A next generation mass deployment IoT Gateway; Runs on ESP32-DOWD Chipset; Supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and MQTT Protocols; PoE power supply. Designated configuration application.

 GL.iNet, a world-leading developer of IoT network hardware and software, is excited to introduce our low-power and low-cost IoT network communication device, the GL-S10 IoT Gateway. It has a compact and minimalist design optimized for low-cost mass deployment. GL-S10 comes with an optional beacon accessory, a wall mount and the GL-S10 Tool App is available on Play Store and App Store for easy deployment configuration. 

“The purpose of the GL-S10 program is not to create the most powerful device that can solve every problem, but to create the most effective and efficient device optimized to solve one specific problem.” Alfie Zhao. 

The GL-S10 creates a simple but effective IoT network infrastructure for complex networks involving a large quantity of IoT devices that spans across a wide area, or a broad range of devices that require heavy data transmission. 

Lowest Cost: GL-S10 runs on ESP32-D0WD, the leading chip set for IoT network devices, featuring highly reliable but low power consumption and low-cost network connectivity. 

Installation Convenience: GL-S10 can be powered by both 5V/1A Micro USB, and PoE power supply, simplifying cable management and reducing potential risk to power overload and outages. The device also comes with a wall mount for easy installation on walls or ceiling. 

Signal Strength: GL-10 supports multiple network protocols, including WAN and 2.4G Wi-Fi relay. Its Wi-Fi speed can reach up to 150Mbp with a maximum signal strength of 17 dBm, offering a relay distance of up to 80m in a no interference environment.  

Mass Deployment: GL-S10 comes with the S10 Tool App, a one-stop device connection and configuration platform for GL-S10 using a smartphone interface. It automatically scans for GL-S10 devices, and lets users configure devices’ reporting interval, MQTT, DHCP/Static IP, Setting up MQTT servers, OTA firmware upgrades and more. 

AWS IoT Compatible: GL-S10 is compatible with AWS IoT, providing users the option to connect IoT networks directly to AWS services, enabling resources including AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Device Management, AWS IoT Device Defender and AWS IoT Analytics. 

The exceptional operational efficiency of GL-S10 makes it suitable for a wide range of low data transmission IoT projects. During our early stage of development, the GL-S10 was the best fitted solution for a partner in the hog farming industry, connecting nine GL-S10 devices to over 2000 BLE temperature sensor ear tags attached to hogs for an early detection of abnormal body temperatures. GL-S10 is capable of building highly sophisticated IoT connectivity network at a low cost of ownership.  

GL.iNet’s GL-S10 and accessories are available on our online store, at the following link:

GL-S10  – USD 24.9
GL-S10 with beacon – USD 29.9
Wall Mount – USD 9.9

About GL.iNet 

GL.iNet builds network hardware and software solutions that bring affordable and secure network connectivity to families and businesses all over the world. We work with a wide range of industries, solving everyday internet problems in offices, and providing complex networking solutions such as smart buildings and IoT fleet management. At GL.iNet, We believe all successful businesses build upon a strong and secure foundation, which is why our highest priority is perfecting network security and reliability for our partners.