Lack of proper funding is one of the challenges that many startups face on their growth journey. The process of finding investors can be long and complicated, and startups can miss out on precious time and the moment to expand and rise. Very soon, the Pitchel app will be launched to connect startups looking for funding and investors willing to invest in a promising project.

With Pitchel, each startup in its early or mid-stage can present itself to a wide audience of interested people using a convenient and easy-to-understand video format. All you need to join the app is a name, email and a secure password or an existing Google or AppleID account. After registration, each user gets access to open and efficient interaction between startups and investors on the Pitchel platform.

Startup owners already have the opportunity to join Pitchel before the official launch of the platform. To do this, you just need to fill out the pre-launch form and leave basic information about your project there, as well as attach a short video speech. Those who fill out the form will be the first to be published on the Pitchel platform with the announcement of the project on social media.

How does it work?

The startup team creates a profile in Pitchel, adding brief information about the project and up-to-date contact details. They create a short video presentation highlighting the goals and benefits of the project. This is the stage where anyone can maximize their creativity to present the value and key ideas of the startup to investors and stand out from the crowd. Registered investors watch the videos in the Pitchel feed and select the most suitable projects, after which they can contact the startup’s representatives directly on the platform and clarify the necessary information.

Pitchel has key features that make collaboration on the platform unique, simple and efficient.

Personalized experience. Everyone who joins Pitchel can customize the news feed according to their interests and goals. Investors and other users can choose a category or country, and content they’ve previously liked will be saved in a separate folder, giving them the option to return to it in the future.
Global access. All Pitchel users can find each other anywhere in the world. The platform connects startups and investors no matter where they are located.
User-friendliness. The Pitchel interface is designed to provide maximum convenience and speed of access to the necessary information. This includes quick registration, as well as easy profile filling and communication. 

In the Pitchel app, startup creators and active entrepreneurs can be inspired by new ideas, track trends in their region and get inspiration. Pitchel is designed for ideas to be realized and goals to be achieved.