The 153-Days Saga, exposes the intrigue of the pre-election manipulation strategies and the post-elections shenanigans which resulted in the delay of the results for 153 days with the subsequent declaration of a winner.  The book highlights Guyana’s geo-political importance as a new entry to the Oil and Gas sector, the tainted electoral authority, and the undiscriminating, mostly corrupt Security Forces.  It records the actual sentiments of casual observers, the average Guyanese voters, and the members of the international communities during the Elections in Guyana as it proposes remedies for the electoral and racial challenges.

Chief of the Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS), the former Prime Minister of Jamaica, Mr. Bruce Golding, reported “You know it takes an extraordinarily courageous mind to present fictitious numbers when such a sturdy paper trail exists. And this is being illustrated now as the recount proceeds.” The OAS’ Mission  remained engaged in assisting the people of Guyana in ensuring that their will prevailed and that Guyana’s position as an “internationally respected democracy was restored and preserved.”

Wayne Westphal Barrow, a Barbadian by birth; lives and works in Guyana, South America.  His articles have been published in Barbados’ New Bajan Magazine and he has written for the leading Guyanese Newspapers dealing with a range of social issues. He has created and produced a 12-episodes television show dealing with the role of Information and Communication Technology in Guyana.  When he is not facilitating Self-Reliance courses, business coaching or counselling, he relaxes by creating items of sustainable craft made from natural fibers and fabric.

Mr. Barrow studied Management Information Systems at West London College, UK and is a graduate of  OBS Business School, University of Barcelona, Spain with a Masters in Project Management.

He has just completed a second book which will be published at the end of December 2021 and is working on a third.  He is married and has three sons each born in a different Caribbean country; Guyana, Barbados and Trinidad.

As a historical narrative, Guyana’s Elections 2020: The 153-Days Saga identifies the chief tactician of the transparent, electoral manipulations as it outlines the influence of the ubiquitous social media platforms which impacted the anxieties of citizens, real and imagined, exacerbating the racial tensions that have fractured the society along ethnic fault lines.

Details of the daily inconsistencies in the tabulation of votes for the Region Four voting district along with the transparent attempt to steal an election under the noses of local and international Observers are recorded in a lighthearted manner and should not detract from the intensity of the emotions which flowed during this period nor the pain that was caused to families on both sides of the racial divide. It is filled with facts supported by video transcripts and personal testimonies.

Political filter bubbles fueled the combustible situation. It highlights the critical role of the International and local elections Observers, the transformational insights of the Caribbean Regional Integration Movement (CARICOM) and the duplicitous nature of the USA’s intervention.

Guyana is not alone in the creation of this dark, political narrative of a flawed democracy. Comparisons are hinted at with regards to the 2020 elections of the United States of America which demonstrated similar traits with all the trimmings of violent protests, frivolous lawsuits, scared leaders and racial tensions.  It was a story that had to be told with all the raw emotions so that it does not repeat itself.

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