunity to promote oneself.”

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Trails of Iraq Baathists Found in Jordan’s Latest Events

Sarah Idan, the 2017 Miss Universe Iraq of controversial connection to Israel was present upon signing of the Kushner-UAE Abraham Accords. Her presence had no official capacity, yet, was of monitoring nature. Idan has strong ties to Shaposhnik, the Mossad agent who contacted BBA wife of Prince Hamzah of Jordan to offer evacuation.

Right before the failed attempt of coup d’état in Jordan, Mustafa Al Kadhimi, the Iraqi British current PM of Iraq, was seen warming up with UAE’s MBZ. The canoodling was preceded by releasing a few hit songs for Iraq through the infamous singer Hussein Al Jasmi and the launching of MBC Iraq, a Saudi channel targeting Iranian masses on one hand and Iraqis on the other.

Iraq and the UAE’s sudden friendly relationship seemed to move too fast even for the UAE who jumped into Israel’s lap in the blink of an eye. Finding it very tempting to get caught in the spider web, Mustafa Al Kadhimi appeared a cloned Khalifa Haftar. The plan, however, was expanding across the borders of Jordan.

Though maintaining visible diplomatic ties, the King of Jordan is not exactly acceptable to the UAE. Reason being his vehement character, which makes him unpredictable at some point. The ruling family of Jordan is inadequately obedient to process the plan of MBZ.

Abd Al Nasr Al Janabi, a cleric and a leading supporter of the armed uprising in Iraq expected what he referred to as “a new dawn” back in the day. Al Janabi was accused by Maliki of kidnapping and killing dozens of innocent Iraqis when he headed the “Front for Jihad, Liberation and Natioanal Salvation in Iraq”. The Islamic Army founded by Ahmad Dabash, an insurgent leader, and founder of the Islamic Army, opposed the partition of Iraq on sectarian grounds. The agenda was widely accepted by Jordanian auspices in 2007.

Sheikh QO, a tribal leader known for his advocacy to the Islamic State and Al Qaeda, and Sheikh F. Al-Shawoosh, spokesman for the insurgent council were extreme in their quest to overcome the Iraqi regime post the US invasion of Iraq.

Former army officers of Baath party went as far as saying they shared Al Qaeda common military goals, an observation repeated by Abdul Samed Al Ghurairi who was present at the meeting held in Jordan over a decade back, forming the nucleus of steady pacing events through his affiliates.

Saad Al Janabi is known to be a man of multiple loyalties. To Saddam Hussein, he was a source of information until 2003. In 2002, however, he was a source of information to the CIA on Baghdad, Jordan, the West Bank and Lebanon. Saad Al Janabi was often referred to by the CIA as a good Sunni among the title- distributing battalion.

Whitley Bruner, the former agent of the CIA who handled Al Janabi and processed the information he provided, conveniently recruited Mohammad Dahlan up until 1997 and continued his cultivation off service to date. Using Al Janabi Group for Iraq and Jordan, Dahlan for the UAE and Kanan and Agha for Lebanon, Bruner received periodical reports on sensitive country information especially for those in power.

Al-Janabi, head of a group named after him, expanded across different sectors. Energy, construction, hospitality, real estate, media, general trading, banking and investment, you name it. His Jordanian affiliates are as many as his businesses and the information he obtains to pass on is naturally diverse.

Though taking a young Iraqi wife, Al Janabi entertains himself with a number of women through Jordanian locals. NSM his hospitable whoremonger assistant spared no occasion to openly brag about his souteneur skills, treating Al Janabi for escorts in Lebanon and Dubai. Conveniently, among entertainers of one occasion in Dubai was Idan. The other Al Janabi did not mind a joint entertainment himself to take a break from Al Qaeda advocacy.

Al Janabi Republican Group failed to win seats in the National Assembly but was promised another seat in a new Jordanian monarchy. Reported by Daifallah, Saad Al Janabi uses his residence in the UAE to hold meetings of his own, involving Dahlan and Bateekhi, the former Head of Intelligence in Jordan, closely tied to Queen Nour, mother of Prince Hamza.

Jay Garner, engineer of the Iraq post war reconstruction efforts and Whitely Bruner, the former CIA officer in the Middle East, have both served as advisers to Al Janabi, who held several meetings with one of them at least in Amman, Jordan.

