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Part of this painful plan is to choose a wedding dress with a beautiful whisper that you know you look and more importantly you will feel absolutely amazing. Here’s a guide to making the notoriously impossible task of wedding dress planning easier and simpler.

Buy plan, not dress:

You need to have a solid plan in mind before you set foot outside the Ladies suit. Keep in mind your wedding themes, color codes (if any) and what colors and designs will complement your overall style and level of change. Your outfit goes with you and you take the outfit, the outfit should go with you!

Not every shiny thing is gold.

Let’s be real, if you have a heavy price tag that you can use to make it, then, the embroidery that goes with the gray note dress will work. Who you are and your Online Women Clothes should appreciate it.

Between mirror work, chic cutwork, pearl, gold wire, organza or endless types of embroidery like classic old Condon and Sardis, choose the one that can complement. You make it easier to carry clothing as a whole and at the same time preserve the timeless grace and pay homage to your culture and traditional values.

Fabric quality

Given the changing fashion preferences and the less sympathetic nature of traditional clothing, new fabrics have been welcomed in the limelight. So far, light and crisp fabrics like satin, chiffon collection and georgette are preferred over traditional hard fabrics like silk as the heavy burden of embroidery is gradually being phased out.

However, choosing one should depend on what season the wedding is taking place and the level of embroidery you want. Comfort should also be a top priority because it is useless if you can’t feel good by looking good.


Go for a color that suits your modern wedding tastes and your personal wedding theme. Instead of a solid color palette like bright red filled with gold, try a lighter tone like wine, champagne gold or even patches that blend in with your skin tone and remember it with gold washing wires. It supports minimal and simple look in 2021 which shows a little bit of billing and it is very easy to walk for many hours.

If the popping color is more than ruby red or burgundy or even blue, this is a great idea for 2019. Equipped with some pearl work and an ideal idea of amazing organza and embroidery, people will need a second look.


A skirt, as lehenga or a classic three-piece suit (very trending) are some of the designs you can make. Again, this should be in contrast to your wedding theme and decor. A luxurious and heavy set wedding will be with a lehenga or ghagra at the wedding but the minimalist wedding sets are best suited with fancy art with fancy three piece curtis.