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Tech Mahindra Wins Five 2021 ISG Digital Case Study Awards™

Tech Mahindra, a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering services announced that it has been recognized by Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm, with five 2021 ISG Digital Case Study Awards™


Tech Mahindra is one of two organizations to have five case studies recognized, the highest number among this year’s honorees. Highlights of the case studies  are:

    Mining pit network transformation with LTE and IoT, enabled better operational efficiency, 30% increased network coverage, and 30% reduced costs for Exxaro Remote monitoring of industrial motors with predictive tools, enabled significant reduction in downtime leading to better client satisfaction for Nidec Motors Smart automation enabled faster roll out of new solutions, resulting in 3.75x return on investment for a leading Canadian Bank. It also enabled the bank to roll out timely solutions for pandemic relief Patient Engagement Platform enabled a global pharma company to achieve 90% medication adherence for their patients in India A blockchain-based solution for Tata Teleservices helped to mitigate spam calls and texts from unregistered marketers to their customers.


Padma Parthasarathy, Global Head for Consulting and Digital Services, Tech Mahindra, said,We are pleased with ISG’s recognition of our holistic digital transformation capabilities, across a range of areas. Our investment in digital capabilities and outcome-focused solutions, has been endorsed by our clients through this process. I am extremely proud of the Tech Mahindra teams across the globe, who have worked hard to drive digital at scale for our clients as part of our NXT.NOW philosophy.”


ISG selected case studies from 39 providers for this year’s Awards from a record of nearly 250 submissions. A majority of digital transformation initiatives submitted for consideration were focused on improvements in customer and user experience, with the related goal of driving top-line revenue growth.


The events of the past year have accelerated the adoption of digital technologies and business models,” said Paul Reynolds, ISG Partner and Chief Research Officer. “Enhancing customer and user experience was the most prevalent objective across the enterprise-provider projects we examined, and the transformational role providers are playing was evidenced by the many innovative and impactful solutions they delivered


The ISG Digital Case Study Awards evaluate the objectives, solutions and outcomes achieved through digital transformation projects. Technology and service providers worldwide submit case studies, which are independently validated by the enterprise client and reviewed by an expert ISG digital research review committee. Selections are based on a multi-dimensional assessment of the tangible impact of digital transformation on the client’s business and the uniqueness of the provider’s solution.


About Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra offers innovative and customer-centric digital experiences, enabling enterprises, associates and the society to Rise. We are a USD 5.1 billion organization with 121,000+ professionals across 90 countries helping 1007 global customers, including Fortune 500 companies. We are focused on leveraging next-generation technologies including 5G, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and more, to enable end to end digital transformation for global customers.  Tech Mahindra is one of the fastest growing brands and amongst the top 15 IT service providers globally. Tech Mahindra has consistently emerged as a leader in sustainability and is recognized amongst the ‘2021 Global 100 Most sustainable corporations in the World’ by Corporate Knights. With the NXT.NOW framework, Tech Mahindra aims to enhance ‘Human Centric Experience’ for our ecosystem and drive collaborative disruption with synergies arising from a robust portfolio of companies. We aim at delivering tomorrow’s experiences today and believe that the ‘Future is Now’.


We are part of the Mahindra Group, a USD 19.4 billion federation of companies that enables people to rise through innovative mobility solutions, driving rural prosperity, enhancing urban living, nurturing new businesses and fostering communities. It enjoys a leadership position in utility vehicles, information technology, financial services and vacation ownership in India and is the world’s largest tractor company by volume.  It also enjoys a strong presence in renewable energy, agribusiness, logistics and real estate development.  Headquartered in India, Mahindra employs over 2,56,000 people across 100 countries.

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TRIYAM meets excellent cybersecurity requirements in KLAS and CENSINET Report 2021

TRIYAM meets excellent cybersecurity requirements in KLAS and CENSINET Report 2021

TRIYAM, a leading provider in EHR Data Archival and legacy application management, announced that it participated in an assessment done by Censinet cybersecurity along with KLAS that revealed its excellent cybersecurity preparedness. Triyam has the highest cybersecurity requirements in network security, data protection, identity and access management, legal and regulatory, and resiliency.

Triyam has also ranked #1 in Data Archival and was the recipient of 2021 Best in KLAS award in the Data Archiving segment. It has received all straight A’s in the research pillars of Culture, Loyalty, Value, Operations, Product.

Since 2012, Triyam has been involved in the data archival for various hospitals, clinics, and healthcare systems. Triyam’s ‘Fovea’ is an active archival solution that brings all the relevant patient data under a single roof for viewing or editing. Fovea is developed with all the security regulations and is HIPAA/HITECH compliant and SOC 2 audited. Fovea is the best solution that is flexible and customizable as per the customer’s requirements.

