Perfecthomepros announces Partnership with Groupon to offer home services deals to local homeowners.

Partnering with Groupon a leading ecommerce marketplace will allow Perfecthomepros to add to its suite of features that are geared towards helping homeowners in all their home servicing related needs.

The addition of the Groupon api for getting local deals, complements the other tools provided by Perfecthomepros, that allow home service professionals to upload coupons and discount codes that homeowners in their area can download or copy and present to the service professional for a service discount.

The simplicity of the Groupon api integration on is commendable. Homeowners that visit the site do not have to do any searches see local deals, as soon as a homeowner visits the site, their location is auto detected and deals that are related to home services offered by businesses in the homeowner’s city, are shown to the homeowner.

“The objective of Perfecthomepros is to continually find ways to make it easy for homeowners and local service professionals to communicate to each other and to offer homeowners services that would save them both in terms of service cost and time in getting a qualify home service professional to their doorstep for a service. And I believe we are on our way to achieving that objective through innovation and with the tools that we continually put out for homeowners and service professionals” explained Joe Miller, Marketing manager at Perfecthomepros.

Joe also mentioned that Perfecthomepros is also working on service cost related tools that would help homeowners determine the estimated service cost for Home-related services in their area. The tool will allow homeowners to enter a service category such as drain cleaning and the city they live in. It then will show the homeowner an estimate of how much on average homeowners in that specific city should expect to pay for that service. This data will be generated through a combination of research, questionnaires, and entries by local service professionals on their service cost.


Perfecthomepros is a marketplace that connect homeowners with top local home service professionals, and that help home service professionals grow their businesses by providing them local leads and marketing services that help them grow their revenue by increasing the number of customers that call them for service on a daily basis. The company is located in Grand Blanc. Michigan.