Bluefy web Bluetooth app is available for iOS users. The developer PNN Soft released the application in 2020 and continues to surprise users with new features. Bluefy has 25,000 users, is localized in 14 languages, and localization in Swedish will be added soon.

Today, Bluefy users can develop their Internet of Things experience. The application allows you to connect to BLE devices using the Web Bluetooth API page that supports your device to create solutions to meet needs. The developer did not limit the user in the number of connected devices. However, it is not recommended to connect more than five devices. It may affect the quality of the connection and the speed of creating custom solutions.

Available Bluefy features, and what should we expect soon?

    Bluefy users can already create PWA solutions and simulate the native functionality of applications for devices. The app is available in 14 languages: English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Finnish, Croatian, Ukrainian.Make web R&D, demos, improve your user experience, share with others, and develop something interesting and unusual.It is safe from mining, phishing, and data theft.Available for iPhone, iPad,iPad pro.

Soon, PNN Soft team is going to expand the app’s functionality for web developers. For instance, add new languages, improve the stability and reliability of the connection, and fix minor bugs.