“TRIYAM has always focused its attention on customer needs. In this day and age of rampant cyberattacks, data security is more important than ever.” says TRIYAM’s Founder and CEO Sudhakar Mohanraj. “By achieving #1 in Data Archiving previously and now an excellent score in Data Security, it is evident that we are a top-class vendor and that we are devoted to satisfying our customer’s needs.”

“More than ever, providers and payers rely on vendors to deliver highly secure and resilient products and services,” says Taylor Davis, VP, General Manager at KLAS Research. “Our partnership with Censinet will enable KLAS-rated vendors to communicate a level of security transparency and confidence to providers and payers with better decision making.”

“Triyam has set a high bar for data security with its excellent scores in KLAS/ Censinet report. This is important as Triyam takes its data security measures very seriously as ensuring a secure and safe product for our customers, remains our prime focus. It is pleasing to know that we have an excellent score in cybersecurity preparedness by leading industry bodies like KLAS and Censinet. The assessment was an enriching experience and to participate in such only shows our willingness to share our cybersecurity preparedness to the market which will bring confidence to our customers.” – Veera, VP Operations, Triyam

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About TRIYAM: Triyam is a leading provider of EMR/EHR Data Management Solutions, with a specific focus on legacy data archival and retention. Triyam’s data conversion services help hospitals and clinics to freely migrate from one EHR vendor to another without losing any historical patient data. They help hospitals shut down legacy systems and save money while meeting state-mandated retention requirements. Give them a call at 855 663 2684 or e-mail them at for free Legacy EHR evaluation. More information about Triyam can be found at Follow Triyam on LinkedIn 

 About KLAS: KLAS is a research firm on a global mission to improve healthcare delivery by enabling providers to be heard. The research directly represents the provider’s voice and acts as a catalyst for improving vendor performance. Founded in 1996, KLAS has been providing transparency to the healthcare industry for over 20 years. KLAS shares its insights and data with healthcare professionals at no cost. Learn more at:

About Censinet: Censinet is a firm that provides the first and only third-party risk management platform built by and for healthcare providers to manage the threats to patient care that exist within an expanding ecosystem of vendors. With its unique Censinet One-click Assessment™ capabilities and Digital Vendor Catalog™, the Censinet Platform reduces the time to assess vendor risk from weeks to seconds, while automating inefficient workflows and providing continuous real-time insights into the changing risk profile of each vendor. Censinet is based in Boston, MA, and can be found at

Innovate UK funds Glasgow University and eCom Scotland joint project

The digital learning and assessment specialist, eCom Scotland is collaborating with the University of Glasgow in a six-month project, funded by Innovate UK.


Running until October 2021, the project – called Super-immersive remote working via virtual reality controlled robotics (‘Superior’) – explores extending the capability of eCom’s virtual reality (VR) authoring tool, eNetReality, to enable users to control a physical, robotic arm from within a VR environment. This ground-breaking project has already attracted interest from a number of universities from around the world, including those in the USA, China and the Middle East.


The solution will provide remote access to specialised equipment, thus expanding the use and availability of robotics to a wider catchment. It will also facilitate creating robot training programmes, producing prototypes, undertaking experiments, carrying out repairs and evaluating problems, while reducing the need for travel – and making all this available ‘24/7’.


“Notably, the project aims to enable learners to build electronic circuits within a virtual world which, in the real world, will operate a robotic arm – supplied by the University of Glasgow,” said Wendy Edie, eCom’s Managing Director. “The project will provide support for Haptics and the ‘realspace’ control of robots.


“The impact of Covid19 has driven the need for this development, with the academic sector having the greatest need at present,” Wendy continued, “although, with the growth in robotic automation in industry, we’d expect to see a strong growth in demand from the commercial sector for this type of training.


“Increasingly, VR platforms provide accessible, immersive and engaging experiences, allowing people to work remotely and safely without compromising on the quality of the learning experiences. However, many working contexts require physical interaction between worker and a machine and/or materials.


“This feasibility study project aims to identify the process and model to do just that,” she added.


“It aims to develop a prototype process using eCom’s VR authoring platform, eNetReality, and Glasgow University’s robot arm lab to deliver and share human skills, which aim at ‘general-purpose’ remote working. This process should allow people including teachers, students and engineers to carry out real-world physical tasks remotely via a robot, controlling the robotic actions using a haptic from within the immersive VR environment.”


In the short term, the University of Glasgow and eCom hope that developing this concept will support students who’ve been unable to attend their robotics labs because of Covid19 restrictions. 


In addition, this immersive model for remote Robotics training – providing users with a so-called ‘super-immersive’ experience – should enable students to complete their work remotely. In turn, this should contribute towards the UK’s Net Zero targets, by reducing the need for staff to travel to specialised robotics labs. 


“We are very happy to work with the leading VR company, eCom, on this Innovate UK project to exploit the potentials of VR, robotics, and communications in future remote working,” said Dr Guodong Zhao, Principal Investigator at the University of Glasgow. “Providing the immense experience to users is crucial for the wide adoption of the robotics.  We would be very excited to see the impact of our research on the commercial products.”


