MSys Technologies – a leading product engineering Services Company, announced today that it is celebrating the pride month. MSys Technologies continues to relay its commitment in safeguarding the right of LGBTQ+ communities and building a diverse and inclusive workplace that promotes justice and equality.

Underlining the contribution of a prominent individual from the LGBTQ+ community

MSys Technologies recognizes the positive work of prominent lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals towards the civil rights movement across the globe. Moreover, their work moves beyond civil rights, inspiring people from numerous fields like arts, journalism, corporate, politics, to name a few. On this occasion, MSys Technologies would also pay its tribute to Frank Kameny, who was a lifelong advocate of equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community. He is also credited for organizing the first gay rights advocacy groups in the US.

Taking pride in being inclusive

MSys Technologies embraces the spirit of pride by supporting visibility, dignity, and equality for all people in the community. MSys Technologies strongly advocates an inclusive and safe environment for people of different groups, races, nationalism, religion, sexual orientation, and age.

Stronger in Diversity

MSys Technologies firmly believe that an organization can truly create value through its work once it embraces diversity. MSys technologies propagate a diverse workforce to synergize the talents of everyone and anyone – who is deserving. Thus, MSys Technologies’ culture of inclusiveness propels its ability to innovate at a faster rate serving quality software products to its clients.

Pledge for Raising Awareness

MSys Technologies will spread awareness on recognizing the rights of LGBTQ+ communities through various observance and activities. MSys Technologies’ ‘Culture of Care’ will always stand for ‘what is right’ to promote equal opportunities for all.

MSys Technologies urges everyone to join hands in supporting basic human rights. Let us together

    Support LGBTQ Community Celebrate Queer Create a Safe, Visible, and Supportive Community Foster Gender-Neutral Environment Talk about it

Sanjay Sehgal, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO at MSys Technologies, said, “MSys Technologies’ vision is to take a step further to reinforce the culture of the uniqueness of individuals, human rights, and an inclusive atmosphere for all. We embrace a culture that is inclusive of everyone and gives everyone opportunities to succeed and grow in a diverse work environment.”

Sunny Raskar, VP & Global Head, Sales and Marketing at MSys Technologies, also delightedly added, “I am thrilled to be a part of such a diverse environment and inclusive work culture at MSys. Diversity produced better risk management, better strategy, better debates, and better results.”

Banu Balu, VP HR & Operations at MSys Technologies also added “We at MSys Technologies value the diversity of our workplace, our customers, vendors, and the communities that we serve. We maximize the comprehensiveness of our D and I efforts by designing policies, programs and collaborations by actually engaging with communities. I personally feel that a diverse group of employees can produce more innovative solutions and holistic culture”

About MSys Technologies

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About Pride Month

Every year in June, the world celebrates Pride month dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community and their rights. Pride is about all the people coming together to show and celebrate how far human rights have come. Pride month is about equality, teaching acceptance, education in pride history.