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 The Judiciary will put in place special public attendance arrangements to facilitate the orderly conduct of the bail reviews involving 11 defendants at the High Court tomorrow (March 6).  

     The information of the hearings has already been uploaded onto the Judiciary website at The hearings are listed in three separate sessions, to commence at 10am, not earlier than 11.30am and 2.30pm respectively.

     In anticipation of excessive demand for seats, the Judiciary will make available as many seats as possible to ensure open justice. Taking into account the capacity of available courtrooms and broadcasting facilities of the whole court building, the Judiciary will arrange three court extensions to broadcast the court proceedings. A total of 100 press seats/standing places and 156 public seats/standing places will be provided for different groups of court users to observe the proceedings. There will be 12 family seats, eight press seats and eight public seats in the courtroom. The court extensions are located at 3/F, 4/F and 5/F lobbies. 

     All broadcasting facilities will include both audio and visual presentation of court proceedings inside court extension areas.

     Courts users who wish to observe the hearings will be required to line up at designated areas at the LG4/F podium outside the High Court Building. All tickets for all three hearing sessions during the day will be distributed at 8am. Court users should follow the instructions of the Judiciary staff and security personnel. 

     To ensure fair and optimal use of the limited number of seats during the hearings, any seat which has been left vacant for 15 minutes or more during the court hearings will be re-allocated to another court user. This requirement is generally in line with the existing condition prescribed in the admission tickets of the High Court that the ticket will be no longer valid if the ticket holder has left his/her seat/place for 15 minutes or more.

     Court users are reminded that all persons who enter the Judiciary premises are required to use the “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile app, or to have their names, contact numbers and the dates and times of their visits recorded on a registration form.