Dr Zhao’s colleague at the university, Professor Muhammad Imran, Head of the Communications Sensing and Imaging Research Group, added, “We’re excited to see practical applications of innovations and ideas developed at the University of Glasgow – and our collaboration with eCom, funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), is a great example.”


“We expect the market for our remote solution to be around one per cent of the global educational robot market, which was valued at US$778.6m in 2018 and is projected to reach US$1,689.2m by 2023, at a CAGR of 16.8% between 2018 and 2023. This approximates to US$16.8m a year,” revealed Wendy Edie.


VXG Announces Video Surveillance Integration with Seagates Lyve Cloud

VXG, a leading cloud video surveillance provider, is excited to integrate with Seagate Technology’s (NASDAQ: STX) recently launched Lyve™ Cloud, a frictionless storage-as-a-service cloud service. The collaboration enables a simple, scalable and cost-optimized solution for companies in need of a white-label cloud video surveillance system or VSaaS solution.

Cloud video surveillance is a booming industry with an expected market value of $52.98 billion in 2026 up from $18.51 billion in 2018. With the growing regulations within the video surveillance industry, companies need a scalable and secure place to store their video. Utilizing open platforms like VXG and storage platforms like Lyve Cloud will expedite the growth in this industry. “Integrating with Lyve Cloud brings massive value for VXG and our customers,” said Yaro Lisityn, CEO of VXG. “We see Lyve Cloud as a game-changer, not only in the video surveillance industry but in the storage industry as a whole.”

“The benefits of having video surveillance on the cloud are two-fold. Leveraging Lyve Cloud storage for video surveillance allows businesses to focus on their customers and not infrastructure,” says Lay Peng Ong, Senior Director of Worldwide Sales, Emerging Business at Seagate Technology. “Also, the complexity and unpredictability of cloud usage and pricing tiers are often overwhelming to prospective VSaaS buyers. By integrating our straight-forward solution with VXG, buyers in video surveillance who are adopting the cloud have access to a scalable solution built with the strongest security and technology,”

Lyve Cloud and VXG seamlessly integrate into the VXG Cloud. VXG is currently rolling out the VXG & Lyve Cloud solution to select customers. Watch the integration in action and learn more in the recorded session, “Turn Your Video Surveillance Solution into SaaS with Lyve Cloud,” from Seagate’s Datasphere 2021 event.


RX8111CE RTC Module from Epson Featured in Sense Connect Control by Future Electronics

Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, is featuring an ultra-efficient RTC Module from Epson in the latest edition of Sense Connect Control.

The RX8111 is an ultra-low-power RTC with a I2C interface that comes in very small package sizes. These modules feature a built-in frequency-adjusted 32.768kHz crystal, battery switchover functions and a time-stamp function that logs and stores the real time and wake-up function to wake up the MCU/SoC. The RX8111CE consumes 100nA for a significant reduction in current consumption, which makes it possible to use a smaller, more cost-effective secondary battery or capacitor.

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Signify India named one of India’s 100 Best Companies to Work for in 2021 by Great Place to Work® Institute and The Economic Times

Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, has been recognized as one of India’s 100 Best Companies to work for in a survey conducted jointly by Great Place to Work® Institute and The Economic Times. The company has been featured for the fourth time in this coveted list drawn up from one of the most comprehensive employee surveys of workplace culture conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute.


Signify has achieved its best ever ranking this year, moving up 11 places to the 57th spot in the latest survey, which witnessed a participation of 695 organizations, across 21 different industries. As a part of the top 100 list, Signify has been acclaimed for excelling on the 5 dimensions of a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™ – Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride and Camaraderie.


The recognition is a testament to Signify’s key organizational values that form an integral part of the company’s DNA, such as consistent and strong two-way communication, leaders walking the talk, an ability to self-critique and learn from others, and re-inventing itself.


Commenting on this achievement, Sumit Joshi, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Signify Innovations India, said, “We are extremely delighted to be recognized as one of India’s 100 Great companies to work for, for the fourth time in the last 5 years. This year’s recognition is even more special for us, as we achieved our best ever ranking despite the challenging circumstances created by the pandemic. I am proud of our team in India for their contribution in creating an incredible company culture and a high-performance work environment over the years.”


Every year, more than 10,000 organizations from over 60 countries partner with Great Place to Work® Institute for assessment, benchmarking and planning actions to strengthen their workplace culture.

The Great Place to Work recognition holds deep credibility with its holistic and credible dual-lens methodology. The GPTW survey curates a list of organizations that build an enabling environment of sustenance, growth, engagement, and work-life balance for their employees. The institute then follows a rigorous and comprehensive assessment covering both employee feedback and implementation of people practices.