On the off chance that you wound up on this page, you likely have a greater number of inquiries than answers. Jon is here to support you and your friends and family through this troublesome time.

In spite of being alluded to as “Family Law Court,” these are for the most part, not the case that gives the members the warm and fuzzies. Cases that fall under the local of the Family Court in Oldham County or Shelby County can be extraordinarily frightening for those that have been requested to show up. To help address your feelings of dread and concerns, lawyer Jon R. Expense is focused on plunking down with you to truly tune in.

Divorce :

With divorce cases, feelings aren’t high. On the off chance that youngsters are included, it can frequently be hard to see an answer that doesn’t feel unthinkable as you attempt to get ready for what life will resemble in the coming months.

Keep in mind, you needn’t bother with a team promoter – you need a mentor. To this end, there is a period and a spot to battle, yet on the off chance that you need to battle for battling – if it’s not too much trouble realize that just the lawyers will win. If being sensible isn’t being responded by the opposite side

Child Custody and Parenting Time:

Regardless of whether you have recently been presented with papers or your separation was settled ten years back, making sense of the proper child-rearing arrangement can be a test.

Depending upon your and your ex-life partner’s level of salary and your child-rearing timetable, you might almost certainly request that the court grant youngster support. Additionally, if there has been a considerable change in either child-rearing time or level of pay, you might almost certainly appeal to for an adjustment.

Dependency, Neglect or Abuse:

The Cabinet has huge assets available to its and if the State is looking to put your youngsters in its care, it is important to act rapidly. Know that charges of this nature can have significant insurance ramifications for individuals’ business if the court makes specific discoveries.


While these are generally cases that Family Court judges look forward to handling, they are very specialized. There is no bigger dread for a family than having their selection fixed by an inability to finish a structure or neglecting to pull out to a suitable party.