The ever-growing gap between supply and demand has spurred a series of new partnerships in an effort to raise global production capacity.


The ‘Health Industry Distributors Association’ reports that the demand for Nitrile Gloves have risen to 585 billion units during the COVID-19 Pandemic while the current combined global manufacturing capacity is only 370 billion units.


So as to address the ever-so-growing supply-demand differential, two global brands; KINGFA Medical and AIM-X GLOBAL, have joined in a partnership to fulfill the global Nitrile Gloves shortage. Both company’s underlying principle of “bankability and compliance” have made them household names with Governments, NGO’s and Tier 1 companies throughout the world.


The agreement was signed between KINGFA Medical Chairman Zhi Min Yuan and AIM-X. At the signing KINGFA Medical Chairman Zhi Min Yuan said that he “believes that this partnership will facilitate new sales, bringing benefit for both the global brands”. AIM-X’s co-founder and Chairman of the board Birzhan Mukashev voiced similar sentiments and stated “this partnership will not only enable AIM-X to contribute in the global PPE supply chain but also is the first step towards co-branding other medical products with KINGFA”


KINGFA Medical started their journey in 2013 emerging as a market leader in the field of medical hygiene consumables. As a leader in the market, it has invested over USD 700 Million in building production lines, warehouses and packaging facilities through multiple phases.


AIM-X GLOBAL, is a premium PPE manufacturer and brand originating in Kazakhstan, which was created in the first quarter of 2020 together in direct response to the need for a bankable and fully compliant PPE manufacturing solution. The parent company of AIM-X GLOBAL, together with its stakeholders, own and/or control the entire supply chain; from feedstock, raw materials, factories to distribution and logistics of 22 factories in China and 6 factories in Turkey. AIM-X have taken footsteps in major global COVID-19 hotspots. It has subsidiary companies and distributors in USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Croatia, Poland, Russia and Bangladesh. The strategically placed ware- houses of AIM-X also enables smooth and efficient movement of their products.


This partnership between the two complimentary organizations will make the procurement of medical grade nitrile gloves significantly easier and more efficient, enabling governments, multilateral development agencies, Tier 1 NGO’s and the private sector to secure timely delivery of Nitrile Gloves across the world.


AIM-X GLOBAL aims to compete on the global market through competitive pricing. Despite the growing demand of raw materials and logistical challenges, AIM-X GLOBAL plans to serve the COVID-19 hotspots in USA and Europe for with the necessary certifications (EN and FDA) as well as test conformity reports are already in place.


With significant allocation of Nitrile Gloves in place for AIM-X GLOBAL, resulting from the partnership between two likeminded brands, potential buyers in USA, EU and other global locations can rely on the efficiency of the distribution network and timely delivery of the most critical medical consumable that prevents the spread of COVID-19.