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As the Bihar Assembly election is round the corner, the stir in the political corridors has intensified. In the wake of election in Bihar, the Janata Dal (Secular) has decided to contest against Nitish Kumar in the upcoming Bihar assembly elections.

National President of JDS and former Prime Minister H. D. Deve Gowda is soon to address a press conference in Patna this month and to highlight the party’s objectives to the public.

Party supremo HD Deve Gowda said, “Bihar needs a reformation, direction and transformation. Corona and flood have exposed the failures of the Bihar government. Migrants all around the country were stranded under unforseen situations due to lockdown but little the state government could do for their welfare. The double whammy of pandemic and flood has presented a grim situation of Bihar overall. Such issues need to be addressed and solved sooner. I have asked all party members to expand the base of JD(S) as well as the enthusiasm shown by the party workers and office bearers of all the constituencies.”

According to media reports, Deve Gowda has told party officials that many leaders of Bihar are in touch with him and they will join the JD(S) to play crucial role in the elections.

Senior Vice President of JDS in Bihar and Chief of Election Campaign Committee Shri Lalit Singh said that the party has entered the Bihar elections with three burning issues, farmers, laborers and students. Attacking Nitish’s government, he said, “The time has come for the people of Bihar government to respond to the injustice done to the migrants during the Corona lockdown. In the name of quarantine centers, loot was razed in Bihar. People suffered and government filled it’s treasure. The plight of migrants was the burning topic in the country sometimes back.”

Shri Lalit Singh further said that today youth are seeking employment but this extremely essential subject has been ignored in Bihar. “Millions of youth are unemployed today. They worked hard day and night but there is no vacancy in the Government. On the other hand, farmers are not getting the desired value for their crops. Farmers grow crops, but officers in the government fix the price. This is Injustice to our farmers. ”

National General Secretary and President of Karnataka JDS, Mr. HD Kumaraswamy said, “There is no pace of development in Bihar. Despite being Chief Minister for so many years, Nitish government could not generate a good scope for employment or build factories. This is why labourers migrate and called migrants. Because of the increasing crime in the state, no well-known company wants to do its business here. We want to change the atmosphere of this fear. Our party is going to contest all the seats in Bihar. ”

Chairman of Bihar JDS, Mr. Haldhar Kant Mishra said that sometimes back Nitish Kumar used to seek special state status for Bihar from the center, now he does not even mention the special status. Does Bihar no longer has special needs? The crime graph in Patna, Muzaffarpur, Gopalganj and other districts is continuously soaring up. In such a situation, the people of the Bihar have lost their faith and confidence in the government. Our party will be fighting on these burning issues and the task of connecting with people on grassroot is being done continuously.”