Time to live your truth. We are reminded daily that life is short as over two and a half million lives worldwide have been lost to Covid according to Worldometer. This is a major motivator for taking inventory of our lives, what matters most and in doing so, makes it the perfect moment to reinvent, pivot, and improve our circumstances.  

Julie explained the reason for this masterclass is to kickstart taking back personal power.  

“People are ready for positive change. They want to take back control of their lives and future. This class is designed to empower this process. More than ever, many are questioning if they are living a life according to the expectations of others, locked in a path of mediocrity, taking care of everyone’s needs – regardless of their particular situation, they are ready for a bold move, in fact, they are aching for it.” 

Fiber Artist, Penelope Greene recently stated, “Julie… gave me the most amazing gift I have ever been given… access to my inner wisdom and a safe, sacred space within me that I go to almost every day for guidance. It has been life-changing…”

Julie also shared the possibilities we are presented with.  

“Empowering the desire to pursue something completely new is vital because we need to focus on what we do have control over. Who doesn’t want a life that is in alignment with their truth? This free masterclass is meant to inspire the pursuit of a lifestyle that is authentic to each participant. When you have the courage to share your calling, it is likely the vital difference that someone else needs.” 

UNLEASH YOUR TRUTH: Give Yourself Permission to Embrace the Magnificence of Who You Are. This 90 minute masterclass is offered via Zoom Monday, March 15, 6:30pm / Thursday March 18, 12pm / Saturday, March 20, 10:30am. To reserve your spot go to https://www.unleash.vip/unleashmasterclass/  

It’s time to write that book, take that course, get a degree, start a business, create art, meet a soulmate – whatever it is that you have been holding off doing for years. Well, here is your chance.