Al Janabi was involved in corrupt business dealings with some members of Saddam’s regime and extended it to Jordan. The Kamel brothers and Al Majid exploited the government owned Somar cigarette company for exclusive selling and distribution rights to Al Janabi who became the “Cigarette King” and the deal made him extremely rich. No other cigarette brand was allowed in Iraq except in the black market.

Corruption of the tobacco business erupted in Jordan around a year ago only to be hushed on grounds of involving high profile officials and UAE connection. The UAE company ILT was directly involved in the corrupt business in Jordan, however, went unaccountable.

Al Janabi generosity in Jordan is unprecedented, so is it in the West Bank giving way for Yaser Abbas to make a few million dollars over a container specially delivered to him. His generosity is met with equal generous funnelling of information, most of which serves to undermine the stability of the one most stable country in the Middle East.

Hong Kong – HAD sternly clarifies unfounded allegation made by SSPDC member Ramon Yuen

     In response to the unfounded allegation made by the Sham Shui Po District Council (SSPDC) member, Mr Ramon Yuen Hoi-man, against the SSPDC Secretariat, a spokesman of the Home Affairs Department (HAD) today (March 16) sternly clarified as follows:

     It is specified in section 61 of the District Councils Ordinance (the Ordinance) (Cap. 547) that functions of a District Council (DC) are to, inter alia, advise the Government on district administration affairs and where funds are made available for the purpose, to promote community, recreational and cultural activities and environmental improvement projects, within the district. All items for discussion and papers of DC must be compatible with the DC functions specified in the Ordinance.

     When handling DC affairs, District Offices will consult the relevant bureaux and departments, to examine whether an item for discussion is compatible with the DC functions specified in section 61 of the Ordinance. If an item for discussion is found not compatible with the functions specified in the Ordinance, the Government will follow up accordingly, such as writing to the DC Chairman concerned about the problem and request the Chairman to follow up etc. If the DC concerned still keeps the items for discussion that are not compatible with the Ordinance, the DC Secretariat cannot provide secretariat support for these matters, including drafting minutes and uploading the relevant audio to the DC website etc., and secretariat staff or other government officers will neither attend the relevant parts of the meeting nor join the discussion of the relevant papers. This has been the established practice all along.

     At the 4th meeting on June 23, 2020 and the 5th meeting on September 8, 2020, since some items for discussion raised by Members were not compatible with the DC functions as set out in the Ordinance, the SSPDC Secretariat, following the established practice, did not provide support for those items for discussion. The then District Officer (Sham Shui Po) had written to the DC Chairman informing him of the situation before the two meetings, and reiterated the Government’s stance respectively at both meetings.

     Prior to the 6th SSPDC Meeting on November 10, 2020, the SSPDC Secretariat prepared the minutes of the 4th and the 5th meetings according to the established practice, and the Members did not propose any amendments to the draft minutes at the meeting.

     During the aforesaid meeting, Mr Yuen proposed to include “supplementary” paragraphs in the minutes on discussions in the 4th and the 5th DC Meeting which had been found not compatible with the DC Ordinance. The then District Officer (Sham Shui Po) had already pointed out that the SSPDC Secretariat would not provide secretariat support for items not compatible with DC functions. The SSPDC Secretariat would not take any follow up actions in relation to the concerned records, even if the “supplementary” paragraphs had been passed by the DC. Therefore, the audio of relevant discussions was not uploaded to the DC website. Such approach is consistent with our practice as mentioned above.

     In accordance with the same procedures, the SSPDC Secretariat circulated the draft minutes of the 6th meeting to Members before the 7th meeting held on February 23, 2021 for consideration. Members decided at the meeting to postpone discussing the draft minutes.

     At today’s meeting, the SSPDC Secretariat submitted the draft minutes of the 6th meeting for Members’ consideration in accordance with the established procedures. All Members (including Mr Yuen) have a right to propose amendments to the draft at the meeting. Mr Yuen did not propose any amendments.

     Mr Yuen did not propose to the SSPDC Secretariat any amendments to the draft during the past three weeks. We deeply regret that he instead chose to level an unfounded allegation today.