By Shiv Khera

Every country in the world has a right and a responsibility to protect its national integrity by preventing illegal immigration.

Giving Asylum to Infiltrators is not magnanimity but amounts to treachery.

The Citizenship Amendment Bill which has witnessed six extensions since 2016 is finally becoming a reality – eventually a step in the right direction.

The purpose of this bill is to address the mass exodus and thus the huge influx of Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis, Christians etc. ‘non Muslims’ from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, due to forced conversions, torture, rape, murder etc only because they were non-Muslims/Kafirs.

The population of Hindus in Bangladesh at the time of partition was close to 30% and is currently estimated to be less than 5%. The Hindu population in Pakistan was 23% at the time of partition and is currently less than 1%. Afghanistan’s Hindu population declined since 1992 from a quarter million to less than 220 families (Tolo news, June 2016).

Where have these 60 million Hindus disappeared in the last few decades? They have either been forcibly converted to Islam or murdered, kidnapped, raped, and those who survived the genocide escaped to India? Why have the so-called Human Rights activists remained silent? The pseudo secularists ought to be ashamed of themselves for being selectively prejudiced.

The Hindus in these countries have been living a life of slavery and are terrorized at every step. The disappearance of millions of Hindus post the partition is one of the most horrifying genocides in human history possibly even worse than the Holocaust. Islam remains the State Religion of all the three countries. What a demonstration of peaceful co-existence!

The terror stricken population from these countries filtered into India by hook or by crook including bribing guards for survival. Among these were countless Muslims who saw this as an opportunity to infiltrate into India for their personal gains and dislodge resources from those living in this country. Some came in with a political agenda to grab resources of local residents while others escaped to avoid criminal proceedings in their home countries.

However the Citizenship Amendment Bill categorically states that it is applicable to only non-Muslims. Some pseudo secularists say it is discriminatory, unconstitutional and violates Article 14. Actually it is none of the above. Rather it is a humanitarian issue respecting human rights.

We must distinguish between Refugees seeking asylum versus Infiltrators. Hindus are refugees because they were terrorized and forced to convert to Islam or get killed. To them living with dignity and survival was uppermost and these refugees have had no choice but to come to India.

Muslims seeking asylum are infiltrators because many of them crossing the border forced their way into India for financial gains, political motives or escape from criminal action in their home countries. Many of them are radicals supporting the ISIS groups with an agenda of changing the demographics of India by making Muslims a majority community. It is important to note that unlike the Hindus, Muslims did not leave their home country because of forcible conversion to Islam. The Muslims have a choice to get settled out of the many Muslim dominated countries in the world.

However there are some immature pseudo secularists who are saying ‘why not also give the Muslims citizenship because some of them were discriminated?’ Such justifications are absurd because they are referring to internal conflicts within Muslims and do not justify that India should give them Asylum. Internal conflicts cannot be compared to ethnic cleansing. The mass exodus of non-Muslims was a result of ethnic cleansing.

Giving Asylum to infiltrators is not magnanimity but amounts to treachery.

By accommodating such infiltrators, aren’t we depleting our resources and adding poverty to our own citizens? We need to learn that charity begins from home. Our poor citizens have the first rights on India’s resources not infiltrators.

I totally agree with the Assam agitation against illegal immigrants who come in as infiltrators to de-stabilize but not the refugees. In fact, the illegal infiltrators should be removed from the electoral rolls and deported. Besides, the infiltrators can be a threat to national security both internally and externally.

It is important to note that in 1947, the partition of India took place on the two nation theory with the understanding that all Muslims will go to Pakistan and Hindus will come to India.

The non-Muslim minority that comes over as refugees can be spread over evenly all over the country so that they can assimilate easily within the population.

In fact, the BJP should have kept their promise of giving citizenship to the Hindu refugees as stated in the 2014 manifesto.

The question is, how could so many illegal people infiltrate into India and so easily procure Identity cards such as Aadhar Cards etc. while Hindus, who are deserving refugees, are still waiting? It will not be out of place to say that our security forces have either been lax or bribed to allow the infiltrators to come into India, which amounts to treachery within the nation.

To prevent problems of infiltration in the future, the Government must seal borders and protect them with forces that are incorruptible and more vigilant.

To see a United India, I support the Citizenship Amendment Bill and invite all patriots to support it whole heartedly.