In an era that is truly augmented by technology, very little innovation has happened in business email segment over the last two decades. As email is used by over 1/6th of the global population for work, innovation in professional email suites is crucial to help businesses and professionals to create richer, and more valuable connections with customers.


Of late, next-generation email features are allowing businesses to send out more interactive emails to clients, enabling them to build closer relationships with respective customers. 


As emails pave the way for building deeper relationships with customers, providing a superior experience along the way is imperative. Here are some of the innovative email features that are built to delight professionals and businesses:


  • Scheduled Send: Email overload is a real thing and most of us are waking up each morning to a full inbox. So if there are important business emails, users can’t just send them on your timeline and hope that they get read. It’s the reason why Send Time Optimization is a core principle of email communication. From prospecting new opportunities to sending deal proposals, a business’s livelihood is often carried out over email. With new Schedule Send feature, you can write emails at the time that works best for you and schedule the delivery when it works best for your recipients


  • Follow-up Reminders: Most of the emails we send, are often followed by a follow-up or a reminder email.  However, professionals can now use another innovative feature, follow-up reminder option to add reminders to emails. They can watch an email while composing it and get reminded of it later based on the chosen options. Also, it allows them to track their email-based work items, easily using the reminders


  • Email Templates: New age email suites have features that enable users to develop email templates associated with their email accounts. Now, users can send an entire templated response in a matter of seconds with this feature! Users can use preloaded templates or create templates for frequently sent emails which they can save and reuse. This allows users to avoid retyping the same message.


  • Signature Builder: Users can now add a signature to their emails and format the signatures to their liking, by using bold, italic, underlined text or hyperlinking to respective website or social profiles, and adding company logos. If they like to use a custom format, they can choose to edit as raw HTML, and once done they’re just required to click Save and their signature will be ready.


  • Integrated Calendar: Integrated calendars allow users to stay on top of their schedule and never miss important events. Users can view all meetings at-a-glance, by day, week, and month, and also set up meetings from within the calendar. 

Professional suites such as GmailTitanOutlook, etc. are offering distinctive communication features and disrupting the enterprise communication market. For better customer and user experience, it is important to make sure that we continue to reshape our communication approach along with technological email innovations that these companies are bringing to the market. Integrating these unique email features to increase email deliverability, improve NPS in email through a reliable email service are essential for a great client experience.